There's still so much that I've not spoken about in regards to mine and Spud's not so new home, and I hope to be able to tell you all about it one day in more detail. On the short, I'm sure you've all read a number of post now talking about the state of the house and how much work it needed and still needs doing.

Once the wall paper was stripped off the walls, and the coven taken down, this was our lounge.
When I first moved here, I thought about giving up one the first day, I couldn't see the potential like everyone else, all I could think about was Christmas being one month away, and the Christmas we would be having in a house like this, but thanks to my family and Asda, we now have a beautiful and perfect front room.

Our lounge at Christmas time - perfect!
Like I mentioned above, I saw no potential for this house, I know Rome wasn't built in a day, but I was upset and looking back I was being rather silly! Thanks to Asda though, who very kindly sent me some lovely items, we now have one place in our house that feels like home - our lounge.

The other side of our front room.
Asda have also very kindly sent items for the whole house, the next post from Asda will be about our kitchen, we're just waiting for our new kitchen to be put in next week, then I'll be talking about all things kitchen then! For now it's all to do with our lounge.

Showing before and after photo's to people can allow them to see the kind of state the lounge was in, but seeing it in real life (in person) would make you understand why I just hope, but thanks to hard work from my family, and some wonderful gifts from Asda, I'm going to show you how you too can transform a wreck into a home!

Before and after photos, the chimney breast had not even been filled in properly!
I didn't actually know how much George (a brand from Asda) sold, until I looked on their website, I was under the impression for so many years that they only done clothing, so I was surprised to find that they do a whole lot more than just clothing as I thought. They sell decorating items such as painting equipment and tools, wall paper, paint.

Dulux white gloss 750ml - £10.50
Dulux 5 Litre - £27.00
They sell lamps, picture frames, duvet sets and toy boxes, they sell shower curtains and bath maths, dinner wear sets and cups, they literally do everything but food!

Teal pebble lamp - £5
George Home Cream Bird Mantle clock - £12
Everywhere in my front room needed to be replastered, that's all four walls and the ceiling, skirting boards needed to be replaced, plug sockets had to be fixed and even light hangings had to be replaced due to the filth and state of the conditions the house was left in.

The filth on the ceiling light fittings.
I picked up some light fitting relatively cheap, and made the room more welcoming by placing this beautiful bird cage lampshade (below) from Asda.

George Home Cream Bird Ball Pendant Ceiling Light - £15.
We didn't come here with many accessories, but luckily family members brought us curtains and net curtains, just for some privacy in the front room, along with cushions, lamps and the lampshade all from Asda, I feel our front room is now complete - apart from a door I am yet to replace!

Home Sweet Home cushion - £12
Teal Stripe cushion - £4
The cushions are one of my favourite accessories in the front room, I received three 'Home sweet Home' cushions (£12 each), and four teal striped cushions (£3 each). The teal pebble lamps also work really well with my wallpaper, and they was a fab steal at just £5 each!

Phone: Already owned.
Teal Pebble Lamp £5.
If your home or a room is looking a little bit sad, don't give up hope on it, it's amazing what a lick of paint and some accessories can do! I've witnessed it first hand, that it can change a room entirely!

With a very big thank you to Asda, me and Spud was able to celebrate Christmas in our new home, knowing we had the lounge decorated and sorted at least!

For all your home needs, check out George Home.

Until next time,
Jada x

A couple’s photo session can be dangerous territory. We’ve all seen the cheesy efforts which adorn the walls of people who are seemingly too distracted by how much in love they are to recognise the error of their ways. However, done properly a photo of you both can be stylish as well as a great representation of your relationship. In these days of Instagram, smart phones and digital cameras, none of us are short of images of ourselves, however the advantages of studio photography at somewhere such as Venture Studios is that they provide photographers who know how to get the best out of you and your other half. Here are a few more tips on how to achieve the best couple’s photography.

Make it about your personalities
The worst thing about bad couple’s photography is that they look like everyone else. Acting as natural as possible, sharing a joke and bringing your quirks as a couple to the fore is the basis of interesting couple’s photography. Obviously, there is a fine line and you do not want to stray into the realms of consciously wacky, but feeling relaxed is key to allowing your personalities to shine through.

