Monday 27 April 2015

How to Get a Couple’s Photo that Doesn’t Make you Cringe

A couple’s photo session can be dangerous territory. We’ve all seen the cheesy efforts which adorn the walls of people who are seemingly too distracted by how much in love they are to recognise the error of their ways. However, done properly a photo of you both can be stylish as well as a great representation of your relationship. In these days of Instagram, smart phones and digital cameras, none of us are short of images of ourselves, however the advantages of studio photography at somewhere such as Venture Studios is that they provide photographers who know how to get the best out of you and your other half. Here are a few more tips on how to achieve the best couple’s photography.

Make it about your personalities
The worst thing about bad couple’s photography is that they look like everyone else. Acting as natural as possible, sharing a joke and bringing your quirks as a couple to the fore is the basis of interesting couple’s photography. Obviously, there is a fine line and you do not want to stray into the realms of consciously wacky, but feeling relaxed is key to allowing your personalities to shine through.

Choose your Clothes Carefully
Again, this goes some way to representing your personalities. If ultra-smart isn’t your usual schtick, don’t dress up to the nines for the shoot, you will only look uncomfortable. It is also worth bearing in mind that you will look back at this picture for years to come so it is perhaps a good idea to leave any outfits which are too ‘of their time’ in the wardrobe. That can be difficult to judge but timeless and simple are good rules to bear in mind.

Be Abstract
Going abstract with a picture is also a good way to avoid the boring portraits which plague some many suburban houses. Suggest an unusual angle for the shot of focus on different elements of yourselves for some of the pictures. A close-up of your hands in one-anothers can work well without causing anyone to reach for the sick bucket. A good resource to consult for reference of how not to do it is

Keep it Simple
As with the clothes you wear keep the image as simple as possible. Avoid bringing props which represent your personality to the shoot. A photo of you both holding a dozen books, ski mask and a Mexican piñata may mean lots to both of you, but it will look terrible. For all I have said about boring and basic, it is a good idea to get plenty of more traditional-style pictures. These may be the best of the bunch and will make a good present for older relatives if nothing else.


  1. Great article. I love that website awkward family portraits, ha ha.