10 years ago, social media was still new to the scene with many of us (me included) not having a Facebook or Twitter account, I use those two in reference as they seem to be the main ones the majority of us use on a daily basis, but now we have loads more including Google Plus - otherwise known as G+, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat and more.

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Also fairly new to the internet scene 10 years ago was PlentyOfFish, an online dating platform, in most recent years a number of other online dating services have popped up, including the most popular one at the moment - Tinder. With an estimated 50 million people using Tinder in 2014, I wouldn't be surprised if that figure now sits at 75 million, gone are the days of blind dates and meeting people in person, in are the days of new era dating - speaking/texting before even knowing what your date really looks like.
If you're anything like me, you'll have a new years resolution list as long as your arm with no particular pattern. A few of mine are: to save/make money, to be more organised, to lose a LOT of weight, to save/make money, to get at least two rooms done in the house, to build the blog up, to quit a bad habit, to save/make more money by cutting back on spending, being more thrifty, earning more and to make more time for myself - give myself a proper working break in other words and have I mentioned to save/make more money?

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There is so much that needs to be done, I am taking it all one step at a time, as I know doing/quitting two things at once is never a good idea! I also hope to be able to tie things in together, for example to take my mind off of me giving up my bad habit, I hope the DIY home makeover (or more the DIY make a home!) project will keep my mind occupied so I can battle the cravings, I'm not sure it'll work, but I'm thinking positive and that's a start right?

Giving The Gift Of Memories.

by Jada, December 22, 2016
Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year, it's a time where the family come together, where disagreements and falling outs be put behind us, the only time of year that I don't feel bad for indulging in a sea of chocolate, cheese and crackers, the one time where you will sing along to Mariah Carey's smash hit Christmas song 'All I want for Christmas is you' even though you can't hit the high note, and the one time of year where we have a three course meal at home for dinner!

Spud on the left with his five cousins.
Christmas is also a favourite time of year for me because it's that time where the camera comes out more than usual, your mouth could be filled with turkey, but you can be sure your dad's hanging around with that camera ready to snap photographs as memories with that Christmas hat on your head. You've got mint sauce around your chops (because if you're like me - mint sauce goes with every roast meat!), but you don't care, well at least I don't.

The new year will soon be here, but before that its Christmas day which many of us are looking forward to for various reasons. Gareth's looking forward to Christmas day because of a whole different reason, and it's nothing festive at all! 

Image Source.
The reason why he's looking forward to Christmas day so much is because on the 25th of December, it'll only be (so I keep hearing) eight months until Reading Festival begins. Reading Festival once known as Reading Rock Festival to us locals is the world's oldest popular music festival and it's having it's 61st annual festival in 2017, and Gareth is eager to go!
One of the challenges I found myself in when moving from a flat to a house was the difference in space. You may think that moving from a flat into a house gives you more room, but this entirely depends on what kind of flat you're leaving, and what kind of house you're moving into.

Image Source.
For me and Spud, our flat was home, it wasn't the home we wanted, but it was a home we soon come to love and it had plenty of space. We had a very large living room boasting three lots of windows alone - it was large enough for a table and six chairs, two very large sofa's and all the rest of our lounge furniture. Our bathroom was a moderate size, as was our kitchen but our bedrooms weren't very big, we did however have a walk in wardrobe, a playroom (a very large cupboard housing the electrics that got boxed in) and an attic that covered the whole of our flat.
Christmas is just around the corner, and many of us are looking forward to the festive build up, the tree and decorations have found room in our homes, the cupboards are full with condiments, stuffing mixtures and grandma's homemade Christmas pudding, the fridge freezer is resembling the supermarkets - full to the brim that you struggle to find what you're looking for, but some of us aren't in that situation, and for some having that situation is going to cost a small fortune.

Image Source
Sadly, it's a common occurrence at this time of year to see so many people struggling, I've been there myself so I'm not judging in anyway. Last November, I found myself in an unexpected financial position which left me in tears, and feeling like the world's worst mother, worrying about how I was going to put a single present under the tree, let alone loads of presents, then there was the Christmas food, the closest to turkey we was getting was turkey drummers. Fortunately my comping hobby paid off, and Christmas was saved thanks to a huge win, but it still scared me and made me do things different this year.

