Thursday 28 February 2019

A Post For My Stalker.

Dear stalker, as you've been stalking my Facebook, you're most probably stalking my blog too and any other area of my life you can ''access'', so this post is just for you - hello!

I'm a fully grown woman, I know how this evil, sad and depressing world works, I know that no one really is your friend, and the only person you could ever really trust is yourself, so go ahead and talk about me all you want.
However, when you're talking about my son, best believe I'm waiting, I'm ready and I'm ALWAYS hungry! Go run my business, speak my name and steal my photos, but when it comes down to MY son - take this as a warning to back the hell off!

You see, you live a sad life to go around talking other people's business, you're a fully grown adult, did you inspire to lead the life you live when you were a child? Did you dream about growing up to be a two-faced coward who not only talks about other people but innocent children too? If so you've nailed it, you're so winning at life - be very proud of yourself.

I'm 30 next year, I've been fully grown for a long time, I had my son when I was 15, and back then I was more mature then you are now. Seriously, what makes you think you can talk about my child? You're seriously deluded to think you'd ever get away with it.

You see, just like you run your mouth, other people who you're running your mouth too run their mouths too. That's how people like you work, loose lips sink ships, and don't think for one second that my lips aren't about to open to expose people.

I know things, I know secrets, I know FACTS, and I know things that would hurt a lot of people, in a number of different ways. I also know the way around the people you're speaking too, so carry on, I'll see you sinking soon, I'll be there waiting to eat you because when it comes to MY son I'm always hungry.

Thinking you have any right to even mention my son's name, how hard did you hit your head? Are you mad? For you to be on my personal social media and to run back to this person, then you know me... SAY NO MORE.


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