Accidents although avoided, sadly do sometimes happen and sometimes the accidents aren't even our faults, however we have to deal with them and we're the ones left suffering in either a physical, emotional or financial way. When I fell over in a children's school playground, that opens up on the weekend for the general public to use, I ended up in A&E with the news that I had a torn ligament.

I tripped on some sort of metal object piece sticking out of the ground, feeling thankful and fortunate that it was me, and not Spud or my little sister (who I took to the playground), it wasn't until I was handed crutches by the local hospital that I thought of how serious things could of potentially been, after all the playground is used by a school five days a week!

Going home was quite a challenge, not only did I have to get Spud up the stairs to our first floor flat, but I also had to get myself upstairs, with crutches and a very painful leg sporting a torn ligament! Then it dawned on me, I'm a single mum, I have a child to look after and a home to run, I'm a cleaner, a cook/a chef and a baker, a nurse, a storyteller and so much more to my son, and I had to remain the same regardless of the pain!

After looking over and reading the infographic found below, I'm not surprised my injury took a lot longer than expected to heal, I didn't ask for families and/or friends help, and stupidly didn't rest. Fortunately I did eventually recover, and now only have the memory in my head to tell the story.

If you're recovering from an injury it may be worth checking out the infographic below, or maybe it's worth reading over the infographic below for future reference, hopefully you'll never need to act up on the advice, but it doesn't hurt to learn a little big more! After all, knowledge is valuable!

Until next time,
Jada x

Caring For Accident Injuries %u2013 Infographic
This infographic was created by Tranter Cleere

After over buying so many Easter products in the excitement of the fact we finally have a garden for Easter, I am hosting three Easter giveaways, one for the girls, one for the boys and one huge hamper giveaway! If you've not already seen Unique Young Mum's huge Easter Hamper giveaway, click here for your chance to win the eggtastic prize!

This post though, is all about the boys giveaway, or maybe even one for the girls? Afterall, I'm never one to say blue is just for boys and so is Jake and the Neverland Pirates too! Whatever the gender of your child, please do get involved!

Hamper basket for picture purposes ONLY.
Up for grabs in this post is the following prizes;

*Cadburys Mini Eggs Easter Egg.
*Easter Plush Lamb.
*Blue Easter Bunny Glass Mason Style Jar with Ribbon.
*x2 Milk and White Chocolate Easter Bunny Lollies.
*Kinder Mini Eggs.
*Pack of three Milkybar Easter animals.
*Jake and the Neverland Pirates mini travel art set.

Hamper basket is NOT included in this prize bundle.

To be in with a chance to win the hamper as seen above, all you have to do is fill out the Gleam form below!

Good luck,
Jada xx

WIN A Doc Mcstuffin Easter Bundle!

by Jada, March 29, 2015

After over buying so many Easter products in the excitement of the fact we finally have a garden for Easter, I am hosting three Easter giveaways, one for the boys, one for the girls and one huge hamper giveaway! If you've not already seen Unique Young Mum's huge Easter Hamper giveaway, click here for your chance to win the eggtastic prize!

This post though, is all about the girls giveaway, or maybe even one for the boys? Afterall, I'm never one to say pink is for girls and so is Doc Mcstuffin too! Whatever the gender of your child, please do get involved!

Hamper basket for picture purposes ONLY.

Up for grabs in this post is the following prizes;

*Cadburys Mini Eggs Easter Egg.
*Easter Plush Lamb.
*Yellow Easter Bunny Glass Mason Style Jar with Ribbon.
*x2 Milk and White Chocolate Easter Bunny Lollies.
*Kinder Mini Eggs.
*Pack of three Milkybar Easter animals.
*Doc Mcstuffins mini travel art set.

Hamper basket is NOT included in this prize bundle.

To be in with a chance to win the hamper as seen above, all you have to do is fill out the Gleam form below!

