Thank goodness for the clever things in our kitchens that spare us from disasters and reduce the amount of mess we make. The technological sophistication and capabilities of contemporary appliances means that they can do much of the thinking (and the work) for us and, when you buy a quality product, you will effectively have a ‘helper in the kitchen’ for many years to come.

So, what are the essential appliances for your kitchen?

1. Oven

If ever there was an appliance that can make all the difference to your efforts and achievements in the kitchen, it is the oven. It makes a great deal of sense to choose a quality and well-designed oven, such as the ovens made by specialist retailers like ASKO . Find out more by visiting this website .

When choosing an oven, commit to careful research. Care should be taken to choose an oven that will best meet your needs, allow you to advance your skills, cook your food to perfection and stand the test of time. Always choose an oven of the highest quality – it will make all the difference to your kitchen experiences and foster a real enjoyment of cooking and baking.

2. A 4-door fridge

You may think that as long as your refrigerator keeps your food cold, it is doing a great job. Think again. Today, refrigerators designed using the most sophisticated technology have an amazing range of features available – from apps related to the weather, recipe selection, and useful memos for things such as your shopping lists to an app that allows photographs to be uploaded. All of these features are, of course, in addition to refrigeration and freezer functions, and the provision of ice and cold water.

Features such as the recipe search are infinitely useful. This feature makes it possible for you to enter in the ingredients that are in your fridge and receive a selection of recipes that incorporate these ingredients. Not only does this help you to come up with, create and deliver delicious meals, it also cuts down the amount of household waste.

Spud loves to help out in the kitchen, his favourite is decorating cakes!

3. Multi-purpose machines

No kitchen is complete without appliances that can chop, mince, knead, blend…and so much more. The most exciting news is that particular appliances that do all of these things in just the one machine are now available. With just one machine, your food preparation and baking worries are taken care of and your kitchen will not be cluttered up by numerous appliances that really only perform one function each.

4. Airfryer

Imagine it – an appliance that allows you to enjoy your favourite ‘fried’ foods, with drastically reduced amounts of fat! It exists! Airfryer appliances allow you to experience the taste of deep-fried foods in a much healthier way and includes accessories that help with homemade pizza preparation and even brownie-making.

Make your job in the kitchen so much easier with the inclusion of these appliances. The amount of time and effort that they can contribute in your kitchen is hugely valuable and, best of all, they will help you to feel like a culinary genius in your own home.

Until next time,
Jada x
Three years ago, bored, broke and on benefits, I started Unique Young Mum. It was the beginning of the summer holidays, after a fun filled day, Spud was tucked up in bed whilst I settled down for my usual 'routine'. I'd not been out of work for long, however being out of work and living on benefits means no money for luxuries such as the internet.

Every night, using my Blackberry smartphone, I would connect my laptop to my phone and take advantage of the unlimited internet I got on my smart phone. It wasn't a reliable internet connection, it would run my phone battery down within minutes which meant constantly having my phone on charge, but it was a way to get online.

I used to comp every now and again, having the odd win here and there it was nice to win things I couldn't necessarily afford living on the government. It was through comping that I come across blogs, Becky's blog 'Baby Budgeting' was the first blog I'd ever come across, I'd never even heard of blogging before but something about Becky's blog got me drawn in, and kept me there for most of the night one evening.

There was no planning behind Unique Young Mum, it was something I done instantly on the spot one evening, and the story all started from there. Three years on and I'm writing this post, my 945th post to be precise, what an amazing three years its been.

I started Unique Young Mum as a hobby, I loved writing and informing the world via Facebook about mine and Spud's days, my rants, personal views and opinions, so starting a blog seemed a fantastic way to do all of the things I loved.

What I didn't expect was less than a month after starting Unique Young Mum was companies wanting to work with me! The new mum on the blogging scene, here for no important reason, but just as a hobby. Companies and brands wanted to work with me, the mum from Reading who had a child at the age of 15, another teenage mother although like no other!

I didn't quite know what to do when my first product review arrived on my doorstep, me and Spud both opened the box equally as excited as one another, whilst I couldn't believe we had been asked to try out a product and here it was right before my eyes! Spud was just excited about receiving a new product, never finding amusement and entertainment in the same thing for too long, the blogging experience has been brilliant.

I also didn't expect this blog to become my job, just two months after starting Unique Young Mum, I was able to register as self employed and come off Job Seekers Allowance. It is by far the best job, I've ever ever had, a job I would hate to be without, and a job I could never imagine doing!

