Things To Do In Liverpool In Summer 2019

Have you ever agreed to do something, only for the time to draw nearer and you start to dread the upcoming situation? As I seem to do this all the time, and if you think previous lessons would've taught me, think again! From helping out at school fetes, or volunteering to stay till the end at a wedding to help clear up, and promising people I'd be at certain events - I think I've done it all.

The latest situation got said ages ago, I'm sure it was even years ago to be honest, and that was me promising my football mad brother that I'd treat us to a weekend away in Liverpool, mainly to see his much loved Liverpool Football Club as a late birthday present. Oh how me and football get on - NOT! It's very well known in my family that I once cheered on the opposing team - at least I tried I suppose!

July's 5 Money Saving Ideas.

For any parents who have school-age children, the summer holidays will be beginning very soon (if they've not already begun), and for many of us, July is the start of an expensive six weeks. It's a time where we will be going through extra food, extra electricity (and possibly gas too!), extra petrol, extra clothing/footwear and lots of other extras too.

Many will be enjoying a holiday, booked in advance, and some may go down the path of booking a holiday at the last minute - something I personally don't suggest in school holidays as the prices are through the roof. I think it's cheaper to book ahead with the summer holidays, and with many holiday providers offering you the choice to pay off monthly, it can also be more manageable then finding one large lump sum. Without further ado, let's get on with July's 5 tips!