Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Eco-friendly Decorating Tips

With people becoming more and more conscious of their impact on the environment, simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint and ‘go green’ are always appreciated. However, one area that you might not have considered when thinking about the environment is that of decorating.
Here are a few handy tips that can help you do your bit for the environment when doing up your house…
Upcycling or repurposing is becoming more and more fashionable, and not only can you make some pretty amazing items but it’s also great for the environment. It basically involves turning something old and useless into some new and useful! For example, don’t throw away old jars and tin cans; instead try using them as containers or plant pots. Pinterest always has some great upcycling ideas.

Rather than going out and spending a fortune on new furniture, could you potentially reupholster your current furniture? Take a trip to a local market or haberdashery and pick up some fabric and then have a go at updating your chairs and sofas yourself. Here’s a quick guide if the idea terrifies you.
Use energy-efficient lighting
If you’re wanting to re-do the lighting in your house then you should be using energy-efficient bulbs. Most bulbs are energy-efficient these days but it’s worth going around your house to see if any older bulbs need replacing. You could also consider using solar lighting around the house and in the back garden. Lights4Fun have some pretty cool solar lights that won’t break the bank.

Donate unwanted items to charity
When you’re redecorating and having a clear out, instead of slinging unwanted items in the bin, consider giving them to a charity shop. Not only will this cut down on disposal costs but it will also benefit the charity, which is always a good thing. Obviously don’t give them a load of old rubbish, however; they can’t do much with old wallpaper or broken bits and bobs.
Consider buying second-hand items
You don’t always have to buy brand new. You can save yourself a considerable amount of money, and help the environment, by buying second-hand. Have a scout around on sites such as eBay, Freecycle or Gumtree and you can find some pretty decent items that are still in good condition for relatively cheap.
Use products from sustainable/ethical sources
When buying new products, try to ensure they’re from sustainable or ethical sources. For example, if you’re buying wooden flooring then make sure the wood is from a sustainable source to reduce the impact on the rainforests.

Use eco-friendly paint
If you’re decorating then part of that will undoubtedly involve painting somewhere in the house, and you should therefore try and use eco-friendly paints. Try and look for clay- or milk-based paint and check to see whether they give off VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which can happen up to five years after the paint is on the walls.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

LEGO® 70801 Review: Melting Room

WARNING: I'm aware of the bad picture quality, and will be replacing the images tomorrow once I've re-shot the scenes!
In The Lego Movie, which I'm hoping you've all seen by now, if not don't worry, the movie was only released onto DVD and Blu-ray yesterday, I would however recommend you go and get it before the weekend, I'm pretty sure it's going to be a sell out! Back to what I was saying, in The Lego Movie, the Melting Chamber is where Emmet and Wildstyle first meet. This set is based on that scene, where we see Wildstyle go all crazy and wild to rescue Emmet, or maybe the Piece of Resistance!

Danger! Emmet has been captured by Lord Business' Robo Police, who've taken him to the Melting Room. A Robo SWAT has chained and cuffed Emmet to a tilting, rotating laser machine and is trying to zap the Piece of Resistance from his back using a huge adjustable laser. Help Wyldstyle slip into the Melting Room undetected, smash through the chains with the axe, and free Emmet.

Yesterday I reviewed Cloud Cuckoo Land and couldn't of been more happier with the colours, I don't think I was speaking from a female perspective, but from many people's point of view, the set is really colourful and really appealing! The Melting Room set which I'm reviewing here seem's to be very dull and morbid colours, apart from the odd flashes of red, the set is almost entirely grey and black.
As always the set comes with a set of instructions to help you via a step by step guide on how to make three bags of various sized bricks into a set! This set took Spud 20 minutes to build, and some help from mummy to clip some pieces into place. The picture quality below is bad, the booklet is dark, but not this dark!
So again, like yesterday, I'll start off with the characters! The Melting Room contains three characters of which all three are mini figures. We have Emmet, but a different one to the one mentioned yesterday, Wildstyle who is again different to yesterday's Wildstyle and Robo SWAT.

