A Post For My Stalker.

in , by Jada, February 28, 2019
Dear stalker, as you've been stalking my Facebook, you're most probably stalking my blog too and any other area of my life you can ''access'', so this post is just for you - hello!

I'm a fully grown woman, I know how this evil, sad and depressing world works, I know that no one really is your friend, and the only person you could ever really trust is yourself, so go ahead and talk about me all you want.
Last month I posted January's 5 Money Saving Ideas, and as promised this is February's edition! After a financially struggling January, many of us may find the first couple of weeks, if not all of February just as hard as the first month of the year.

February is hosts to Valentine's Day, a day I personally think is overrated and just another way for people to spend more money. I'm also a believer that you can show your love any day and time of the year, and not just on one specific day! With that being said, there are frugal ways to celebrate the day, so if you're looking to do Valentine's Day on a budget, read on further!