About Me

My name is Jade but I prefer to be called Jada, I'm in my 30s, a mother to one, dog owner and auntie to many from Reading, Berkshire.

I became a mother to my son, a month before my 16th birthday. Whilst he wasn't planned, little did he know he was the greatest plan I ever needed.

I was judged from the minute people found out I was pregnant. Other expectant parents are met with gushes of celebrations and hugs of joy. I was met with disappointed faces and a dozen intrusive questions. I had people look me up and down with disgust when they saw my young face and protruding growing baby bump, and I lost count of the amount of times I heard either intentionally or not that my parents must be so proud.

I knew from those very interactions that I was in for one long judgemental ride. Luckily although my parents weren't blessed pleased at my teenage pregnancy news, they was the best supportive parents I could ever ask for and the best grandparents to my son. As for my parents being proud of me, they're both beyond proud of me and all I've achieved, but most importantly they're proud of the parent I am and the wonderful young man I have raised.

I started Unique Young Mum back in 2012 as a place to document day to day life, and it soon became a lifestyle/parenting blog. Over the years I have worked with hundreds of brands and companies, reviewing products/services etc and bringing you some of the best blogging features and competitions around. With that being said, if you'd like me to review a product/service/brand or to host a competition for you, please do get in touch via email admin@uniqueyoungmum.com or via one of my socials, although email is preferred.

Random Facts: I'm on the Roll of Honours for my local council's Youth Parliament team although politics is something I try to avoid these days!

I was the only female on a construction course!

Jada x

P.S - We're happy to review a whole range of products, attend events, try on clothes, eat in restaurants and so on! Please do get in touch if you have a product you'd like us to test!