Life is never quite the smooth ride we would like it to be, especially when it comes to money. It often seems that the moment we are on top of our finances and finally accruing some half-decent savings, the next bill or unexpected expense comes along to take us right back where we started.

Having recently been hit with some unforeseen costs myself, I understand the importance of knowing the next step to take in order to climb out of a financial struggle. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, you may find these tips helpful for getting back on your feet.

Seek Support When You’re Struggling
As with any bump in the road, it is important to remember that you don’t have to face your money woes on your own. You should never be too proud to call on your friends and family for support when you are struggling to scrape by.

Whether you need to borrow some cash to tide you over to next week, or a larger sum for an unexpected bill, you may be surprised by the generosity of those who love you most. Be sure to show your sincere appreciation when you’re back on your feet, whether you’re treating them to a special home-cooked meal or offering another token of gratitude.

It’s Easier Than You Think to Get a New Car
If your car has ever failed you, you’ll know that it always seems to happen at the most inconvenient of times. Having a reliable vehicle to depend on is important, and quite often your livelihood depends on it. If you find yourself without a car and without the coin required to buy a replacement set of wheels, there is no need to panic.

When your money situation has seen better days, you can often rely on bad credit car loans from specialist brokers such as Zoom Car Loans to help get you back on the road. This is the perfect solution for those who have experienced bankruptcy or who are receiving any government help and have been rejected for a loan by the banks.

Protect Yourself with Travel Insurance
Have you ever booked a trip abroad, only to have your holidays knocked back by the boss, or cancelled due to an emergency? This can be a frustrating and costly situation to find yourself in. Avoid unnecessary cancellation fees and added expenses by investing in travel insurance upon booking your journey.

Ensure you choose a travel insurance policy that covers any last-minute cancellations so you aren’t left significantly out of pocket should anything happen to thwart your plans prior to take-off. This way, your hard-earned holiday fund will be refunded, allowing you to rebook your holiday without the added stress of having to save all over again.

Even when you are at your lowest point financially, there is always a way to get out of the red. These solutions will help get you back on track to achieving your financial goals.

Until next time,
Jada x
I've been blogging for just over four years now, and to say I know everything about blogging would be the understatement of the blogging world! I'm sure many bloggers will agree with me when I say there is always something new to learn, even the most established bloggers will face new platforms and ways of blogging throughout their blogging years!

I've seen many bloggers come and go, some because they started a blog thinking it would be as easy as peeling a potato, and some because they've given up blogging after many years to make way for new life adventures, the first usually being the reason why I see so many leave the scene as quickly as they've entered it. 

I've lost count of the amount of times I've been messaged by 'real' life friends, or received emails from upcoming and new bloggers wanting to know how to get themselves and their blog out there more, and whilst I always point them in the direction of a very old blog post I done (which I really should update), for this post, I thought about the bloggers who aren't new, and who struggle to find new readership!

So here are my three top tips to find new readers and visitors, whilst my hits haven't shot up by the millions just yet, I have noticed a fairly decent raise in hits by sticking to these tactics!

Step One: Promote Your Blog Via The Modern World
Business cards? What are they? Read paragraph two for old style promotions, but for now, lets concentrate on the fast moving world we live in, or more so live on - the internet. Promote your blog through as many platforms as you can, my favourites are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there's also Snapchat and Pinterest which I just can't get on with, but of which I know other bloggers love! 
One of my favourite ways to get myself out there more via social media is to join in with Twitter parties and chats with like minded individuals! 

Another way to promote yourself via the web is by guest posting for other bloggers! Introducing yourself to readers and visitors of other bloggers isn't a sure way to bring in new followers, but it's more than likely to bring in new hits, and maybe just maybe that follow button will get pressed! Read and engage with other bloggers by leaving comments, but try not to spam and use the URL boxes to leave your link address. One of my favourite places to leave my link for people to potentially visit is parenting forums, if someone ask for advice on a subject that I've covered on the blog, I'll leave a link to it and sure enough the hits soon roll in, and for me personally this has been a good way to help my readership build!

