Holiday Hill Farm, where every day is a holiday. The movie starts off with a pair of cute and colourful bats who come across something they've never seen before, the bats head off to find Jack the scarecrow who soon attracts plenty of pumpkins on his short trip, to where the bats discovered something special. Jack discovers what the bats had found, a square pumpkin named Spookly. One not so nice pumpkin takes it upon himself to bully little Spookley, just because he is square, because he is different to the rest!

Jack organises his very own Olympics called the Jack a lympics, where the pumpkins and Spookley the Square Pumpkin take part in a number of races & games to win a crown. With support from the 3 spider friends Spookley has befriended, Spookley bless him tries his best to take part in the first race, and fails bless him as he can't jump like the others as they are round and bouncy and he is square and flat.

The second game is pumpkin style bowling, with the pumpkins rolling like a bowling ball to knock down aubergines, again Spookley fails because of his square shape, and the inability to roll. The third and final event is equally just as bad and see's the end of the games with BoBo being crowned the winner!

A bad storm starts off the day before Halloween and all the round pumpkins are blown into a cart with the bad gust of wins. Spookley on the other hand, stays put due to his square shape. Jack the scarecrow finds himself in trouble when a tree branch sets on fire due to the lighting, only for the branch to fall on poor Jack, setting part of his hand on fire, Spookley saves the day by putting out the flames. Spookley continues to save the day by rescuing all the round pumpkins before the cart rolls into deep water.

Spookley is accepted by the pumpkins and is happily picked by the farmer to be proudly shown off on his porch as the Halloween pumpkin, the farmer is amazed to see a square pumpkin! A happy ending after all and a lesson to us all, never judge a book by its cover.

Based on the best selling children's book The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin by Joe Troiano with lots of catchy songs, Spookley the Square Pumpkin is a certificate U and is a great buy this Autumn and the perfect Halloween gift for children of all ages! Available to buy from all good DVD retailers including supermarkets.

To find out more about Abbey Home Media including other DVD titles check out their website here, follow them on Twitter here or find them on Facebook here.

To win a copy of Spookley the Square pumpkin and 4 other great DVD's enter the competition here.

Until next time,
Jada x
Being a single young woman, I have plenty of spare time on my hands once Spud is in bed and during my spare time you can catch me doing one of two things, writing or watching films. I am a big film lover, with over 300 DVD's in our household, none that can ever be re-homed or thrown away, I am always happy to receive a new DVD to add to my collection and to tick another movie off my 'to watch list'. When The Big Wedding arrived a few days ago, I contemplated on calling a few of my girly friends, getting the face mask out and getting the bags of chocolate in, I decided against and planned to watch the DVD alone.

Stocking up on my supplies, Revels, a bottle of Dr Pepper, some cookies'n'cream Haagen Dazs icecream, all that was left to do was to put on my favourite peel off face mask, sit back, relax and enjoy the show! With some well known actors starring in the film such as Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, Robin Williams, Katherine Heigl (well known from the popular show Grey's Anatomy -I'm a big fan!), Ben Barnes, Amanda Seyfried and loads more.

When Alejandro (Ben Barnes) prepares to marry his fiancĂ©e Milly (Amanda Seyfried) he is forced to lie to his birth mother. Alejandro was adopted & raised by Ellie (Diane Keaton) and Don (Robert De Niro) who have both move on separately in life. Flying half way across the world to watch her son Alejandro marry Milly, Alejandro is faced with a huge problem, his birth mother.

Madonna (Patricia Rae) - Alejandro's birth mother is a strict Catholic who believes divorce is a sin. Knowing his birth mother is attending his wedding, Alejandro ask his adoptive parents to pretend they are still married, so the ex husband and wife move back in together for the duration of the wedding weekend.

Walking in to Don and his partner Bebe (Susan Sarandon) just about to get steamy, Ellie feels humiliated and doesn't know where to look. You can tell right from the very beginning the film is going to be explosive and full of surprises. With details being thrown in about each character from Alejandro's family, the viewer can be shocked to hear and see secrets never expected.

To see a preview of The Big Wedding, check out the clip below!

With a certificate of 15 (and rated that for a very good reason!) The Big Wedding is available to buy from all good DVD retailers on both DVD and Blu-Ray for a suggested RRP of £15.99 on 14th of October. The film also features the making of the big wedding.

