Thursday 24 October 2013

Halloween Feature 2013

Mwuahahaha do you dare to enter the virtual home of Unique Young Mum's 2013 Halloween feature!? Enter at your own risk and beware of the shocks and surprises you may be in for! Are you scared, prepared and ready for Unique Young Mum's second Halloween feature!?

After the huge success of the 2012 Halloween feature, with a fab 23 companies involved, Halloween returns again right here on Unique Young Mum featuring some of the best Halloween products around! From food to costumes, DVD's and book's, decorations, toys, games and more, be prepared, be very prepared!

If you think you can hack it and dare to enter the virtual room of doom, do check back daily for the best Halloween products around from some pretty amazing but spooky companies!

We even have some competitions running and some more going live very soon, check out the competitions page & don't take your eyes off this screen, watch your every move, because somewhere on this site, at some point of your visit, your get a little fright!

Just like last year, to celebrate the Autumn holiday, I will be hosting another Halloween party to show the products off in their real light! Unique Young Mum's feature Halloween party is taking place on Sunday the 27th of October, we are all very much spookely excited! 

Do check back regularly to make sure you don't miss a single post!


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