Monday 23 March 2015

How to Keep Your Family Germ-Free

Home should be a haven. But, when you think about it, it’s probably also the most hazardous place you spend your time. With the home environment being where you spend a great deal of time, no matter how clean you are, there are inevitably times when you and your family will get sick from germs here. Here are some tips to keep those germs away and keep your family healthy.

Embrace Your Cleaning Products

This may seem obvious, but make a habit of cleaning your home. A spring clean is fantastic for the house and the soul, but it’s not much good if it’s the only clean to happen that season. Set yourself goals and timeframes. Perhaps you will tidy twice a week, do a general clean once a week, and commit to a thorough, floor-scrubbing clean every month. For some great tips on getting rid of germs in your home, speak with professional cleaners or check out their websites for information; a cleaner that specialises in medical cleaning, such as AMC Cleaning, is particularly likely to have the best advice for beating germs.

Pets Are Family Too

Make sure you think of your pet the way you’d think of your human family; they shouldn’t be bringing dirt in on their paws. If your pet is indoors/outdoors, pay attention to keeping them clean. They probably don’t need a bath every day, but any indoor bedding or toys should be cleaned regularly to avoid dust and bad smells, as well as possible germs. Also, be aware of any food they may sneak and eat in a “secret” spot; this can be a terrible discovery if only found after a few weeks.

Spud and his grandad's dog. 
Invest in a Few Well-Placed Hand Sanitisers
The easiest way to keep your family germ-free is to place hand sanitisers around the house. They can be great to put at the back door, near the children’s play area, and anywhere else that may get overlooked in the cleanliness department. They have also evolved to not smell so harsh, so your kids probably won’t turn their noses up to it.

Segment the Household Chores

If you can make each family member responsible for one particular section of the home, it will make the cleaning roster much clearer and will instil a sense of responsibility to the rest of your family. It also means you can keep an eye on how each person is contributing and lend a hand where necessary.

Improve Your Lifestyle

Just improving your family’s diet can improve their immune system and make them less susceptible to germs and infections. Ensure that everyone is eating enough fruit and vegetables, and reduce the number of processed and packaged food available at home. Undertaking regular exercise will also improve your general health, so consider going for a daily family walk or trip to the park to keep everyone feeling fit and spritely.

These are a few ideas on keeping your home and your family healthy. How has your family stayed germ-free recently? Share your tips and tricks below.


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