Good luck,
Jada xx

WIN A Huge Easter Bundle!

by Jada, March 29, 2015

Easter is just around the corner and to celebrate, Unique Young Mum is hosting a Easter guide and also giving one lucky winner the chance to win a huge Easter bundle to celebrate the special season!

We've also got two smaller Easter bundles to be won which will be coming up on the blog straight after this competition, so keep your eyes peeled for your chance to win in one of the three competitions!

Last year, on Easter Sunday, me and the rest of my family very sadly got the news we had all been dreading for a few months, my nan, Spud's great Grandmother had sadly passed away early in the morning. I received the dreaded phonecall off my dad shortly after 9am, not even a quarter of our way through Spud's Easter egg hunt.

Trying to remain strong for the rest of the hunt was extremely hard, let alone the rest of the day. We moved a few months ago, to a house after being stuck in a flat for years, I believe this was my nans work from Heaven above, so this year, Easter will be the same Easter we always celebrate, only this year, we'll be remembering our nanny who sadly isn't here.

My nanny was the life and sole of our family, indeed our Queen, and she wouldn't want any of us to be upset on such a special occasion. Not celebrating Easter on the blog last year due to my nanny being extremely ill, this year, we're celebrating Easter big both at home and on the blog!

The Prizes You Could Win!

*Milkybar Easter Egg - 65g.
*Packet of 6 Kinder Easter animals.
*Packet of 3 Milkybar animals.
* Haribo Bouncing Bunnies Gift Box - 232g.

*Cadburys Mini Egg Tube - 103g.
*Lindt Gold Milk Bunny - 200g.
*Bag of Kinder Mini Eggs - 85g.
*x4 Milk and White Chocolate Easter Bunny Lollies.
*Bag of fried jelly eggs - 100g.
*Large bag of Easter Bunny and Chick Marshmallows - 200g.
*Yellow Easter Bunny Glass Mason style Jar with Ribbon.
* Plastic Childs Style Easter Drinking Cup With Plastic Straw.
*Easter Plush Lamb.
*Beatrix Potter Lily Bobtail Plush.
*Yellow Chick Easter Felt Bag.
*Presented in a Picnic Style Wicker Basket.

To be in with a chance to win the hamper as seen above, all you have to do is fill out the Gleam form below!

Good luck,
Jada xx

The Mum In Me Wish List!

by Jada, March 28, 2015
Although based in the USA, UncommonGoods do ship a high number of products to the UK so us Brits don't have to miss out on such amazing and unique products! I love a company that supports charities and what I love about UncommonGoods is the fact that they donate a portion of each order to your choice of non-profit organizations: American Forests, Women for Women International, City Harvest, and the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN).

UncommonGoods is a privately-owned retailer that endeavors to feature unique designs and handcrafted gifts created in harmony with the environment and without harm to animals or people, founded in 1999 and headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, they run all their operations out of the historic Brooklyn Army Terminal, including their warehouse where the lowest-paid seasonal worker starts at 50% above the minimum wage.

They make it their mission to support and provide a platform for artists and designers; in fact, half of what they sell is made by hand. Most of the products they carry are created in the USA, and about one-third of their entire collection incorporates recycled and/or upcycled materials. At the core of their company is a great respect for the integrity of the creative individual and the belief that it is their responsibility to use their business to impact the world in a positive way.

With all that in mind, I thought I would show you a few of my favourite pieces from their website, although I'm sure if I was a millionaire I'd buy at least one of everything! The items are just beautiful!

Custom beach heart necklace, A handmade exclusive; made from sterling silver, resin and sand. Honor the shores that hold a special place in your heart with Holly Daniels Christensen's evocative pendant.

This bronze, sculpted figurine bracelet celebrates your unbreakable familial bond by linking your choice of up to three children, each piece is individually forged, soldered, cast and cold-connected by metalsmiths John and Linda Whitney in Florida. Bracelets are available with your choice of 1, 2 or 3 children in any combination of boys and girls.

