Friday 24 May 2019

Make Over Your Living Room – The Budget Friendly Way

Are you gagging to make over your lounge, but don’t have the finances to afford it? Well, think again! There are loads of cheap and cheerful ways to transform your living (or any other) area, and the best thing is, some are even free, with just a few simple changes.

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Injecting some style into your lounge without spending lots IS totally possible, so if a certain room in your home is in need of a makeover, but you don't have the funds to do exactly what you want, why don't you make a few small affordable changes to give the place a mini makeover until you have the funds to do your dream makeover? Here are some ideas to get you started!

Remove the clutter.
Take the time to examine your lounge with an appraising eye. What actually needs to be in there, and what could be stored away, moved somewhere else, or got rid of entirely? For example, all those kid's toys could go into a toy or storage box when they’re not in use, or, those books could be moved to a shelf, rather than left on the floor.

Create your own curtains.
This is a great idea for creative types. If you’ve got a dab hand with a sewing machine, get some material from your nearest fabric shop (or online, where it’s sometimes cheaper), and create some new curtains for your lounge. Alternatively, get some dye and change their colour completely! A word of warning; some fabrics respond better to dye than others, so proceed with caution. Another option is to invest in some reasonably priced blinds instead, which let the natural light flow through the room.

Rip up the carpet.
If your carpet is looking dated or worn-out, have a go at peeping underneath it. If your property is mid-century or older, it’s likely that you’ll have some good quality floorboards there; in which case, rip the carpet up and get rid of it! You can rent a sanding machine from your local DIY store to smooth down the floorboards, then either varnish or paint them the shade that you love.

Get a throw for the sofa.

This is a really simple addition, but immediately adds luxe appeal to your lounge. You don’t have to splash out on an expensive one; shops like Ikea and Primark have some great options that don’t cost too much. You can also invest in some cushions, as again, this makes the lounge look a little bit more ‘designer’.

Create a ‘photo wall’.
There are loads of places you can purchase cheap photo frames, places like The Range, Home Bargains and even the Pound Shop are a few of my favourite places to pick affordable frames up from. Buy several, then fill them with photos of your loved ones and arrange them over the sofa. Several photo-frames gathered together makes some serious impact. Alternatively, one large photo-frame, filled with loads of photos of your family and friends, makes a lovely but reasonably priced focal piece.

Use scent to create the mood.
 Incense sticks or scented candles are ideal for filling the room with gorgeous aroma, which immediately makes the space feel more relaxed and decadent. Sites like Copycat Fragrances have some appealing options, particularly if you like designer scents.

Don’t stop there!
If you’ve got the ‘makeover’ bug, why not keep going? Think about that important bedroom makeover, or maybe next on your list is a kitchen or bathroom makeover, and gradually transform your whole home. Get the kids involved too – children love the chance to take part in creative activities like this.

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