I've briefly mentioned on the blog before about living with two chronic skin diseases - Psoriasis and Hidradenitis Suppurativa (also known as HS for short), the latter being a disease I have only just learnt how to pronounce properly, and one I still can't spell without the internet's help. I've had psoriasis since I was a teenager and developed HS when I was a young adult, however I was only officially diagnosed with HS around two years ago.

When it comes to finding childcare, it's something that many parent's find difficult for a number of reasons. It could be that you've received at least three personal recommendations of amazing placements/minders/sitters, or it could be that you need one that's available with spaces ASAP, or maybe you don't want to enter a contract because your future commitments aren't certain so you need childcare on an ad-hoc basis. 

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If you've been a reader of Unique Young Mum for a while, or if you've ever visited before, then chances are you know already that I had my son when I was 15, a month before my 16th birthday. Although I'm not a teenage mum any more, or a young mum, I am a young mum to have a 13-year-old child.

Author of Unique Young Mum, Jade Lewendon and her son

Father's Day is that one time of the year when we can give an extra special thanks to the dad's in our lives. This year, the UK celebrates Father's Day on June 16th 2019, and I have a Father's Day feature planned for my readers, including a few competitions, and a gift guide too.

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Though we like to think we appreciate the special men in our lives all year round, sometimes its easier said than done, which is why I'm personally thankful for the special dedicated day, to show my dad, my stepdad, Spud's dad, and Spud's stepdad just how much they mean to us.
Are you gagging to make over your lounge, but don’t have the finances to afford it? Well, think again! There are loads of cheap and cheerful ways to transform your living (or any other) area, and the best thing is, some are even free, with just a few simple changes.

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Injecting some style into your lounge without spending lots IS totally possible, so if a certain room in your home is in need of a makeover, but you don't have the funds to do exactly what you want, why don't you make a few small affordable changes to give the place a mini makeover until you have the funds to do your dream makeover? Here are some ideas to get you started!
When decorating your home, the first two areas you tend to focus on are the walls and the floor. The type of flooring you choose can have an impact on the overall appearance and feel of your home but also ties into practicality.

For instance, you may be looking to sell your home or rent it out for a buy to let purpose, in which case you would need to avoid flooring that gets damaged or stained easily. To help you decide which flooring is best to use, take a look at this helpful guide.
We've all had times where we've wanted to transform the kid's bedroom/s, but we've just not had the funds nor time to do it, or maybe it's the children themselves who keep going on and on about a bedroom makeover, not understanding that bills need to be paid, school trips need to be funded, and another birthday is creeping up.

It leaves us as parents feeling guilty, we want nothing more than to give our darling children the makeover they so desire, but with lack of funds, or simply the lack of time, it's hard. I'm quite lucky with my own son, he doesn't like too much change, and hasn't asked for a new bedroom every year, unlike me when I was a child. If I had my own way, I could've easily had new a new bedroom set up every 3-6 months, I was always wanting a change!
Being a blogger means I take pictures every single day, which means hundreds, if not thousands of pictures are taken every single week. Not all pictures are uploaded anywhere straight away, some are kept for months later, and some need hours of editing work done to them before they can be posted anywhere. Some are instantly posted to a platform or two instantly though - if you're on my personal Facebook then you know how much I love a good old curry for dinner!

One of the main places I take photos is in my kitchen, its where the most amount of natural light comes in, and although it's small it's quite spacious, and the tiles can be a good backdrop - that is when they're looking picture good of course! My tiles get wiped down most days because splashes and drops happen when your cooking, and thankfully they come up sparkling clean, the grout however.... well that's a whole new story isn't it, and I know I'm not alone!

A Day In The #LifeOfGerms

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Cleaning - whether we love it, or hate it, it's something we all have to do, every single day of our lives in one aspect or another. We may even clean without even realising it (giving the kids a quick wipe over for example, or picking up toys!), because it's just become such a natural part of our day to day lives. Whilst I could never sign up to be a cleaner, well unless it was the only way to make ends meet, I don't actually mind cleaning up.

Although we really shouldn't be thinking of heating in May, unfortunately with the typical cold and rainy weather, many of us do have our heating on, not only to keep ourselves and our homes warm, but also as a way to dry our clothes.

Did you know, lots of areas in Ireland aren’t connected to the gas grid? So many householders use heating oil to warm their homes. Using home heating oil is already a pretty cheap way to stay warm, but if you’re doubly smart with it, you can cut your annual costs even further.