Wednesday 1 May 2019

Getting Amazing Deals on Home Heating Oil

Although we really shouldn't be thinking of heating in May, unfortunately with the typical cold and rainy weather, many of us do have our heating on, not only to keep ourselves and our homes warm, but also as a way to dry our clothes.

Did you know, lots of areas in Ireland aren’t connected to the gas grid? So many householders use heating oil to warm their homes. Using home heating oil is already a pretty cheap way to stay warm, but if you’re doubly smart with it, you can cut your annual costs even further.

Buy in bulk for lower unit prices
Of course, you can only buy so much yourself, but if you’re placing an order at the same time as the rest of your street, then Super Saver Oil can offer you some great discounts. Aim for 20 households if you can, although even just a few will bring your costs down a bit. You’ll probably also need a project manager or two to coordinate everyone.

Do a bit of shopping around
The main thing you should look out for is exact quotes, because you won’t end up with an unwelcome surprise once you’ve agreed to the order. Even then, see if you can’t haggle down a bit further – it can’t hurt to ask.

Buy your oil in the summer
Summer is the best time to buy your heating oil because once the temperatures start to rise, everyone turns off their boilers and suppliers start seeing fewer orders. Seriously, some oil suppliers will be grateful just for someone to talk to! The unit price of oil drops sharply in July and August, too, so by planning ahead and filling up over the summer holidays, you’ll be warmer for cheaper…

Always stay organised
Running a household seems like an endless list of reminders, things to do, people to nag and things to replace (especially if your kids are always losing things). Some things are best left to the last minute, like sudden getaways or evening supermarket trips. Filing your oil tank is not one of these tasks, though. If you have to make a short turnaround oil order, you’ll find your delivery charge will go up. If you can’t get the order for a few days because it’s winter and you’re at the bottom of the queue, then your oil levels could drop perilously low and you risk damaging your boiler. Keep an eye on your levels; install a tank monitor if necessary so you’re always ahead of the game.

Maintain your oil tank
Looking after your oil tank keeps the oil you have safe so you don’t need to replace it because of a leak or even theft. Thefts of oil tend to rise when it’s cold, as you can imagine, and this is when most people have full tanks. That tank monitor comes in handy here because it could alert you to sudden drops caused by pilfering or leaks.

You need to inspect your tank at least once a month to look out for any developing cracks or weak spots, as well as rust or other damage. This is alongside an annual check by your technician to make sure the structure is intact and safe. Cracks are bad news for oil tanks because they can let in water, which leads to sludge build up and blockages for the boiler. If you see or suspect a leak, then call the EPA as soon as possible, as leaking oil is very bad for the environment.

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