Friday 19 August 2016

8 Signs You're Dating the Wrong Person.

Every single time you start dating a new person, there are butterflies in your stomach and the world is coloured in pink. But after a while, you “suddenly” discover that something is wrong between the two of you. Be sure, nothing comes from nothing. There are always some hints you and your partner are incompatible. You’d better figure this out before your relationship becomes completely unhealthy. Let’s now look at the most common “red flags” with

1. Their Manners Are Bad.
Some women expect men courting them just because it must be so. Men should be a gentleman obviously, however, women shouldn’t forget about politeness as well. If she never says “Thank you” when you buy flowers or hold a door for her, this is a very bad sign. Does she care about your feelings? Does she recognise your efforts? You may think of impolite behaviour as of something minor, but the way she accepts your gestures should warn you about potential problems in other aspects of your love life. Of course this applies to men as well!

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2. You Can’t Deal With That Jealousness. 
I bet you've heard all that stuff about men`s polygamist nature countless times and what they want to convey, fidelity is important. However, some partners accuse their other half with no good reason. If this is your case, think carefully about your future.

3. They're a Nagger.
You may be surprised, but positivity is a key to anybody`s heart. No one likes severe, cold, arrogant, and complaining people. So if you notice that your date is constantly displeased with everything, it’s time to answer the question: are they really what you want?

4. They Keep Too Much Distance
Relationship implies trust. You don’t have to tell them all your secrets at once, neither has do you reveal your nature on the first date, but after spending some time as a couple, you will share some personal things. Let’s assume you’re ready, but how about them? Besides, if they refuse to meet your friends and family, or keeps you away from their dearest people, this is a true red flag. 

5. Unable To Be Yourself Around Them.
Love requires tons of work, yet it must bring you happiness as well. The ability to show your true self to your partner is totally important. All relationships should be based on mutual respect and appreciation, but what if your date neglects your interests and goals? Do they make you wear a mask? Keep an eye on such hints and be honest with yourself.

6. They Don’t Listen To You.
There are people who're sure the world revolves around them. Hence, they don’t feel the urge to give anything to people around – be it attention, respect, compassion, or a simple smile. You may talk about things that really mean a lot to you, but they seem to be bored and prefer hanging in social networks. Then, a question comes: do you really need to waste your time trying to reach an indifferent other half’s mind?

7. You Can’t Imagine What This Relationship May Bring.
As far as I believe, a bond becomes serious only in the course of time, but in the very beginning of your relationship, there are things to consider. When you meet someone who is right for you, it’s not that difficult to set some plans for the future. On the contrary, being with a wrong person, you will never make up your mind to open new horizons together.

8. Feeling Like You're a Bad Person.
If your partner never says they appreciate your character or deeds, you start feeling like you’re not good enough for them. You constantly try to prove yourself as a nice person, but it seems like they don’t respond to your initiative. In this case, you two definitely have something to talk over. Perhaps, there is something they're really displeased with? Try to fix the problems before it’s too late.

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