New House? What You'll Need First.

by Jada, December 19, 2016
If you've just moved into your extremely bare, new house, there are certain essentials that you will need to buy first. Here is a list of the most important things you will need for your home.

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Gas and Electric
Your electric and natural gas utilities will heat your home and provide you with lights and power. The amount of your gas and electric bill will depend on usage, which is directly related to the size of your house and the amount of natural gas and electricity you need. You can make your house more energy efficient by updating weatherstripping and caulk, buying energy-efficient appliances and having your heating and cooling systems regularly inspected and updated.
Recently the Guardian newspaper reported on a house in West Kirby on the Wirral that somehow manages to keep its annual heating bill to less than £500 a year..... but how? 

Image Source.
The house is home to a family - the Ushers who are obsessed with energy efficiency. Despite outside temperatures falling as low as 5C, the family manages to maintain the internal temperature of their home at a balmy 21 degrees, as if they had somehow been transported from their location in the frozen north of England and plonked down in the Mediterranean.

How Not To Overspend At Christmas.

by Jada, December 15, 2016
If you’re reading this, you probably celebrate Christmas, and as you already know, it can be a pricey time of year. If you aren't the kind of person who plans a year in advance and stockpiles presents away then Christmas can be extra expensive. With that said, Pounds Till Payday have a few tips that will hopefully save you from spending an arm and a leg where it isn't necessary.

Image Credit.

If you're trying to spend as little as necessary this Christmas, it's a good idea to limit what you spend on the people you are buying for. Once all of your bills get paid, it’s time to sit down and work out your budget. Set a maximum for everyone so everyone gets a fair share and you won't be left skint after going crazy in John Lewis.
Oh, to live a life of luxury. Many of us dream about it, but few of us can afford it. After rent, bills and food, most of us parents just want to spend the rest of our money on our kids. There is, of course, nothing better than seeing the smile on their face when you tell them they're going for a day out, or simply that you've bought them a gift.

Image Source
In the madness of day to day life we can often end up forgetting about the need to care for ourselves too. Stress plays a major part in the lives of many modern women, and you may be personally feeling the strain also, but, there are little things you can add to your daily, weekly or monthly routine that can help you feel that little bit more grounded. Remember that self-care is just as important as caring for others - so invest a little more in yourself.
We're days away now (12 to be precise) until the official start of the UK's winter season (21st December), although with the weather the way it is now, it feels like winter already! I have topped up my gas twice this week already, and I'm 100% sure that it won't last me a full week! It's time to migrate to Australia where it's sunny and hot during this time of the year, but then they have huge, and I mean HUGE spiders, so that's a no go afterall!

Image Credit.
Talking about spiders, I have seen less in the garden during the last month, but more in the home. As much as I wish it was the other way round, it's given me the confidence to get green fingered as much as I can, of course there isn't much that can be done when it comes to plotting and planting, but the grass is in dire need of a winter cut and have I mentioned the 4000 leaves everywhere?
As winter starts to slowly creep upon us (21st December - so only a matter of days away!), it's time to start thinking about keeping yourself, your family and your home warm - if you've not already done so that is.  With studies finding the cold weather more deadly than heatwaves, now is the best time to get your home ready for the winter chill. 

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Many people believe that if they wrap up warm when they go outside, they're protected from the cold weather, but this isn't true. Of course making sure you have a decent winter coat which keeps you warm and the warmth in is essential, but you also need to consider what is under your coat, and even what footwear you have on. Wearing gloves, scarves and a hat are also essential winter accessories, but make sure they're for the season, a summer hat isn't going to do, nor is a thin fashionable scarf.
This year is quickly coming to an end. Every new year signifies something different for everyone, but in certain situations it literally can mean a fresh new start. If you’re moving home this New Years, then you probably want to make it as easy as possible. Renovations and home improvements can be difficult at the best of time, let alone when you decide to do it around a New Year.

Image Credit.

However, it doesn’t have to be disastrous. Make sure you get through your renovation this New Years with a simple, easy to follow and very handy checklist. Covering everything from any building processes you might have, to the design and decor, you can renovate a house and keep your sanity in 2017!
A lot of things annoy me when it comes to being plus size, if I was asked to pick my top 10 hates, I'd struggle because many of them annoy me as equally as the next, but one thing that frustrates more so then the others and would easily top number one on the list is the ugliest fashion. It's like when you have a few extra pounds, you need to dress way older than your age and even era - I HATE that and it's one of the reasons why I am aiming to lose a few stone next year, but it shouldn't be like that should it?

