Thursday 12 November 2015

WIN a pair of Silentnight Pillows Worth £49!

Unfortunately this isn't a competition I am hosting, however I'm hoping to get some competitions set up for my readers in time for Christmas! However, this is a competition I found online and couldn't resist sharing with as many people as I can! You see, I was looking for a competition for a little over a month for some new bedding, but to no avail, I purchased two sets of pillows whilst shopping on Tuesday! Then today I come across this, sods law ay!?

It's always the way isn't it!? It's like when you go and buy something full price because the said product hasn't been on offer for ages, and then the very next day, or maybe a few days or a week later, the products on offer! By then it's too late to take it back for a refund, because you've either opened it, or you have no excuse on wanting to return the item! Can we really say, well I'm returning this at full price, then as soon as I've got my money back, I'm going to buy it at the reduced price?

I remember buying this dress from New Look that I'd had my eyes set on for a while, and because it didn't make the sale, or so I thought, I purchased it before it left the store completely, it's impossible to find summer dresses in the winter season, although Britain seems to be unsure when Summer actually is, because we've had a bit of sun today, and there was super hot days in October!

So yeah, I brought this dress at full price, a staggering £40 which is a lot, especially to me as I rarely treat myself and when I do, it's for a £1 bar of Galaxy, not a £40 dress! Later on that week, I had to pop back to town to collect something I'd reserved for my nephews birthday, if you're from Reading, you know New Look is next to Argos, so I popped into New Look again, to see if they'd made way for their winter collection, to only find the dress I picked up just three days before in the sale for £16!!!

What could I do? Throw a tantrum, or cry because if I already hadn't felt bad enough for spending money on myself, I felt even worse knowing I could of waited a little while longer to get it at a cheaper price! I wasn't to know though, and the same goes for these pillows, it's Sods Law, it's just the way the cookie crumbles I suppose!

If I wouldn't of brought those pillows on Tuesday, I wouldn't of found this competition, and who's to say I would've won anyway? I have seen it as a sign though, and not wanting my comping friends, and the lovely folk who read my blog to miss out, I thought I'd share it on here because at present, the entries are quite low!

My Next Mattress are giving away four sets of pillows in their competition to win a pair of Silentnight pillows and what's more is the winner can choose what style they'd like out of Egyptian cotton or luxury feather pillows! 

Good luck everyone!
Jada x


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