Sunday 27 October 2013

Wilkinson Halloween Range Review

I have been lucky to work with Wilkinson for over a year now, the first time I worked with Wilko's was for Unique Young Mum's 2012 Halloween feature and the relationship between us has continued to grow. I visited Wilko every time I popped to town before I worked with them and now, I continue to visit my nearest store but also check out their website for new items I may of missed! I am pleased to announce a year on after the first Wilko review was carried out on Unique Young Mum, I can bring you a post on Wilkinson's 2013 Halloween range!

Wilko Halloween Wreath - Pumpkins & Ghosts - £4.

Halloween is getting bigger and bigger as each year passes here in the UK, we have watched as aisle of Halloween items get bigger and new products launching out for the Halloween season. Browsing the Wilko Halloween range I was surprised to come across a Halloween wreath and new it would look perfect on our door or hung up at our Halloween feature party.

Wilko Halloween Treats Bucket - 50p.

When going Trick'or'Treating children need something to hold their stash of goodies in and for 50p you cant go wrong with this basic crazy pumpkin style bucket! Or why not full it with treats if your throwing a Halloween party?

Wilko Halloween Balloons x10 - £1.

These plain black and orange balloons are perfect Halloween themed colours, with a cost of just 10p per balloon why not stick a few on your door to let Trick'or'Treaters know they are welcome, blow them up and leave them around the room at your Halloween party, or give one to each child in their party bags?

Wilko Halloween Vampire Projector Torch - £2

Being out Trick'or'Treating on a cold winter night can be quite scary in the dark, no matter what your child dresses up as this Halloween why not treat them to this fun vampire projector torch that can be used all year round!

The torch projects a pumpkin figure of which size depends on how close you have it to your target. Pull the torch further away from your target to see a large pumpkin, or bring it closer to your target to see a smaller sized pumpkin. Not Trick'or'Treating this year? No worries, let your child have some Halloween fun at home at a cost of just £2!

Wilko Halloween Party Boxes x4 - £2.

If your one of those parents who are not keen on taking or letting your child/children go Trick'or'Treating, why not let them have a few friends round and make them up a little box of food each?

Fill the box with a sandwich, packet of crisp, fruit, drink and a piece of cake and let them munch their way through the box of fun whilst watching a spooky Halloween DVD! Alternatively, these boxes are great for Halloween party guest who would like to take some nibbles home with them!

Wilko Halloween Countdown Set - £2.50

As mentioned with the Halloween wreath (see above) Halloween is getting more popular over here in the UK. At Christmas we find a number of Christmas countdown items and now thanks to Wilko we can have our very own Halloween countdown with this ghost countdown set.

Simply take the numbered cubes out of the ghosts housing unit, and countdown the days until the spooky night will be upon us! Alternatively if your hosting a Halloween party, why not show the date of your party using the countdown set?_________________________________________________________________

Wilko Vampire Costume - £9.

Last year, Wilko sent us the werewolf costume that is still in a perfectly good condition considering it has been used plenty of times during the duration of the last 12 months from Spud, his cousins and friends playing dress up. This year, Spud wanted to go with the Vampire costume so I decided to get it in a 8-10 to be on the safe side as I knew the smaller size would not fit him in length.

The vampire set comes with a cape, plain black trousers, a top and a reflective sticker set so your child can be seen this Halloween. The only thing Spud did need to complete the look was a long sleeved plain white top/shirt. Spud wore his costume for the first half of our Halloween feature party that took place today and thoroughly enjoyed his time being count Dracula!

And lastly, just a few little bits I picked up myself.

Wilko Werewolf Treat Bags - 15p.

Before I knew the children who attended Unique Young Mum's Halloween feature party was going to have filled pumpkin buckets because I had so much stuff, I purchased each of the six children on of these large treat bags/party bags for just 15p each. I placed them in the children's filled pumpkins ready for them to use them come Halloween night!

Wilko Vampire Teeth - 15p.

Spud's vampire costume did not come with any vampire teeth and no vampire is complete without a set of fangs! I picked up these horrifying looking fangs for just 15p!

Wilko Werewolf Large Treat Bag - £2.

I picked up this werewolf bag for Spud because I know he liked his werewolf items from last year's Halloween feature. The bag is perfect for Trick'or'Treaters and can easily hold over a 100 small treats!

All the products that have been featured in this post are available to buy from Wilko stores nationwide or online (subject to availability. To view the full Wilko Halloween range and to check out their other fabulously cheap products check out the official website here.


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