Saturday 26 October 2013

Dear Dracula DVD Review

What happens when you write to Dracula instead of Father Christmas? Well its simple of course, instead of Santa visiting your home and leaving wonderful presents, you receive a knock on your door from a Dracula! No plump chubby fella will be falling down your chimney, with smiles and cheer all round, oh no the complete opposite in fact, all gloom and doom knocks on your door!

Sam's a pre-teen who's into the darker things in life, he loves Horror moves, Halloween and spiders! In fact, Sam's best friend is a talking, black, scary but cute looking spider, cute only because it's animated! When Sam (played by Nathan Gamble) see's an advert of a toy Dracula figure he ask his grandma if he can have the figurine, but Sam's grandma (played by Marion Ross) suggest he write's to Father Christmas to ask the figure to be on his Christmas list.

Deciding Christmas is too far away, Sam ditches the idea of writing to Father Christmas and writes to Dracula instead, well Halloween is just around the corner after all! Dracula receives the letter full of delight, it's been a long time since he has been in the lime light and he hopes his fan Sam will be able to help him regain his scariness!

Arriving on Sam's doorstep in a coffin along with his servant Mirroe (played by Emilio Estevez), Dracula invites himself in taking the opportunity to get to know Sam better. Sam is the unpopular kid in the neighbourhood & is surprised when he gets a personal invite to a Halloween party being thrown in the neighbourhood. Lacking confidence, Sam is unsure on his RSVP to the party, and even tell's his Grandma he won't be attending the monsters bash.

Dracula takes it upon himself to hatch a plan, he can help Sam with his confidence issue's and Sam can help Dracula to become scary again! Dracula need's help because at Halloween, vampires are made all glittery and kind of pretty, as Dracula says Halloween is not what it use to be! Both Sam & Dracula are lacking in confidence but with each other's help, their confidence levels will soon be exploding!

With a total running time of just 45 minutes, Dear Dracula is not just a fun animated Halloween themed release, but it also boost life skills as it teaches about confidence too. Suitable for all the family all year round but specially perfect for Halloween night!

Dear Dracula is rated a certificate PG and is available to buy with a suggested RRP of £12.99 from various DVD retailers including Sainsbury's, Asda, Zavvi, Amazon and

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