Until next time,

Jada x

Horrid Bullys - Lose Sink Ships

by Jada, September 28, 2013
Ahh I could shout right now, hell I could even scream but no, instead I am letting lose with what I need to get out on this post. I am 23 year's old, I am an adult, I am also a mother. To me, with those terms adult and mother, they make me feel grown up, in my eyes, I have always been more mature then others my age, that's mainly due to the fact that I become a mother at such a young age. I know other adults my age, and none could be so heartless and disgusting as to what I am about to talk about in this post.
I am now an adult, adults should be mature, sensible, careful, considerate, respectful, the list goes on. I've known for a while that not all adult's are mature, sensible people, I discover on a weekly basis, so many adults are so poorly educated, they have to insult others. I don't know the ins and outs of every situation, I honestly don't want too, I thought I left this rubbish in the playground when I was in year 6 aged 10.
I've not done many personal post for a while, this is because I have had so much to deal with. My beautiful, clever and amazing boy started 'big' school, the juniors to be precise. I have been working hard on a Halloween feature to bring you lot, I have been de-cluttering the house, I wouldn't say de-cluttering, more sorting through the old and unusable. I have been ill, a chest infection and asthma is not a good mix for the lungs and loads of other things that has refrained me from writing a personal post.
About a month ago, I logged onto my dashboard as I usually do on a daily basis, and was shocked to find a disgusting and vile comment left by an anonymous commenter which was directed at my 7 year old son. A small human being who is so innocent in the big horrid world we live in. I don't know who you are, because you are a COWARD, one you feel the need to insult and racially insult a small child, and two you hid behind anon.
I read your disgusting horrid word's and was shocked, who brought you up you disgusting vile creature? What kind of an animal are you to say such things? I don't like being judgemental but your parent's clearly dragged you up with no proper education. I imagine you didn't get the good stuff in life, or your a parent yourself, who is a total waste of space, who can't give your children a good life. Whatever scumbag shit on my shoe creature you are, just know I don't hate people like you, I feel sorry for you.

The racist comments wasn't enough for you though was they? You wanted to carry on, you wanted to make fun of the disabilities my son has, you went on to call him cross eyed, taking the mick. For your information, not that I should have to tell your rubbish educated brain, my son does not have a cross eye, he has a squint, he also has Astigmatisms in both of his eyes.

My boy, who was 7 weeks premature, who has had 3 operations as it is, does not need your horrid disgusting comments. My son will never find out about your pathetic and useless comments because not a single word of the abuse you left was true. You are just a big adult bully, hiding behind a screen, and not picking on people your own age, instead a small innocent child!
I bet even if your loved and close ones found out about the disgusting comments you left me over a period of time they wouldn't be shocked. I mean, you all must be the complete biggest waste of this earth, have you been hurt? Abandoned? Never been shown love? I am being horrible now aren't I? Well NO I'm not actually I am just sticking up for the small innocent child you left comments for.
My beautiful amazing and clever son has more respect, manners, morals, dignity and value's than you would ever have, and he is just 7 years old. My son has been brought up strong, by a strong minded mother who has had shit throughout her life and who certainly won't take rubbish off the likes of you, scum of the earth.
This post was not going to happen, but after some nasty going on's in the parent blogging community recently, this post had to be written. In all walks of lives, dating back to the Adam and Eve era, woman have fought, argued and been two faced, back stabbing bitches. I have a selective group of bloggers I talk too on a regular basis, and we are disgusted by recent going on's in the community.
Call yourselves adults? Well you better sign up to adult school then my darlings because seriously there is so much shit going on in the world, why do you need to contribute to the bad!? Why do you want to make enemies and be hated? So many bloggers have sadly lost respect for a group of bloggers recently, I am sad to say I am one of those.
When I come onto the blogging scene, I was delighted with the warm welcoming, the gin and cake offerings, the non stop advice and witty harmless jokes. Just like any other bunch of woman thrown together though, lose lips sink ships. For that I think its best I sail my own adventure, why would I wish to stay upon a cruise ship that has so many loose mouths it will sink? Again lose lips sink ships.
I am sorry to my loyal readers and visitors for the swear words contained in this post. This is my little piece of space in the big wide world, on the internet, a place for me to vent and the reason why I started blogging, to write and get the feelings out. It was way too long for a Facebook status and don't even get me started with the Twitter cap!
Now, back to happy blogging yes! I have 3 brand spanking new competitions for you lovely lot to go and enter! GO GO GO!!!
Until next time
The lovely team over at Abbey Home Media have very kindly put 20 DVD's aside for 4 of my lucky readers/visitors. Abbey Home Media are the UK's biggest children's DVD company with titles from plenty of popular children's TV programs . Four lucky winners will each receive 5 DVD's containing one of each of the following!
Horrid Henry: Rocking the World
Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids: Nuclear Wart