Whilst many companies do their best for the larger market, taking a walk down the high street leaves you with so little choices, and I know the plus size ladies of Reading are feeling me right now. Thankfully though, we have the internet and whilst some find it utter hassle, I personally find it the best way to shop around without being left red faced in the fitting room.

Creating The Perfect Nursery

in , , , by Jada, December 09, 2016
Whether you’ve just discovered that you’re pregnant, or you’re expecting that new arrival imminently, it’s probably safe to say that your mind has been somewhat occupied with thoughts of cots, clothing, and nursery furniture of late. Regardless of whether this is your first baby or not, preparing for a new arrival can feel a little like a military operation filled with decisions, and lists that must be followed to the letter.

Image Credit.
While many tasks, such as buying nappies, sourcing feeding equipment, and reading baby books may feel at times like necessary evils, others, including decorating the nursery, purchasing baby clothes, and sourcing sensory toys, will be a little more fun – and why shouldn’t they be? Being a parent is as much about rediscovering your own sense of childish glee as it is about setting rules and policing that tiny human for the next 18 years. It’s time to have a little fun.
For the last 18 months, many homes have lost all their colour, favouring the monochrome trend that has taken over the home interior scene, whilst my home hasn't got on trend with the grand scheme of things due to the whole house needing to be replaced, well interior wise that may as well be the case, I have found myself buying black and white monochrome items quite often.

HOWEVER, I love colour too much to block it out of my life, especially in my home. So I'm stuck with a dilemma, do I follow the trend which I like but don't love, or do I be the non sheep that I've always been and just start following to only stop halfway through the trial and take my own direction?
For almost five years, Syria has been a country of conflict and anguish. Millions of men, women and children have been forced to flee their homes in fear, with the hope of finding solace elsewhere.

However, thousands of others have not been so lucky. It’s an ongoing problem, and unless we act now, it’s only going to get worse.

You might not want for much in life, but it’s sometimes lovely to add in a few luxuries to your everyday life. They might not be anything special to some people, but to you, they could dramatically transform your living situation. 

Image Source.

If you’ve always wanted a beautiful home that you can cherish and enjoy, now’s your time to achieve it. Step by step you can build the home you want, by working on the little things. You don’t have to choose them all, but there are a few suggestions on how to create a few little luxuries to love around the home.
When you're a parent, and you have a family, your kitchen can become the hub of the home. It will always be the place you cook or bake, but it could also be a place where you congregate as a family. Perhaps your children will do their homework at the kitchen table, or you may eat with your loved ones at the end of the day. However, we all know that a kitchen has a hefty price tag when looking to replace it. So I thought I would share my top hacks for creating an expensive looking kitchen, without forking out the huge budget.

Image Source
Most people dream of having a Pinterest-worthy home - but know it would only happen in another universe. The reality of owning and running a home is far beyond what we all see on social media or in interior design magazines. If you are single, the dishes pile up, and if you have kids, you can't walk more than a few metres without stepping on a toy or a piece of Lego. That's without even mentioning all the wires and extension cables spilling out of devices just to keep your home lit up.

Image Source
Unfortunately, there are just some things we need to have in our homes that most interior designers conveniently move out of the way during a photoshoot. So what exactly can you do to carry on living your regular home life, but make it a bit more aesthetically pleasing?

My Engagement Ring Story.

in , , , , by Jada, November 25, 2016
When Gareth proposed to me last year, on the 21st of June 2015 (Father's Day) to be precise, I had no idea how he got my ring size and for so long it baffled me. Asking him the obvious question ''how did you get my ring size'' wasn't answering my question, so I had to keep bugging him for months until he finally told me the other day, but not without telling me a story that I had to share with all of you.

Image Credit.
Gareth had tried a number of ways to get my ring size, starting from the obvious (apparently!) - which was by asking me what my ring size was, which I can't remember and apparently I never told him, which would make perfect sense as I've never had the ring finger measured, I've dreamt of it so many times, so so many times, but it never actually happened, and I'm personally glad it never as I suppose once you get the finger measured you know it's going to happen soon, but my engagement took me totally by surprise.

