Friday 13 September 2013

Tina's Birthday Surprise

When it comes to choosing gifts for children, I have the perfect little person to recommend the best toys on the market, Spud tell's me what he think's children will like, and what I should avoid. When it comes to adults and older teenagers however, I get stuck with what to buy, birthdays are something special, they celebrate the day you was born, they celebrate the day a life was born onto the earth.

I am quite competitive when it comes to buying presents, I want people to know that I have brought the birthday person a truly special and perfect gift. Being a single part time working mum, my budget is not particularly high, so sometimes its a struggle to find something in shops with the selected budget I have. 

It was my friends birthday yesterday and getting older and with it being a week day, my friend decided she wanted to go for a meal. I headed off to the meal with her present and card and a foil balloon and made my way to her favourite restaurant. I love getting together with all of the girls, and was pleased I was able to bring Spud along with me, saved me cooking dinner and the food was lush!

Once the surprise cake was brought out, much to my friends embarrassment when we all started singing happy birthday to her, with looks from the whole restaurant and cheers from strangers, it was time to hand over her gifts. Not wanting to act like mine and Spud's present to my friend need to be the center of attention, I left the gift next to her with her pile of plenty and let her open them one by one.

When my friend come to opening my present, she saw the pretty gift bag, ignored the gift tag and dived straight into opening the small gift box and stared beautifully at the Sterling Silver Birthstone Jewellery I had purchased her, Spud too of course. My friend loved the earrings so much, she whipped out the current earrings she had in, and put her new ones in that me and Spud had purchased for her birthday gift.

Hope you had a lovely birthday Tina!

Jada x