Spookley: the Square Pumpkin
The Sooty Show: Run Rabbit Run
The Hive: Buzzbee to the Rescue 
After running a number of competitions, I am noticing some of you are NOT following the rules, to have your fair chance of winning please do read the requirements, simply writing a comment saying I'd love to win this is not what I have asked!

Enter the competition via the Rafflecopter form below.
Good luck,
Jada :)
Horrid Henry the popular TV children's show aired on CITV daily and often played back to back on weekends is one of Spud's favourite shows. Spud is nothing like Horrid Henry, quite the opposite to be honest, more on Perfect Peter's side but netherless he loves to watch what Henry gets up too including all his naughty antics!
Horrid Henry Rocking The World was released on DVD on 23rd of September from Abbey Home Media and features six episodes from series 3 (volume 22) lasting around 11 minutes each. The total running time of the DVD is just over an hour long at 66 minutes. The 6 episodes can be found below with a brief description.
Horrid Henry Rocking the World
When Rude Ralph decides that he wants to be an air guitar superstar, Horrid Henry's not going to stand in his way, but someone else will if he lets them!

Moody Margaret, Superstar
Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, and this time Moody Margaret just has to be a superstar, fact!

Horrid Henry Goes to the Theatre
Horrid Henry decides that going to the theatre isn't all bad, specially when it's as good as this!

Horrid Henry, Money Talks
Follow the money, that's Horrid Henry's motto, even when it takes you into enemy territory and you find yourself up against Moody Margaret!

Horrid Henry's Unhappy Day
Horrid Henry's search for the last Gross Class Zero comic looks as though it's going to end in tears, especially when he's up against Moody Margaret!

Horrid Henry and The Special Spa Day
Horrid Henry's Mother's Day present is something really special, something that only someone as horrid as Henry can deliver!
Horrid Henry Rocking The World has a certificate U and is suitable for both boys and girls. Available to purchase now on DVD from all good entertainment retailers including Asda, Amazon,, Sainsburys & many more for around £7.99.
To find out more about Abbey Home Media including other DVD titles check out their website here, follow them on Twitter here or find them on Facebook here.
Until next time,
Jada x
P.S - Abbey Home Media have very kindly put 5 bundle of DVD's away for 4 of my lucky readers/visitors to win! Enter the competition here - good luck!
Did you read my review on the Zeamu Music album? If not you can read the review here, for now though, Zeamu Music have very kindly offered one of my lucky readers/visitors the chance to win their very own Zeamu Music Album!

After running a number of competitions, I am noticing some of you are NOT following the rules, to have your fair chance of winning please do read the requirements, simply writing a comment saying I'd love to win this is not what I have asked!

Enter the competition via the Rafflecopter form below.
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We recently reviewed Woolly & Tig on DVD, you can read the review here, for now though Abbey Home Media have very kindly put 3 DVD's aside for 3 of my lucky readers/visitors to win!
After running a number of competitions, I am noticing some of you are NOT following the rules, to have your fair chance of winning please do read the requirements, simply writing a comment saying I'd love to win this is not what I have asked!

Enter the competition via the Rafflecopter form below.

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Elderly dogs and children

by Jada, September 19, 2013
I’ve always been a dog lover, ever since I was a small child. Now that I’m an adult, with a child of my own, I wanted him to experience the happiness a dog can bring. I initially started with looking for a puppy but then my attention was drawn to older pets. After all, do you really want another energetic element in your home?

This led me to thinking that an elderly dog may be a wise choice...
Lola & Bailey, my brother's cute mini dogs!