Step Two: Promote Your Blog Via The Old Fashioned Way.
I started the paragraph above talking/joking about business cards, but I swear by business cards and always make sure I carry at least 20 with me, or more if I know I'm going to a blogging conference/big event. I often get talking to lots of people, from parents to grandparents, from builders to beauticians, I talk lots and I must admit the blog is always a good topic burner! It gets people curious and instead of explaining everything, I give them a business card (or a button - more below!) and tell them to take a look themselves!

A button I hear you ask? Not just any button of course, but personalised buttons designed with the Unique Young Mum logo and URL. Whilst the idea never stood out to me before, I once got handed a button at a festival and unlike business cards that tend to get thrown in my bag, I put the button in my purse and actually visited the website of the company in question! I know of a few american bloggers who leave buttons of theirs everywhere, from the underground to nightclub tables, and whilst I'm not that brave, I can see the idea behind it!

Step Three: Promote Your Blog Via Bigger Publishers!
I feel like a bit of a cheat mentioning this as my third and final step, as it's not a step I've been brave enough to step in myself due to a lack of confidence, but if you've got the confidence, then I say go for it! Look into writing for magazines, newspapers and other online establishments! I know a few bloggers who write for the Huffington Post and who's following has dramatically improved! 

Alternatively you can sell your stories to magazines, and also get in with the press! Constance Hall is constantly being mentioned in a newspaper that I read regularly, not because I like/prefer the newspaper, but because it's full of articles and free to read! I know a few stories I could sell to magazines, but its just my confidence that stops me from doing so, it's something I'd love to work on building, but in the meantime it's not a priority!

There we have it, my three tips on ways to get your blog out there more! I'm sure there are thousands more, but I find that two of these three work for me, and three of these three work for lots of other bloggers! If you have any more tips please do leave them in a comment below!

Until next time,
Jada x
Our kids often end up with the smallest room in the home. It can make it hard to fit in all their belongings as there is limited room. However, there are some ways you can still make a small bedroom look nice for your child. Here’s some great advice on making the most of the space in the small kid’s bedroom.

Add a Trunk Which Can Double Up As a Chair
The best way to make the small space work is to find multi-uses for items. So with that in mind, you could get a trunk which will double up as a chair for your child. Not only will it be perfect for putting a lot of toys inside, but it will make an attractive feature in a bedroom. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. You can buy a plain brown trunk and then paint it, so that it’s a lot more fun for your kid. Having a seat will also be great for when they are reading or playing in their bedroom. You can also use a trunk as a table for your kid. They can play with toys on top of it or even complete their school work.

Consider Getting Bunk Beds or a Mid Sleeper
A lot of families get bunk beds for their kid’s room as they are great for smaller rooms. They are very popular and fun for kids. They are also useful for when you have more than one child in the bedroom. You can look online and find sites with bunk beds option much like Cuckooland's bunk beds. Another option for the room is a mid sleeper. They are similar to a bunk bed, but instead of an additional bed, you may have drawers, a desk, or a seat. They are smaller than a bunk bed, so they are great for saving space and for younger children. You can see more mid sleepers on our previous blog

Add Plenty of Shelving
Shelving is a great way to make the most of the limited space in your kid's bedroom. You can add them above the bed on the wall, and fill them with books and toys belonging to your kid. By having shelving, it will ensure there is plenty of space on the floor to play. It can also help to make the room look bigger than it actually is. Decluttering the room by putting the items on the shelves will ensure you can make the most of the limited space.

Get a Bed With Drawers Underneath
You can get many great beds for kids with drawers underneath for their belongings. You may want to put tops and bottoms in there if they have limited wardrobe space. Or you may even be able to put their toys in there. You should ensure you get bedding which will cover the drawers to keep the room looking attractive.

Decorate the room in light colors to make the room look bigger. And here’s some fun ideas for making a creative bedroom for your child.

Until next time,
Jada x
A few months ago, I wrote a post titled Urinary Incontinence After Pregnancy and was surprised at the amount of emails I'd received from various readers and visitors who thanked me for being open to incontinence. That's one of the reasons why I opened up about it, because I'm tired of it being a taboo, along with lots of other health 'issues' of course.