With the festive period looming, many of us are spending more time out of our homes either taking on extra hours at work or getting into the festive spirit by Christmas shopping, attending Christmas markets and special Christmas events. Sadly criminals are lurking at every corner, waiting every second for an opportunity to arise, but it seems that during the festive month, criminals seem to become larger in numbers with more robberies taking place in the summer months along with the colder months, like December, which is of course when Christmas takes place.

I have put together my four personal tips on home safety, making simple but small changes in the home to ensure its safe as possible whilst empty.

1. Triple Check All Window and Door Locks.
It may seem like the obvious to do, but with this time of year comes lots of stress, how am I going to afford to put a turkey on the dining room table will be the last thing on your mind if you leave even the smallest of possibilities for a burglary to take place, robbers will strike at any chance they get, and that includes the tiniest of windows they could get through. To ensure your home safety is the best it can be I personally recommend getting window locks that comes with a key, you can check out an online window key cutting service here.

2. Make Some Noise Whilst You're Not At Home.
Leaving a radio playing at home whilst you're out is one of the best cost effective ways on improving your home security, unlike the TV which cost electricity to run even when on standby, a radio cost a lot less to run either by battery or electric, and will hopefully spook burglars into thinking someone is home. Make sure the radio is loud enough to hear, but not loud enough to annoy your neighbours, and make sure it's not on show if someone should take a peek through your letterbox or window!

3. Invest in a Home Security System.
They say Britain is a Big Brother nation with all it's CCTV camera's, and whilst some moan about it, I personally am grateful that we have so many cameras around. I follow the nationwide news on a daily basis and often wonder how many crimes would be unsolved if it wasn't for CCTV? Whilst nothing is going to guarantee stopping a potential burglar in its tracks, if you have the money to invest in a home CCTV system, I'd highly recommend it.

4. Lights On, Lights Off.
If you've been a reader of my blog for a while, you may recall me reviewing a light switch timer last year? This clever piece of technology is battery run and turns the lights on and off for me whenever I set it up! It works on one, two or even three light switches, and whats more is you're not limited to how many you have in the house, so if you wanted you could set up one in each room and have them going on and off at your request - without even being in the house!

5. Adopt a Pet - Gain a Guard Dog.
Last but not least, adopt a dog - I'm not even kidding! Since having a dog I know when someones about to walk up my garden path thanks to his reactions! Jezeppi doesn't only notify me that someones here, but he's there and ready if I need him, whilst he's the soppiest dog I've ever met, I know if someone got in that wasn't suppose to be here, he'd attack - or at least I hope!

Five simple and easy steps, but hopefully ones that'll help you in the long run - forever!

Jada x
Keeping your home super-clean and free from allergy causing agents can seem like a tall task. We are surrounded by allergens but with underfloor heating, the opportunity for allergens to become embedded in the home is a lot less.

Find out with this article from Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies how this heating system will make a difference.
It's that time of year again when we're all buying advent calendars for the family, ready to start the official Christmas countdown and here at Unique Young Mum, it's only tradition that I show off some of my favourite advent calendar's with you all! 

My Advent Feature 2016 edition is full of advent calendars, featuring yummy edible ones to playful ones and there's even one for the whole family to enjoy! I hope you enjoy it as much as me!

These days, we're all very aware of the impact humans have on the environment and many more of us are starting to take more notice in what impact our lifestyle can have. If you've ever travelled to some of the most beautiful places on Earth, you'll know how important it is to protect the world from more destruction.

Image Source
After all, we all want our children to be able to enjoy the same aspects of nature as we did, but with it all being such an overwhelming issue, you might wonder what we can possibly do to help. Whilst it's true that changes to conservation can only come about through political change, you can make small changes to your home that could actually make a big difference.


Wildlife - What's Your Favourite?

in , , by Jada, November 23, 2016
When I was younger, I was never one for wildlife or the natural beauty the world gives us for free, but as I've become older and wiser, I've become quite a keen fan of the natural beautiness shown in the world. I'd not go as far as saying I'd travel to another country just to get a look at a lion in its natural habitat, however I do notice things more now, that I wouldn't notice before, like beautiful birds singing in the tree's, and seeing as as I have a huge tree at the bottom of my garden, I see many a day.

