Wednesday 18 September 2013

The Homemade Wedding: A Guide

Your wedding day should be a personal event during which you and your partner both get to reflect your personalities and express your love for one another. Nothing does this better than personal touches that you've added to the celebration yourselves.
Homemade and DIY elements can make your nuptials all the more special and memorable, as well as potentially save you money. Read on for a guide to adding personal touches to your big day.
Handmade invitations
Making your wedding invitations shows the people you ask to your celebration that they really mean a lot to you, so head to your local arts and crafts store - or online to an auction website - and pick up supplies for making your invitations.
If you buy a bulk pack of cards and matching envelopes you can often make savings over buying individual items; similarly, embellishments are usually cheaper to purchase in multipacks, and you will probably need quite a few items to decorate your invitations. You might want to tie each invitation with a ribbon and affix some gems that match your colour scheme, or even buy an embosser to cut pretty designs into your cards.
DIY decorations
The finishing touches you make to your wedding plans are often what brings the overall theme together. You could give your celebration a shabby chic feel by hanging pastel-coloured bunting around the venue and placing posies of rosebuds in the centre of each table, for example.
Even if you don't have a theme, you can still get crafty with various elements of your wedding, from making your own place cards out of little photo holders and images of each guest, to creating favours like homemade scented candles or a decorated plant pot for each guest.
Customised clothing
There's no need to splash out on a costly new wedding dress if it's something really unique you're after. Think about buying a simple dress and customising it yourself to ensure you have something that is truly your style for your big day.
You might decide to add beads, sequins, floral appliques, patches or even studs to express your individual style and ensure no other bride will ever wear the same dress as you! You could follow the theme with your bridesmaids' dresses and even with the suits of your husband-to-be and his groomsmen for a real effect.
Homemade treats
You can save a lot of money on the cost of your wedding by making things for the celebration yourself, or by asking friends and relatives to get involved. Hiring caterers can be expensive, so you might think about putting on a homemade buffet instead.
Some wedding venues will let you supply your own food, so you can pre-cook your food and make lots of sandwiches to bring to the location. You could even ask all your guests to each bring something for the buffet, which will help you keep your costs down and also ensure that the guests will all be able to tuck into something they enjoy!
In the same vein, you may consider making your own wedding cake, or see whether some keen baker friends would enjoy helping make your wedding day memorable by creating the cake for you, while you could make some tasty treats as wedding favours for your guests. A pot of homemade jam, a cupcake or a cookie for each guest can be a welcome replacement for traditional sugared almonds or dragees. 


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