Robo SWAT has a rather unique Lego face, instead of the most common yellow and peach heads, the Robo SWAT is silver, in true robot style imaging! Robo SWAT carries around a gun, Emmet gets locked in with some handcuffs and Wildstyle rescue's Emmet with her axe! Robo SWAT has the enemy SWAT uniform on and sports a black cap.
Again, like yesterday, both Emmet and Wildstyle have two faces! Emmet can be found looking stern and smug, or really worried, he has his signature hair, his uniform and the much desired Piece of Resistance upon his back. Wildstyle is not that much different from yesterday's look, apart from her rather cool hood!

The set features a high-tech tilting and rotating laser machine with a control dashboard and adjustable laser, the plan is to laser the much desired red Piece of Resistance off of Emmet's back, but luckily Wildstyle comes to the rescue, defeats the Robo SWATs and Bad Cop is left seething from their escape!

The set isn't very appealing to me, a big Lego and The Lego Movie fan I just don't think it's my kind of personal preference set. Spud however, who's reviews do count the most, as from a child's perspective loves the set and is using the laser on more then just his Lego, he's been using the layer on lot's of mummy's items too, and forgetting where the had put them!
Based on the price of RRP £11.99, I think the set is worth it, you do pay for what you get and although little, the characters alone are worth purchasing the set for!
Luckily this is another set that doesn't require stickers for the controls as they're already pre-printed bricks. It's just a shame not all Lego sets contain no stickers, I have the world's most silliest unsteady hands I think, and always manage to ruin that part!
The Melting Room is not the smallest sets from The Lego Movie range, it is however the second smallest. Albeit small, the rotating possibility on the stand and the laser is quite realistic, not that I'd know as every time I speak to Emmet and Wildstyle they completely ignore me ;).
The Lego Movie was released on DVD and Blu-Ray yesterday and includes a child's free ticket to Legoland inside.

Also don't forget to check back tomorrow for day three of The Lego Movie set feature reveal!

Jada x

P.S - Everything is awesome!

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Monday, 21 July 2014

LEGO® 70803 Review: Cloud Cuckoo Palace

If you've watched The Lego Movie, you'll already know a little bit about Cloud Cuckoo Land, if not, you're in luck my friend because today (July 21st incase you don't know), The Lego Movie was released onto DVD and Blu-ray for each and every single one of us to enjoy! Everything is awesome!!! So if you've not got a copy of the movie yourself, put on your everything is awesome shoes, sing the song (if you know it), skip or pop along to your local supermarket or entertainment store, stock up on some popcorn and get ready to watch the most anticipated animated movie of the year!

Cloud Cuckoo Land is a land up in the clouds where there are no rules, no limits, no bushy moustaches and no bedtimes! Accessible by travelling up a rainbow, and home to the sweet and plucky princess Unikitty! Cuckoo Land is built from every kind of piece using every type of Lego imagination! Unbeknown to most, it's also the secret meeting place of the Master Builders, but shh, you didn't hear that from me!

Cloud Cuckoo Land is my all time favourite Lego set, the box is colourful, the instruction booklet is colourful, two of the characters are colourful, and the whole piece itself is colourful! I'm a real girly girl at heart, and the pinks, whites and pale greens and blue's does the trick for me! Spud isn't that keen on the colours, due to them being a little bit too feminine for him, but he's pleased with the characters that come with the set.

As with every Lego set, inside the box you'll find the instruction booklet, giving you a step by step guide on how to build not only the set itself but also the characters. It took Spud around 40 minutes to build this set, and the majority of that was trying to stop buttery fingers from dropping the round 1x1 Lego bricks!

Let's start off with the characters, you get five characters in the set, three minifigures; Emmet, Wildstyle and Executron (a robot), you also get two other characters, Unikitty and a big snail!

One thing I despise about Lego is the sets that come with stickers which you need to put onto certain bricks, I don't have a steady hand and when Spud requires my help to place the stickers into place, I always fail awfully and feel that I've let him down. I was pleased to see that the snails eyes and Unikitty's face was pre-printed Lego bricks, and so, no awful steady hand was needed!