When we lived at the flat, we didn't get to see much wildlife, we did however have regular visits from a fox, or maybe a few. I could never get closer to them though as Spud would always be tucked up in bed fast asleep, and living above ground floor level even a decent photograph was impossible with the camera I had back then. I soon started to feed the fox (I don't know if that's allowed!) by leaving food in the regular spot it would visit, and I'd watch as he/she would have a meal without having to fight off other foxes and wildlife.
As the countdown to Christmas gets well and truly underway, more and more people look at getaways around the world to bring a little more festive cheer to their lives. Whether it’s hitting the slopes and getting more of the white stuff in the Swiss Alps, or looking to get some Vitamin D with some winter sun in a tropical destination, here we take a look at 4 Christmas breaks everyone should experience at least once in their lives!

Christmas can be a stressful time, trying to get the family together for a meal, cooking for everyone at the same time as trying to find the right presents for everyone. It’s important to take some time out for yourself and get away from the stress of it all, keep reading for some of our favourite Christmas breaks…

Are you ever dissatisfied by your bathroom? It’s one of those rooms that you don’t think much about – you brush your teeth and shower and then you’re done with it. Like the kitchen, your bathroom is often a room of practicality, rather than beauty, but it’s very possible to combine those two things! Here’s how to update your bathroom to add some extra pleasures into your daily life.

Add A Heated Towel Rack
There’s no greater treat than a warm towel, especially during this time of the year. First thing in the morning, it’s unimaginably hard to get out of bed and force yourself into the shower, and it’s even harder to step out of the steamy, warm shower into the cold air outside! One way to make this easier is to have a toasty warm towel waiting for you when you step out of the shower cubicle.

An Update From Unique Young Mum!

in , , , by Jada, November 16, 2016
Hello everyone, I hope you're all well and are having a lovely week so far!? I'm over here (sat on my sofa to be precise) wondering where the year has gone, two weeks left of November and we're into December already, yikes! For once, I'm not so so worried about Christmas and I feel totally relieved! For the last few years, Christmas - well more so the run up to Christmas has been very stressful, however thanks to Swagbucks I've got all the children in the family sorted for Christmas, well I've still got to get Spud's items and my little sister's - so I've got 9 out of 11 so far which is amazing - for me this early on!

Swagbucks Swago November - Earn 300 SB!

by Jada, November 15, 2016
It's time for another round of Swago, where you have the chance to earn 300 SB!

What is SWAGO you ask? It's a promotion run by Swagbucks, a website that rewards you with points (called SB) for completing everyday online activities such as searching the web and taking part in surveys. When you complete a task on the square, watch that square change colours like the leaves of Autumn. You can redeem those SB for free gift cards (in just a few months I've earned way over £500!). If you've never used Swagbucks, participating in SWAGO is a great way to learn how to use the site, and it's a lot of fun!

The Great British Bake Off may be over for another year, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop daydreaming about Victoria sponge cakes and Paul Hollywood’s dazzling blue eyes, right? To tide you over until the next season is back on the telly, you could recreate the wonderfully vintage GBBO vibe in your own cooking space. To help you turn your kitchen into something even Mary Berry would be proud of, keep reading!

Go for Solid Wood Worktops
While you may love watching the Bake Off hopefuls sweat in sheer panic as they try their best to muster up a beautiful baked creation, it’s what they’re standing behind that you need to take note of. Solid wood worktops are a key element of the GBBO aesthetic, so to really nail this trend in your own home, you could swap your surfaces for something similar. If you plan to bake up a storm in your newly styled kitchen, it pays to go for high-quality, strong materials from a reliable supplier. For example, the solid oak kitchen worktops from Worktop Express have the same warm tones as the GBBO surfaces and the natural integrity of the wood gives them impressive durability.

Image Credit

November Collector Bills at Swagbucks.

by Jada, November 11, 2016
November is here and many of us are now counting down the days to Christmas, whilst wondering where on earth this year has gone!? I said to Gareth earlier, does the days go by fast when we're older, or is it because I'm a parent and it just seems like time goes way too quickly!? 

We've reached the Holiday season - can you believe it? Since this time of year in particular is a good one for having some extra money, Swagbucks is offering a 500 SB Bonus to people who sign up through me this month - it's the biggest bonus they've ever offered!

