Wednesday 5 August 2015

Swagbucks: How To Make £25 A Month For Free!

If some of you are following me from either Bounty or MSE then you may be aware that I am a member of Swagbucks, Swagbucks is how I make £25 a month in Amazon vouchers, other UK payment options are Paypal and a few fashion retailers, they do not pay cash.

I presume you're reading this thinking it's just another scam, believe me I thought the same when I first heard about Swagbucks over at MSE, however I can now tell you it's far from a scam as can thousand of others. It does mean completing a survey every day, maybe even more than one a day, playing games, watching videos, doing task, taking part in daily polls and other small things but if you've got the time, why not make some extra pennies for Christmas?

This post is how I make £25 in Amazon vouchers each month, once I get to 849 points I'm eligible to cash out a £5 Amazon gift card, you're allowed to cash out five of the same rewards each month, and as this is the cheapest option, as soon as I have enough I cash out at £5 (849 points) five times a month.

To join please click on this link here or copy and paste the following URL into your browser:

Below is what I have posted on other websites to get people started and a basic induction of Swagbucks. 

When first joining complete the registration process and verify your account by email, i can't remember exactly what comes next but i think the website helps you out.

SB = Swagbucks
AGC = Amazon Gift Card

Games: You can get up to 10sb per day for playing games, generally you will get 2sb for every 2-3 games played. I tend to play the word ones as they seem to be really quick.

SBTV: For every 10 videos you watch you get 3sb, you can claim up to 50sb a day from doing this. 10% will load after about 50 seconds of the video no matter how long the video is.

Daily Poll: Take part in the daily poll every day for 1sb

Trusted Surveys: Trusted surveys are a bit of a hit and miss really, sometimes you'll get days on end where your have them, other times your get one a week or none.

Daily Surveys: Complete a daily survey for 70sb, sometimes you can do more than one a day. 

Searching the web: Instead of using Google or Bing or your normal search engine use Swagbucks search engine instead, you can win up to four times a day by doing this, I personally have never been able to get four wins my highest has been three wins in one day. Click on 2nd and 3rd page results and also click on images, try every five minutes or so but don't excessively search as you will get flagged and possibly banned.

Toolbar: You can download the swagbucks toolbar and can earn 1sb a day just by opening your browser up!

NOSO: Complete the path just click next, next, next, next etc and you will get 2sb per day for this.

Task: Task can be fairly easy and sometimes fairly difficult, it all depends really, instructions will be given and each task is worth a different number of sb, once you get to 20sb from completing tasks, your target bar will reset back to 0% and 20sb will update to your total.

Watching Videos On Homepage: Watching videos on the homepage are normally 1sb each HOWEVER a lot of the time these seem to work a few times if you refresh the page, shhh keep this quiet. Again like sbtv you can have this running in the background whilst you do other stuff.

Special Offers: Click on special offers and there are a number of tabs, trial play, radium one, peanut labs etc. Check each tab daily as sometimes they offer high paying surveys, and simple stuff like playing a game can result in 50sb.

Daily Goal: All daily goals complete whether you're doing it randomly or sticking to the week, 14 days or full month, all swagbucks from daily targets will be credited within the 1st week of the new month.

Swagcodes: You may notice a box that says Swag Code, every now and again or sometimes even daily, Swagbucks will leak out a code, usually found on their blog, twitter or fb page.

The reason why I choose to cash out at 849 sb - £5 Amazon Gift Card (AGC) is because its the lowest points needed, you can save up for the £25 but you're paying more in sb basically. Also Paypal £5 only actually pays about £3 when converted into uk pounds £.

I am saving all mine up for Christmas and if I hit my personal target of £25 a month (got £35 already) then i will have £150 if not more to spend on Amazon by Christmas.

You can claim any offer up to 5 times in one month, so you could go for the £25 AGC and if you've got points left over, you could get another £5 AGC, or get 5x£5 AGC and any points left over save them for the next month.

Please be careful what you do as cheaters do get caught.

I think I've covered it all any questions just ask. My contact details can be found on the contact page.

Good Luck
Jade xx


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