Friday, 11 April 2014

Home or Away!?

Hello everyone, sorry I've been a bit quiet on the blog recently, we have had a lot going on recently, which I am sure I will be writing about soon. Me and Spud have escaped down to Cornwall to see my Mum, his Nana for the Easter break. It's also a opportunity to enjoy some time together before his operation at the end of April.

My Mum moved to Cornwall last March (2013) and this is our third time visiting, Mum never liked Reading much and always vowed to live by the coast one day, her wish finally happened and Mum, her partner of 14 years and my little sister G who's 12 made the escape last year. Prior to Mum moving down here, I'd visited the county on previous holidays as a little girl, but the sights and scenery are never a interest when you're a small child.

Now, as a 23, soon to be 24 year adult, it's not the arcades and toy shops that attract my attention, it's the beautiful colours of the sea, the greenery around us, and even the local history. History was always my favourite subject at school and a subject that has been a interest of mine even in my adult years, now I always like to visit local tourist spots and history destinations.

When I see a fun interactive quiz on Parkdean's website called ''Home or Away?'' the challenger deep inside me had to give it a go, well of course the competition to win a Parkdean seven night stay also enticed me in. The quiz shows you two beautiful photo's of different holiday hot spots, and the quiz entrants job is to decide what photo is from the UK (home).

Enter to win a fantastic Parkdean Holiday worth up to £750
Know your Newquay from Nice? Take the Home or Away Quiz to be in with a chance of winning a UK family holiday worth £750 with Parkdean Holidays.

The quiz is rather hard, you're given two photo's, two beautiful scenery photo's and to know that one of these images are from a UK destination is hard to believe. Too many of us, myself included prefer to jump across the planet for a bit of sunshine, but choosing the right season and time of year, you really can have a beautiful, relaxing holiday here at home - the UK.

I took the quiz and scored 308 points ranking me 467 in the overall score leader board. Considering this is not something you can cheat, where a search engine cant help you due to the 10 second timer, I think I done quite well. Why don't you take just a few minutes and take the quiz to see how your UK knowledge adds up? Of course you'll also have the chance to enter the competition to win a seven night stay at one of Parkdean's 24 UK destinations - a holiday at home!

Until next time,
Jada x

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Important Summer Tips: How to Reduce Germs from the Pool at Home

Germs and viruses can breed in your swimming pool. A range of microbes, things like bacteria and algae, can grow in your pool if it is left untreated. These can cause illness including ear, eye, chest and throat infections and also diarrhoea and gastroenteritis. These can be easily prevented by regular, preferably daily checks of pH levels. The best time to test is before you enter the pool for the first swim of the day. For advice on correct testing protocol check online at

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Daily Check Ups
The best way to keep your pool clean and reduce germs is by carrying out a daily check up on your pool. Is the water clear? Can you see the bottom of the pool? Can you observe any changes in the water since the day before? You are looking for changes like cloudiness which would indicate that you should carry out a test on the water. It is best to give the pool its daily check-up before anyone goes for a swim.

What Contaminates Water?

The number one source of bacteria in your pool comes from people swimming in it. People carry bacteria on their skin, in their saliva, sweat and also in urine and faeces. If someone is sick they should not swim in the pool, particularly if they are suffering from diarrhoea. Pets also carry contaminants so although they may like to take a paddle on a hot day you should be aware of the risk. Debris, things like twigs, leave, grass clippings and dirt, often blow into the pool and can cause contamination. Dead wildlife may also end up in your pool – lizards, snakes and frogs – also causing issues.

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Five Keys to Swimming Pool Maintenance
Keeping your pool hygienic and keeping germs to a minimum is not hard, it just takes adherence to a regular cleaning regime. This includes filtration, chlorination, testing and balancing the pH level of the water, as well as checking total alkalinity and also calcium hardness.


Pool water is pumped through a filter to remove dirt particles. How long you need to run your filter will depend on the size of your pool, how much use it is getting as well as the horsepower of the pool pump.


Chlorine disinfects the water. The more chlorine you use the less filtration is required. You should use a chlorine stabiliser to help extend the half-life of the chlorine.

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pH Level
This level shows how alkaline or acidic the water is. A measurement of 7 indicates the water is neutral, which is ideal. If the pH level is too high or too low it can result in skin rashes and may sting the eyes and skin.