When I come across this infographic from Hartmann Direct who sale incontinence pads, I had to share it, because of course there's a link between pregnancy and incontinence, after all those babies do lean on your bladder! Whilst this wasn't news to my ears, I was surprised to find that a staggering 62% of those surveyed had incontinence during their pregnancy, and 50% carried on having problems after childbirth. 

Thanks to this infographic from Hartmann Direct, I've also discovered what food and drinks to avoid, and now plan to stop the can or two of fizzy I consume every day!

Take a look at the results yourself by reading the infographic below.

Jada x

Grandparents, known to many of us as the second set of parents, special people to say the very least. Grandparents are often known to hold families together, they're the ones we can speak to when we're not able to speak to our parents, they're the ones we can go to for some of grandma's homemade pudding, and the ones we go to for some chill out time.

After being there for their children and grandchildren for so many years, life can often take a toll on grandparents worldwide, and families come together to help them through the later stages of life. When the human body gets older, it's natural for our bodies to become weaker, we sleep more and need more rest and that's not to mention the aides that are around to help.

I've put together this post with the five things that my family found helpful when helping out elderly and less abled family members!

1. Hire a Cleaner
We all know time flies too quickly, so when there's a pile of task to do at someone else's house, illuminating as much work as you can is always a good start. Hiring a cleaner through a company will ensure trustworthy cleaners and ones who give a good thorough clean, alternatively you can pay the younger generations in the family to have a whizz around every day.

2. Buy a Simple but Easy Mobile Phone.
To the younger generation, having a smartphone is an essential, however to the older generation having a basic phone which can make a call as simple and easy as possible is an essential. Fork out on a easy to use mobile and leave it with the person you're caring for incase they need to make an emergency calls, one I recommend is a Doro Secure 580 which you can see here.

3. Order Dinner In Via a Meal Delivery Service.
Just like cleaning, having to cook for someone else and then clean up aft without even cooking for your own family can delay crucial time. Consider using a company who deliver meals to the door, or ask your local council about their meals on wheels policy!

Image Source.
Such companies who deliver ready meals to your door are Wiltshire Farm Foods, Oakhouse Foods, Joseph Pip and many more, or you could just stock up on ready meals from your local supermarket, but again this could be time consuming and not always the easiest option.

4. Adapt The Home
If the situation you're currently helping out in looks like it's going to be a long term deal, then think about adapting the home to suit the person's needs. Wet rooms, stair lifts and hand rails are always a good place to start, but we mustn't forget other important home features like arm chairs and sofa's. Being able to pull yourself up when you're feeling so weak can be a difficult and dangerous task, invest in one or two riser recliner chairs and help the person you're caring for that little bit more.

5. Enlist in Help.
Don't be afraid to ask for help, whether it be from other family members or the local health and community team or even social services. Running your own home and trying to look after your own family is hard enough without added task being put on top of the load. Enlist help and take regular breaks for yourself, if you don't ask for help, no one will know you need it and will think you're handling things fine.

Until next time,
Jada x
There comes a point in your life when you realise that it’s time to get more organised. Perhaps you’re saving for a house, or you need to lose some weight? Whatever the reason, help is at hand! Stop coming up with excuses and start changing your life, you’ll thank me later for it.

Get your finances in order!

Are you saving to buy a house, or looking to rent somewhere? You might need to build up your credit score, see this for Credit Report. It's time to start looking at ways you can improve your score, like for example does that new handbag need to be purchased on your credit card? Look at ways you can consolidate your debt too; there are balance transfer credit cards which can lower the amount you are repaying by moving to a better deal.

Start the fitness regime you’ve always wanted to do!
If you’ve been unhappy with your weight, but done nothing about it so far, then now is the time. Sign up at your local gym and start getting more active, or start going for a walk every evening. There is a range of different exercises and classes out there; you’ve just got to put the effort in and get started.

Are you happy in your job?
Many people are unhappy in their job, but they don’t do anything about it. You spend years of your life at work, so why not be happy with the work you do? Have a look at job boards online, and see if there is anything better suited to your skills. If you need to retrain, then look into courses nearby. A lot of colleges run evening courses so you can study and work at the same time, so at least you can still be earning money.