Three years on, we've reviewed hundreds of items, we've been to various events we wouldn't of attended if I wasn't a blogger, and dined out at lovely restaurants all in return for blog coverage. We also have broadband connection, well we have for the last two and a half years, all due to the blog - Unique Young Mum!

Though Spud see's the fun side to the blogging world, in getting to try out lots of new items, school uniform and fancy children aimed snacks, I see the bigger side to the blogging world, including the blogging community. I've made friends, friends for life I hope, friends I've never met, but friends who I trust my deepest of secrets with.

I've made friendships that I didn't think was possible, always weary of the internet and who you could possibly be talking too, it's something you warn your children about isn't it? Talking to strangers, you don't do it! I however, have spoke to lots of strangers, well once strangers but former bloggers and I'm so glad I have.

Though I don't get to talk to them all as often as I'd like too, there's some I'd like to mention in this post; Chelsea Williams, Andrea Dodd, Hayley McLean, Laura Asbury, Alice Hassall, Louise Smith, Claire Curran, Kerry Neil, Jenna Parrington, Lindy Hamilton, Karen Langridge, Lisa Abomeli, Emma Garrett, Clare Nicholas, Anna Neal, Gemma Chamberlain and Louise Hannah.

You ladies are more than bloggers, but people who I feel I can trust and not just about blogging issues, but real life issues too, pass the tissues issues and more! You're all amazing and I'm glad to have met you all through my blogging journey!

As I celebrate Unique Young Mum's 3rd year, I've of course got to say a massive thank you to my family too, more so my parents and siblings for giving me the support and encouragement right from the very beginning and continuing today. My Spud for being him, never moaning even when it comes to trying a product and it doesn't make the scenes of the blog because he's not liked it, whether food or an item.

Never moaning because if I didn't take enough pictures of him already, I now take hundreds more, for always being my little super star and my right hand man through it all! Together me and you baby got Unique Young Mum to where it is now, through everything you've been through, I'm so so proud of you.

To my nephews for helping me every year with Unique Young Mum's annual Halloween Party, and of course I'll thank the new addition - my niece who joined us last year for her first UYM annual Halloween bash! Also a massive thank you to my nephews for giving me a hand in other product testing too!

To Gareth, who only recently entered my life on a much more personal level, but for all the help you've given me since we've become a couple. You've helped me organise a very messy, well two actually - very messy inboxes! You've helped me get my perfect working corner in order and you've also helped with lots of other behind the scene things too.

To all the brands, companies, PRs and SEOs who have worked with me over the last three years, and who continue to work with me, thank you! Because you giving me the chance to work with you, has led to other companies wanting to work with me. You've put products into mine and Spud's life that we may not have tried without you!

To the companies who've asked us to be ambassadors for them, the privilege I have in these roles are amazing, thank you for asking me and Spud to be part of your special teams!

Last but not least, to my loyal readers, the ones who've been here since day one, the one's who discovered me whilst I was just past the newbie stage, and the ones who only discovered me today. I don't care how long you've been here for, I appreciate each and every single one of you.

If I didn't have readers and visitors, Unique Young Mum wouldn't of got to where it was today. By visiting the blog, leaving a comment, commenting on social media platforms, liking on social media platforms, sharing my content, tweeting me, re-tweeting me and everything else you do - THANK YOU!

But most importantly, thank you for just coming by and checking out Unique Young Mum!


No birthday would be a proper birthday without a party would it!? Of course it wouldn't!

Join Unique Young Mum every day in September starting on Tuesday 1st of September for a month full of giveaways! I'm giving away over £1500 worth of products as part of my blogiversary giveaway! To be in with your chance of winning in the competitions, please do make sure you check back daily!

Jada xx

Jezeppi's First Ever Review!

by Jada, August 28, 2015
Recently Jezeppi was asked via me of course if he would like to review some dog treats from Feedem, of course Jezeppi gave me his paw as a sign of a thumbs up whilst wagging his tail in excitement! Jezeppi has been waiting for this moment ever since we got him back in March!

The day after we got him, it was Spud's birthday and he wanted to get in with the presents from then! Jezeppi was a birthday present for Spud!
At least once a week something will arrive in the post for Spud, and every time the postman or courier knocks the door, Jezeppi gets so excited thinking the product is for him! When his box of goodies arrived for him he didn't quite know what to do with himself, I think he thought he was dreaming and it wasn't real, he quite possibly couldn't have a whole box of items just for him could he!?