Swagbucks is a rewards site where you earn points (called SB) for all sorts of things you're probably already doing online, like shopping, discovering deals, taking surveys, watching videos, and more! Then you can turn your gift cards into PayPal cash or gift cards to places like Amazon, TK Maxx, Debenhams, Argos, John Lewis, and many more!

Get Paid To Take Surveys With Swagbucks!

by Jada, October 27, 2016
If you're looking for a way to earn a little extra money for Christmas this year - or just earning a little extra in general, then taking surveys on Swagbucks can be a great way to start! It's really simple: you sign up, confirm your email address, and then use the Gold Survey Dashboard to see what surveys are currently available.

For each survey, you'll see approximately how long it takes to complete, and how many SB points you'll get when you complete it. You can rack up lots of SB points quickly, and then redeem those SB for free gift cards to places like Amazon, TK Maxx, Argos, John Lewis, M&S, PayPal and many more UK retailers!
Are you looking to sell your home soon? Or maybe you’re just looking for ideas to turn it into a beautiful home for your friends to drool over! Turning your house into a dream home can be easier than you think - it’s all about the details and I'm not talking about painting every room in the latest on-trend Pantone colour either! Go beyond the paintbrush and find the inspiration you’re looking for to create the ultimate posh pad without the high-end budget! Try some of these ideas to give your home the makeover you desire:

New Skirting
Over the years, skirting gets painted with that thick white sludge that deforms the grooves and shape of the mouldings. Rather than spending hours sanding it away, you can simply take off what’s there and replace it. Natural oak can look so beautiful in your room that you won’t want to paint it white! Pick a style like regency or torus to suit your tastes! You can find skirting from suppliers like George Hill Timber merchants. You may need to lift back the carpet if you have it, so it might be worth timing it with a new flooring installation as found below!

When you're preparing for a baby, decorating a nursery is often one of the top tasks on the list. However, for many parents, the baby won't sleep in their nursery until they're a few months old. Many parents have their little one in a bassinet or cot by their own bed, whilst some parents even choose to co-sleep -  although it can be a controversial choice. This means that for several months, your grown-up bedroom can be taken over by the baby and when they do move out, you might feel like the room still doesn't belong to you. Giving it a makeover can help you reclaim it and make sure that the nursery is the baby zone from now on.

Image Credit
Remove Baby Paraphernalia
The first thing you want to do is remove any baby items, you might still want to have a cuddle in bed with your little one, however, you no longer need to have a cot, mobile, changing mat or any other baby essentials! You can keep all of those items in their room because it doesn't need to be in such easy reach of your bed anymore. Start by moving any furniture if you chose to have a cot or perhaps a chest of drawers for your baby's clothes, then you can make sure you remove any odds and ends, from nightlights to soft toys.

Is Your Home Ready For The Winter Chill?

in , , by Jada, October 25, 2016
As much as the snow and ice are fun for the kids to play with, it does make everything so much colder! The heating goes on, the jumpers stay on, and the lights go on for longer at this time of year. We all know just how expensive it can be, so preparing our homes for a deep freeze could help us save a fortune! There are plenty of things you need to be checking before the frost sets in and hopefully by doing so, it'll help you with your winter cost!

Image Credit.

Seeing as we’re already well into autumn, it’s a good time to think about how we can make our homes a bit more cosy. Obviously if you have a child, then it’s their bedroom that should be the most important place to focus your attention on first!

Whether it’s making sure that their desk is at an adequate height to prevent backache, or even just splashing out on a good pocket spring mattress to help your little one get a good night’s sleep, here are some great ways to ramp up the comfort factor in 2016.

Image Source
You've probably seen me write about Swagbucks a lot on here recently and you may be wondering why I'm talking about it so much? I signed back into Swagbucks on the 16th of September after sadly abandoning the site for a little over a year due to work commitments, since signing back in on the 16th of September, I have earned £235 in a variety of vouchers (Argos and Amazon) and have purchased one of Spud's biggish Christmas presents which I wouldn't of been able to do until December if Swagbucks wasn't around!

