Are you staying in this Halloween to treat the ghost, witches, Frankensteins, vampires, pumpkins and all the other little spooky faces? If so, no need to worry about what to buy your door knocking guest, or the guest at your Halloween party if your throwing one, just pop to your local supermarket and pick up a packet or two of these fabulous Swizzels Matlow treat bags!

Swizzels Matlow very kindly sent us three different packets of sweet treats to try out and test for Unique Young Mum's Halloween feature.

Swizzels Matlow - Scary Mix.
This 400g mixed bag of sweets contains Fizzers, Love Hearts, different flavoured Fruity Pops, Parma Voilets, Drumstick Lollies, Double Lollies, Mr Chews, Fizzy Sherbits, Climpies Bonbons. We received 42 different sweets in our bag but the quantity may vary, for example you may get an extra packet of love hearts that are heavier than the chews, but either way, you can treat quite a lot of guest thanks to this 400g bag. 

The best before date on the packet we received is an impressive February 2015 giving us over a year to finish the sweets if they do not go. Not that they will last that long in this household, but its good to know!

Swizzels Matlow - Trick or Sweet.
This is smaller than the scary mix above and weighs in at 190g, the bag contains more Swizzel Matlow favourites such as Love Hearts, Refreshers, Parma Violets, Freshers, Fruity Pops, Climpies Bonbons, Double Lollies, Mr Chews and Drumstick Lollies.

We received 19 different sweets in this packet but again the quantity of sweets will depend and differ to each bag as it is all measured by weight. Again the packet we received holds an impressive best before date of

Swizzels Matlow - Chew Crew.
Lastly to be featured is the Chew Crew bag, unlike the two bags of sweets mentioned above, this bag features just chewy lollies and sweets such as the famous Drumstick Lollies, Mr Chews, Toff-eee, Fudg-eee, Snap and Crackle and Refreshers, I've had a Mr Chews in my mouth since I started this post, why are they so yummy!?

We received 22 different chewy sweets/lollies in the packet we received, but as mentioned previously, the amount you get per bag will depend because its the weight that is measured. Again a long best before date ensure's no treats shall be required to head for the bin!

All three of the Swizzels Matlow sweets and treats that have been mentioned in this post are available to buy from supermarkets and many more smaller independent shops nationwide for as little as £1. Whether your throwing a Halloween party or opening the door to little Trick'or'Treaters, be prepared this Halloween thanks to Swizzels Matlow!

To find out more about Swizzels Matlow including their other products and for some Halloween fun check out the official website here.

I am pleased to announce that Sainsbury's have very kindly agreed to take part in Unique Young Mum's second Halloween feature and I am honoured to have them aboard again! I think its safe to say they are Unique Young Mum's star Halloween feature company again for the second year running! Whatever your getting up to this Halloween, Sainsbury's has it all covered for you, no need to go shopping around at various places because at Sainsbury's, your find it all under one roof! Are you ready? Okay... Sit back relax and let me introduce you to just SOME of the Sainsbury's Halloween range!

Halloween Table Supplies

You don't have to throw a party to set a spooky scene this Halloween, if your not a Trick'or'Treat believer or simply don't want to face the cold this year, why not buy some Halloween plates, bowls, napkins and cups and have a little tea party for you and your family at home? Alternatively, dish up dinner on the plates, eat your pudding from the bowls and use the napkins to wipe away the yummy feast residue remaining on your lips! Wash it down with a nice glass of drink from the cups and you've had your very own Halloween themed evening!

If you are having a party, of course these bat themed party items are the perfect products for that Halloween bash! 

Halloween Garlands/Tinsel

No home would be complete this Halloween without some spooktacular decorations! There is no need to go overboard if you don't want too, but of course, if your willing too, I'd say go for it! These Halloween themed tinsel is perfect for a small decoration feature or completes the full Halloween makeover! Why not pop some around your pumpkin or around your windows like we did below?

The possibilities of what you can do with the tinsel garland really is endless, below you can see how we wrapped it around the fan, that was not in use! I mean unless your a ghost, why would you want the fan on it winter, burrreeh. 

Available in a black and white bat theme, a black and orange pumpkin theme and a black and green Frankenstein theme, all old separately from selected Sainsbury's stores nationwide. 

