My 2016 Dreams..♥

by Jada, November 30, 2015
2016 is very nearly upon us, and as usual, this time of year is when we start to plan our new year's resolutions, write out our bucket list, and dream big for our hopes! I wished for a house, well every garden year after year, and now I've got that garden for my boy, it's took me a little longer this year to make up my mind, however, I've now got them finalised - for now at least, and would like to record them somewhere where I know I will be reminded of what they're, just so I don't use the excuse of - I forgot!

1: For Spud To Be Seen By The Relevant Healthcare Teams.
This year, I was told Spud potentially has Autism, or something else similar. So far, Spud has had an education psychologist visit him, has been attending school for an extra hour four days a week (four extra hours in total) to take part in specialist classes catered for his sensory needs, and has been referred to a number of departments at the hospital. The waiting list are so long, it's just a waiting game!

2: Learn To Drive!
This is another repeated one some of you may be familiar with, I'm still yet to drive a car for the very first time, or even start a car to be honest, but I'm hoping 2016 is the year to start! I dream about passing my practical test the first time round, choosing the perfect family friendly car from Parkway Contracts and then jumping in the car whenever we're bored! I rely on public transport way too much, and I'd love to change this so we can do more things as a family, instead of being limited with options due to public transport!

3: To Lose Weight...
Another repeated new years resolution, I think I've added this onto my list every single year, and fail my task without a doubt every single time! 2016 has to be the starting point though as I'm being bridesmaid for my sisters wedding! There's also the fact that I am engaged too now, and I don't want to be a big bride, I want to feel comfortable and confident on my big day, and we all have to start somewhere!

4: For My House To Be Finished!
I've lived here for just over a year now and there's still so, so much to do! There's the downstairs hallway, upstairs landing, the bathroom, the two bedrooms and lets not forget the gardens! If it was a simple case of painting the walls and decorating, then the house would of been finished so long ago! However, it's a lot more complex than just whacking some paint on the walls, it's not only going to take a long time, but it's also going to cost a lot of money!

5: For Good Health & Relationships ♥
Last but not least, I hope, pray and wish for good health for all of my loved ones, I also wish, hope and pray for good relationships, no more relationship break downs as I've already lost enough people who was once close to me, relationships of any kind can break down over night, in a flash actually, so I'm not taking nothing for granted, but hoping no more friendships fall through!

What are your hopes and dreams for 2016?

Jada x

Magical Offers With The Disney Store!

by Jada, November 27, 2015
Another Disney post, that I am so not sorry for, but I promise it's a post worth reading! With Black Friday sales happening world wide, this has to be my favourite Black Friday sale that I've seen, and it's not because I'm a massive Disney fan, along with Spud! Our home is 70% Disney, but of course there is always room for more, and with some amazing offers, what Disney fan could resist!?


Anna Coronation Dress - £15!

On offer for 50% less of the original price, why not treat your Frozen mad child to this coronation dress and let them be Anna from Frozen for the day?


Disney Infinity 3.0 Characters - 2 for £18!

Working out at just £9 each when you participate in the deal, it's the cheapest you'll find the latest Disney Infinity 3.0 characters for! I'm planning on getting Spud two as soon as payday arrives!

Offer ends 23rd December 2015.


Miles From Tomorrow Pyjamas - £7.47!

I picked these up at full price a few weeks ago in London's Disney Store, but I'm not upset, I'm just going to purchase Spud's next size in the sale ready for him to grow into! You can't get better then Disney quality when it comes to clothes!


Large Disney Characters - £20!

Another 50% saving is on these large Disney characters, originally £40 each, why not grab yourself a bargain and pick one up for just £20? Personalisation is available online for £4.95 extra!


Frozen Slippers - £6.96!

You'll pay more for similar slippers from cheaper brands, so why not get the real thing and make a saving too!? 



Spend £50 or more and get a £5 voucher!
Spend £100 or more and get a £10 voucher!