I was told Jezeppi could have up to £15 worth of treats from the site, which doesn't seem like a lot at all, however, this post may just surprise you at what we actually got with that £15! Every week when I go shopping I look down the pet aisle and pick up something, and I know for £15 I couldn't get much in a supermarket at all!

For £15, we got all of the treats pictured above and listed below, it's 11 items in total, which is brilliant!

Lily's Kitchen Calming Baked Dog Biscuits 50g - £1.29

Lily's Kitchen Fresh Breath Baked Dog Biscuits 50g - £1.29

Pedigree Puppy Dog Denta Tubos Treats x3 - 90p

Armitage Goodboy Puppy Milk Drops Dog Treats 125g - 99p

Wagg Foods Puppy & Junior Dog Treats 120gm - 85p.

Harringtons Puppy Dog Treat - 160gm - £1.45

Naturediet Pet Food Puppy Junior Chicken & Lamb With Brown Rice 390gm - 82p

Armitage Goodboy Mini Fresh Breath Rawhide Rolls Daily Dental Puppy Dog Chews Pack of 7 - £2.10

Armitage Goodboy Basic Tennis Ball & Rope Toy - £1.25

Rosewood Pet Products Choo Chum Nylon Bone Mint - Small - £2.25

Rosewood Pet Products Pet Food Can Cover - £1.75

Jezeppi's favourite toy treat has to be the Armitage ball and rope toy, he plays with it every day, well thats if he can remember where he's buried it in the garden, or sometimes he hides it under the sofa, then can't get it back out!

His favourite treats have to be the Lily's Kitchen delicious baked biscuits, I'm sure he would scoff down the whole bag all at once if he had the opportunity too!

Now Jezeppi is getting use to Spud receiving products again!
I'm very impressed with the prices of the products, with the cheapest of the products being 85p and the most expensive from our list costing £2.25, I know where I'll be shopping from in the future for any treats, toys and food I need for Jezeppi!

Until next time,
Jada x
As much as I can't stand the Daily Fail, I'm a single mum and when it comes to saving money, believe me I'm that mum! When my trusted newspaper started charging for their online services, I turned to the DM, not because I am a supporter of them, but just because it's free and to be honest, their articles are in depth and contain more than two paragraphs and one picture.

I'm one of those news readers who like to see the events as well as reading them, unless its an article on Krispy Kreme making the worlds biggest donut, because seeing a picture of one of their standard size donuts makes me go into breakdown mode. There's something about their donuts that just make me want to go to town once a month, because I hate town and would if I could avoid it forever!

Totally not upset that I've not tried this new creation yet! Writes this article whilst food crying!

It's strange how I went from being a teenager who loved going to town to being a mum who avoids it like the plague! Maybe it's because a trip to town isn't just a trip to town when you're a parent!? It's like you're robbing your own bank account of every single penny and bit of dust that remains inside it once you've sorted out the bills and paid back the bank charges because of the direct debits that couldn't leave your account because of low funds.

It's also not as though you can even get to browse items properly, you're in constant fears of the dangers in society around you. Your child thinks it's hilarious to hide in between some clothes, whilst you go into full on breakdown mode thinking your child is lost, or worse, been abducted, out comes a small child giggling away like it was the newest and funniest version of hide and seek. Once you get your breathing back you leave the shop in embarrassment and go to the travel agents to pick up free Disney brochures, anything to keep children quiet.

Talking about travel agents, and getting back to what I originally started the post off with, I read an article in the DM in regards to findings from Simpson Millar about the riskiest holiday destinations and was surprised to find Spain and Greece included in the headline! Turkey I can agree on, it's a country that does scare me because of recent news, and a country I don't plan to visit in the near future.

Spain though!? Wow, to say I'm surprised would be an understatement, to say I'm heartbroken would be an overstatement. You know when you go the fridge and discover someone's eaten your Galaxy bar without even leaving a chunk, it's that kind of feeling! It's that oh damn feeling, you know the one!

I've holidayed abroad in Spain when I was younger, as you can see from the photo above, next to me is my little brother Jamie, we was staying in Salou at that time and had a lovely holiday! Although I've not taken Spud abroad yet, Spain was always top of my list for his first visit abroad, but now after seeing the infographic below, I'm thinking twice about going abroad at all! With all these scary plane happenings as well, I think it's just best to stay here in the UK and holiday at home!