To see more items from the jewellery range click here.

Serve your bread and butter on this beautiful serving board shaped like a butterfly's wing, the removable, solid slate insert is sized to fit a standard stick of butter and designed to keep it cool, so your guests can linger over the simple pleasure of fresh bread and butter. Made in Dorset, Vermont.

This Mother & Daughter Letter Book Set contains a nostalgic set of 40 cards that are meant to be sent, shared and treasured until the very last envelope is sealed. Once completed, cards find their way back into the secret pockets of the book. Rich with sentiment, each personalized book is meaningful way to honor your bond, and be passed down from generation to generation as an heirloom from the heart.

Each of the soaps in this set are made from pure, pronounceable ingredients that soothe and satisfy your skin, a blend of olive, coconut, palm kernel, cocoa butter, shea butter, sunflower and refined sweet almond oils, along with everyone's favorite treat: chocolate. Cocoa powder and fragrance oils are added to create four mouthwatering formulas: Amber Chocolate, Chocolate Bar, Fudge Brownie and Raspberry Drizzle.
The soaps come in a presentation box perfect for gifting (or for hoarding all for yourself). Handmade in Monroe, Georgia.

Click here for more Mother's Day Gifts.

Imprinted with vintage fabrics and then formed by hand in a press mold, Tracy Shea’s ceramic jewelry stand offers approximately 40-48 hand-cut holes for earrings and surface space for your favorite bracelets and baubles. Made from stoneware clay and glaze, this pedestal jewelry holder is Handcrafted in Ohio.

This extraordinary dish is sure to create a splash at your next dinner. The polished aluminum bowl takes the familiar form of a rowboat, complete with "wooden" planks cast along its hull. The boats oars are a pair of serving tools, carved from sheesham, so whether you're serving salad, holding fruit, or simply putting it on display, this bowl is sure to make waves. Made in India.

Part smartphone dock, part vase, this bloom box functions as a convenient phone dock as it brightens up your bedside table. Handmade by Myles and Heather Geyman out of glazed stoneware, the dock frames a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers or ever-lovely dried blooms. Use the convenient opening located at the front of the dock to thread your phone's existing cord when your device needs to charge up at night. Handmade in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

To view more gifts for mums, click here.

Until next time,
Jada x

With Easter just around the corner, I thought I'd put together a guide on things to do with the kids, and for the whole family around Reading during the Easter period. If you're not local to Reading, we're not actually that far away from London Paddington, just a 25-30 minute train journey away to be precise, with the train dropping you off right into the heart of the town.

Reading should be a city, and I'm quite surprised along with a lot of locals that we have not got a city status, our town is rather large, and too large to be a town if you ask a local. With great transport routes to a number of London stations including Paddington, Waterloo and Euston, we do have a lot of London based workers living amongst us, it is a lot cheaper than living in London, that's for sure!

So yes, back to Easter, the religious period that is infact celebrated by people near and far, from all walks of life, and even those who are not religious! Me and Spud are Christian, and do have the traditional family meal, we do remember the reason for the season but we do make it especially exciting for the children. This Easter is going to be extra special for myself and Spud because now, we have a house and a garden, the Easter hunt isn't going to be restricted to our small flat, and we can buy more appropriate decorations!

With the Easter half term nearly upon us, this is my guide on things to do in Reading for Easter!

Easter Egg Hunts:

Theres a number of Easter Egg hunts taking place in Reading during the holiday period, our local newspaper Get Reading has put together a great guide on just 12 of the hunts taking place, have a read yourself here.

Easter Craft Activities:

Where: Reading Museum
When: Tuesday 7th-Thursday 16th - times vary.
Cost: Varies.

Click here for more details.

Where: Whitley Wood Community Centre
When: Varies
Cost: £1 per activity

Contact 0118 937 5635 for more information.

Where: Beale Park
When: Friday 3rd to Sunday 19th April.
Cost: Varies.

Check out for more details.