Jada x

Recently, I've been sharing a few competitions with you all, as the festive period creeps upon us, it's a good time of year to try and win some prizes! Prizes come in all shapes and sizes, you can win books, you can win chocolate, you can win toys and games, you can win vouchers and cash, you can win hampers and phones, and then you can win a Jaguar E Type Driving Experience thanks to U Drive Cars!

Worth £99, why not enter the competition to give yourself or a loved one, a Jaguar E Type driving experience!? Running until December 11th, there is plenty of time to enter, and with 13 ways to enter, you're really not stuck for choice! You'll get to drive this style icon for 6 laps in the car that made Enzo Ferrari say that it was the most beautiful car he never designed!

The car is the winner of the most recent beautiful car of all time competition, in Autocar Magazine, not only does it look sensational, but it sounds amazing too and it goes like the wind with 265BHP and 150MP, they're truly fantastic cars! Why not enter the driving experience competition for your chance to win this luxury and unique prize!? 

I know quite a few people who would love to win this driving experience, it would be a fantastic Christmas present, a wonderful birthday gift and the best anniversary present to receive! 

Enter the competition via the Rafflecopter form below, or enter the competition on the U Drive Cars website!

Good luck,
Jada x

Terms and Conditions
  • UK entrants only
  • Prize cannot be exchanged
  • Driver must hold a full manual driving licence and must be at least 17 years of age.
  • The experience is valid until the 30/09/16 and the experience must be booked and take place before this date.
  • Events run on selected Fridays and Saturdays until September 2016. We recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.
  • The Jaguar E Type Experience is a 6 Lap drive around our course with a commemorative certificate on completion. Children, friends and family are welcome to spectate at no extra charge.
  • Time of booking is subject to availability.
  • This competition is not open to U Drive Cars employees.
I mentioned in my previous post that I will be sharing some fabulous competitions with you all, and so the second competition I'd love to share with you is also from a baby health care specialist but this time it's Infacol! 

The Infacol Challenge is a little different from the other game I mentioned in my last post, and is a tiny bit more difficult, but it's still great fun and who doesn't love a challenge or two!?

To win instant prizes such as Phil & Teds Ultimate Baby Bundle, worth over £700 and £100s worth of Venture Studio vouchers, all you have to do is take part in two small, quick and easy colic related game challenges!

The first challenge is the tricky dropper challenge! All you have to do is drop the dropper onto the target! Hit nine (9) targets before the time runs out and then you go onto the second challenge!

The second challenge is a frantic bubble busting game, all you have to do is tab 40 bubbles in the virtual baby's tummy before the time is up!

You will only be able to enter the prize draw if you complete both challenges in the 80 seconds provided!

To find out what's in the baby's belly, all you have to do is:

1. Search or find Infacol on Facebook: and like the page.

2. Click on the Infacol Challenge app. 

3. Take on the two Infacol Challenges!

4. If you beat the clock and complete both games in under 80 seconds, you'll then be entered into an instant prize draw!

5: Play the game everyday for the chance to win, and earn extra game plays by liking and following on other social media platforms!

I personally need to practise a few more times as I can't pop the bubbles quick enough, so I've not been able to enter the prize draw just yet, but on my last try I was only one bubble point away!

Good luck,
Jada x

You may have seen some gremlins lurking on Facebook recently, because yesterday, Sudocrem's Save Christmas (#SaveChristmas) app officially launched on Facebook! It's now our time to help save Christmas by bashing them little Gremlins as soon as we see them, of course in return for not only saving Christmas, but for points to enter a fabulous giveaway too of course!

It's the time of year when most of us start to feel the financial strain of Christmas, if you didn't have enough to buy for already, our siblings decide to have another baby, or your best friend does instead, or the shops inflate their prices like we found a money tree!

So us compers, because after my comping luck this weekend, I've decided to try and enter more competitions, are trying our luck in trying to win some Christmas presents! Luckily, I've found some brilliant competitions, and I have to share them!

