Thursday 5 February 2015

We're Both Going On A Summer Holiday..

Everyone's going on holiday, or everyone has a holiday booked at least! When I say everyone, I really do mean literally everyone, even the next door neighbours dogs have gone on holiday to luxury dog kennel hotels, I mean how cool is that!? Dog's, as in our fury pet animal friends are having holidays at luxury hotels whilst their owners are having all inclusive holidays in Cuba, Spain and the alike. Staying in a luxury hotel with a beautiful sea view, sipping cocktails by the pool, dressed in summer clothes because it's so hot there, unlike the freezing cold weather we have here!

Spud's never been abroad as we always do English sea side breaks but now he's eight and I feel comfortable with taking him abroad alone with just me and him, I'm planning on taking him away this summer holiday sometime in August. Being a single Mum, I have to cover all the cost myself, to me it's important I find low-cost holiday deals, something that's not too expensive but includes our flights and accommodation for the duration of our holiday, this also gives us more spending money before and during our holiday!

When it comes to holidays, you don't want to pack the same old clothes you wear back at home do you? The clothes you wear on the school run, the sandals you wore to the picnic, the skirt that you chose to dress in for that office interview, and the cardigan that get's put on every night. You want some new clothes, however, you don't want to spend much because you need spending money for the holiday!

I mean, I love Primark, but their clothes aren't really expected to last long, and because holiday's are so rare, I'd really like to treat me and Spud for the occasion! Luckily we have plenty of outlet stores in the UK so I can buy designer clothes at cheaper prices! I usually only go to the London Designer Outlet once a year which is Christmas time, so going again for holiday clothes shopping is actually just like a early Christmas!

Besides, a girl has to look good where ever she goes does she not? So my lovelies, have you got any holiday hints and tips for me, have any of you been to a country abroad alone with a child? Any child friendly countries and attractions recommendations you may have please do leave a comment and let me know!

Jade xx


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