Tuesday 24 November 2015

3 Reasons to Go Organic with Green Tea!

Industrial farming doesn't have to be considered the enemy. As a result of the widespread use of fertilisers and insecticides, millions of people have been able to attain access to crucial nutrition, and that has in turn played an essential role in not only the global boom in population over the last century or so, but also the global movement of populations towards urban areas.
Whether you consider this a positive thing or not is another matter, but large, condensed populations in urban areas does in fact promise the efficient use of resources, so the existing infrastructures for food cultivation and distribution are not without merit. But nor are they without their issues, and this is where organic green tea comes in.

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There are a number of reasons why you should consider organic produce over the alternative; here we break them down into 3 essential areas.
1. The environmental impact of insecticides
Those pesticides are indiscriminate. New research has shown that bees' ability to pollinate apple trees is inhibited by the use of chemicals in farming, and this is just a single example of how wildlife - and indeed other farming - may be negatively impacted as a result of insecticide use. Chemical runoff into natural water systems affects fresh-water life and drinking supplies, also.
2. The social impact of industrial farming
Local farming communities have been destroyed forever as a result of major corporations giving scant regard to rural communities and their rights. Small farm owners have in many cases lost their independence and have been forced to sell up, bringing an end to generations' worth of knowledge, culture and heritage.
3. The shortfall in quality of intensively farmed produce
Organic green tea is a product of skilled care and attention, and of its environment, also. Organically grown produce demands soils that are rich in a variety of minerals and other nutrients, resulting in crops that offer superb flavours, aromas and health benefits.
So unless your green tea has been meticulously sourced by a true tea specialist, selecting organic varieties of the drink is the best way to ensure that what you purchase, brew and enjoy is of gourmet standard, its production having had no negative impact on local ecologies or rural communities.
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