Spud at a local Easter event last year.

Places To Eat:

As mentioned above, Reading is a very large town and we're lucky to have some great places to eat! You will find a large range of places to eat in and around town, as well as on the outskirts!


If you don't have any family or friend members in Reading, or even if you do but they can't take you and your whole family in, never fear because the Holiday Inn Reading South can accommodate you and your whole family this Easter!


Trains: As mentioned above, we're just 25-30 minutes away from London Paddington via train, services from London Waterloo and London Euston do take a little longer, but are still relatively short distances.

Buses: Reading have a brilliant bus service operating buses around the whole town, if you need to get somewhere, you're guarenteed a bus will either take you there, or very near to there! During the school holidays a group of four (no minimum adults or children) can travel for just £5 for the day!

Car: If you're travelling to the town centre for a day out to shop, we have a number of car parks located within the town centre including the Broad Street Mall car park, the Oracle car park and a few more!


If you're a fan of shopping, you've come to the right place, with the Oracle shopping centre and the Broad Street mall shopping centre, you're spoilt for choice, we also have the high street and loads more shops surrounding the town! From designer clobber to charity shop bargains, you'll be bound to have a great shopping experience in Reading!

As more details are released in regards to Easter fun within the Reading area, I'll be sure to update this post as often as I can.

Jada x

Get Ready for Mr Bunny’s Visit

by Jada, March 27, 2015

It’s not long now until our fluffy tailed friend arrives and drops off those chocolatey treats that will no doubt give the little ones an extra boost of energy.
But with the Easter weekend set to be a beautiful one, reclaiming the garden can help them run off that excess energy and give you a little solace whilst they’re running wild.
Easter should be made memorable by more than chocolate, as spring itself has so much to teach the children.
Make It Safe
Before you begin any activities in the garden ensure to make it a safe environment.
After months of neglect from winter it can seem like a jungle has grown out of nowhere, so simply cutting the grass, clearing away any debris, and cutting back overgrown shrubs, can ensure there are less trip hazards, especially for any toddling tots.
If you have a designated play area, give it a clean and check that it’s all still stable. Adding soft surroundings such as these , can also make sure that any potential tumbles won’t cause any upsets.
Add Some Colour
The garden can seem as though it’s been rather grey and dreary, so get the little ones to help you add some colour to make it an outdoor oasis for the entire family.
Taking them along to the local garden centre to pick out pretty flowers can be a great way for encouraging them to learn about the beauty of the garden, as well as making them feel part of the Easter project.
Get Crafty
It can be hard to pull the little ones away from the chocolate, but before you give in, get them to take part in some Easter crafts.
Not only will this help them let loose their creativity, it will also avoid a weekend based completely around chocolate related activities.
Make some colourful spring bunting for the garden and give them some fabric pens to draw their own spring pictures, or create an Easter egg tree with this helpful step-by-step.
There are so many fun craft activities available for all ages, so get researching for any online tutorials that you can use.
Have a Picnic Party
Once the garden is covered in pastel prettiness, and ready for fun and games, an Easter picnic party can be a great way to celebrate the arrival of spring.
Rather than just having lots of sweet treats, add some healthier ‘bunny friendly’ snacks that will encourage them to not just over load of the sweet stuff.
As well as a traditional Easter egg hunt, create other fun and games that will get them running around and burning off all the excess energy. And if the rain does appear at least you’ll have some crafty projects for them to get involved with. Until next time,
Jada x

E A S T E R ' S - C O M I N G

by Jada, March 26, 2015
Cause now we have a garden, to hide treats and eggs in,
I'll pretend to be the Easter bunny, excited to see your grin.

We'll have a egg hunt, with treats and surprises too,
lot's of fun in your garden, no need to join a queue.

A day we tried our best at to get through last year,
although Nanny Lew is not with us, we know she's always near.