First up is this amazing competition from Sudocrem, the game is very easy! You just click on little nappy rash gremlins and their parachutes and help #SaveChristmas! Each gremlin you click on gives you one point each time, but be careful not to click on the presents as they will loose you one point each time! Reach 40 points before the time (60 seconds) has run out for your chance to win some amazing prizes!

Instant prizes include Amazon Kindle Fires, Amazon Vouchers, Miffy prizes, Milton prizes, Aquabeads prizes and many, many more!

To find out what's in the nappy, and to win prizes making yourself happy, all you have to do is:

1: Search or find Sudocrem on Facebook: and like the page!

2: Click on the Save Christmas app.

3: Beat the Nappy Rash Gremlins and avoid presents to earn points.

4: Score 40 points in 60 seconds, and be in with the chance of winning an instant prize!

5: Play the game everyday for the chance to win, and earn extra game plays by liking and following on other social media platforms!

I've played the game four times now, and haven't been lucky just yet! Negative thinking get's us no where though, and so, it's positive thinking from me to you!

Good luck in #SavingChristmas!
Jada x

Spud's Parcels!

by Jada, November 24, 2015
In the run up to Christmas, bloggers world wide I'm sure can agree, your door does not stop going, whether it's the postie bringing you parcels, or letters to sign for, or couriers from various companies needing you to sign for parcels, it just never ends!

This past week, Spud has received quite a few items in the post, and so I'd thought I'd share what he's received in the post, on the blog for this last week!

Non-Stretch Vintage Jeans // £35 // Esprit

Spud has had about three growth spurts since the start of the year, I kid you not when I say we go through clothes like no tomorrow! I purchased these skinny fit vintage jeans for him as I know they'll go great with his Converse, wellie boots, or even some sandles if the weather was right!

TY Beanie Boos Squeaker the Mouse // £7 // Claire's

This was Spud's pocket money item for the week! Spud's been collecting the TY Beanie Boo's for a couple of months now and already has nine in his collection! I spoke to him about keeping the tags on, and I'm pleased he's listened to the advice as all nine of his TY Beanie Boos have the tags intact! 

Elf On The Shelf // £29.95 // Baby Republic

An exciting email arrived in my inbox recently, the official UK launch for the Elf on the Shelf is taking place this month! Our friends over in America have had this lovely Christmas tradition for a few years, and now it's hitting UK stores! I of course couldn't turn down a review! Spud doesn't know anything about this one just yet, but I know he'll be over the moon when he finds out!

Inside Out DVD // £9.99 // HMV

We was very lucky to be asked to be involved with the Inside Out Home Viewing Party that took place on Twitter yesterday between 4-6pm! An Inside Out bag arrived on Friday, filled to the brim with Inside Out goodies including the DVD! The movie was officially released in the UK yesterday, if you've not already seen the film, it's an absolute must! Critics love it, as do I and Spud, and that's not because we're biased big Disney fans!

Nutcracker Decoration // £4.99 // B&Ms

Last Christmas, Spud watched a children's television show and ever since he has become a keen fan of nutcrackers! Spotting one for under five pounds this last week after searching high and low for a few months, I picked him this one up from B&M's! I'm planning on letting the elf bring it as a gift one day!

Thermal Parker // £69 // Esprit

Whilst searching for jeans, yes jeans, this coat accidentally landed into my basket! I took it out of the basket many times, but only added it back in the minute I done so! I was hesitant to spend that much money on a coat, but I love the brand and know how long their clothes last due to good quality! Once Spud has grown out of the coat, I'll be passing it down onto my nephew, Spud's younger cousin.


What's arrived in your household this week? Hopefully more fun items then bills! With just 30 odd days left until Christmas, it will soon be the time for us to send and receive Christmas cards!

Until next time,
Jada x
For as long as I can remember, we've celebrated the countdown to Christmas in my family with advent calendars, of course this doesn't apply to just my family, but families across the globe! Although we're not just as advanced yet as our friends over in America, we're not far behind!