Is there any destinations you avoid at all cost? I'd love to hear your thoughts below!

Jada x

If you're a blogger or a blog reader, you may have heard of the latest round doing the online blogging community - identify theft and catfishing. As a blogger myself, who classes herself as established, it's quite a worrying concept, and one I hope I've not been a part of in any way.

A few weeks ago whilst browsing Twitter, I come across an article that had been re-tweeted quite a few times and decided to have a read myself, wanting to know what all the fuss was about. What I didn't prepare myself for was the nature of the article.

Sadly, I've tried all morning to find the article, but unfortunately I can't, however I do recall it was on a blog, written by the blogger herself who had been notified by a few PR companies that someone was pretending to be her, in return for 'free goods'. To cut it short, someone made up a fake email address, impersonating the blogger in mention, and then contacted brands on a review style basis to be published on the blog, however, the person behind the email address wasn't the blogger in mention, and so, the review didn't take place.

I come across an article from My Voucher Codes which has made me think about how much bloggers do share online, and how us bloggers put ourselves at risk every single day near enough of being catfished, and having our identities stolen! It's a worrying subject, but as a blogger, I've no idea how we can try to prevent it happening, it's not as though we can stop what we're doing, without giving up our blogs, which for some of us, is also our jobs!

The article states how 23% of social media followers have had their images used by someone else without permission, in other words - they've had their images stolen. The article also goes on to mention blogger's tale of their catfishing experiences, with one of those being a fellow Reading lass and blogger Gemma from My Mills Baby.

How can we possibly prevent someone from pretending to be us?

That is a question I've been asking myself all morning, and for a good few hours last night. I spoke to Gareth on the phone as I always do once Spud was tucked up in bed, and realised how much the thought was actually worrying me. I've worked extremely hard to get Unique Young Mum to where it currently is, and to potentially have someone try to impersonate me, and UYM is something I really don't want to experience.

In the last week I have been in contact with a number of companies in regards to my blogiversary feature kicking off on September 1st, I've so far been able to gather over £600 worth of products to give away, to readers who have been here from day one, to the not so old readers and new readers who may come across UYM when the competitions kick off.

I personally feel like this is a new chapter for Unique Young Mum, with lots of relationships that will hopefully continue well after the competitions end. I appreciate the fact that brands and companies want to work with me, and to work with them again would be amazing. All I can suggest is if you want to get in touch with me, please come here to Unique Young Mum first, and get my email off here, find the social media platforms I use on here, and if in doubt, please do double check!

Hopefully the latest scam round in the blogging world will stop, but my fear now is that more people will only copy what they've heard in return for 'free' products, which actually aren't even 'free'. Us bloggers work damn well hard to run our blogs, it cost us money to host our blogs, it cost us money to run our blogs, it cost us time and much more. I'll leave that for another day and another post!

Be safe bloggers!
Jada x

Do your children do chores yet? Helping out around the house is a great way to connect with the family and learn a bit of responsibility, but when children are young it’s hard to know how and when to get them involved. From about preschool age, children can start pitching in with regular chores, and here are a few ideas to get started.

Benefits of Chores
There’s a world of benefits to assigning chores that goes beyond just having a tidy house! Letting kids pitch in is a good way to build their self-esteem, for starters. They'll feel like an important member of the household and will feel a sense of pride when they help mummy out. Taking part in regular chores also builds good habits, in addition self-esteem. Your kids are more likely to grow up seeing work as something to be proud of, rather than something to dread. For more ideas on how to foster self-esteem from an early age, you can also take a look at these child care courses at Simple household tasks are also a great way to build motor skills and work on organizational skills as your children learn and grow.

Age-Appropriate Chores
Of course, it’s not reasonable to expect your two year old to be able to wash all of the dishes and mop the floor just yet! If you assign chores that are extremely difficult for a child, it can have the opposite effect, and just create more work for you. So with this in mind, it’s a good idea to keep chores simple at first. For children under the age of five, this probably means just assigning 1-2 tasks per day, each not taking more than 10-15 minutes or so. Here are some ideas that could be performed by children aged 2-5:

•  Setting or clearing the table
•  Tidying up toys
•  Dusting
•  Feeding pets
•  Making the bed
•  Watering plants
•  Using a small vacuum cleaner
•  Pulling weeds in the garden
•  Helping measure ingredients

These are just a few ideas. You can adapt this list as needed for your household – just be sure to keep it consistent.

