Monday 16 November 2015

Let's Curl Up In a Ball & Hide Away...

On Friday, I learned to never take anything for granted as my world seemed to of changed dramatically overnight. It is so very easy, to take everything we have in life for granted, and I was one of those who shamelessly do such. From the air we breath in, to the food in our kitchens, we all take things for granted, when in reality, we should always prepare for a back up, however it's easier said than done isn't it?

I don't really want to go in detail on here whats happened, because as much as I'm facing reality, I'm hoping, wishing and praying it's some big mistake. As much as I want to believe everyone who's telling me things will be okay, I'm not bouncing around on cloud nine, and I know only too well how maybe things aren't going to be alright.

I must add that our healths are both well, me and Spud are fine, as is everyone else in our family!

I spent all of Friday, crying, sobbing and hiding in the bathroom, once Spud finished school, I tried my hardest to put on a big brave face, not wanting him to see me upset and worried, I cried twice in front of him, and pretended it was because of a tooth ache. Saturday, was most of the same routine, only thankfully Spud's pocket money Skylander had arrived, so he played his game for the best part of the day, then his cousins (my nephews) arrived ready for a sleepover!

Gareth joined us, and we decided to have a movie night with the kids, we put on Paddington Bear, and each had a popcorn pot filled with popcorn, ad all had some sweeties and chocolates, who need's cinemas and their awfully high prices, when you can have movie nights at home!

I cried when the children was asleep, and was so grateful that Gareth was here to comfort me. You really do know who's there for you when times are rubbish don't you!? I don't swear on my blog but I could of easily used another word there, it's been horrid!

Two of my siblings popped round (Paul and Paula) as did my dad, and I spoke to my mum on the phone, I've had a wonderfully kind offer from a lady I know just by doing the school runs, and a lady I know from my old area, and then there's been a very special blogger who's been there non stop since Friday, a lovely lady called Andrea from Life with Liv

Andrea's been going through some personal stuff herself lately, but that's not stopped her being amazing, she is a real friend, and a blessing from above! I'm yet to meet Andrea in person as of yet, and I know when the time comes, it will be a lovely memory, for she is amazing.

Andrea's gone above the extra mile, she's been checking up on me, when others may find the whole reason as to why I'm upset, rather silly. Andrea hasn't seen it like that though, she understands why I'm upset, and she's listened, she's spoken, words of advice and comfort, without sugar coating the situation, she's been real, she's been herself.

Then there's Carla, she's just one happy bundle of joy, a true friend, one who can sure turn my frown upside down, I've had the pleasure of knowing this girl since I was a small child, and I'm so so proud of her, and so glad she's one of my lovely friends! Carla was the first person I spoke to outside of the family on Friday, and as ever, she listened and gave an ear when it was most needed!

This taught me to not also take friendships for granted also, not that I ever do, but we only know, all too well how things can change so quickly, relationships of all sorts break up on a daily basis, whether it's friendships, relationships with a partner, with a family member, and so on!

Along with news of the recent going ons in the world, I just want to curl up in a ball and hide away until things are much, much better! Take myself and Spud away to a much safer place, where everything's okay!

If only!

Stay safe you beautiful people.


P.S: Friday the 13th well and truly lived up to it's name, and if you check out my about me page, you'll see why I don't like this number, it terrifies me!


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