Luckily I stumbled across an article by Argos Pet Insurance covering this very subject. The blog looks at 10 reasons to adopt an older dog and the argument presented was certainly a strong one.

For a start, you know what you’re letting yourself in for as the dog is fully grown. With puppies, it is impossible to know how big they’ll get or what sort of temperament or character they’ll develop. With an older dog, all of this is already decided so you can make an informed decision.

Another perk is the fact their calmer nature often makes them more responsive to commands and instruction. The adage about being unable to teach an old dog new tricks is false and you can help your pet learn new tricks whatever their age.

Other benefits included the fact older dogs can settle into homes quicker and are a lot cleaner than young puppies. I think my toddlers make more than enough mess for me to deal with so the idea of a clean pet was certainly something I was interested in!

With all these benefits stacking up, it seemed my decision had been made for me but there was one thing I needed to consider carefully – the dog’s health. Contrary to popular belief, many older dogs are in a great state of health and even if they do need the occasional treatment at the vets, insurance companies offer older dog insurance to help cover the costs. Argos is just one of many insurance providers which offers cover for dogs no matter what their age.

Of course, no matter whether you choose an older dog or a puppy, you have to keep your eye on them at all times to make sure both your child and pet is safe. Even the most patient of us would grow tired of a 2-year-old clambering over us morning, noon and night!

I'm still yet to decide on whether to actually add a dog to the family and I’d love to hear everyone’s opinion, so please let me know!
Your wedding day should be a personal event during which you and your partner both get to reflect your personalities and express your love for one another. Nothing does this better than personal touches that you've added to the celebration yourselves.
Homemade and DIY elements can make your nuptials all the more special and memorable, as well as potentially save you money. Read on for a guide to adding personal touches to your big day.
Handmade invitations
Making your wedding invitations shows the people you ask to your celebration that they really mean a lot to you, so head to your local arts and crafts store - or online to an auction website - and pick up supplies for making your invitations.
If you buy a bulk pack of cards and matching envelopes you can often make savings over buying individual items; similarly, embellishments are usually cheaper to purchase in multipacks, and you will probably need quite a few items to decorate your invitations. You might want to tie each invitation with a ribbon and affix some gems that match your colour scheme, or even buy an embosser to cut pretty designs into your cards.
DIY decorations
The finishing touches you make to your wedding plans are often what brings the overall theme together. You could give your celebration a shabby chic feel by hanging pastel-coloured bunting around the venue and placing posies of rosebuds in the centre of each table, for example.
Even if you don't have a theme, you can still get crafty with various elements of your wedding, from making your own place cards out of little photo holders and images of each guest, to creating favours like homemade scented candles or a decorated plant pot for each guest.
Customised clothing
There's no need to splash out on a costly new wedding dress if it's something really unique you're after. Think about buying a simple dress and customising it yourself to ensure you have something that is truly your style for your big day.
You might decide to add beads, sequins, floral appliques, patches or even studs to express your individual style and ensure no other bride will ever wear the same dress as you! You could follow the theme with your bridesmaids' dresses and even with the suits of your husband-to-be and his groomsmen for a real effect.
Homemade treats
You can save a lot of money on the cost of your wedding by making things for the celebration yourself, or by asking friends and relatives to get involved. Hiring caterers can be expensive, so you might think about putting on a homemade buffet instead.
Some wedding venues will let you supply your own food, so you can pre-cook your food and make lots of sandwiches to bring to the location. You could even ask all your guests to each bring something for the buffet, which will help you keep your costs down and also ensure that the guests will all be able to tuck into something they enjoy!
In the same vein, you may consider making your own wedding cake, or see whether some keen baker friends would enjoy helping make your wedding day memorable by creating the cake for you, while you could make some tasty treats as wedding favours for your guests. A pot of homemade jam, a cupcake or a cookie for each guest can be a welcome replacement for traditional sugared almonds or dragees. 

Out of all the new DVD's Abbey Home Media sent us during the end of August and the first half of September, Spud has been looking forward to one more than the others, Woolly & Tig. Woolly & Tig, Volume 2 - One Step At A Time was released today by Abbey Home Media. Abbey Home Media have also very kindly put aside 3 copies for 3 of my lucky readers/visitors to win!

