Thursday 31 October 2013

Swizzels Matlow Halloween Treats

Are you staying in this Halloween to treat the ghost, witches, Frankensteins, vampires, pumpkins and all the other little spooky faces? If so, no need to worry about what to buy your door knocking guest, or the guest at your Halloween party if your throwing one, just pop to your local supermarket and pick up a packet or two of these fabulous Swizzels Matlow treat bags!

Swizzels Matlow very kindly sent us three different packets of sweet treats to try out and test for Unique Young Mum's Halloween feature.

Swizzels Matlow - Scary Mix.
This 400g mixed bag of sweets contains Fizzers, Love Hearts, different flavoured Fruity Pops, Parma Voilets, Drumstick Lollies, Double Lollies, Mr Chews, Fizzy Sherbits, Climpies Bonbons. We received 42 different sweets in our bag but the quantity may vary, for example you may get an extra packet of love hearts that are heavier than the chews, but either way, you can treat quite a lot of guest thanks to this 400g bag. 

The best before date on the packet we received is an impressive February 2015 giving us over a year to finish the sweets if they do not go. Not that they will last that long in this household, but its good to know!

Swizzels Matlow - Trick or Sweet.
This is smaller than the scary mix above and weighs in at 190g, the bag contains more Swizzel Matlow favourites such as Love Hearts, Refreshers, Parma Violets, Freshers, Fruity Pops, Climpies Bonbons, Double Lollies, Mr Chews and Drumstick Lollies.

We received 19 different sweets in this packet but again the quantity of sweets will depend and differ to each bag as it is all measured by weight. Again the packet we received holds an impressive best before date of

Swizzels Matlow - Chew Crew.
Lastly to be featured is the Chew Crew bag, unlike the two bags of sweets mentioned above, this bag features just chewy lollies and sweets such as the famous Drumstick Lollies, Mr Chews, Toff-eee, Fudg-eee, Snap and Crackle and Refreshers, I've had a Mr Chews in my mouth since I started this post, why are they so yummy!?

We received 22 different chewy sweets/lollies in the packet we received, but as mentioned previously, the amount you get per bag will depend because its the weight that is measured. Again a long best before date ensure's no treats shall be required to head for the bin!

All three of the Swizzels Matlow sweets and treats that have been mentioned in this post are available to buy from supermarkets and many more smaller independent shops nationwide for as little as £1. Whether your throwing a Halloween party or opening the door to little Trick'or'Treaters, be prepared this Halloween thanks to Swizzels Matlow!

To find out more about Swizzels Matlow including their other products and for some Halloween fun check out the official website here.


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