Monday 21 October 2013

Disney Infinity Review

Back in February, knowing me and Spud was mahoosive Disney fans, we was notified of a Disney version of Skylanders (a interactive game). We didn't hear much more about it and honestly forgot about it until we started seeing the television adverts a few months ago. I can rave on and on about how much Spud loves Disney, but surely you all know that by now? You surely must after the dozens of Disney post and pictures! Just one search of Disney in the search box is sure to bring up pages & pages full of results!

Getting back to Disney Infinity now, we saw at least one advertisement of the very new game system at least once a day. Spud would say to me every day, Mummy please can we get Disney Infinity, for Christmas I would reply, whilst secretly counting down the days until I had saved enough to buy him it. It would be mean to make such a big Disney fan wait another 3 months until he could get his hands on the game, and being the Disney fan I am, I couldn't wait that long either to be honest.

The day had come when I had enough cash to purchase the most wanted item from Spud's Father Christmas wish list and I headed off to town to purchase the major surprise! Picking him up from school with the biggest smile on my face I could not wait to get home, the 30 minute walk seemed like it took hours, but we finally made it through the door to a sheet covering a box on the sofa. I told Spud to close his eyes and think of what could be underneath, he never guessed, not even close enough! The look on his face when he saw the box was priceless, I only wish I had my camera at the ready, but full of excitement myself, I totally forgot to get snap happy!

I purchased the starter set for the Playstation 3 from Argos for £59.99, I also purchased an additional character - Mike from Monsters University (and Monsters Inc) for £12.99 bringing the total to £72.98. Inside the PS3 starter pack we received the Disney Infinity game itself, 3 characters, Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, Mc Incredible from The Incredibles and Sulley from Monsters University (and Monsters Inc), a USB powered base to place the characters on, a Disney Infinity power disc and a unique web code to unlock content online. There are a wide range of the Dream Toys of 2013 available from Argos, including the Disney Infinity Starter Pack.

Having no rules for the game is fantastic for children and adults who are not so tech savvy but who loves Disney (that's me by the way!), you simply create your own world by purchasing the characters from various Disney films with the added feature of buying extra's from the game itself using the Toy Box feature. The game concludes of battling enemies, solving puzzles, overcoming obstacles and completing a variety of other unique quest. The more you play the more you unlock and with many characters already out and more characters being launched soon, I can see this becoming a never ending world of interactive fun!

With the starter set unlocking the worlds of Pirates of the Caribbean, The Incredibles & Monsters University with other additional characters to purchase from the three playsets the possibilities are endless so are the worlds! With characters from Cars, Toy Story, Wreck It Ralph and The Nightmare Before Christmas to name a few, there are many more worlds to be opened. Unfortunately there isn't a Mickey Mouse character available to purchase just yet, we are hoping this will be something that Disney does release as its Spud's all time favourite Disney character!

However, never fear Mickey fans as you do catch a few glimpses of Mickey himself as he introduces you to the amazing and magical world of Disney Infinity. Me and Spud are massive Disney fans, anything Disney catches our eyes but we have not always loved every Disney product out there. By far this has got to be the best interactive game Disney has released, I have lost many hours of time from my Spud as Disney Infinity has stolen him to enter their magical world!

The starter packs are available to buy for all major gaming platforms including the Wii, Xbox, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and the 3DS for various prices depending on the gaming platform but generally the starter packs range from £49.99-£59.99. Characters are sold in packs of 3 for around £29.99 or sold individually around about £12.99. With many accessories and extra's sold separately, it can be an expensive job all around but the extra's and add ons are not necessarily, they are not needed to play the game so they are optional purchases.

I must also add that any Disney fan will be amazed from the very beginning of the game, its a magical start and a magical finish, it puts the biggest of smiles on Spud's face and mine (when I am aloud to have a go!). The only downside for us is the fact there is not a Mickey Mouse character, that is the only fault we can find. Seeing as Mickey Mouse is Disney's most biggest, favourite and recognisable character, I am sure it won't be long before the cute looking mouse will be hitting stores soon!

So there you have it everyone, are review on the fantasic, amazing and magical Disney Infinity. Have any of you got the game or had a chance to play it yet!? We would love to know of any secrets you have uncovered!

Until next time,
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