Wednesday 9 October 2013

Snowflake The White Gorilla DVD Review

All my long time readers and visitors will know I am a lover of all things unique, so when a new DVD from Lionsgate landed on my doorstep featuring a very cute looking white gorilla, I could not wait for Spud to get home from school so we could watch it before dinner.

Snowflake is the only white gorilla in the world, she is different from all the other gorilla's roaming the forest, jungles and zoo's of the world. The other gorilla's take a disliking to poor Snowflake, just because she is a different colour to them, it's racism, racism animal style! 

Snowflake is temporarily adopted by a family of humans consisting of the typical mum, dad and their teenage daughter named Wendy. Wendy knows from very early on that Snowflake will only be with the family for a short period of time, gorilla's need to be in their natural habitat and the time soon arrives for Snowflake to leave the family she loves so much, her human family. Both Wendy and Snowflake are upset by the planned departure, but Wendy vows to visit Snowflake as much as she can at Snowflakes new home, the local zoo.

On arriving at the zoo, Snowflake is devious to the fact that the huge crowd and media frenzy are all their for her, its the first time alot of the zoo's guest have seen such a beautiful creature, a white gorilla. Oblivious to the fact that the fuss is about her, Snowflake shyly hides away in the gorilla's opening but is then found by one of the young gorilla's in the gorilla ground. Snowflake quickly becomes friend with the young male gorilla but is upset when the child's father angrily tells Snowflake to stay away from his children.

Snowflake soon has enough of the zoo life and plots an escape with a red panda she has made friends with called Ailur. Ailur and Snowflake set off to find the witch who Snowflakes believe can heal her by changing her fur to black like the rest of the gorilla's. Snowflake and Ailur soon run into trouble though when a evil Dr named Dr. Archibald tries to gorillanap Snowflake! Well no film would be complete with out a baddie would it!?

Snowflake is a DVD that teaches strong life subjects, as a parent of a mixed raced child, I am only too aware of the horrid insults that can be thrown mine and Spud's way because of the colour of his skin. Thankfully Snowflake builds up her confidence and falls in love with herself, knowing she is different, she is special and unique to the rest.

We did unfortunatley find one thing rather annoying throughout the film and that was the lip syncing, it sadly was not tuned up properly so words were often not said at the correct time of the characters speaking. This does not effect our review on the film itself though and we are aware we may of occidentally received a faulty disk.

Snowflake The White Gorilla is out now available to buy on DVD and BluRay from, Amazon, Sainsbury's, Asda and many more DVD retailers.

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