Feature Coming Soon

Jada xx

For every successful Hens’ Night, there are at least 10 that don’t quite ‘hit the mark.’ Surely bringing together a bunch of women to celebrate the impending nuptials of a dear friend over a few drinks can’t be that hard to arrange, can it? Well, actually, there are a number of factors you’ll need to take into account when planning a hens’ night. Here are the top three things you should consider.

Find Out What Your Hen Wants

It’s amazing the number of hens’ nights that are organised entirely without any input from the bride-to-be. You might think it’s a great idea to keep them out of the loop (it incorporates the element of surprise, after all), but this approach can often lead to disappointment for all involved. If she’s got her heart set on a meal at the local down-to-earth restaurant followed by a night of karaoke, there’s probably no need to arrange a harbour cruise and a four course meal. You might have been picked as her Maid of Honour, but that doesn’t mean you have all the answers. Establish her comfort levels and cater your night accordingly. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the occasion, but remember: your number one priority should be keeping the hen happy. It sounds like a daunting assignment but there’s no rule saying you can’t ask for help. Delegate tasks amongst your bridesmaids to ensure that no stone is left unturned during the planning phase.

Don't forget the accessories!
Plan In Advance
These days, it’s not uncommon for weddings to be planned several years in advance. There’s no need to be quite that efficient when it comes to planning a hens’ night, but you don’t want to leave it to the last minute, either. Compile your guest list and aim for a date about two weeks out from the big day. If you have a large number of guests arriving from interstate or overseas, it’s a good idea to narrow the gap further. Distribute invitations at least two months out from the party. The quicker you can receive confirmation of attendance, the quicker you can finalise your arrangements. Popular venues get snapped up quickly, so it pays to plan (and book) well in advance.

Strike a Balance

Hens’ nights are traditionally classified into two categories – dignified, low-key gatherings and fast-paced, wilder affairs. Fortunately, there is a way you can combine fun and excitement with class and sophistication. To add a little bit of ‘X-factor’ to your Hens’ night without venturing into the male stripper zone, consider hiring a number of professional and well-sculpted topless waiters from companies such as Evotique Entertainment. Alternatively, you could combine all the usual naughty games and paraphernalia with a simple dinner out at a classy restaurant, sans strippers and hangovers. Depending on the Bride, this could very well be the perfect balance for the evening.

Anything can happen on a hen’s night – and while you can’t always predict the behaviour of your guests, you can take steps to ensure that it is a truly memorable occasion for all involved.

Have you recently planned a hens’ celebration for a friend? What worked? What didn’t work? Share your experiences and tips by commenting below.

Tips On How To Find A Job.

by Jada, March 26, 2015
I sadly hear way too often of people looking for jobs, it's a big old world out there and with more of us being born on a daily basis, it is a fact that there are more people than there are jobs. However, we have to take away the thousands that can't work due to certain reasons, and those of the certain age who are entitled to retirement.

I do sometimes think that people don't try enough, I have helped a few family and friend members over the last few years by helping with CV's and giving good adivce and tips, so I thought I would make a post sharing what I know, and hopefully help someone else find a new career.

One: Your CV.

Your CV should be just that, yours, that means nothing should be copied and pasted, and it should always be truthful. Nowadays, CV's are one of the first points of contacts, especially if you apply for jobs online, so just as you would with yourself, make first impressions count.

Make sure your CV is in a presentable manner, keep the font's clean and simple, making sure the font is also a nice size, presentation is everything so try to make sure everything is centred, or aligned to the left hand side.

Two: Yourself.

Handing out CV's or looking for application forms in your local town or city? Great! Not everyone has time to check the shop windows, so you're doing great, however, are you doing great when you're job hunting in a scruffy tracksuit? NO!

Make sure, just like your CV, you're clean and presentable, I'm not saying go job searching in a full suit, but it wouldn't hurt to wear a pair of smart trousers, shoes and a shirt, or even a nice casual outfit.

