Thursday 18 April 2019

The Costs Of Single Parent Living.

I don't think there is anything more annoying and upsetting than getting judged for something that doesn't even apply to you, just because you fit the stereotype. Giving birth and becoming a mother to my son at the age of 15 meant I have had my fair share of stereotypical views thrown at me, because a teenager couldn't possibly be a good mother, or a good role model for their child could they?

As I got older, I wasn't just judged because of how young I became a mum, but I also got judged for being a single parent, you know, because that's exactly what I dreamed to be, that's exactly the future I visioned when I first got with my son's dad, I had hopes and dreams of becoming a single parent clearly *rolls eyes*. 

One of the things that peeved me off the most was the fact that nearly everyone had this perception of me (and other single mums) having 'lots of money', because the government 'sorts out' single parents. I beg to differ, one because every single person has different circumstances and two because I sure didn't have lots of money, not before or after the bills and other important costs were covered. 

Whatever disposable income I did have leftover was due to the fact I worked my bones off trying my hardest to give my son a childhood similar to mine, and my parents had to work their selves to the bone to give us the childhood myself and my siblings had. I have always been savvy with money too, I'm the kind of person who'd walk 10 minutes down the road to save 10p on a loaf of bread, and 5p on a pint of milk.

Days out were done so frugally, and holidays for the two of us were never taken in the summer holidays, if we did go on holiday in the summer holidays, we'd go with other family members and split the costs of the holiday accommodation and travel arrangements. 

Believe it or not, single-parent families actually spend more money on days out then two parents - two children families, for example, for one adult and two children to visit Cadbury's World, it would cost £41.05, however a family ticket covering two adults and two children only cost £24.80, meaning a single parent pays £16.45 more, that could quite easily cover lunch for three, instead its an extra unfair costs.

Other findings are shown on the infographic below, after research was done by PayPlan, the example I used above is sadly just one example, with many more being noticeably higher in costs for the single parent families, and cheaper for the four-member families. The findings found on the infographic below, also mention 'a third of children with a working single parent live in poverty', and one in 10 single parents have used food banks to get by, and yet people judge single parents.

Infographic revealing how family activities cost more for single parent families

Let's just remember that single parents don't get it easier at all, not just financially but in lots of other ways, so next time you feel to judge, remember you never know the full circumstances.

Until next time,
Jada x

*This is a collaborative post* 


  1. It is wrong that single parents are judged. They are the one's working twice has hard with the parenting doing the added work of the missing parent.
    That is so wrong that a single parent has to pay more than a two parent family. I had no idea. It's so shocking!