Things have changed since I was a child, I recall calendars counting down past Christmas, and up until new years! These days though, calendars rarely go past the 24th day of December, with Christmas Eve being the last window on the calendar to open!

I've put together my selection of my most favourite advent calendars to show off to you lovely lot! I must warn you, they're pretty amazing, and may result in you spending some money!

Jada x

LEGO® City Advent Calendar - £19.99

What child, or even adult doesn't like LEGO®? With the LEGO® City Advent Calendar, parents can have peace of mind, not fearing about stepping on tiny pieces, of course until them windows are open! Featuring an awesome 24 gifts that will make each day a special day, this calendar includes six minifigures with assorted accessories (includes Santa!), two mini cars with remote control elements, a Christmas tree, presents, a dog, a snowman and much more!

There is also a LEGO® Star Wars calendar and LEGO® Friends calendar available! 

More information available here.

Available to buy from LEGO®, Argos, Amazon, John Lewis, The Entertainer, Asda, Tesco, Debenhams and many more places!


PLAYMOBIL Santa`s Workshop Advent Calendar - £19.99

The Playmobil Santa's workshop advent calendar also has 24 boxes to count down to the big day, and as each box opens it creates a beautiful Christmas scene! With Father Christmas and his two elves helping load the sleigh with toys, pulled by his trusty reindeer! The set contains one angel figure, presents, assorted toys, a wheelbarrow and lots more! The calendar also contains a bonus PLAYMOBIL memory card game!

There are a number of other PLAYMOBIL advent calendars available including Unicorn Fairyland, and Dragons Treasure Battle. 

More information available here.

Available to buy from PLAYMOBIL, Argos, Amazon, Toys R Us, John Lewis, Tesco and many more places!

Divine Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar - £4

I believe that cocoa farmers should receive a fair pay for their work and products, and so I'm a big fan of Divine who pay fairly for their ingredients by fairtrade. As you open each door of this advent calendar, you not only get to enjoy a heavenly milk chocolate heart but you also get to enjoy the nativity story as it unfolds each day. Illustrated by Stephen Waterhouse, it's not only a delicious advent calendar, but one that tells the story of Christmas too!

This is one of two calendars available from Divine this year.

More information available here.

Available to buy from Divine, Amazon, Tesco, Ocado and independant stores.


Lindt Advent Calendar 160g - £5.49

Filled with 24 iconic Lindt Christmas milk chocolate novelties, including mini reindeer hollows, Lindor milk chocolate mini truffles and mini santa hollows, this calendar is well worth the price. Lindt is one of the leading chocolatiers around, you pay for what you get, and what you get with Lindt is a truly amazing chocolate experience every single time!

This calendar is just one of a few available to purchase from Lindt this year!

More information available here.

Available to buy from Lindt, Sainsbury's, Amazon, Waitrose,  Tesco and Ocado.


Jelly Belly Advent Calendar - £13

Most advent calendars you see are filled with chocolate, which Spud isn't the biggest of fans of, so we was super pleased to discover a jelly bean one, but not just any jelly bean one, a Jelly Belly advent calendar! Featuring Mr Jelly Belly in the festive mood, dressed as santa on the front, each triangle window opens the door to 24 pyramid bags weighing 10g each!

With flavours such as Tutti Fruitti, Very Cherry, Bubblegum, Blueberry, Top Banana, Cotton Candy, Vanilla, Toasted Marshmallow and a special surprise flavour hidden behind door number 24, it's not only a tasty calendar, but an exciting one too! The jelly beans are made with real fruit purees where possible and the calendar is suitable for vegetarians! It's also gluten, dairy, fat and peanut free! 

More information available here.

Available to buy from Jelly Belly, John Lewis, Debenhams, Amazon and Ocado.


Fotoinsight Chocolate Advent Calendar - £7.99

What's more better than a chocolate advent calendar? A personalised chocolate advent calendar of course! Add a picture of your choice to make this personalised advent calendar for a special someone! Behind each of the 24 windows, you'll find a festively wrapped continental milk chocolate bauble, sweetening the lead up to Christmas day!