Also make sure you're confident in the way you speak, if you appear nervous to ask for an application form, or to hand in your CV, it may be off putting for a potential employer. Smile, be friendly and make eye contact, it all helps.

When attending interviews, make sure you've made an effort, don't go overboard, but make yourself presentable. You could potentially be working for a company very soon, and representing them, make sure your personal hygiene has been sorted (yes I'm talking about brushing those teeth and spraying those armpits!) you're wearing your best clothes and please make sure your hair has at least been combed!

Three: Searching

Searching for jobs is so diverse now it's hard not to see opportunities, search for job vacancies online and in your local area. I find searching online is much easier for me, I'm a parent and taking a child around with me job searching isn't the best, also what about the weather? I could spend hours on my appearance only for the typical British weather to ruin that within seconds!

Four: Volunteering and Training

If you've been out of employment for a while, why not try your hand in volunteering and/or training? Volunteering and training courses can lead to a permanent job, so find courses local to you and hop on board, after all, nothing else is occupying your time if you're searching for a job!

Five: Don't Give Up

Giving up is easy, if you're looking for a job, surely you're looking for a challenge? Not many jobs have you doing the same thing on a daily basis, for example in retail, you will deal with different customers in different moods on a daily basis, be open for a challenge and make your challenge in finding a job!

Good luck in your searches!

Jada x
There is diet upon diet claiming to be the solution to your weight loss woes. And, while some may be good in regards to cutting down those extra kilos quickly, they rarely help you keep that weight off for good. Below are some great methods to combat these fads and keep the weight off permanently.

Visit a Retreat

Escaping from your regular environment and demands is the best way to find focus. Life can be distracting, so completely removing yourself from it and going to a place that specialises in health and weight loss could be a great idea. Visiting a health retreat, such as Chi of Life, might just be the long-term solution you have been looking for.

Slow and Steady

Many people make the mistake of trying out fad diets that help them drop the weight quickly only to sling-shot back into the same spot just a few months later. You can’t rush through anything that you expect to get the best results from. Take the time to get to know your body and what food plans and exercise work for you. The better tailored your health plan is to your needs, the more long-term the results will be.

Image Source:

Seek out Professionals
It is not a sign of defeat to seek guidance from a health professional, trainer, or nutritionist. In fact, you should be applauded for taking this courageous step forward. Each professional is an expert in their field, which means they are well-suited to spotting flaws in your current exercise and food plan and can make suggestions for improvements.

Find a Buddy

Having someone work alongside you who’s dealing with the same weight loss issues is the best motivation to get the kilos off and keep them off. You get lazy when you have to do everything yourself because you start thinking no one will notice if you skip a day. Having a buddy to train with will limit these incidents as you won’t want to let them down. Your buddy can also be the perfect person to vent to if you are having difficulties staying on track.

Change Your Attitude

The way you think about yourself can be a huge factor when it comes to permanent weight loss. A negative image means you are never going to take the steps to permanently change your life. Talk to a professional about this so you can be emotionally fit to get physically fit. Having a poor attitude towards the importance of health is also a big deterrent for permanent weight loss. Speak to your doctor and find out what your biggest problem areas are so you know where to start.

Health and wellbeing maintenance is one of the hardest things anyone can go through in regards to weight loss. The most important thing to remember is that it’s not a race. It has to be done at your own pace and to the limits of what your body can handle. So the more you know about your body, the easier it will become to get rid of those extra kilos if they do start to creep back again.

How to Keep Your Family Germ-Free

by Jada, March 23, 2015
Home should be a haven. But, when you think about it, it’s probably also the most hazardous place you spend your time. With the home environment being where you spend a great deal of time, no matter how clean you are, there are inevitably times when you and your family will get sick from germs here. Here are some tips to keep those germs away and keep your family healthy.