Image Source.
Be kinder to others.
Ok, so this may sound a bit of a strange one, but there is a lot to be said for being kind to everyone. Think of the days when you are stressed and running late for everything. What happens? MORE bad things. You get the slow drivers in front of you; then you get stuck in a traffic jam. By the time you’ve arrived at your destination, you are feeling miserable. By changing the way you think and react to these situations, you can improve the way you cope with the everyday things. This leads to a better understanding of yourself and others.

Have more fun!
What do you do for fun? Whether you enjoy baking or traveling, you should never underestimate how good it is for your mind and body to do something you enjoy. Doing something you love is perfect for your wellbeing and also keeps you from becoming bored.

Live in the moment...
If you can learn to live in the moment, then you’ll feel a lot happier. It’s a difficult trick to manage, as it means no stressing about the future or obsessing over what happened yesterday. Live for today and you’ll find that life is all about the little moments of joy.

Jada x
If you’re lucky enough to have a lovely, private garden, you might be looking for ideas to make the most of the space. All of us wish we could spend more time outdoors in our own gardens. There are plenty of reasons why you might be a little put off! Try some of these fabulous ideas that will help you love spending time in your garden again.

Keeping in with the neighbours, and away from them, is easier with a good boundary fence. You may be allowed to enclose your property at the rear with a fence that is up to 2 metres high. It’s a good idea to check with your local planning office, especially if your home is listed or adjacent to non-residential land. You can also choose the material you use for your boundary within reason. A brick wall may require planning permission. Fencing can be made of wood or plastic to reduce the maintenance required. All solutions are likely to require concrete posts or footings.

Tending to your garden can be enormously enjoyable and highly rewarding. There are plenty of options too. If you’re worried about the quality of the soil, why not use pots, planters and containers? You can enjoy incredible colours from flowers most of the year. Why not check out a fruit plants and trees nursery to enjoy fresh food straight from your garden? You don’t have to turn your garden into an allotment to grow your own fruit and veg.

Image Source: Pixabay
When you have kids and pets, you need a garden that is lots of fun. It encourages the whole family to spend more time outside being active. A trampoline or a climbing frame can keep kids fit. And some can take an adult’s weight too! Why not create an area for sand and water play? Maybe you could enjoy chalk painting on your patio? For little ones, a covered area can be ideal to avoid excess exposure to the sun. It means you can use the area even on a damp day.

When you’re looking for a place to relax after a tough day at work, your garden could be ideal. You might have a little reading nook down by the shrubs. Maybe you could install a little arbour or gazebo? Water features are thought to offer a lot of relaxation, but you don’t need to stop there. As the days start to shorten again, why not light up your water feature and garden? You can choose different colours and even add some relaxing music. Some people like to enjoy meditation or Yoga in their gardens. A sun or garden room can be ideal for this.

Many people have just enough outdoor space to be able to enjoy a few days a year out in their gardens. But these ideas could provide just enough inspiration to get you back outside most of the year. Whether you’re having fun with your kids, or harvesting your own fruits, there is plenty to do out there.

Jada x

Tackling The Stress and Bad Habits.

by Jada, August 19, 2016
A few weeks ago, I planned on giving up smoking along with my partner Gareth. Between the two of us, we spend a disgusting amount on cigarettes, and know that it's not good for our healths. I purchase my cigarettes in bulk, and had enough to last me until Sunday the 7th of August, so my plan was to give up then, with Gareth following suit when he felt ready.

Then came Saturday the 6th of August, the day my next door neighbour exposed himself to me, and it made all my plans go up in the air. I know it sounds like I'm making excuses, but I seriously feel like those packets of cigarettes I got through was part of the reason why I didn't have a breakdown. They kept me sane, and kept my stress levels from raising any more, along with lots of support of course.

It's so easy for a smoker to say they're going to give up smoking, but actually following through with the task is a whole different story as many will know, as the saying goes, it's easier said than done. Thousands before have done it, my own mum for example, she's been smoke free for 16 years, it would of been 20 years but she started smoking again for 18 months when her dad - my grandad got admitted to hospital, sadly he never came out.