This is just one of four personalised calendars from Fotoinsight!

More information available here.

Available to buy from Fotoinsight.


Godiva Advent Calendar - £23.00

Counting down to Christmas with elves, (seven elves to be precise) is just one marvelous reason as to why you need this calendar in your life, but of course there's the fact that you get to enjoy delicious chocolate too! Chocolatiers from Belgium since 1926, Godiva is known worldwide for its luxury and delicious chocolates, just bill santa for the price!

More information available here.

Available to buy from Godiva, John Lewis, Harrods and Selfridges.


Holland & Barrett - Dairy Free Advent Calendar - £3.99

Unfortunately not all of us can eat what we'd like, with intolerances to food becoming more known, its great to see Holland and Barrett doing their fair share and creating a dairy free advent calendar for those who have dairy allergies and intolerances! Suitable for vegans and coeliacs, this free from advent calendar is made with a blend of cocoa, sugar and rice powder, so no one has to miss out!

This is one of two advent calendars from Holland & Barrett this year.

More information available here.

Available to buy from Holland & Barrett, both online and in selected stores!


Fotoinsight Personalised Kinder® Advent Calendar - £14.99

Sadly, Kinder® don't have an advent calendar, but don't fear because the amazing company who is Fotoinsight have come up with a brilliant product invention, a personalised Kinder® advent calendar! Simply upload a picture of your choice onto the calendar, and enjoy 24 delicious Kinder® treats - Kinder® chocolate, Kinder Country®, Kinder Bueno® and Kinder Choco Bons®!

This is just one of four personalised calendars from Fotoinsight.

More information available here.

Available to buy from Fotoinsight.


Dobbies Gingerbread Advent Calendar - £16.99

Another non chocolate advent calendar is the marvelous Gingerbread Advent Calendar from Dobbies! Spud loves Gingerbread and can't wait to taste the delicious treats! Unlike other advent calendars, there is no doors, making the calendar see through! Some of the items are numbered, meaning if you'd like, you can choose between a mini gingerbread man, a christmas tree, a present, a star or a snowman on the un-numbered days!

This is one of two calendars available to buy from Dobbies this year.

More information available here.

Available to buy from Dobbies Garden Centres. 


Hotel Chocolat Luxury White Chocolate Advent Calendar - £12.50

So many advent calendars are milk chocolate, so I was super pleased to see Hotel Chocolat do a variety of chocolate calendars, including truffles for two, milk, dark and white chocolate - my favourite! With a lovely festive design, the calendar opens up like a book, featuring 24 beautiful and delicious chocolate Christmas sculptures including reindeer, snowmen, enchanted Christmas tree's and penguins, just to name a few!

This is just one of four calendars available from Hotel Chocolat.

More information available online.

Available to buy from Hotel Chocolat online, and at selected stores.


Yankee Candle Advent House In The Snow - £27.99

If you've not got a sweet tooth then this is the perfect calendar for you! This collectable advent calendar from the world's favourite candle company reveals a tealight candle every day, apart from door 24 where you'll receive an extra treat! Fragences include Candy Cane Lane, Bundle Up, Snowflake Cookie, Icicles, Winter Glow, Christmas Eve, and Spiced Orange.

More information available here.

Available to buy from Yankee Candle, House of Fraser and Amazon.


Divine RSPB's Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar - £5.00

Another lovely Fairtrade calendar, again from Divine, only this time, by purchasing this milk chocolate RSPB advent calendar, created in partnership with Divine Chocolate, you will be helping UK nature! Open up the 24 doors to find chocolate wildlife shapes, well happily knowing you helped what we all need!

This is one of two calendars available from Divine this year.

More information available here.

Available to buy from Divine and independant stores. 