Spiders are one of the biggest fears in the world, but how anyone could fear cute cuddly Woolly is beyond me. I love Woolly and Woolly loves me, we've been together since we we're 3, he's a nice spider, cuddly toy! Woolly & Tig is a popular children's TV program aired on Cbeebies. Unlike the other Abbey Home Media DVD's we have received recently, Woolly & Tig is not an animated program, and actually followers the adventure's of Tig a little girl and her cuddly toy spider Woolly.

Woolly is a very special friend to Tig, they never leave each other's side and their friendship is cute to watch. Woolly, even though he is a fluffy toy spider, helps Tig through problems and helps to resolve the issue. Woolly & Tig One Step At A Time features 15 short and fun episodes of Woolly & Tig and has been a great send for Spud who has giggled away watching the DVD repeatedly!

Woolly & Tig, Volume 2 - One Step At A Time is available to buy with a certificate U with a suggested RRP of £7 from Asda, Amazon, and other retailers. 

To find out more about Abbey Home Media including other DVD titles check out their website here, follow them on Twitter here or find them on Facebook here.

Until next time,
Jada x

Thanks to Abbey Home Media, 3 of my very lucky readers/visitors can also own one of these fab Woolly & Tig DVD's, to enter the competition click here.

Spud as many of you know love's Disney (and me too!) and he has been a very lucky boy getting the chance to review lots of Monster's University items thanks to Spin Master! 

One of Disney's newly released film Monster's University is the before film to Monster's Inc, it shows you the younger days of Mike and Sulley at University, before they went on to get jobs at Monsters Inc. You can read my review of the film here, and find other Spin Master Monster University products we have reviewed here.

One of the products Spud received was Archie the scare pig, if you've seen Monsters University or read my review of the film, you will know that Archie is the reason of how Mike & Sulley met. Spud took Archie round to my nan's where my sister, Little Big Man and Baby Boo was, visiting my nan, the children's great nan.

Spud very kindly gave Archie to Little Big Man, his little cousin who has Aspergers Syndrome, there is not many toys that Little Big Man gets really attached too, but Archie is one of them.

Archie is a scare pig, a scare pig because he is a pet at the scare school and Monster's University campass. In real life though, he is not scary at all, but just a funny, squishy pig!

 The children had lots of fun squishing and squeezing Archie to listen to the funny sounding squel he makes, and had fun gently throwing him to one another creating a little game. Even Baby Boo got in on the action!

Spin Master's Monsters University Archie The Mascot is available to buy with a suggested RRP of £11.99 from The Entertainer, Amazon, Toys R Us, Amazon and many more toy retailers.

To find out more about Spin Master check out the official website here.

Jada x

When the Bedding Company got in touch asking me if I would like to do a review for them, after a quick search around their website I accepted the offer. They had so many products to choose from, it was hard to make a decision on what to review, but I finally ended up going for something for Spud.

When I got in touch with Bandai back in July asking if they would like to be in my big blogaversary giveaway, I was delighted when they accepted the offer. My blogaversary was in August and I am completely aware I am only getting this review and competition up in September. The reason behind this is Bandai was one of the first companies who gave me trust when I was very new on the blogging scene, and because of this, I wanted this post to be apart from the blogaversary subject.

Bandai sent Spud the Ben 10 Omniverse Crashhopper of which you can read the review here and originally had sent us this Power Rangers Super Samurai Barracuda Blade to giveaway to one of my lucky readers/visitors. When I opened the box, Spud saw the Barracuda Blade and thought it was for him to review and was upset when I told him otherwise. 

The team over at Bandai was lovely when I emailed them and asked if Spud could review the Barracuda Blade too, but don't worry my dear readers/visitors, I still have something to give away to you too!

Spud watches Power Rangers when he can, it's often that he misses it on TV unfortunately but whenever he does get the chance, you can find him on the edge of the sofa, waiting to get up and copy the moves. The Barracuda Blade is the weapon the gold Power Ranger has from the popular Power Rangers program that many children of Spud's age are aware of.

Help the Power Rangers strike down those nasty Nylocks with the Super Samurai Barracuda Blade. Press the handle button to see the blade light up, attach the special disk or hide the blade away in it's sheath. This 30cm long blade is perfect for taking on the enemies of mankind!

