Sunday 20 October 2013

Peltor Kids Ear Defenders Review

Spud's never got on well with fireworks, he loves the pretty, bright and magical colours but hates the loud bangs and weird screaming noises that come with them. When we were offered the chance to review some ear defenders, I did some digging before I replied with an answer.

Never seeing ear defenders on a child (or even an adult thinking about it) at a fireworks display, I was unsure of what they were. Are they ear muffs? They looked like them. Are they headphones? As they looked like them too! They are neither ear muffs or headphones, they are ear defenders, defenders that block out noise, but I am pretty sure with the thickness of them, they will also keep ears warm, an added bonus!

I accepted the review gracefully and hoped these would be the end of Spud's fearfulness of the weird and loud noises that come with fireworks. Inside the box we found a 'manual' and the green earphones we had requested, Spud would not be happy with me if I requested the pink ones!

When we received the ear defenders, Spud thought they were a pair of bright green headphones! I had to explain to him that he must not play with them as they are ear defenders and he will be wearing them to the fireworks display in November. Being curious and asking questions (something I always encourage) Spud carried on asking questions which is when I said to him pop them on.

Whilst Spud put the ear defenders on, I turned the sound system on and played Spud's favourite CD, he could vaguely hear and that's when I told him what they do. They block out loud noises, but they don't block them out entirely, they just quieten the loud sounds to make them not as loud. They also protect your little ears from the very loud noises I carried on explaining to him.

The Peltor Kid has an adjustable height ensuring it fits all children's heads, the wide, foam-filled ear cushions ensure that the set doesn’t squeeze uncomfortably and there is plenty of space for children's ears inside the shells. The weight is also important to comfort, the Peltor Kid weighs just 140 gms. The Peltor Kid is CE-approved, meets EN352 standards worldwide and fits children from birth up to age 7. The Peltor Kid comes in two characteristic colours; neon pink and neon green for high visibility and fun.

My nephew Little Big Man who has appeared on my blog a number of times has Aspergers Syndrome & Sensory Processing as some of you are aware. Little Big Man suffers from loud noises and wear's ear defenders daily at school. So impressed with the pair Spud had received, my sister went to our local Clasohlson and got a pair for Little Big Man!

Peltor Kids are available to buy with a suggested RRP of £16.95 online from the Peltor Kids website, Amazon, Clasohlson, 3M Direct and many more places.

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