Holland & Barrett - No Added Sugar Advent Calendar - £3.99

This festively presentation advent calendar features milky chocolate with no added sugar! It's dairy, gluten and nut free, and suitable for vegans and coeliacs! Made with sweetened cocoa, xylitol and soya, this delicious dairy free calendar is another brilliant product from Holland & Barrett!

More information available here.

Available to buy from Holland & Barrett, both online and in selected stores!


Fotoinsight Personalised Ferrero® Advent Calendar - £19.99

This is yet another wonderful product from Fotoinsight, Ferrero® don't do advent calendars, but don't worry about missing out because you could not only have a Ferrero® advent calendar, but you could have a personalised Ferrero® advent calendar! Simply upload your preferred image, and then enjoy 24 doors filled with Ferrero® classics like Ferrero Rocher®, Raffaello® and Ferrero Kusschen®!

This is just one of four personalised calendars from Fotoinsight.

More information available here.

Available to buy from Fotoinsight.


Doing Some Good For The World and Me!

by Jada, November 24, 2015

With all of the horrendous events happening last Friday 13th, I've found that it's really important not to take things for granted. Instead we all need to look around us and be grateful for having our friends and family, along with our health and security.

So I've made a pledge to myself to try and spread a little sunshine through the cold and dark winter months by doing some good deeds on a daily basis. This can be something as simple as making a stranger smile by offering them some help, or even doing my bit for future generations by making some environmentally-sound consumer choices.

The first thing I've tried to do is to simply face each day with a little more optimism. This can be tough when it's getting darker in the mornings, but if we don't all make a little effort to greet each other with a smile, then the world's going to be a much more gloomy place – and it's even been proven that a little optimism can help us live longer too!

Even the way that we eat can have have a positive impact too. I know that with kids it can be all too easy to eat takeaways and indulge on freezer food, but everyone's going to feel a little better if they try and maintain a healthy diet that means that we can all try and eat ourselves happy!

By shopping locally and using less packaging, we'll also be helping the environmental concerns of our planet too. There are lots of local organisations such as Totally Locally that aim to help us improve our local communities through shopping through small and independent businesses. Not only can this help our surroundings, but it can prove a lot more interesting too!

What we actually choose to buy can be be incredibly important in giving our planet a helping hand. Even something as simple as buying an energy-efficient electric radiator from Verismart can not only help us burn less fossil fuels which will cut down the greenhouse effect, but it will limit our fuel bills which will leave us a little extra money to spend on fun things!

And finally, as we're coming up to Christmas, it's always sobering to think about those who are in need over the festive period. Whether it's the poor homeless having to survive another freezing cold night on the streets, or the fact that over one million older people haven't spoken to a friend, family member or neighbour in over a month, I'm going to try and make a real effort to get out there and do a little extra good in the upcoming months.

Remember to always think positive,
Jada x

3 Reasons to Go Organic with Green Tea!

by Jada, November 24, 2015
Industrial farming doesn't have to be considered the enemy. As a result of the widespread use of fertilisers and insecticides, millions of people have been able to attain access to crucial nutrition, and that has in turn played an essential role in not only the global boom in population over the last century or so, but also the global movement of populations towards urban areas.
Whether you consider this a positive thing or not is another matter, but large, condensed populations in urban areas does in fact promise the efficient use of resources, so the existing infrastructures for food cultivation and distribution are not without merit. But nor are they without their issues, and this is where organic green tea comes in.

Image Source: Pixabay
There are a number of reasons why you should consider organic produce over the alternative; here we break them down into 3 essential areas.
1. The environmental impact of insecticides
Those pesticides are indiscriminate. New research has shown that bees' ability to pollinate apple trees is inhibited by the use of chemicals in farming, and this is just a single example of how wildlife - and indeed other farming - may be negatively impacted as a result of insecticide use. Chemical runoff into natural water systems affects fresh-water life and drinking supplies, also.
2. The social impact of industrial farming
Local farming communities have been destroyed forever as a result of major corporations giving scant regard to rural communities and their rights. Small farm owners have in many cases lost their independence and have been forced to sell up, bringing an end to generations' worth of knowledge, culture and heritage.
3. The shortfall in quality of intensively farmed produce
Organic green tea is a product of skilled care and attention, and of its environment, also. Organically grown produce demands soils that are rich in a variety of minerals and other nutrients, resulting in crops that offer superb flavours, aromas and health benefits.
So unless your green tea has been meticulously sourced by a true tea specialist, selecting organic varieties of the drink is the best way to ensure that what you purchase, brew and enjoy is of gourmet standard, its production having had no negative impact on local ecologies or rural communities.
Until next time, Jada x

