DIY Afternoon Tea On A Budget

in , by Jada, July 10, 2020
My Father-in-law celebrated his 58th birthday during lockdown, and during the strange and unknown times, we didn't think too much ahead of what his birthday gift could be. With many shops closed and idea's low on the ground, I came up with the idea of surprise afternoon tea, DIY and budget style of course! 

DIY afternoon tea set up

Back at the beginning of the year, I was notified by Acquisition International that I was the winner of an award! Being under embargo until recently, I can now proudly announce Unique Young Mum was crowned Parenting & Lifestyle Blog of the Year 2020 - UK by Acquisition International!

I have been on the journey to my new life for just over 7 weeks now, and I'm happy to announce that I am now 1 stone, 3lbs down (17lb in total). I feel like I could have done better, as I had a nearly a whole week off-plan, and also a few too many 'treat' days, but lessons have been learnt and fortunately, unlike other attempts I have not given up as easily.

Date Nights At Home

in , by Jada, June 18, 2020
Dating is so important, but many seem to think dating stops as soon as a relationship starts. I once read an article on a successful 60+ year marriage, where the headline was along the lines of 'Dating was the success behind our 60 year marriage', I went on to read how dating was important, throughout a relationship and not just at the start, and I agree.

Date night meal at home, steak, home made chips, onion rings, peas & brocolli.

Lessons Learnt During Lockdown.

in , by Jada, June 15, 2020
No one could of predicted 2020, and the storm it has brewed up. A pandemic turned life upside down and made us realise how easily we took so many basic things for granted. For me, one of the hardest parts of this situation has been not being able to see my family and friends as easily as I did with life pre-lockdown and pre-Covid19.

Please believe these days will pass street art quote.
A week ago today on the 18th of May, I started a new lifestyle journey with the final aim to get myself back to a weight I am happy with. For a long time now I have been unhappily overweight and not just by a few pounds! One week in and I am 6lb down, meaning I only have 1lb more to lose for my first half a stone off! The first of many half a stones I am wanting to lose!