Plastic Skeleton Garland, Fake Web & Spiders and Cemetery Wall Decoration.

The fake spider web can be used with or without the fake plastic spiders which is a result for us humans scared of the horrifying creatures! Thankfully the spiders were cute enough to be out, but the children wanted to play with them, well actually throw them at the adults to scare them!

Here is the fake web giving Spookley the DVD a little scene makeover, you can read our review of Spookley here, but if you want to skip the review, its available to buy from Sainsbury's online & in stores nationwide for just £7.99!

The cemetery wall feature really helped set the scene at our Halloween feature party! We stuck it up with tac and was surprised it lasted the whole way through the party and did not fall down once!

This pack of individual multi coloured skeletons would be a great front door or window feature for any little guest knocking your door this Halloween. We used the set at our Halloween feature to brighten up a dull looking wall!

Small Light Up Pumpkins

These small but very cute light up pumpkins are perfect as small decorations, we will be using them at our Halloween feature party and used them to decorate the sweet pile ready for any guest brave enough to knock our door, mwuahahaha.

The pumpkins are sold individually and have batteries included. Available from selected Sainsbury's stores nationwide.

Halloween Crackers

These adorable little Halloween crackers are a firm favourite of mine and Spud's from Sainsbury's Halloween range. We first come across the crackers when Sainsbury's sent us a selection of items including crackers. We was thrilled to see Sainsbury's have decided to do them again for 2013. These are perfect for Halloween parties, Halloween dinners or for tricks when little Trick'or'Treaters brave your door by saying trick!

Inside each cracker your find a plain coloured hat, a joke and a little Halloween themed toy. It's great to see Halloween becoming more widely celebrated here in the UK and it's great to see Sainsbury's making such products for the occasion! 

Skeleton Pirate Costume

When Sainsbury's gave us the pick of what costume to choose for Spud, we both fell in love with this costume. You find skeleton costumes everywhere on Halloween, and you can find pirate ones all year round, but you never see the two combined together. Spud was one very excited boy when the box full of goods arrived from Sainsbury's and instantly put his new costume on!

I was extremely pleased with the costume, not only did it come with everything you need (the top/attached fancy blazer, the trousers, the mask and the sword) it was also big enough for Spud to wear a thick polo top underneath his top half and jeans underneath his bottom half. As the mask (which wasn't a cheap tacky made made) covered all of his face, we didn't need no make up and it also come with an accessory - the sword! Sainsbury's have a great range of costumes for all sizes in stores nationwide.

Costume Accessories 

Sainsbury's have a great range of costume accessories this year, if you don't want to do the full dress up, why not have a little Halloween makeover with a fake scar like I did?

Or if your having the full dress up, make sure you check out their fab range of products such as the werewolf teeth or witches hats! With prices as low as pennies, check out the selection of accessories at your local Sainsbury's store.

Pumpkin Punch Balloons & Pumpkin Carving Kit

These punch balloons are a great treat for children this Halloween. I blew them up for Spud to play with whilst he patiently waited for Mummy to get everything ready for the big day! They are the perfect party bag balloon and can be used as decorations too!

The pumpkin carving kit was a great help for me, I used the scoop to scoop out the pumpkin 'sick' (the insides) and used the carving tools to carve a spooky design into our pumpkins!

Halloween Treat Buckets

Sainsbury's sent us three buckets this year, the Frankenstein light up fabric felt bucket, that unfortunately did not work for us, a piece had broken off in transit on our way to us and was unfixable and three plastic Trick or Treat buckets. Both buckets can be used for your child to go Trick'or'Treating with, or they can be used for centre piece decorations (see further on in this post!).

I used the two orange Trick or Treat buckets we was sent as part of the children's take home buckets. Because they always have so much to take home with them, party bags simply wont do! The look on their faces when they receive their buckets fill of treats and toys is priceless!

3 x Halloween Brownie Slices & Chocolate Skull Lolly

Unfortunately, I did not get any more pics of these two sweet delights, Spud very kindly gave the milk chocolate skull lolly to my brother who wolfed it down in seconds and the brownies were so yummy they just couldn't be left sat in their packets! The brownies were sent via special request by myself after tasting them last year and falling in love with them! They are the yummiest brownies I have ever tasted!