So Swagbucks, it's a 100% completely free to join site where you earn points (called SB) for things you're probably doing online already, like searching the web, watching video's, discovering deals, taking surveys and playing games. You then take those points and exchange them for gift cards to places like Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, TK Maxx, Curry's, PayPal and many more UK retailers (of course if you're in America then you'll have places like Walmart, Target and other US stores!).

According to my calculation of £165 since October 1st until today - October 21st, I'm averaging out on £7.85 a day just for doing things I already do online! You can sign up too and what's more, if you sign up through Unique Young Mum during October, both of us will receive a 400 SB bonus and here's how;

1. Sign up through my link here.
2. Earn 300 SB before November 1st - that'll get you a 300 SB bonus applied at the beginning of November.
3. Complete a minimum of ONE survey before November 4th, and you'll get an additional 100 SB credited to your account after the period ends.

So lets recap - if you do all of those things above in steps 1-3, you'll have at least 700 SB to spend, so you'll have enough for a £3 Amazon voucher, or a £5 Marks and Spencer voucher, and only be 20 SB away from a £5 Amazon voucher, oh and by the way earning 20sb is super easy, just watch a few rounds of video's on the apps and you'll be there in no time!

Oh and one more thing, signing up in October is one of the best months to sign up in as there is SO MUCH going on at Swagbucks this month, with great earning opportunities going on all month long, why not give the site a search on Google and once you're happy come back here and sign up with my link so you can start earning your own vouchers!?

Until next time,
Jada x

I'm a Swagbucks Influencer - Start Earning Now
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Christmas truly is one of the most wonderful times of the year, especially when you have little ones! Seeing their faces light up at the name Santa Claus and remembering how excited you were for Christmas when you were little brings back the most special of memories. We can also keep kids’ behaviour in check easily by vague threats of them making the naughty list, and let's not forget making paper snowflakes and writing Christmas lists!

Baking gingerbread men, constructing gingerbread houses for them to live in, filling stockings and seeing the sheer excitement of a child on Christmas morning - it's all worth every bit of stress and effort! However, it's easy to forget, Christmas with kids is a lot of stress and effort! Fighting with another mum over that top-of-the-Christmas-list-toy, accidentally burning the turkey, forgetting the Christmas pudding and trying to find one at 5:30pm on Christmas Eve. Remember, there are ways to make this all easier and save yourself a tonne of stress. Here's a list of the most common things for people to forget in the mayhem that is the build-up to Christmas.

Spare Light Bulbs
Everything is going well.... The kids have opened their presents and are playing with their toys. Everyone has eaten and your grandad is snoring in front of the telly, your husband has miraculously offered to take care of the dishes.... Then pow.... The whole room is plunged into darkness as a bulb gives way on the Christmas tree and the whole thing cuts out. Hardly ideal, right? Make sure you have a spare set of bulbs to replace any duds or blown bulbs during any time over Christmas. Invest in ones for both indoor and outdoor use as chances are, come boxing day no stores will have any left!

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Christmas Dinner
It's the centrepiece of the occasion! Eyes glisten as you serve up the turkey, hands reach for pigs in blankets, gravy is poured and crackers are… the horror! You forgot the crackers. Okay, forgetting crackers isn't going to completely ruin your festive celebrations, but they're a lovely addition to the Christmas table! Chances are, you’ll remember all the trimmings for the dinner but will forget to spruce up your table, so get red or green linen table runners, scatter confetti or mini crystal pieces over the table, lay out the crackers and wrap your cutlery in cute and pretty napkins available from budget chain stores.

Year after year we never learn our lesson. Your children open up their new toys and tear open the packaging only to see the dreaded phrase - “does not include batteries” or “requires batteries”. Avoid disappointment by stocking up well on AA and AAA batteries beforehand. Store them away from your kids and put the batteries into their toys yourself and never leave children unsupervised with batteries. To save yourself a fortune with batteries, consider buying rechargeable batteries or buying them in bulk.

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Last but not least, don't forget to treat yourself. Get yourself something nice as a reward for all of your hard work. There are bound to be little bits and bobs that you're about to forget, but let them slide. Have a relaxing day and don't focus on what's missing - focus on everything you've achieved!

Jada x

Swagbucks Halloween Sale UK!

by Jada, October 11, 2016
Get in the Halloween spirit with Swagbucks! Swagbucks, an online rewards program that gives you cash back for completing online activities such as shopping online, is running a great Halloween sale on their site.

