Tuesday 25 October 2016

Going Beyond The Paintbrush - More Inspiration For Your Posh Pad

Are you looking to sell your home soon? Or maybe you’re just looking for ideas to turn it into a beautiful home for your friends to drool over! Turning your house into a dream home can be easier than you think - it’s all about the details and I'm not talking about painting every room in the latest on-trend Pantone colour either! Go beyond the paintbrush and find the inspiration you’re looking for to create the ultimate posh pad without the high-end budget! Try some of these ideas to give your home the makeover you desire:

New Skirting
Over the years, skirting gets painted with that thick white sludge that deforms the grooves and shape of the mouldings. Rather than spending hours sanding it away, you can simply take off what’s there and replace it. Natural oak can look so beautiful in your room that you won’t want to paint it white! Pick a style like regency or torus to suit your tastes! You can find skirting from suppliers like George Hill Timber merchants. You may need to lift back the carpet if you have it, so it might be worth timing it with a new flooring installation as found below!

A fresh, new floor in beautiful engineered or solid hardwood can make your home look stunning. Of course, it isn’t the cheapest choice but its made to last! If you have floorboards in your house, consider hiring a sander, as this is a very messy job and not for the faint-hearted! You’ll need a protective mask and the ability to shut the door on the excess dust and yes, you may be dusting for a week after! However once it’s done, you can paint, stain, or varnish your beautiful floor any colour you like. It will look like a luxury new floor in no time.

Yes, wallpaper is back, and it’s getting bigger - the pattern that is, and there are some wonderful designs for this season! Many people are using wallpaper for an accent wall rather than paint as this creates more of an accent and can even become a focus of the room. Add a few prints or wall art of a similar style to highlight your design - these should be placed on the adjacent or opposite walls. and don’t forget to bring out the colours in your soft furnishings too!

Luxury Fittings
When it comes to selling your house, you may have the edge on competitor properties by installing luxury fittings. Things like integrated appliances, whirlpool baths, and garden hot tubs appeal to prospective buyers. If you’re creating a posh pad aesthetic, then you need the luxury fittings to go with it! No need to spend a fortune as just one or two additions can go a very long way.

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Fresh Worktops
Changing the worktops in your kitchen and bathrooms can lift the room with a fresh new look. You don’t have to extend your budget to granite, but something high gloss can be very attractive! The wood look seems to be out this season, in favour of marble effect or high gloss black worktops. These can look amazing with almost any cupboard finish!

Even though the cold is setting in soon, it’s worth at least considering your plans for the garden. A good decking space is ideal for dining and lounging but be sure to finish it with attractive railing and potted winter plants for extra colour. A gazebo is more attractive than a parasol, and it can become a permanent fixture in your garden too! A timber gazebo can be built easily at home, then just buy some climbing plants and sit back to watch them grow up and create a beautiful garden feature!

Driveway and Path
Dirty paving slabs can be very unattractive and off-putting, so if you have them, try to use a power washer to keep them clean at least once a month. Alternatively, invest in a new material to create that perfect approach to your beautiful home. Add some solar LED path lights to create that posh pad effect and don't forget a well-maintained lawn or some carefully planted shrubs can border the approach perfectly!

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Light Fittings
It’s not just outdoors that can benefit from clever lighting. Inside, you can add LED light strips to each room to create a very contemporary and attractive look. False walls with the lights behind can create a fun glow as a focal point for each room and the hallway! Use the strips along the stairs to illuminate the way, and remember - no kitchen is complete without LED spots in the kickboards! Finally, consider installing a contemporary chandelier in each room to complete your modern posh pad look for the perfect light feature!

Jada x