About Me

My name is Jade Lewendon but I prefer to be called Jada, I'm 29, a mother to one, dog owner and auntie to nine from Reading, Berkshire.

I become a mother, to my beautiful son who I call Spud on here, a month before my 16th birthday.

I am not your average stereotypical teenage mother. I carried on with my education, gaining awards, recognition, grades and certificates on the way and I remained at home with my parents for as long as they allowed me too. I've had two short benefit stints, but overall I've worked way more than I've not!

Spud was born seven weeks premature, he weighed 4lb, had his first operation, which was also an emergency operation at three weeks old. Since then, he's gone on to have another four operations, making it five in total. He's my little lion! 

We have a dog called Zeppi, Spud asked Santa for one every year, and after getting a house with a garden in November 2014, Spud received his puppy for his 9th birthday! Zeppi is a Jack Russell cross, and he's grown so much since the picture below! He's now huge!

I have eight nephews, along with Spud my dad has nine grandsons! We're still waiting for someone to have the first princess in the family! She'll sure be protected having nine boys to look after her!

Spud loves Disney, Lego, Skylanders, TY Beanies, eating, playing, sleeping, Rubicon mango, toys, reading, Chinese food, Batman, Pokemon, toys, games, dancing, dressing up, holidays, his puppy, our garden and his family.

I love reading, writing, cooking but even more so baking. I love puzzles, Disney, Dr Pepper, music, Galaxy chocolate, pink, white and gold, family days out with my boys.

My home is like Disney Land, Spud and I are obsessed with anything Disney, we're currently collecting all the classic DVD's, we are getting there (slowly).

Random Facts: I'm on the Roll of Honours for Reading Borough Council's Youth Parliament team although politics is something I try to avoid these days.

I have number OCD - yep I'm scared of numbers, it exists!

I was the only female on a construction course!

Jada x

P.S - We're happy to review a whole range of products, attend events, try on clothes, eat in restaurants and so on! Please do get in touch if you have a product you'd like us to test!