Me and Spud are delighted and honoured to be one of the 8 bloggers across the UK who are taking part in the official Moshi Monsters series 8 countdown! Each day from now until the 18th of October, we will be showing off one of the brand new Moshi Monsters from series 8, 16 brand new Moshlings to show off to you all in total. I also have one full complete set of Moshi Monsters series 8 up for grabs for one of you lucky people to win, do keep checking back daily to check out the brand new monsters, and to see what you have the chance of winning!

Day 1 - Marty
Marty the Mouthy Mogul

Marty is a mouthy, melodramatic, brash and visionary Mogul, he is feared by actors but loved by many movie fans! Marty is one of the noisy Moshlings who thinks life if one enormous movie set! Cover your ears if you see one in the street because it might throw a tantrum and yell CUT! Most mouthy Moguls like Marty live in lavish trailers parked in the back lot of the Moshi TV Studios but Marty is ultra rare, so I imagine his trailer is the most lavish of them all!

Marty the Mouthy Mogul is quite the opposite from Spud, and we can't wait to see what day 2 brings tomorrow! Do make sure you check back and don't forget the competition starting on the 18th of October for your chance to win a full and complete Moshi Monsters series 8 set!

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