Friday 25 October 2013

Elsie & Fleur - Chocolate Halloween Pizza Review

I love pizza, I love pizza so much I've mentioned it a few times on my blog and even mentioned Domino's during last year's Halloween feature, I also love chocolate and when you combine the two of those words you have - chocolate pizza & that is just what I am going to tell you all about in this very review.

I'm not quite sure what I had in my head when I read chocolate pizza, before I viewed the image I imagined a croissant style round circle base with chocolate on top, I couldn't of been any more wrong. When Elsie & Fleur told me about their chocolate pizza made by the chocolatier Mandy Gair they really meant a chocolate pizza...

PURE chocolate (okay maybe a little bit of royal icing too)! Every chocolate lovers dream!

Receiving and opening the pizza box did make me giggle, like a little child, I carefully opened the box, containing the word hot printed on the top and my eyes were amazed. For staring back at me, was one of the most beautiful chocolate pieces I have ever seen, and believe me I've eaten a lot of chocolate in my lifetime!

The 8 inch Halloween chocolate is made from white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and orange chocolate. Everything stands out on the pizza and its so realistic to a real pizza, its very hard to believe its not the dough we are all use too.

The 'crust' and base (bottom) of the pizza is pure white chocolate (which is both mine and Spud's favourite chocolate) the base which would usually be tomato purée on a normal pizza is what looks like melted milk chocolate. 

With the 'crust' the chocolatier who has made this pizza has put a lot of effort into making the chocolate pizza as you can see she has even made finger dent impressions just like a real homemade pizza would have.

The toppings on the pizza consist of grated milk and white Belgian chocolate swirls giving it the cheesy look with three white chocolate ghost and three large royal icing pumpkins for the two main toppings, me and Spud have announced these chicken and pepperoni (mine and his favourite pizza toppings!) with the mini candy pumpkins being the sweetcorn!

Cutting the pizza evenly was a little bit hard, but I am not sure if this is because of the lack of sharp knives I have. I was however able to cut six slices for Spud and his five cousins who are attending Unique Young Mum's Halloween feature party on Sunday. I ate the little bit of pizza that was remaining, and broke a little bit of 'crust' off of Spud's slice and wanted to nibble the whole thing! I now just have to wait until Sunday and ask Spud nicely if he will share his slice with me!

The chocolate Halloween pizza is available to buy in two different options (the one I have reviewed and a chocolate pizza topped with Belgian chocolate pumpkins) for £20.00 from Elsie & Fleur.

To find out more about Elsie & Fleur and to view their other fabulous products, check out their website.


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