Total Alkalinity

This refers to the amount of alkaline chemicals in the water. It should be monitored as if this becomes too low it can cause the pH balance to become unstable.

Calcium Hardness

Low calcium can cause pool surfaces to deteriorate whereas high calcium can create scale on surfaces.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Best Activities For Stay at Home Mums

As great as being a stay at home mum can be, it can certainly present many challenges as well. Many stay at home mums explain that they feel like they are losing a part of themselves in this new role - some have even given up extremely successful careers. Having meaning and purpose in one's life is an essential part of one's happiness. Of course, being a mother and taking care of your children will provide enormous amounts of happiness and fulfillment however one shouldn't let this role define them. There is more to you than preparing dinners and wiping your children's noses - it's important for you to fulfill your passions and take part in activities that you love as well. If you're stuck for ideas for hobbies and activities to take part in, I've compiled a list to get you inspired!
Going back to university/college can be an excellent way to enrich your mind. At 18, when most people go to university, it's very hard to know what you actually want to do with your life so many people end up completing degrees they have no passion for. As a mother, you would've started to get an idea of what drives you and what interests you - use this to choose a diploma or even a short course. Pressed for time? You can always do it online! There are so many options to choose from, and you can learn from the comfort of your own home while the kids are sleeping! If you can't think about what you want to study, just go on your local college's website and check out all the options they offer!
Play games
Playing games is not only for children! Online games have become a bit of a craze as of late, and it's easy to see why! Believe it or not, they stimulate your mind and are super fun. Soon you'll be kicking your children off the computer so you can get your turn! Playing games online is a great way to 'lose yourself' and not think about all of the important stuff which is important sometimes! Play games at Betsson or other sites and I guarantee you'll have a good time!
Physical Activity
Exercise is extremely important and is vital for ones overall health. Most new mothers say that they can't find the time to go to the gym, however the gym is certainly not your only option. There are so many excellent workouts on YouTube that only require some basic equipment and you're set! Put in your headphones and start working out in your lounge room! No excuses!
So there you have it - just a few ideas to get you started on your self- fulfillment journey! It's important to remember that just because you're a mother, doesn't mean that all your passions and hobbies must go down the drain. Being a happy and self fulfilled person will only make you a better mother anyway.

Thunder Storms Mean One Thing!

Everyone's going on holiday, or everyone has a holiday booked at least! When I say everyone, I really do mean literally everyone, even the next door neighbours dogs have gone on holiday to luxury dog kennel hotels, I mean how cool is that!? Dog's, as in our fury pet animal friends are having holidays at luxury hotels whilst their owners are having a Cuba holidays in a luxury hotel with a beautiful sea view, sipping cocktails by the pool, dressed in their summer clothes because it's so hot!
Not much chance of that here in England, yes last week may of been nice but this week has been a different story! Me and Spud live in a flat, so even on the odd few times we have sun, unless we have money, all we can do is lounge around at the local 'park', how the council can even call it that is a bit of a joke, its one big field, dry in the sun, horrid with the rain!
Being in a flat and having no garden makes it more important to me, that me and Spud get away on holiday at least once each year. Spud's never been abroad as we always do English sea side breaks but now he's 7 and I feel comfortable with taking him abroad alone with just me and him, I'm planning on taking him away this summer holiday sometime in August to Cuba. Being a single Mum, I have to cover all the cost myself, to me it's important I find low-cost holiday deals, something that's not too expensive but includes our flights and accommodation for the duration of our holiday.
As going abroad is something very new for Spud, we've been looking online and reading reviews of the place that has caught our eye the most, Guardalavaca. Guardalavaca is located in Cuba and is filled with lots of fun for the whole family including various water parks and let's not to forget the swimming with dolphins opportunity!
Going abroad alone with a small child is quite nerve wrecking for me too, luckily the company I have booked through have fantastic resort information on all the destinations they provide for, with details on weather, local tourist attractions, the best times of year to go and even the best places to eat! Everything is all located on one website which is great for me, I'm not the best of multitasksers at all!!
So my lovelies, have you got any holiday hints and tips for me, have any of you been to Guardalavaca or anywhere else that's close in Cuba? I would love to hear from you and any child friendly attractions recommendations you may have!