Choose your Clothes Carefully
Again, this goes some way to representing your personalities. If ultra-smart isn’t your usual schtick, don’t dress up to the nines for the shoot, you will only look uncomfortable. It is also worth bearing in mind that you will look back at this picture for years to come so it is perhaps a good idea to leave any outfits which are too ‘of their time’ in the wardrobe. That can be difficult to judge but timeless and simple are good rules to bear in mind.

Be Abstract
Going abstract with a picture is also a good way to avoid the boring portraits which plague some many suburban houses. Suggest an unusual angle for the shot of focus on different elements of yourselves for some of the pictures. A close-up of your hands in one-anothers can work well without causing anyone to reach for the sick bucket. A good resource to consult for reference of how not to do it is

Keep it Simple
As with the clothes you wear keep the image as simple as possible. Avoid bringing props which represent your personality to the shoot. A photo of you both holding a dozen books, ski mask and a Mexican piƱata may mean lots to both of you, but it will look terrible. For all I have said about boring and basic, it is a good idea to get plenty of more traditional-style pictures. These may be the best of the bunch and will make a good present for older relatives if nothing else.

Summer Garden Wishlist.

by Jada, April 26, 2015
With summer just around the corner, I think it's about time that I start making some sort of plan for our overly messy garden! We moved to this house in November, and as I've mentioned before, the house needs a lot of work doing to it, I'm still not even a quarter of a way through the work that needs doing to it yet!

As the weather was colder back then, I didn't even think about the garden, however now we've had a few days of nice sunshine recently, it got me thinking about all the memories we will once have from this garden, but just like the house, the garden needs a lot of work doing to it too!

First, there are about four fence panels when there should be about 17 (six either side of my garden and three at the back!), one of my neighbours has a see-through thin wire fence up, it's like something you see on a building site and something that doesn't separate the privacy of the two gardens at all!

Then there's the broken and potentially unsafe patio, I'm not sure who laid it prior to us living here, but I'm either guessing they didn't know what they were doing, or it's become in such a state over the years. Then there's a big massive dip where a pond once laid apparently, it's not been filled in properly, that's for sure, I can imagine it is quite an expensive and time-consuming job - let's forget about that for now!

What I do need to think of though, is the garden I have, so with help from family and friends, we've been slowly and tiredly been sorting out as much as the garden as we can, there are bushes and over growing grass everywhere, there are weeds coming through the pavement, and out of control rose bushes (with no roses!).

To keep my motivation going, I've left my younger brother and his friend outside, so I could come in and write this post, writing is a safe haven, and a place where I can escape, it's also a great place for me to do a wish list too, isn't it?

Whilst loads of you have had a BBQ this year already, we've had BBQ type food, only it was oven cooked as we have no BBQ, so a nice little BBQ, like the one featured above for a great price of £39 from Asda, would be brilliant! I also need that picnic basket in my life, just because it's pretty and white and would be great to hold our garden picnic food in!

I couldn't decide between the three colour choices of the jugs and cups available to buy from, so I may just need them all in my life at some point! Well, you do get more thirsty in the summer, don't you!? Searching for garden floodlights wasn't that hard at all, I thought I wouldn't know what I was looking for, but I found one at a brilliant price, it's just for that extra bit of security, to make me feel safer!

Last but not least, the lean over garden/sun parasol, I've wanted one ever since my big brother Paul purchased his about two years ago! Only me and Spud was in a flat back then, and of course, had no use for one! Now we have our very own garden, it's the perfect excuse is it not!?

What's on your wishlist for a perfect summer garden?

Please feel free to leave a comment below.

Until next time,
Jada x

As I have already mentioned in a post recently, my birthday is just around the corner, well more so a couple of a days away! A whole three days away and just to make it even clearer - it's on Sunday! Not that I'm trying to get my friends or families attention or anything, it's not as though I've not spoke to them about it all a million times in the last 24 hours!

My friends don't understand why I'm so happy about my birthday this year, I suppose it's down to a few things, last year, I lost my nan six days before my birthday, so I wasn't in the right frame of mind to celebrate, although I know my nan would of been shouting down at me from heaven telling me to enjoy myself and to stop crying!

However, this year, I am going to celebrate, because I know my nan would want me too, my friends also secretly want me to celebrate too, even after their constant reminders of me drawing yet another year closer to 30! I've been reminding them that although we're bound to all wake up with a sore head on Sunday (we're celebrating Saturday!) I do always remember the good things about Birthdays; the celebrations, the quality time spent with loved ones, the excuse to drink, the cake (I love cake!!!) and the spending!

