Thursday 17 October 2013

Moshi Monsters Series 8 Countdown - Day 16

Sadly, we have reached the end of our countdown, tomorrow, from toy stores nationwide and other places too such as supermarkets Moshi Monsters Series 8 will be launched! Me and Spud was delighted to be one of the eight bloggers to introduce you all to series 8 with a new character each day. It's time for the last Moshling now, but don't forget the competition starting tomorrow for your chance to win a complete set of series 8!

Day 16 - Nutmeg
Nutmeg the Woodland Walnut

Nutmeg is a caring, staunch and passionate Woodland Walnut who is a eco friendly Moshling that's always trying to protect the Moshi's environment from interfering monsters. Nutmeg likes gardening shows and orienteering and dislikes threshing machines & petrolheads!

Nutmeg has joined Weeny, Dribbles, Vinnie, Nancy, Zonkers, Jiggles, Fitch, Blinki, Eugene, Threddie, Slurpy, Grinny, Jackson, Blossom and Monty in the series 8 Moshling countdown and we can't wait to see what day 15 brings tomorrow!

Do make sure you check back tomorrow for the competition that is going live for your chance to win a full and complete Moshi Monsters series 8 set!


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