Day time with light
Night time with light.
 We couldn't get a good enough photo in the daytime to show the light so we have took both daytime and night time photo's.

 When the Barracuda Blade is not being played with, Spud slots it into its plastic holding case ready for the next time they go on an adventure together.

Power Rangers Super Samurai Barracuda Blade is suitable for ages 4+ and is available to buy with a suggested RRP of £16.99 from Amazon, Toys R Us, Smyths Toys Superstores and other toy retailers.

To find out more about Bandai including their Power Ranger range, check out the official website here, find them on Facebook here or follow them on Twitter here.

Until next time,
Jada x

Bandai have very kindly put aside a Power Ranger figure for one of my lucky readers/visitors to win, to enter the competition click here.

Sammy's Great escape is a animated Warner Brother's follow up film from Turtle Tale - Sammy's Adventure. Two leather back turtles, who are old time friends and grandparents, Sammy and Ray take you on their adventure through the sea world with the newly hatched turtles Ella & Ricky, introducing them to the dangers of the big deep sea.

The group are attacked by seagulls whilst on the beach (me & Spud hate seagulls as my regular readers will know) which brought some boo's from our sofa, and some dirty looks from me as we rooted for the team to get away from the flying rats! The seagulls are after the Ella & Ricky, hoping a meal is insight for them, unfortunately for the seagulls and unfortunately for the gang, the leather back turtles are captured by poachers on the beach who take them back to their boat!

Unknown to the horrible poachers who have not caught the new hatching's Ella & Ricky, the story truly begins with Ella & Ricky attempting to rescue Sammy & Ray who are on their way to a aquarium in Dubai! It's at the aquarium your introduced to some other sea creatures including Big D who's a seahorse, Lulu the lobster, Jumbo the blob fish and lots of penguins!

Sammy's Great Escape has been a big hit in this household with Spud wanting to watch it whenever we have visitor's round, he's already lent the film to his two younger cousins, informing them on how great it is! What's even better about this DVD is the fact that it comes with a UV digital copy code which mean's you can download the film on to 5 devices (maximum) meaning you can watch the DVD on the go via your tablet, laptop or you can even be nice and share with your family and friends.
Sammy's Great Escape is rated certificate U with a running time of 93 minutes. It's available to purchase for £10 or under from Asda, Amazon, Sainsbury's,, Tesco and many more entertainment retailers.

To find out more about Warner Brothers, including Sammy's Great Escape and any other new and upcoming film titles, check out the official website.

Until next time,
Jada x
When it comes to choosing gifts for children, I have the perfect little person to recommend the best toys on the market, Spud tell's me what he think's children will like, and what I should avoid. When it comes to adults and older teenagers however, I get stuck with what to buy, birthdays are something special, they celebrate the day you was born, they celebrate the day a life was born onto the earth.

I am quite competitive when it comes to buying presents, I want people to know that I have brought the birthday person a truly special and perfect gift. Being a single part time working mum, my budget is not particularly high, so sometimes its a struggle to find something in shops with the selected budget I have. 

It was my friends birthday yesterday and getting older and with it being a week day, my friend decided she wanted to go for a meal. I headed off to the meal with her present and card and a foil balloon and made my way to her favourite restaurant. I love getting together with all of the girls, and was pleased I was able to bring Spud along with me, saved me cooking dinner and the food was lush!

Once the surprise cake was brought out, much to my friends embarrassment when we all started singing happy birthday to her, with looks from the whole restaurant and cheers from strangers, it was time to hand over her gifts. Not wanting to act like mine and Spud's present to my friend need to be the center of attention, I left the gift next to her with her pile of plenty and let her open them one by one.

When my friend come to opening my present, she saw the pretty gift bag, ignored the gift tag and dived straight into opening the small gift box and stared beautifully at the Sterling Silver Birthstone Jewellery I had purchased her, Spud too of course. My friend loved the earrings so much, she whipped out the current earrings she had in, and put her new ones in that me and Spud had purchased for her birthday gift.

Hope you had a lovely birthday Tina!

