Saturday 19 October 2013

JAM Design Review

Checking who had unfollowed me on Twitter as you do one day, one particular name stood out from the rest, I recognised the name, I was sure of it. Clicking on who the name that stood out so much Jade Marshall, I was intrigued to find out that Jade was a graphic designer, feeling nosey I clicked on Jade's website and fell in love with her designs.

I went to college in 2006 starting a business course, I wanted to run my own graphic design business because I once too loved designing. Receiving paint shop pro for Christmas one year, I nearly collapsed at my Mum's feet, but things change and sadly my love for designing graphics soon faded away. Although I don't design graphics anymore (ok maybe my little feature ones) I still awe and admire a great artistes work.

Admiring Jade's work of art on her website, I followed her on Twitter (after she had just unfollowed me!) and we soon started talking. Jade very kindly offered me a whole website makeover with my social media pages covered too, for free on the purpose of a review. Jade is the excellent designer behind this very layout on Unique Young Mum, the designer behind my Facebook layout and my Twitter too.
Jade was excellent to do business with, although it was on a review basis, Jade did not treat me any different to a fully paying customer. I am sure time and time again I must of done Jade's head in with my request and changes but when I opened my emails one day to come across the final product, I knew I had chose the right designer to make UYM beautiful.

Jade has worked with some pretty big companies before including Mattel (Fisher Price) & TOMY, since designing my design, two fellow bloggers have gone on to use her (fully paying customers) and all three of us could not be more happy with the full and complete service we have received from Jade.
Not only does Jade do website designs and social media designs, she also does design packages for start ups/ small businesses, crafters and mums who have started new businesses, logo design, stationery & marketing collateral, flyers and lots more!
To find out more about Jade including her other fabulous designs she has made and all the other services she offers, do check out her website here, you can find her on Facebook here or follow her on Twitter here.
Until next time,
Jada x


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