Tips for Success
Is your child less than thrilled about their new duty? Make it more fun by doing it together at first! Boys and girls are eager at this age to be just like mummy and daddy, so work together to make it a family activity. As their confidence grows, children will be proud to take over on their own over time. Another tip is to give your child the right tools. Buy a child-sized rake for working in the garden, or a personalised apron for helping out in the kitchen. Sticker charts or marble jars can be great motivators, or you could turn a longer day of tidying up into a family competition.
Have fun with it, and by taking the time to make chores a regular part of your child’s routine you'll be more likely to see positive behaviour down the road!

Until next time,
Jada x

Spud's Lego Dream Home Creation!

by Jada, August 22, 2015
Spud was invited to take part in a Lego challenge/competition hosted by Ocean Finance for a child to create their dream home. What I expected from this challenge to be honest was just another blog post, another box of Lego for Spud to add to his collection, but what I didn't expect was me taken back by shock and amazement, along with the rest of the family!

I admit, I've never took much notice to Spud's Lego designs, however, after losing my son to this competition for the last three weeks, I have now realised without being biased how good he is at Lego and how much he loves the stuff - which of course I already knew as he has five big boxes of it!

What I didn't expect to see was so many thoughts to go into this, so many details, so many hours - it's took me five hours alone to write this post and edit photo's, let alone the countless hours Spud has spent on this.

Spud painstakingly broke up loads of Lego sets, totalling over hundreds if not a few thousand pounds! Spud doesn't even like me hoovering near them, and won't let anyone touch them in fear of them getting broken, so I was quite surprised when he started destroying sets to make his #OceanDreamHome.

When I asked Spud what inspired him to build his home, his answer was us, my family. We lived in a flat for so many years, all Spud ever dreamed of was having a house, or at least a garden to play in, and a chimney for Santa so he could leave presents for Spud.

Spud is nine, still at the believing age, and so I thought it was lovely that he's included all his dreams in one product!

I hope you enjoy his design as much as I do, I'm one extremely proud mummy who has pledged silently to herself to take more notice in his creations! I may have a future Lego designer in the making here!

We would love to see some comments as Spud has worked extremely hard on this! I will be publishing comments, and monitoring of course before showing them to Spud!


P.S - Spud really wanted to include a mini-figure that he could pretend was himself, but sadly couldn't find one with the same colour skin as him so he decided to leave that out, and just feature Jezeppi and Santa!

Spud designed his dream home using just his dreams for when he's older! He wants a bungalow so he doesn't have to go up and down the stairs and chase Jezeppi! He would love a garden with two chairs and a table for his favourite food - pizza! Spud would also really love a chimney when he's older so Santa can easily reach him to leave him presents! Jezeppi - Spud's puppy dog will also live in Spud's dream home, but there's no mention of mummy!

To me, it comes as no surprise that Spud used one of his Lego dogs (and bones!) to include his real life dog Jezeppi into his dream home. Spud always wanted a dog, and was ecstatic when he got one this year for his 9th birthday, their bond is unbreakable!

Key Features - Part One:

Steps to diving board.
Rear view of steps to diving board.
Swimming pool.

Key Features - Part Two:

Patterned brick wall. 
Arched gated walkway.

Key Features - Part Three:

Decking area.
x2 garden chairs.
Pool refill tap.
Swimming pool ball.
Diving board.
Water filter tap.

Key Features:

Flatscreen TV.
Coffee table.
Inside coffee table: playing cards, Lego newspaper and Pizza takeaway leaflet! 
Fruit bowl including an apple, banana and grapes!
Lounge window - seen to the left of the tv!
Access to locked bedroom.
Open plan with kitchen.

Key Features:

Dishwasher with opening door.
Cupboard with opening door.
Swivelling chair.
Oven with opening door, timer, flame and pans.
Fridge Freezer with opening door.
Ice cream (inside freezer!)
Sink with hot and cold taps and draining board.

Key Features:

x2 lamps/bedside tables.
Lego duvet set.
Chest with money!
Chest of drawers.
x2 Trophies.
Open/Close shutter windows.
Bedroom wall.
Teddy bear.