Back when my mum gave up smoking, it was a case of going cold turkey or using patches which irritated her skin as she suffers with psoriasis, I myself can't use the patches either due to my chronic and severe psoriasis, and I just don't have the willpower to go cold turkey.

 I've been smoking for seven years and utterly disgust myself when I think of the money I've spent during these seven years on cigarettes. After hearing so many success stories of people giving up smoking I'm asking for any advice anyone may have? I don't want anything to help me, I want to try and do it as natural and as close to cold turkey as possible!

Unfortunately due to the recent situation, my psoriasis and Hidradenitis Suppurativa (something that I've not spoken about on the blog before but do plan to in the near future!) have got a lot worse too, I'm currently waiting for an appointment with a dermatologist at the hospital as my doctors have done everything they can for me. 

Life has been very stressful, but I'm taking all the right steps to get those stress levels down!

Until next time,
Jada x
Every single time you start dating a new person, there are butterflies in your stomach and the world is coloured in pink. But after a while, you “suddenly” discover that something is wrong between the two of you. Be sure, nothing comes from nothing. There are always some hints you and your partner are incompatible. You’d better figure this out before your relationship becomes completely unhealthy. Let’s now look at the most common “red flags” with

1. Their Manners Are Bad.
Some women expect men courting them just because it must be so. Men should be a gentleman obviously, however, women shouldn’t forget about politeness as well. If she never says “Thank you” when you buy flowers or hold a door for her, this is a very bad sign. Does she care about your feelings? Does she recognise your efforts? You may think of impolite behaviour as of something minor, but the way she accepts your gestures should warn you about potential problems in other aspects of your love life. Of course this applies to men as well!

Image Source: Pixabay.

2. You Can’t Deal With That Jealousness. 
I bet you've heard all that stuff about men`s polygamist nature countless times and what they want to convey, fidelity is important. However, some partners accuse their other half with no good reason. If this is your case, think carefully about your future.

3. They're a Nagger.
You may be surprised, but positivity is a key to anybody`s heart. No one likes severe, cold, arrogant, and complaining people. So if you notice that your date is constantly displeased with everything, it’s time to answer the question: are they really what you want?

4. They Keep Too Much Distance
Relationship implies trust. You don’t have to tell them all your secrets at once, neither has do you reveal your nature on the first date, but after spending some time as a couple, you will share some personal things. Let’s assume you’re ready, but how about them? Besides, if they refuse to meet your friends and family, or keeps you away from their dearest people, this is a true red flag. 

5. Unable To Be Yourself Around Them.
Love requires tons of work, yet it must bring you happiness as well. The ability to show your true self to your partner is totally important. All relationships should be based on mutual respect and appreciation, but what if your date neglects your interests and goals? Do they make you wear a mask? Keep an eye on such hints and be honest with yourself.

6. They Don’t Listen To You.
There are people who're sure the world revolves around them. Hence, they don’t feel the urge to give anything to people around – be it attention, respect, compassion, or a simple smile. You may talk about things that really mean a lot to you, but they seem to be bored and prefer hanging in social networks. Then, a question comes: do you really need to waste your time trying to reach an indifferent other half’s mind?

7. You Can’t Imagine What This Relationship May Bring.
As far as I believe, a bond becomes serious only in the course of time, but in the very beginning of your relationship, there are things to consider. When you meet someone who is right for you, it’s not that difficult to set some plans for the future. On the contrary, being with a wrong person, you will never make up your mind to open new horizons together.

8. Feeling Like You're a Bad Person.
If your partner never says they appreciate your character or deeds, you start feeling like you’re not good enough for them. You constantly try to prove yourself as a nice person, but it seems like they don’t respond to your initiative. In this case, you two definitely have something to talk over. Perhaps, there is something they're really displeased with? Try to fix the problems before it’s too late.

Jada x

War With The Pervert Next Door.

by Jada, August 16, 2016
I wasn't going to write anything on my blog about the situation I've found myself in recently, but I'm the victim, not the person who committed the crime, so why should I hide away from the place that's saved me so many times before?

On Saturday the 6th of August, my next door neighbour exposed himself to me in our gardens, separated by a chain fence, resulting in him getting arrested by the police, however, as he admitted the offence by saying it was an accident, the police couldn't do anything more.