This year, to avoid any disappointment from both me and my friends/family, I thought I would write a post about my preferred plans, that way no one can say they forgot, because then I can shout at them and be like it was on my blog, I know you all stalk my blog!!! Well they must do as they're always ringing me asking about things on my blog, they're a bunch of not so clever under-cover stalkers!

The Celebrations

Right, so as so many of you always seem to forget my birthday plans, I'm writing the plan here! We're meeting at my house on Saturday - 4:30pm sharp, don't forget to bring a bottle! We will pre-drink a little, or until the bottles are finished and then head off to my play my favourite poker game! We will then go onto the nearest pub or club in sight, to dance the night away - literally!

Birthday Present Wishlist

Image resource: Perfumania

I have different perfumes for different occasions, and a going out perfume is something that has to make the opposite sex turn heads, although I only want my boyfriends head to be turning at me, so it has to be that smell that he wants to go after, the smell that he wants to smell more of, so, I am really pleading for a new bottle of Paris Hilton's Dazzle, as mine ran out just a few weeks ago, and I fear my boyfriends head won't turn if I don't have this in my life! Or more because it's a lovely smell and I would love you forever if I got a bottle or two of this!?

Image source: Boots
I love the No7 range from Boots; their eye primer is the best eye primer ever. I started using No7 whilst at college and I could rave about it all day long! I'm running low on some foundation and I have had my eyes on this pretty pink lipstick I've seen! So if any of you would like to purchase me some No7 goodies, or even a gift voucher, I would be so greatful!

As far as presents go, that's the only two things I'd like, however having you in my life is a present in itself, so please don't go out of your way and if your names are Paul or Paula - please don't spend as much as you did in previous years you nutters!

The Age

I've still got a few years to go until I reach 30, so please all stop with your banterous aging jokes! Then I will stop bantering you all back to an extreme level that ends up leaving you upset!

Love you all muchly!

Jada xx

Our Fun Filled Easter Weekend!

by Jada, April 20, 2015
This morning was the day Spud was going back to school after 18 days off for the Easter holidays, we both started dreading today from last Thursday, and it was safe to say we was both wearing disappointed and sad faces this morning. It's no secret I have attachment issues, and whilst friends and socialites on Facebook was posting statuses wishing for this day to come sooner to get the 'brats' back to school, I on the other hand only wished it was a longer break.

However, we did fit in as much as we could during the 18 days off, and so I thought I would share the moments and memories here for both myself and Spud to look back on in the future.

Spud broke up really late this year for some reason, he broke up the day before Good Friday on Thursday the 2nd of April, so it was straight into Easter activities with us! It's our first year in a house, so we was able to have Spud's first egg hunt in his very own garden! It was also mine and Gareth's first Easter together, and so we brought each other a little egg.

Good Friday.

We usually celebrate Easter Sunday at my dads house with my my dad, his partner, my siblings, brother in laws, sister in laws and my nephews (Spud's auntie's, uncles and cousins), however due to my dad having other plans this year, we had dinner this year on the Friday.

Dinner was a selection of BBQ food, only the weather decided to mess around, so everything was cooked inside and we was all able to help ourselves. Since there become grandchildren, us now grown ups stopped receiving eggs, and instead we all just buy for the kids, so the kids was given their eggs from each of us, and my dad and Liz put on a Easter egg hunt which is the usual tradition. Only this year, there was an adult egg hunt too, where I nabbed myself a miniature bottle of Disaronno, and a Cadburys creme egg - perfect!

Easter Sunday.

This was my first ever time since leaving home at the age of 15 that I was responsible for cooking a traditional Easter dinner! Ever since I can remember, Easter has been just as big as Christmas for me and my family, we're Christians and do believe in God, although we're all shamefully guilty of not attending Church on a regular basis!

So with the tradition of our family, is a three course traditional meal, which seemed like so much to do for me and Spud! Not enjoying the thought of being responsible for cooking turkey, I went for a leg of lamb that I got on offer at Asda the day before, surprised there was even meat left on the shelf, I had a good look and pictured the leg of lamb carved, covered in gravy and mint sauce, delicious!

Picking up prawns and seafood sauce for starters, along with some nice thick fresh bread, I thought of inviting my brother Jamie along, knowing my dad had other plans, and Jamie would have no where to go, it was the perfect excuse to palm my food onto someone else, otherwise I'd just eat tripple portions, which isn't the best for my ever growing belly! Then I invited Gareth along too, it was after all our first Easter together!

