Sunday 27 October 2013

Fabulous Bakin Boys Halloween Goodies Review

The Fabulous Bakin Boys make yet another appearance on Unique Young Mum showing off another yummy batch of Halloween products, I am pleased to announce that them good old bakers have decided after last year's Halloween range of two different flavoured cupcakes, this year they have released cupcakes and muffins, what a result!!!

For Halloween 2013, them excellent bakers over at The Fabulous Bakin Boys have released the blue boxes which are 12 Spooky Choccy Orange Mini Cupcakes and the orange boxes which are 12 Spooky Choc N' Blood Mini Muffins.

The spooky choccy orange mini cupcakes are tangy orange flavoured sponge with a dark chocolate flavoured topping and are just 50 calories per cupcake!

The choc n' blood mini muffins are devilishly dark chocolate sponge oozing with a smooth raspberry jam and are just 57 calories per muffin.

Both the cupcakes and muffins are suitable for vegetarians, baked in a nut free zone, are free from artificial colours and flavours.

Not only are the cupcakes and muffins themselves yummy enough for the whole family, but the children can get creative thanks to the back of the boxes! Turn your boxes over for three cut out Halloween cupcake/muffin mask! 

Adult supervision is required!

The Spooky Choccy Orange mini cupcakes & Spooky Choc N' Blood mini muffins are available to buy from supermarkets nationwide for as little as £1 a box!