Monday 16 November 2015

Five Ways To Save Time and Money On Your Home!

On the 8th of November, me and Spud had lived in our house for a year! Where on earth has that time gone? I really don't know how 12 months have flown by so quickly, and I can't believe how little I've actually got done (I've only managed to get the front room and kitchen done so far!). There was me and my family thinking we could get the whole of the downstairs done just before Christmas 2014, and a year on and we've only got two rooms done, before we know it Christmas 2015 will be here!

You see, I took, and I still am, taking my time with this house, at the flat, I would buy the cheapest of materials to rush things, but actually when you add all that cheap up over the years, it totals up to quite a small expense! With the house, I'd rather save and get the better quality of things, it's taking it's time, but I know in the end I know I'll have a beautiful home!

Step One: The Plastering, NOT Filling!

Got a hole or dent in your wall or ceiling!? We all have, even if its them super tiny ones! No doubt, when they're tiny and small enough, you don't need to get the whole place plastered, however if you're in my shoes, with holes everywhere, don't waste your time on fillers, save up and get the professionals in! Plasterers are trained in their jobs, and will leave your wall/walls and ceilings looking beautifully smooth and fresh!

Step Two: The Decorating, Not School Painting.

When we was children, we would slap paint onto paper quicker than a captured fish could flap back into water, however, with our homes, slapping paint onto the walls just isn't the best. Check out local handymen who would be able to do the decorating for you, they can often get deals on paint and wallpaper too, so it's handy to befriend a painter and decorator! 

Step Three: The Flooring, Not The Ground.

At the flat, I brought the most cheapest, basic laminate flooring I could find in the local flooring shop, however, for the house, I spent good money on engineered wood flooring, the guarantee does last for 30 years though, so I can't quite complain! Don't bother with the cheap flooring that chips, cracks and breaks very easily, not to mention it raises by itself, but save up and invest in some decent flooring which could possibly last you a lifetime!

Step Four: Go Second Hand & Upcycle!

If you need a new set of furniture, but don't have the funds to meet your wishes, why not try out local buy and sale groups, local charity shops and online second hand websites? You'll be surprised at what you can find for pennies! With a lick of paint and some loving, you can upcycle pieces of furniture into beautiful new pieces of furniture! 

Step Five: Remember ''You Pay For What You Get''.

My parents taught me this from a very young age, and I'm so very glad they did! You may save a few pennies, by buying cheaper products, but how og are those cheaper products and services going to last? Save if you need to and spend that little bit more to ensure your home last longer! Unless you like decorating continuously and have the money to throw away, I think you;'ll be beneficial to these wise words!

Until next time,
Jada x


  1. It takes time to get it right. We moved into our latest home in April 2009 and we finished it all, five and a half years later, last December. Literally a week or so before Christmas. Now, in our eyes, it all needs starting again, because some rooms haven't been touched for about five years, and they looks shabby. It's never ending >.<