Setting the table on the Saturday night once Spud was in bed, I smiled, knowing that tomorrow would be a lovely day. We lost our Nanny Lew last Easter, on Easter Sunday, so Easter got cancelled, and I wanted to make it up to Spud for last year, so the front room and garden was decorated, maybe I did go OTT, but who cares!?

Our Easter Table set up for the morning, where me and Spud enjoyed a cooked breakfast! Before it was reset for four people, as we had my brother Jamie and Gareth join us.
I had purchased bits and bobs here and there ever since Easter items started to appear on shop shelves, excited that we had a house to have a proper Easter in for once! Just like the family tradition, which I don't usually do in the morning I must admit, I even cooked me and Spud a cooked breakfast, his first ever, of which he loved!

Spud's first ever cooked breakfast, Easter bunny crumpet, two hash browns, sausages, bacon and beans, he also had a side bowl full of mushrooms!

Once our breakfast had settled in our tummies, it was time to get on with Spud's Easter egg hunt, his first one in our new home, and his first one in his very own garden! The massive smile that spread upon his face made every worry (mainly worrying about the prawns and if they was defrosted properly!) in my head disappear!

One of the smiles that melted my heart, such a big difference to the year before!
He popped on the bunny ears the Easter bunny had left him, along with the bucket and bag he'd also been left, and we both went off to read clue cards and find all the eggs! I did try to look for little things to put into the plastic eggs, but couldn't find anything suitable or Easter related, so I hid a few mini milkybars around the garden too!

We've still not got the garden done, we haven't even got half the house done yet!
Once all the eggs was found, Spud was able to exchange the empty plastic eggs for a massive Easter basket! Well actually, he had to exchange all the pastel coloured eggs for a Cadbury's Flake Easter Egg, all the empty plastic mini eggs for a Haribo Easter box, and the golden plastic egg got him the big basket!

In return for the golden egg!
I wish I had took a photo of dinner, but I was getting so hot and bothered, standing in the kitchen for what seemed like a whole day, that I completely forgot! However, I luckily sent my brother and Gareth, text message invites detailing the menu!



Fresh prawns de-shelled with or without seafood sauce, served in a bed of lettuce with fresh buttered or unbuttered bread.


Heinz Tomato Soup served with fresh buttered or unbuttered bread.



Slow cooked roast lamb
Sausage meat stuffing
Pigs in blankets

Roast potatoes
Mash potato


Yorkshire puddings


Lamb gravy made with the lamb juices.
Colman's classic mint sauce.



Banoffee cheesecake.
Chocolate cookies & cream cheesecake.
Apple pie and custard.


It was safe to say that everyone was left with clean plates, and we had loads left over! It was the dreaded washing up pile that I dreaded, whilst Jamie entertained Spud, Gareth kindly helped me wash up, dry up and put away, so it wasn't that bad! Otherwise I may of just wished that I had a cleaner, or I would of even considered hiring one!

The surprise photo left on my phone!
The day was then very nearly done, me and Spud said goodbye to our guest, thanking them for a brilliant after noon/early evening! It was then when I was laying in bed thinking of the day's antics, that I found this photo on my phone of Jamie, Spud and Jezeppi - Spud's puppy dog!

Me and Spud hope you all had a brilliant Easter weekend!

Until next time,
Jada x

Northern Ireland Destination Guide

by Jada, April 20, 2015
So next week sees me turning the grand age of 25, birthdays are strange old things aren't they!? I remember being a small child, looking up to my older siblings wishing I could be there age, then when I would reach an age I'd wish to be, I'd wish to be even older, watching how much fun my siblings had whilst going clubbing, I couldn't wait to turn 18!

Me in the green jumper as a 3 year old child.
Then when I was 18, I couldn't wait to be 21, officially in my eyes the age of being an adult, only when I become 21, time just started to fly by twice as fast, it was then the turn of my 22nd, 23rd and 24th birthday, now I am just a little over a week off from being 25, a quarter of a century!

Last year, due to losing my Nanny Lew just six days before my birthday, I cancelled my birthday plans. I know my Nanny wouldn't have wanted me to, but the whole family was in mourning and it just wouldn't have felt right to celebrate a birthday when we were all grieving over a death.

