Friday 11 October 2013

Fisher Price Whislin' Mickey Mouse Review

Any long time readers of my blog will know that Spud is a huge Disney fan, but an even more huge, huge, huge Mickey Mouse fan. Spud's love for Mickey Mouse started when he was very young, when he would be attracted to the bright colours and joyful song's on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse program aired daily on Disney Junior. As Spud grew older, his love for Mickey Mouse continued to grow with Mickey Mouse being his all time favourite character and program.

A not so recent photo, as we have more to add to his collection, including Whistlin' Mickey.
When Fisher Price gave Spud the opportunity to review the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Whistlin' Mickey, his little face was a picture, especially when I mentioned he would be getting a second review item after, so keep your eyes peeled because very soon, another brand new Fisher Price Mickey Mouse Clubhouse item will be appearing right here on Unique Young Mum!

Whistlin' Mickey is an adorable 10 inch plush doll who is perfect or hugging and squeezing but he's also magical too! The reason why Mickey is magical is because, if you squeeze down on Mickey's tummy, his lips pucker and he starts to whistle a mixture of 10 phrases & jokes plus 3 songs!

Mickey whistles 3 songs; Frere Jacques, Steamboat Bill and Jolly Good Fellow, he also whistles 10 phrases & whistling jokes including Hiya Pal”, Why are referee's so happy? Because they whistle while they work, Pluto here boy, Do you know why tea kettles love to whistle? Its a great way to let off steam.

Mickey is suitable for ages 2+ and requires 2 x AAA batteries that are included. The Fisher Price Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Whistlin' Mickey is available from all good toy retailers! For all Minnie Mouse fans, don't worry as Minnie comes in a Whistlin' version too!

To find out more about Fisher Price and to view their other Mickey Mouse Clubhouse items, check out the official website here.

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  1. I love Mickey too, as does my 3 year old :D My 5 year old for some reason doesnt like him at all! But the whistling Mickey sounds and looks so cute!