Monday 20 April 2015

Northern Ireland Destination Guide

So next week sees me turning the grand age of 25, birthdays are strange old things aren't they!? I remember being a small child, looking up to my older siblings wishing I could be there age, then when I would reach an age I'd wish to be, I'd wish to be even older, watching how much fun my siblings had whilst going clubbing, I couldn't wait to turn 18!

Me in the green jumper as a 3 year old child.
Then when I was 18, I couldn't wait to be 21, officially in my eyes the age of being an adult, only when I become 21, time just started to fly by twice as fast, it was then the turn of my 22nd, 23rd and 24th birthday, now I am just a little over a week off from being 25, a quarter of a century!

Last year, due to losing my Nanny Lew just six days before my birthday, I cancelled my birthday plans. I know my Nanny wouldn't have wanted me to, but the whole family was in mourning and it just wouldn't have felt right to celebrate a birthday when we were all grieving over a death.

My Nanny Lew
This year however, I've made a promise to my Nanny in heaven that I will celebrate my birthday, it would be what she would want me to do! So, after saying it year after year, and never taking myself up on the offer, I'm making arrangements to visit the one country I've always wanted to visit - Ireland!

There's something about the Irish accent and Irish scenery that's left me yearning for a taste of the country ever since I could remember, to be fair Gerard Butler starring in P.S I Love You (one amazing film!) made that decision final, I knew one day I would visit Ireland.

The Irish know how to cook a good breakfast, so I've been told! 
Having friends over there means free accommodation, although of course I'd pay for my way and pay half towards the cost of the food shop for the weekend. There may be too much to see to eat back at my friends, so restaurants may be our new kitchen for the long weekend! Flybe offer flights to Belfast and I've already nabbed a lift to and from the airport thanks to my sister Paula!

Now I've just got to learn a little bit of the Irish lingo, having Irish friends of course helps, but I'm still unsure of how to greet people, I would usually say hello to someone new, whereas my Irish girl friends would say whats the crack!? Of course with the beautiful Irish accent behind me!

I've been advised to pack comfortable walking footwear, to see the sights you've got to be prepared to walk apparently! There was me hoping we could drive up a hill and see it all from there, wishful thinking hey!

If you have any tips for visiting Northern Ireland, please do leave a comment below!

Until next time,
Jada x

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