My Nanny Lew
This year however, I've made a promise to my Nanny in heaven that I will celebrate my birthday, it would be what she would want me to do! So, after saying it year after year, and never taking myself up on the offer, I'm making arrangements to visit the one country I've always wanted to visit - Ireland!

There's something about the Irish accent and Irish scenery that's left me yearning for a taste of the country ever since I could remember, to be fair Gerard Butler starring in P.S I Love You (one amazing film!) made that decision final, I knew one day I would visit Ireland.

The Irish know how to cook a good breakfast, so I've been told! 
Having friends over there means free accommodation, although of course I'd pay for my way and pay half towards the cost of the food shop for the weekend. There may be too much to see to eat back at my friends, so restaurants may be our new kitchen for the long weekend! Flybe offer flights to Belfast and I've already nabbed a lift to and from the airport thanks to my sister Paula!

Now I've just got to learn a little bit of the Irish lingo, having Irish friends of course helps, but I'm still unsure of how to greet people, I would usually say hello to someone new, whereas my Irish girl friends would say whats the crack!? Of course with the beautiful Irish accent behind me!

I've been advised to pack comfortable walking footwear, to see the sights you've got to be prepared to walk apparently! There was me hoping we could drive up a hill and see it all from there, wishful thinking hey!

If you have any tips for visiting Northern Ireland, please do leave a comment below!

Until next time,
Jada x

*In association with Flybe.

Dear Nanny Lew

by Jada, April 18, 2015
Hello Nanny,

I hope you're well up there and enjoying your time as an angel! It's hard to believe that you're not with us anymore Nanny, so to think that in a few days time you've been in heaven for a year is upsetting. It seems a lot longer than a year to be honest Nanny, so much has changed and so much has happened, we all miss you dearly, the life and soul of the family with a laugh none of us could forget.

I know, we all know you're looked after up there Nanny, you're one of God's angels now, and we all know God takes care of his angels, and his followers, just like he did with you. It was hard to see you in the last moments of your life Nanny, you looked so different to the lovely grandmother I knew all my life, of course you was still the lovely grandmother I loved, and do still loved, it was just hard to see you in that environment, where none of us wanted you to be.

However God needed you for whatever reason Nanny, and so we had to say goodbye to you, a day, a moment, a time that broke us all. We all knew deep down that you was better off in Heaven Nanny, but it was still a hard time to get through, we know you'd not want anyone of us to cry over you, but how could we not, we lost a very lovely and special lady, a major person in the family unit had become an angel.

Me, Dad (your first born son and eldest child), Lizzy, Dean, Paul, Paula, Chelsea, Jamie and myself done things a little differently for your send off Nanny, we knew your life should be celebrated, and not mourned. We went to the church where you and Grandad had your vowels renewed, where children in the family was Christened, and where so many of us prayed at various times, only this time, we was seeing you depart to heaven.

We also went along after the church to the crematorium, where you was being cremated, we cried at the church, but sobbed as the curtain drew hiding your coffin, we (me and my immediate family as mentioned above), touched your coffin with a single rose dad had brought for us all, we kept them roses, and still have them now in dad's greenhouse ready to scatter into the sea from one of your favourite locations - Weymouth next month.

After we looked at the beautiful reefs everyone had got you, and said our goodbyes, we briefly popped into where the wake was being held, but decided to celebrate your life instead, so we said goodbye to everyone who was there, and off we went to celebrate my dad's dearest mother, and our dearest Nanny. We went for a Toby Carvery and had a big roast dinner, one of your favourite traditional meals, and then we went to dad's.

We cried, we cried lots, we took photo's of us all together, it was one of the rare times none of us had children (although Spud did later join as I had no one to have him for the evening), we popped champaign and drank our favourite spirits, we danced, we sang, we played games, mainly Pictionary, a game you was rather fond of.

We remembered you for the person you was, the lady we knew, our Nanny, we forgot for the day of you in your last days and how different you looked, we imagined you now, in a pearl white angel suit, looking down on us telling each and every single one of us not to be sad.

We spoke about fond memories, from all ages and stages of our life, memories I won't share publicly, but memories we all hold inside us. We looked over photo's of you, and I smiled with pride when dad told me how much I look like you, when you was younger.

We'll never forget you Nanny, it's been nearly a year, and although our family has changed now you're not here, we will always love you, and remember you for the lovely caring lady you was.