Halloween Mini Chocolate Balls - Pumpkins, Brains & Eyeballs.

Every year Sainsbury's send us a much bigger selection than the previous year and its quite easy to see why they are all of our favourites! We was sent two bags of solid milk chocolate pumpkin balls, two bags of solid milk chocolate eye balls and two bags of strawberry crème filled chocolate brains. These are great to give away to Trick'or'Treaters or are perfect to divide between the children & in even adults who attend your Halloween party!

Jelly Pumpkin & Ghost Lollies & Hollow Milk Chocolate Halloween Figures!

I popped into my local Sainsbury's and found a large range of their own Halloween treats on offer for 3 for 2. I picked up two packets of orange flavoured jelly lollies which contained three ghost shaped lollies and three pumpkin shaped lollies, one packet was used to fill the piñata (one for each child) and the other packet was used for their party buckets, again one for each child.

I also picked up one packet of hollow milk chocolate Halloween figures which contained 12 different Halloween characters - a ghost, a witch, a pumpkin and Frankenstein. These were new to me as you usually only see these kind of hollow chocolates at Christmas time. I again gave one to each child for their piñata bag and one for each child in their take home buckets.

Other Treats

Not only do Sainsbury's sale a great range of their own sweets and treats this Halloween but you can also pick up the familiar favourites for the 31st of October. We made a little display with the two buckets Sainsbury's sent us, along with the cobweb and spiders and also the mini light up pumpkins (see above for info on all of those great products!) we filled one bucket with the Fabulous Bakin Boys muffins and cupcakes (read the review here) and the other bucket with some Swizzel Matlow favourites (read the review here).

Set the perfect little scene by your front door this Halloween with some simple and basic decorations from Sainsbury's. Wrap some tinsel garland around your treat buckets and surprise your visitors and guest on Halloween night!

What ever your doing this Halloween, Sainsbury's can be sure to help you on your special night. Whether your staying in to trick your little door knocking guest, pop down to Sainsbury's for all your treats and decs or maybe your taking your children out this year? Why not check out Sainsbury's great range of costumes and lastly, if your having a Halloween party, you must check out their in store range! Be the talk of the graveyard with the whole heap of decorations and delights available from Sainsburys!

To find your nearest store or for more information check out the official Sainsbury's website here.

Home Bargains sale a large amount of Halloween products with prices starting from as little as 59p. We was deilghted when they very kindly sent us a pumpkin piñata set for our Halloween feature party!

Inside the pack you receive a pumpkin piñata that holds a huge amount of candy and treats, a pumpkin themed eye mask and a piñata stick.  

To make it fair after some kids getting less than the rest last year, I decided to make little treat bags for each child. I put a mini packet of Milkyway Magic Stars, a jelly lolly, a hard lolly and some Halloween themed chocolate into each bag for the older four children and the two babies got a packet of magic stars, a Milky Bar and a Halloween chocolate ghost in their treat bags.

To fill the pinata, you need to carefully cut around the highlighted circle found on top of the piñata. I would advise an adult do this, although with adult supervision I am sure a older child could do this. 

I then simply placed the six tied up treat bags into the piñata using the gap that opens once you cut out the sticker. The gap was big enough to fit the treat bags in which was a result as I was worried they wouldn't fit after seeing the size of the sticker!

Once you have filled the piñata, the cardboard can simply be pulled back to make sure no treats fall out!

The pinata is then ready to use, put the mask on the children and hang the piñata up somewhere using the handle provided on top. Unfortunatley we had no where to hang the piñata so Grandad very kindly offered himself as the pinata holder whilst each of the three older children took turns to bash it open!


Once the pinata has been broken, all the treats fall onto the floor and its then just a case of letting the children dive in to collect their goodies! Here is Spud and his big cousin Big Man (below) after receiving their treat bags, as you can see, eating a sour candy chocolate results in Spud pulling funny faces!

The pumpkin pinata set is available to buy from Home Bargain stores nationwide for just £5.99. To find out more about Home Bargains and to view their other Halloween products check out the official website here.