Earn Double Cash Back or more when you shop the Halloween Sale at your favorite stores including: Costume Discounters, Marks & Spencer, Currys, Anytime Costumes & Costume and Party Super Center plus more!

Alternatively if you want to be rewarded for taking part in surveys, watching video's, searching the web and more, than Swagbucks is a site you need to know about!

Did you see my post yesterday about how I made £120 in three weeks? If not then go on and give it a read! Since posting that I am just under 200 points (called SB) away from cashing out another £10 gift card! I'm on a real drive at the moment to make the best out of Swagbucks before Christmas, of course I will carry it on after Christmas, ready for the 2017 festive period, but for now, this year's Christmas is around the corner and I aim to get as much as I can through Swagbucks!

If you fancy signing up yourself, head on over to the Swagbucks website and sign up! During the month of October, if you sign up using my link and earn at least 400 SB whilst completing a survey too, you'll be rewarded a 400 SB bonus at the beginning of November, so now really is the time to sign up!

Jada x

Autumn SWAGO Swagbucks Bonus!

by Jada, October 10, 2016
Autumn is in full swing, and Swagbucks is getting into the autumn spirit with Swago: Rake up the Bonuses! What is SWAGO you ask? It's a promotion run by Swagbucks, a website that rewards you with points (called SB) for completing everyday online activities. When you complete a task, watch that square change colors like the leaves of Fall!

You can redeem those SB for free gift cards. If you've never used Swagbucks, participating in SWAGO is a great introduction to the site, if you'd like to learn more about Swagbucks then you can read my post here.

Here’s what you need to know to get your 300 SB Bonus:

First of all, sign up to Swagbucks!

Swago will begin on Monday, October 10th (today!), make sure you hit “Join” otherwise you won’t get credit for completing the action items.

Each square on your Swago Board will contain an action item to complete.
Once you complete the action item in a particular square the square will change color signifying the action item is complete.

You have a limited amount of time to mark off as many squares as possible so use your time wisely.

Be mindful of the patterns and their corresponding bonuses located on the right of your Swago Board. The patterns will vary in difficulty and bonus value.

Once you’ve achieved a pattern the corresponding “Submit” button will light up. You can have multiple patterns available for submission, however, you can only submit ONE pattern so choose wisely.

The game ends Monday, October 17th at 12pm PDT/3pm EDT. So make sure to hit “Submit” on the pattern you wish to submit. If you don’t hit “Submit” before the game ends you won’t receive your SB bonus.

Why Join Swagbucks?

I've been a member of Swagbucks for five years, but have only recently started going back onto the site after rediscovering my love for it! I started back up on September the 16th and in those 24 days I've earned myself £120 in gift cards! Before the full month is over (16th of October) I aim to get another four gift cards, bringing my total to £140 for a month, hopefully I can do it!

Until next time,
Jada x

Can You Remember When You Was a Child?

by Jada, October 10, 2016
Can you remember when you was a child, and stress didn't exist?

Can you remember when you was a child, and life was so easy?

Can you remember when you was a child, and going to town was fun?

When Christmas seemed to take forever to come around, and now it seems to be here so soon after the last one.

When you had no care in the world?

When you had no worries, apart from worrying about making Santa's naughty or nice list?

When you would fall over, and your parent was there to kiss the sore knee better?

When you was ill, and your parents would help you get better?

When your parents would tell you how you deserved the best in life, but yet you seem to get all the rubbish in life?

When bills was something your parents spoke about.

When you really did think money grew on tree's and apples was made in a food factory.

When the world didn't matter to you, only your family, friends, Santa and your toys did.

When learning how to ride a bike was one of your fears, or riding the biggest rollercoaster at Thorpe Park.

When missing your favourite band on Top of the Pops was the worse thing that could happen.

When getting a spot on your face was a reason to pretend you was sick to get time off school.

When the opposite sex (or same sex) started to become more appealing, when they lost their germs and lurgies and suddenly boys wasn't so disgusting no more.

When learning the latest hair style was the only thing that made it to your diary.

Then adulthood hits.

Real life starts.

Make your children's childhood magical, let them grow by the day, don't let them be older than their years, life is too short, life isn't perfect forever, and grass isn't always greener on the other side!

Jada x