Key Features:

Toilet roll.
Toilet roll holder that actually spins!
Toilet using a Lego Mermaid Sea Shell!
Toilet water.
Separate bath and shower tap/s.
Sink with taps using the bonnet of a car!
Hot and cold water taps.
Full enclosed room for privacy.

At one point, I thought there was going to be tears from Spud when it come to the roof and Spud couldn't find his other base plate. I had to tell Spud to give the design a rest that day as he was getting too upset about it and I'm glad I did! Spud woke up the next morning with a brilliant design that I honestly didn't think would work, next time I'll just believe the 'expert' the first time round!

With no time to purchase a base plate in time, I did start to think oh no, as he had told me all of his plans, but luckily his quick thinking idea of making his own little base plates was amazing, and he now has one of the coolest roofs in town!

Key Features:

x8 individual bases.
Santa Clause/Father Christmas!!!

Why Does Spud Think His Home Is The Best and Why He Should Win?

''Erm I should win because I put my puppy Jezeppi in my house with me and I have ice cream in my freezer and erm my house took all my time so I would love to win to buy more Lego, lots of Lego to make a park for my house and to buy some more base plates because I only have one base plate.''

''And erm Santa is at my chimney because we don't have a chimney because the silly council blocked our chimney and my home when I'm older will have a chimney and then santa can come down the chimney because he doesn't like coming through my window anymore I think, because of my puppy.''

Why Do I Think Spud's Home Is The Best and Why He Should Win!?

I think my childs dream home is the best because of all the thought that has gone into it, but mainly because of two reasons:

1: Santa Clause - a lot of children believe in Santa, and I've been worrying that Spud may already know 'the truth' from his peers at school, however, his design just proves that he still believes.

2: Jezeppi - Myself and Spud lived in a flat for over seven years, he would constantly cry and get upset, asking why other children had a garden but he didn't? One day Spud then said because I can't have a garden, can I have a puppy!? I then had to break it to him that a puppy also wasn't possible due to our tenancy. Every Christmas Spud would write to santa and without doubt, the first two items on his list would be a garden and a puppy!

In November last year, we miraculously got moved from our flat into a house making one of Spud's dreams come true, then in March this year, for Spud's 9th birthday, Jezeppi entered our family and their bond is unbreakable.

To see how much Spud notices things is amazing, although he never uses the bin and instead leaves rubbish around, and I don't have my broom on my kitchen wall, it's made me realise just how much my once little baby boy has actually grown up!

Please don't forget to leave a comment if you can, Spud is looking forward to reading any that may be left! He's so excited over this whole thing!

A change of routine is never easy, especially when it involves getting up earlier and making sure you are organised for the new day. Every year thousands of parents and children struggle with the beginning of a new school year, but you don’t need to. From regular bedtimes to beds with desks, here are my top tips for getting back into the swing of things without the tears.

1. Plan Ahead for Bedtimes
One of the aspects of ‘good sleep hygiene’ involves having a consistent bedtime, and this is doubly important for children. One of the hardest things about going back to school is the change in going-to-sleep and waking-up times. When the holidays start, try to implement the same bedtimes as in the rest of the year. Later bedtimes should only be for special occasions. Of course, if your children are already going to bed two hours later in the evening, start realigning bedtime at least two weeks before school starts.

2. Make Back-to-School the Focus
During the summer break, lots of activities can mean kids aren't ready to sit down and concentrate for any length of time. In the last week, make sure these activities are winding down and children are becoming aware and focused on school beginning again. Plan the end of any holidays a week before school begins, and go shopping for new stationary and uniforms together to get them excited.

3. Make Space for Homework
There’s no escaping it: homework is a fact of life. But studies show that when children are allocated a private study area rather than space at the kitchen table, they concentrate more and take more pride in their work. It’s worth considering beds with desks in children’s bedrooms as a solution. In a private place with their own stationery drawers and organisers, children are in control of their own work. Keep all computers, games and phones outside the bedroom. Schedule in time every evening for homework and be consistent.

4. Limit Extra-Curricular Activities
Often a big change from summer to term time comes with the added burden of the reintroduction of after-school activities. Although most children enjoy their sports, music and arts, after the long break going straight into them in the first week can be exhausting.

Remember that children have greater sleep requirements than adults. It’s important that they eat and complete their homework in plenty of time before bedtime. It is also important for children to have their own time to read and engage in imaginative play every day

Until next time,
Jada x