Embrace Your Cleaning Products

This may seem obvious, but make a habit of cleaning your home. A spring clean is fantastic for the house and the soul, but it’s not much good if it’s the only clean to happen that season. Set yourself goals and timeframes. Perhaps you will tidy twice a week, do a general clean once a week, and commit to a thorough, floor-scrubbing clean every month. For some great tips on getting rid of germs in your home, speak with professional cleaners or check out their websites for information; a cleaner that specialises in medical cleaning, such as AMC Cleaning, is particularly likely to have the best advice for beating germs.

Pets Are Family Too

Make sure you think of your pet the way you’d think of your human family; they shouldn’t be bringing dirt in on their paws. If your pet is indoors/outdoors, pay attention to keeping them clean. They probably don’t need a bath every day, but any indoor bedding or toys should be cleaned regularly to avoid dust and bad smells, as well as possible germs. Also, be aware of any food they may sneak and eat in a “secret” spot; this can be a terrible discovery if only found after a few weeks.

Spud and his grandad's dog. 
Invest in a Few Well-Placed Hand Sanitisers
The easiest way to keep your family germ-free is to place hand sanitisers around the house. They can be great to put at the back door, near the children’s play area, and anywhere else that may get overlooked in the cleanliness department. They have also evolved to not smell so harsh, so your kids probably won’t turn their noses up to it.

Segment the Household Chores

If you can make each family member responsible for one particular section of the home, it will make the cleaning roster much clearer and will instil a sense of responsibility to the rest of your family. It also means you can keep an eye on how each person is contributing and lend a hand where necessary.

Improve Your Lifestyle

Just improving your family’s diet can improve their immune system and make them less susceptible to germs and infections. Ensure that everyone is eating enough fruit and vegetables, and reduce the number of processed and packaged food available at home. Undertaking regular exercise will also improve your general health, so consider going for a daily family walk or trip to the park to keep everyone feeling fit and spritely.

These are a few ideas on keeping your home and your family healthy. How has your family stayed germ-free recently? Share your tips and tricks below.

Five Things I Cant Live Without!

by Jada, March 18, 2015
Yesterday, Gareth asked me if I was on a desert island with Spud, and I had to choose between Dr Pepper joining us, or Gareth which one would I choose; him or Dr Pepper. I of course had to ask what the alternative drink was and when he replied water I knew exactly what my answer would be - Dr Pepper.

It got us asking each other random questions whilst passing time waiting for dinner to cook, and then a video popped into my head that I watched on The Source website which you can see below. I know I've not been asked, but I thought it would be a fun post to do and another way to bore my readers with yet more information on me!

Five things I, Jada/Jade/Mummy, can't live without.
Things are not people, otherwise Spud would b 1 to 5!

One: Socks and Slippers.
It's no secret to those who know me that I am an extremely cold blooded person, I'm the woman who feels the cold in a summers day, it's extremely rare for me to go a whole day without feeling the cold of some sort. I hate being the coldest person within every group, and only wish I was warmer, without socks and slippers, I'm sure I'd be hospitalised for shivering or something! If my feet are cold, I'm 1000 times more colder than what I was before! 

Two: Dr Pepper,
I'm undecided if this is something I can't live without or a serious addiction that no one takes me serious with? I know I have gone a day without Dr Pepper before but the thought actually horrifies me, however, so does the total weekly cost of how much I spend on my favourite fizzy drink! I spend at least £2 a day on Dr Pepper, whether that's two small bottles or one big bottle, £2 x 7 (days) = £14 a week, and that's the least, sometimes I could spend £5 a day on the stuff!

Three: Heating,
I always, always moan about the amount of money I top up on my gas and electric meters, well to be honest since we moved in November the cost difference between our new and old property is indeed noticeable, I've had to lend money off my parents a few times since living here to top up the gas thats unexpectedly gone! What's more upsetting is the fact the thermostat can be on 30 but the house is still as cold as a cemetery!  

