Wednesday 16 October 2013

Moshi Monsters Series 8 Countdown - Day 15

We now have just 2 days to go until the countdown for Moshi Monsters series 8 is over and you can go out and purchase them yourselves from stores nationwide! If you want a sneak peak to all the new Moshlings, make sure you keep checking back here on Unique Young Mum on a daily basis! Also, one last thing before I introduce you to today's Moshling, don't forget the competition that starts at the end of the countdown for your chance to win a complete set of series 8!

Day 15 - Weeny
Weeny the Teeny Genie

Weeny is a enchanted, funny and fickle Teeny Genie who makes your wish their command! Well that's what they like you to think, but they are mischievous and can often be found making people moonwalk on their hands before they are granted their wishes! Weeny likes treasure and blowing bubblegum and dislikes wonky wizards and sesame crackers!

Weeny has joined Dribbles, Vinnie, Nancy, Zonkers, Jiggles, Fitch, Blinki, Eugene, Threddie, Slurpy, Grinny, Jackson, Blossom and Monty in the series 8 Moshling countdown and we can't wait to see what day 15 brings tomorrow!

Do make sure you check back and don't forget the competition starting on the 18th of October for your chance to win a full and complete Moshi Monsters series 8 set!


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