The ordeal has affected me quite badly, more than I ever thought it would. For the first 24 hours, I was shocked, don't get me wrong, I felt so many other emotions but shocked was what I felt the most in that first 24 hours. Then come lots of other emotions, ones that won't go away, still now 10 days later.

My son has seen his mum cry every single day, more than once a day, he's seen his mum in a right state, he's heard his mum continuously jumping every time the door knocks, he's seen his mum on the edge, he's seen a big change in his mummy, the woman who's always strong, the woman who holds it together.

Today is the first proper day I've been left alone at home with Spud, since the incident happened, I've had people round me all the time, my friends and family have been amazing, so have Victim Support. Yesterday though, a part of the old me came back, the me who said no one is changing or ruining my life.

I admit defeat in a way, he has changed me, drastically, but I won't be afraid in my own home. I'm not afraid of him anymore, I'm afraid for him. I come from a very big family, and he's seen most of them since the incident happened, if he wants war, he can have war. We're ready.

The police let me down, and although I will continue to call them if more happens, I worry, there's only so much one human can take and I willl go to prison for my son.

I've had abuse shouted over my fence, and nails and screws put into MY fence.

The fence that I had to go and spend £440 on, lending money from family members to give us some privacy from the pervert.

Before this incident happened to me, I'd read articles of the police seeking a man exposing himself, and wondered why there was so much about it, now its happened to me, I know how awful it leaves the victims feeling. Being scared in your own home, in your own company isn't normal nor right. I'd be lying if I said I believe this man won't do it again.

After all, I'm at the very least his third victim! I've found out about his two previous victims, and spoke to one of them, and she felt disgusted and weary just like me. To say it changes you is an understatement.

However, no one, no man, no woman will break me.

I will go on and I promise you one thing, when the pervert drops down dead I will throw one MASSIVE party to celebrate his death!

There's a lot more to this story, and whilst I appreciate I have the freedom of speech, I realise there's snitches living here, and we all know what happens with snitches, it will just cause more trouble.

I was the victim, he wanted me to be afraid of him, he won for a little over a week.

No more pervert, I promise you that.

I will make your life as uncomfortable as you try to make mine.

Carry on putting nails through my fence, trying to cause injury, because I'll just keep smacking them back through.

Carry on trying to intimidate me with your guest, I'll bring guest round too.

In the blink of an eye, my family was round the very next day to put up a fence to protect mine and my son's face from his ugly mug. Various places of work was called notifying employers my family members wouldn't be in.

Another time I had to call my brother who arrived with lots of friends after getting abused over the fence, they soon shut their mouths then.

I will not let you victimise me anymore.
Buying the best quality of furniture is a must if you want to get a great looking home, and why not save money whilst at it. Knowing how to find the best cheap quality furniture will mean it lasts longer, so you don’t have to spend money on repairs and replacements. You will usually be able to tell if the furniture is high quality too, which will give your home a better look overall. Don’t panic, though: you don’t need to spend a fortune to buy the best quality furniture. You can find some amazing pieces for a great price if you’re smart. If you’re interested in finding the best quality furniture, read on…

Always Look For Sturdy Wooden Furniture
Sturdy wooden furniture is very important if you want to go for the wooden look. The first thing you need to know is the differences between certain types of wood. Hardwood furniture comes from deciduous trees, such as oak or beech trees. Softwood furniture comes from coniferous trees, like the fir and pine tree. Just because something is softwood doesn’t mean it won’t be high quality, and vice versa. To be able to tell whether a piece of wooden furniture is really high quality, use a fingernail to see if you can make a dent in it. If you do this easily, then the item will not stand the test of time and you should avoid it. You can also rap on the furniture to see what you hear. It goes without saying that solid wood furniture is the highest quality and will last the longest. Anything hollow or something that sounds like cardboard should be avoided also.