Jada x
Back in July, me and Spud reviewed Koko's Ice Escapade (read the review here) from TOMY's Chuggington Stack your Track range, in August, me and Spud reviewed Koko's Safari Adventure (read the review here) again from TOMY's Chuggington Stack your Track range. This post is all about the booster pack from TOMY which is perfect for the Stack your Track products.

When I was a child, you would get told certain things, but have no care. We got told not to throw rubbish, I did behind my parent's back, we got told not to swallow chewing gum, I did when no one was looking, we got told things that we disobeyed. Now I am older, I realise now I should of listened to my parent's and paid more respect.

Now I am older, I despise litter, and wonder why people are so lazy to throw rubbish in the bin, I understand there are not enough bins around in residential area's as I have highlighted this to my local council, some of the bus stops don't even have bins, and that's normally the only place a bin resides in a residential area.

I will not preach to anyone, because I am guilty of doing thing's we have been warned about. The government advised us to use re-usable shopping bags, the supermarkets are very supportive on this scheme and have re-usable bags of different sizes and styles at every checkout in store. I have re-usable bags, plenty in fact, but I always forget them, and now because I have way too many, on the rare occasion that I have forgot my bags, I have had to resort to using the plastic carrier bags provided for free, that take years to dispose!

I used nappies with Spud when he was a baby, and now after hearing so much about them, I wish I had not done so. I can't change time, and there is no point moping around about the past, instead I can learn from my mistake and improve for next time. I am not too keen on the cloth nappies, and don't think I have the stomach to clean and wash nappies, but what I do like the look and sound of is Eco nappies. These nappies are disposable nappies that actually do dispose. If any nappies are environmental friendly, then these nappies can vouch for that!

When I first moved out, I didn't recycle, nor did I ever attempt too, everything went into black sacks and was thrown in the bin. I am guilty but as I have already mentioned, I can't change what I have done, but I can make a change. Now when something need's to be binned, even organic groceries, they go in one of three bins, the rubbish bin, the recycling bin, or the compost bin. If it's any left over food it goes in the compost bin, if its left over packaging that can be recycled it goes in the recycling bin, and if its anything that doesn't fit the other two categories, it goes in the general rubbish bin.

Do you have any changes that you have made in life to better yourself or the environment  I'd love to know any hints, tricks and even secrets ;)

Until next time,
Jada x
Back in July, Spud got the opportunity to review the Cut The Rope Talking Om Nom, so when Vivid got in touch with us again asking Spud would like to review the new plush Candy Monster Om Nom, Spud accepted with glee.

We received the Candy Monster Om Nom and was surprised to see it was bigger than the Talking Om Nom we reviewed a few months ago. Both myself and Spud like the bigger Om Nom more, not just because of its size, but what the Candy Monster Om Nom does!

Before I go on, I should mention for those of you that don't know, Cut the Rope is a downloadable puzzle game that was released in 2010, since then a sequel has been released with Cut the Rope: Experiments  released in 2011 and Cut the Rope: Time Travel released this year (2013), its compatible platforms are for Android, iPhone and the iPad with plans for the Blackberry 10 underway. The original Cut the Rope game has been downloaded more than 100,000,000 (100 million) times. The object of the game is to cut the rope and feed Om Nom (the green monster) candy whilst collecting stars on your way.

The Candy Monster Om Nom has a swirled candy sweet in his mouth, when your children pull the candy out of Candy Monster Om Nom's mouth, its attached by elastic that's like a tape measure, the rope winds back in pulling the candy piece back into Candy Monster's mouth.

 When the rope is being pulled back into the mouth by itself, Candy Monster Om Nom starts wiggling (small vibrations) giving your child a funny sensation in their hands, once the candy gets closer to Candy Om Nom's mouth, he starts making chomping and other funny noises.

Special Announcement

There are some Om Nom competitions taking place in all Entertainer stores between 29th August and 18th September where kids have to find all the Om Noms in store and then have the chance of winning goody bags! 

The Candy Monster Om Nom has brought many laughs and giggles to our home, not just for Spud but for his little cousin too. Suitable for ages 4+, the Candy Monster Om Nom is available to buy with a suggested RRP of £18.00 from The Entertainer and Amazon.

For more information or to see other Cut the Rope toys in the range, check out the official Vivid website here, you can also find them on Twitter here.

Until next time,
Jada x