Saturday 26 October 2013

Creep Into Halloween With John Adams!

Pumpkins at the ready! Mr. Creepy is here with two goulishly good sets to gross out your friends and family! 

The original Mr Creepy Magic (SSP £19.99) contains around 30 fully illustrated magic tricks, all with a super-spooky, horror theme – perfect for Halloween! Each trick comes with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions so you can pull them off with ease and show off your spook-tastic magic skills! From chattering teeth and a severed ear to a gory guillotine and grotesque head, you’ll love how scary magic can get with Mr. Creepy Magic! Suitable for 7 years plus.

Freak out your friends with Mr Creepy Practical Jokes (SSP £15.00). Using the same eerie theme as ‘Mr Creepy Magic’ this hauntingly hilarious set contains a range of truly creepy practical jokes. Walking cockroaches, severed fingers as well as disgusting ants and maggots are just some of the delights of this fabulously spooky set! Suitable for 7 years plus.

Gross out with the latest selection of Gross Science kits from John Adams this Halloween, with a focus on body parts!

Jeepers Peepers! Wannabe optomitrists will love this Eyeball Dissection Kit (SSP £9.99)! Start by growing your iris, then use the moulds and special liquids to shape and build the other parts of the eye. To complete your eye, drop it into the eyeball formation liquid to create a skin over the gooey exterior! Finally, using the child-safe scalpel and tweezers, perform your eye ball dissection and be the perfect pupil! Suitable for 8 years plus.

Need a hand?! Check out the totally gross (and slightly spooky) Zombie Hand Kit (SSP £9.99). Construct your zombie hand by clipping together the skeleton bones to literally form the ‘bare bones’ of the hand structure. Then, pour in the special liquid to form the green, gross zombie flesh! Add mould and revolting rotting fingernails to your hand, before finishing it off with a covering of decaying zombie skin! When you’re ready for your dissection, use the child-friendly scalpel and tweezers included and get your hands stuck into the hand! Suitable for 8 years plus.

Want to freak out a friend? Try the Beating Heart Kit (SSP £9.99) frights guaranteed! It’s easy to set up - construct the two halves of the heart, attaching the pump tubes as you go. Then fill the heart up with fake blood, and mould a gooey outer cover for your heart to make it look authentically gross. To finish, place the heart into the donor organ box included and invite a friend or family member to open it while you make it pump! Perfect for giving friends or siblings a shock! Suitable for 8 years plus.

Finally, have some fun with this worms Kit (SSP £9.99). This slimy set is simple to set up – you’ll have worms in no time! Construct the worm farm by clipping the two halves together. Then fill this with alternative layers of kaolin and sand (included) and soil (not included) – your worm farm is now ready to house some worms! Follow the enclosed instructions on finding worms and let them slip inside the farm. Make sure you add the protective screen so they can relax and start tunnelling – you can then lift the screen every day to monitor their activity and see those worms! Suitable for 8 years plus.

All of the items mentioned in this post will be a great Halloween surprise/present for any child who's into magic or gross things! The products are available to buy from from all good toy retailers and online. To find out more about John Adams including their product range check out the official website here.


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