Four: My Phone.
My mum doesn't live in Reading, she lives four hours away in Cornwall with my little sister (who's now 13) and step dad so one way we keep in touch is via the phone. For Mothers Day 2014, me and Paula (my eldest sister) went halves and purchased our mum an iPhone so she could FaceTime us and vice-versa. I also couldn't live without my phone incase the school or someone else needed me in an emergency to do with Spud, or what if I was out and about and needed to make an emergency call myself? My contract is £35 a month but worth the cost in my opinion.

Five: Steroid Cream and Moisturiser.
Okay, ok, I know these are two completely different things and by rights should read four and five, or five and six but they don't, so I've put them in together. My Psoriasis leaves me feeling absolutely rubbish, especially at the moment, I've never felt so low and unconfident about myself, I have an amazing boyfriend who is reassuring but I still cant help the way I feel, moisturiser has become my new best friend along with my treatment cream!

So there we have it, that's the five things I can't live without, can you tell me in a short comment below what ''Five things you can't Live Without?

Until next time,
Jada x

Quitting Smoking: My Journey.

by Jada, March 18, 2015
With a pack of quit cards sat next to me, and the smokefree logo staring at me, I'm craving more then ever for a cigarette, just one pull and I'll be happy, or so I tell myself. In reality, I know one pull would lead to one fag, one fag would lead to one packet and before I know it I'm back in that vicious evil circle - SMOKING.

I remember when they first introduced them pictures to cigarette packets, I thought soon enough I would feel physically sick and would quit, in reality, you avoid the pictures or ignore them altogether. You read the big bold warning signs informing you of what you're doing to yourself and others around you - the addiction wins, them words are ignored.

You feel the cost whether its on a daily or weekly basis, you know it adds up, and you wonder what you could do with the money you'll save by not smoking. I for example spend over £6 a day on cigarettes, on average its £6.77 however, it depends on which shop I go to, I can spend up to £7.50-£8 but we'll use the average.

£6.77 x 10 (days) = £67.70 

However, sometimes, if I am within company of others, I may even buy a second packet, or a stressful day can lead me to purchasing another 10, adding another £4 onto the daily spend. So say I take that £67.70 and add another £16 (thats four x£4) that gives me a total of £83.70 and thats just the minimum spend!!!

Then there's a night out and social gatherings, I reckon I could easily spend £100 every 10 days, thats on average £10 a day, it's disgusting and it needs to stop!

I sit and think about Spud's future, I want to be around for as long as possible, I want to witness the events and achievements he accomplishes in life. I listen to him tell me about the smoking adverts, and when he preaches to me about stopping, I've said to him so many times I'll try it soon baby boy, and now I'm serious.

I woke up yesterday morning (17th March 2015) with three cigarettes, normally even just waking up with one cigarette would make me want to smoke the whole day away, or so that was one of my favourite excuses! Honestly, I've tried giving up before when a packets finished, but quitting half way through the day was just something that wasn't possible or worked for me.

So yes, back to yesterday, I smoked them three fags within two hours, determined to not have any with me when I leave the house, but secretly laughing to myself knowing I would fail and buy a packet as soon as I got you safely into school.

I went to the shop, as I usually do every day and I picked up a can of Dr Pepper and a bottle for later on (let me quit one addiction at a time!), and made my way to the counter to pay, as I do everyday, however I usually ask for 20 cigarettes too, but yesterday I didn't, and today I didn't either! I picked up a can of RedBull today, not good I know, but I'm lacking energy and need a little pick me up!

So far, I've been smoke free for over 24 hours and I've saved myself between £13.54 and £20 already in just 24 hours. In another 24 hours, that total would be £20.31 and £30, and another 24 hours after that it would be £27.08 and £40 and so on. Soon it will turn into 100s and eventually thousands.

I've downloaded an app on my phone which allows me to play a mini video of Spud, he says you can do it mummy, don't give in and think of me! I'm playing it every time I have a craving, and more than ever, I have faith in myself! I'm going cold turkey (for now) however the NHS has a number of free services that can help me if needs be!

Wish me luck!

Jada xx