Make Sure You Test Doors And Draws
Test out any doors and draws on the furniture before you buy. You should slide draws in and out to make sure they do so evenly, and that they don’t stick. Doors should open and close smoothly. This is where you really want to pay attention to the way the furniture is put together too. If you want to make sure your furniture lasts, wooden joins are the strongest. They will hold the most weight, so they are a must for storage pieces. Things with glued on elements should usually be avoided at all costs. Even metal nails won’t be as sturdy as you probably think. Be smart with your purchases.

Does it Wobble?
If you’re viewing an item in person, do the wobble test. Push down on it with a firm hand and see if it shakes. All legs of the item should touch the floor nicely.

Don’t Rush To Buy Furniture
Don’t rush to buy furniture, especially just because you’ve found a seemingly good offer. Places that offer 0% interest deals can usually do so because their furniture is ridiculously overpriced as it is. This tricks you into thinking you’re getting a great deal, when in reality, you’re paying way more than you should be to begin with. In some cases, you can find good deals, but you need to know that what you’re buying is worth it first.

Buy At The Right Time Of Year
That being said about certain deals, sometimes it’s a good idea to buy at specific times of the year. Around Christmas, for instance, you can find some great deals and offers on quality furniture. It could be worth waiting to buy until these sales roll around, as you can save a substantial amount.

Be Sure To Think About Your Lifestyle
It makes no sense splashing out a fortune on great furniture if it doesn’t suit your lifestyle. Buying a plush white couch might look amazing to begin with, but if you have a family of boys, for example, it won’t stay that way for long! If you and your family like snuggling up on the couch to watch films, then something cosy is a must. Think about how you use your furniture, and go from there. Comfort and ease of use should come before aesthetics!

Use these pointers to help you the next time you need to buy new furniture for your home. You’ll end up with a piece of furniture to stand the test of time that’ll be worth every penny. Just make sure you choose a style and colour that you won’t get bored of quickly. You might think you’ll love the colour forest green forever, but in a year it might be a different story. Things like that will be hard to sell on too! Make smart decisions and use these tips for the best result. Happy furniture shopping!

Jada x
If you're looking for a creative way to provide your children with quality play-time, buying a trampoline is one of the best ways to promote active play. Not only is it entertaining for your children, but being a platform for exercising, it also helps boost their health. When purchasing a trampoline you need to research the market thoroughly so that you are sure your money doesn’t go to waste. The trampoline should exude quality in terms of performance and safety and should put your children’s safety first. Below are some of the most important aspects to look for in quality trampoline design.

When it comes to buying a trampoline, safety should be at the top of your priority list — and at the top of the manufacturer’s as well. When looking for a trampoline, a spring-less design guarantees the largest reduction in injury. Spring systems increase the chances of injury especially since all springs are situated horizontal to the frame and within reach of the jumping area. Such a system puts your children’s arms, legs and other body parts in danger of becoming pinched or trapped.

Alternatively, Springfree trampolines utilise flexible composite rods which are much safer compared to traditional springs — as they are located below the jumping surface, preventing any contact with the bouncer. Additionally, the frame itself is placed below the jumping mat as well so that children are in minimal contact with any of the harmful parts. Additionally, Springfree offers the SoftEdge mat, which is 30 times for shock absorbent than traditional pads that cover springs, while the FlexiNet enclosure guides jumpers safely back to the surface thanks to flexible carbon rods (and not rigid steel poles) that absorb energy and weight rather than resisting them. To better understand the trend-setting advances being made in the trampoline design game, find a Springfree Trampoline for sale in your area, and test it for yourself!

Another aspect that you need to look at when purchasing a trampoline is its ability to resist weather conditions. The trampoline, being an outdoor item, should be built such that it can be left outside even in adverse weather. With Springfree trampolines, you do not have to worry about product degradation, as you can leave them outside without having to worry that they might get damaged. Each trampoline is built with rust and UV-resistant parts, ensuring the longevity of each model.

If a company has a great reputation, it means that they have really outdone themselves in terms of quality. Springfree trampolines offer the highest-quality models in the market today, having won the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award in 2011, meaning that they have been tested and approved by actual US parents.

These are just a few of the things that you should look for when choosing a trampoline for your garden. If you're sure to find a brand that is weather-resistant, safety-oriented, and that has won industry awards, you are well on your way to finding a trampoline that is both safe and fun for your family.

Jada x