I know you're the reason behind this house Nanny, yes it need's a lot, okay a lot, a lot of work doing to it, but my boy's got a garden Nanny! You said to me a month before God recalled you to heaven, on your hospital bed that you hope my boy gets a garden, I know you gave him that garden Nanny, the garden he always dreamed of.

We would of in truth Nanny, been happy with a tiny patch of a garden, but you gave us a huge one, one where Spud can run up and down, have a paddling pool, a swing and sea-saw set, and still have plenty of room behind him. You gave us a patio, and room for flowers and tree's to grow, in your memory and legacy Nanny, I've donated the rockery to you in the front garden.

The gardens in truth will be the last to be done in this house, I have only got the front room sorted due to the cost of everything, but when I do have the funds for the gardens, a rose bush will be planted for you, surrounded by pure white stone pebbles, at the front of the house, a place for me to visit you.

As much as I don't want too, I need to go now Nanny, we're celebrating your life again this upcoming week, we do not want to mourne, as we know you would not of wanted this, so instead we're going to church, and going for dinner after, we will toast to your life like we did one year ago.

Take care Nanny, and please say hello to my Grandad Joyce for me, and all the fellow angels.

Until we meet again, rest in paradise Nanny.

Jada - Gary's youngest daughter.
For as long as I can remember, it's always been mother's due to give birth, or mother's who have just given birth that's been allowed to take time off work here in the UK under a scheme called Maternity Leave. Whilst mother's were entitled to up to a year off work (52 weeks), father's however had no right to have paid time off.

Over the years, Paternity Leave was introduced giving fathers two weeks off to help out at home and see the first two weeks of their new baby's life but now, years overdue in my opinion, something better has been introduced in the UK called Shared Parental Leave.

Not being fully aware of the scheme myself, I done my research (not that I'm planning on having any more babies - at least just yet!) and I have to say I am impressed, it's not the best but it's a LOT better then the way things were before! On short, parents can now share the time they're allowed off work, which means either parent can return to work if they want, whilst one stays at home, or even both could stay at home!

Without me rambling on and making things confusing, and also putting my two pence in, I thought I'd share the infographic below with you all, it's well worth the read, or a skim over at least! It's also much more explainable then me, I beat around the bush and make a mountain out of a molehill apparently!

Until next time,
Jada x

Click image to make larger.
This infographic was created by GoToMeeting
Now spring is well and truly sprung why not liven up your cakes with a beautiful marzipan rainbow cake topper. Follow this simple guide.
Springtime is always the best time to catch a glimpse of rainbows brightening up the sky. The combination of more sun and those occasional April showers make them a common occurrence and they deserve to be captured in your cake decorating. Although this kind of project would traditionally be executed in sugar paste marzipan is also a great, and tasty, alternative.

There won’t be a pot of gold at the end of this marzipan rainbow, but it will make your cake look like the jackpot.

How To Make Your Marzipan

To create this rainbow cake topper you’ll need plenty of marzipan. Renshaw now make a range of coloured marzipans, so many of the colours you need are ready to go from the pack. For ones that don’t come readymade you can create them by using white marzipan and adding food colour paste. Be sure not to use liquid food colouring, as this won’t colour the marzipan well and can affect the consistency.

Here are the simple steps to follow:

  1. Take a ball of each colour marzipan and roll them out into sausages that are roughly the same length. Keep them fairly thick as marzipan is not as rigid as sugar paste.
  2. Assemble the rainbow by laying the sausages around a bowl to give them the curve. Use some cooled boiled water to stick them to each other.
  3.  Remove the bowl and use a knife to cut the ends off the rainbow giving you a semicircle.
  4. Leave your marzipan rainbow to firm up for a few hours before fixing to the cake.

To help the rainbow stand up you may need to insert a small length of wire into the bottom ends of the rainbow and then push these into the cake. Alternatively you could create support at either end of the rainbow by fashioning some clouds out of white marzipan.

You can quite easily create some stylised clouds by rolling some various sized balls of white marzipan and then sticking these to the cake around the base of the rainbow with some water.

This marzipan rainbow will brighten up any cake, making a simple but bold focal point. If you don’t fancy colouring lots of marzipan, and struggling to get the shades just right then check out Renshaw’s new range of coloured coloured marzipan which takes the headache out of everything.

Don’t think of marzipan as just something to pop on a fruitcake. You can achieve some beautiful decorations with it, and they’ll taste great too.

Until next time,
Jada x