It's now been 18 months since I pulled Spud out of school to home educate him, and so I thought I would give everyone an update to how it's going. When I first pulled Spud out of school, I thought it would be for a temporary basis, however from quite early on, I realised home education was the best choice for Spud, and so I made the decision to home educate on a permanent basis.

Spud in attendance at a home education group.

My Take On New Year Resolutions

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Happy New Year everyone! We are now a few days into 2020, and after a fresh new theme design on Unique Young Mum, I thought it would be a good idea to get some fresh new content up too, and with it being a new year, I thought a new years resolution post is the best way to kick start things off!

Pretty feminine 2020 diary, ideas for new year resolutions
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A couple of years ago, we were very fortunate to visit Lapland UK to visit Father Christmas/Santa. Visiting Lapland UK not only made the kids feel like they were in the most magical place ever, but also me and my sister thought the same too, I'm not sure who was more excited to see Santa, the adults or the kids! Visiting such a place can leave high expectations for any other visit to Father Christmas, so we was on the hunt for somewhere just as good. Whilst looking for places to visit Santa, one name kept popping up, and that place kept getting recommended over and over again by so many different people - Oaktree Garden Centre.

Two very large outdoor garden reindeer decorations.

I've mentioned HS (Hidradenitis Suppurativa) a few times now on Unique Young Mum, and as there's no cure, I imagine I'll be writing about it for a long time. Living with a health condition that has no cure, or no real way of managing the condition, is quite simply heartbreaking.

Image credit: Anthony Tran at Unsplash.
My dear friend Lauren is getting married in a matter of days to her husband to be - Ismail. Ismail is Turkish and lives in Turkey, where Lauren and Ismail are getting married. Unfortunately for a number of reasons, I can't make the wedding abroad, which breaks my heart, but I was fortunately not only able to be part of the hen party organisation but host it too! I will have to do a whole new post on that, but for now, I thought I'd share with you a free printable perfect for any bridal showers/hen parties!

Have you ever agreed to do something, only for the time to draw nearer and you start to dread the upcoming situation? As I seem to do this all the time, and if you think previous lessons would've taught me, think again! From helping out at school fetes, or volunteering to stay till the end at a wedding to help clear up, and promising people I'd be at certain events - I think I've done it all.