Sicily, Italy's Hidden Gem!

by Jada, November 23, 2015

Whilst the sound of travelling to the Amalfi coast may entice you and the lakes in Northern Italy bring out the nostalgic side to you, Italy’s islands have long been forgotten as a major tourist attraction and because of this, it is possibly one of Italy’s best kept secrets.

So what makes the island of Sicily stand out when compared to the mainland and other Italian islands? Scopello Villas based in Sicily have provided some insights into the island and what you can expect if you were to ever visit. (We think after reading this, it may just be on that travellers wishlist).

The food, Oh The Food:

Sicilian food is out of this world. Yes, from luscious salads to the charcoal fires that both grill and steam the freshest, tastiest and locally sourced produce you are spoilt for choice. From the granita (flavoured crushed ice) to the arancini (fried rice balls) to even their choice of fruit, vegetables, succulent and flavoured olive oils you will never leave Sicily thinking that you didn’t eat well.

Image Credit: Pixabay.

Because of it’s proximity to Africa as well as mainland Italy, you will find that a lot of cuisine is inspired by a lot of northern African flavours and choices. Things such as tagines are common in Sicily as well as the use of spices in pasta dishes that would otherwise be uncommon across the mainland. It is a foodie heaven.

Mother Nature at her Finest
From Mt Etna to the glorious sun kissed beaches, you will be hard pushed to find a landscape that doesn’t have the best that Mother Nature can throw at you.

If you wanted to place yourself in the heart of a different terrain for every day of the week, you really can in Sicily. From rugged mountains to the tranquil olive plantations and once again, those glorious beaches you are simply spoilt for choice on the island.  

Taormina, Syracuse, Savoca, Palermo… Scopello  
There is so much to see on the Island, from bustling metropolis’ to coastal mountain getaways, street food and trade in cities and towns to the calm and tranquility of village life across the whole island.

Image Credit: Pixabay.
Taormina is the Amalfi Coast of Sicily; Syracuse is the most ancient greek area of the lad; Savoca inspired Mario Puzzo and Francis Ford Coppola in the making of the Godfather films and Palermo is the provincial capital adorned with theatres, art, beautiful churches and a street food culture that puts other nations to shame. What about Scopello, it’s a beautiful area of the region of Trapani adorned with emerald blue water, sandy beaches and a landscape that time has forgotten.  

The People

Sicily is arguably one of the friendliest places on the planet, the people love to welcome tourists and anyone looking to make a massive lifestyle change by moving there. Whilst the regional dialect may be hard to understand; especially if you’ve been somewhat geeking up a little, they take time to explain things and show you what the glorious island has to offer.

They are particularly welcoming when it comes to weddings, setting the stage for some of the most glamorous and spectacular ceremonies that will be in the memories for a lifetime.

The Cannoli

Cannoli are notorious for a variety of reasons but mainly because, we’ve all seen the Godfather and it’s never quite clear what they are.

Cannoli is possibly one of the best things you can ever eat, simple as that! It’s a shortcrust, flavoured pastry with a sweet and incandescent filling known as “cassata”. It is ricotta with sieved icing sugar, candied fruits and chocolate bits… they are just to die for.

Image Credit: Pixabay.
Actually most of the island is covered in wonderful sweets and desserts, so yes, you can go to Sicily and be fed some of the most amazing desserts as well as food to your hearts content.
Until next time,
Jada x