Unikitty and the snail are the most colourful charachacters from this set, both myself and Spud love the way the snail has been designed, particularly the shell. We also love Unikitty's unique shape, and of course that pretty cool unicorn on top of her head!

Next up is the three minifigures, Spud tell's me that the Emmet featured in this set is the only one of it's kind from The Lego Movie range, he also tells me Wildstyle's hair is a much desired Lego piece and the Executron is also a valued member to add to his collection.

Both Emmet and Wildstyle have two faces, the Executron however only has the one, complete with shades he's looking every part a member of the enemy gang!

Emmet and Wildstyle both have a happy/smirky look on one side of their faces, but switch their heads around and you can find quite a stern look spread across Wildstyle's face, and a worried looking expression spread across Emmet's face.

Spud has four Emmet's in his collection, I apologise if I have the following three after the first one incorrectly made, my little Lego master is sleeping peacefully in bed, and therefore can't tell me if I've built them all correctly! The second and third Emmet's featured below have the same face, one is showing one side, and the other shows the other side.

The whole point of this set is for the Execruton to get the Piece of Resistance from Emmet! Meeting some fellow master builders in Cloud Cuckoo Land, Emmet and his friends are unaware that Emmet has had a tracker (in true Lego stud style form) placed on his leg, and so, tracking him down is proving to be easy!

Of course though, Emmet's newly found friends are unwilling to let the Executron get hold of the Piece of Resistance, and so, with thanks to some objects in Cloud Cuckoo Land, including a flower launcher, the Executron is outnumbered and defeated! The flower launcher is quite impressive with it's launches, and can quite easily shoot across the room! Again, this piece is colourful and very appealing to the eye!

In regards to the main part of the set itself, can you see the beautiful array of colours and understand the appealing to the eye statement? I'm not a big fan of green at all, but I'm loving all the colours featured in this set, including the pastel green! For a rather small set, there is a lot to take in, including the stepping stone features, the sun and the spirals!

The sun is on a clear stick which can be moved to a certain degree! The spiral wheels that you can see, and the flower wheel all spin and rotate! It's the simple thing's that add to a Lego set, and this feature is definitely one of the best!

I love the unique shape to the set, the flowers, and the whole candy feel about it! Cloud Cuckoo Land is the most colourful place in the movie, and one of the happiest scenes to be viewed. I think Lego have excelled in making this set to represent just some of what we see during the movie!

The Cloud Cuckoo Palace set retails for a suggested RRP of £17.99, it's the cheapest set to buy to add Wildstyle's hair piece to your collection, it also feature's Emmet's unique face and of course let's not forget how wonderful the colours all look and work together!

Just a few more things before I sign off, you do get some spare pieces as with each Lego set, but Spud placed them into his huge boxes of Lego before I could snap the pieces!

The Lego Movie was released today on DVD and Blu-Ray and includes a child's free ticket to Legoland inside.

Also don't forget to check back tomorrow for the day two of The Lego Movie set feature reveal!

Jada x

P.S - Everything is awesome!

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Unique Young Mum presents, The Lego Movie Feature!

Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you're part of a team, everything is awesome when we're living our dream! Do you recognise that song? I'm hoping a lot of you are going yes, even the one's who are cutting some fine evils at their screen as they read this saying to themselves; ''are you kidding me, who doesn't know that song, my children sing it from morning to night, everything is awesome!''. If you don't know the song that means you've not watched The Lego Movie and I'm just sat here typing this like how could you NOT of watched The Lego Movie!?

Tomorrow, the 21st of July 2014 to be precise, just because it's Sunday today and a lot of us are dreading the Monday morning routine all over again, tomorrow is going to be a different Monday, tomorrow is the day that The Lego Movie is released on DVD! Can I get a whoop whoop!? Nope, okay, that's fine, you be a spoilsport! For the ones who are excited just as much as me and Spud, I salute you, hand to my head, and a high five through the screen!

If you or your children have not watched the movie already, I highly recommend it, not just because we're massive Lego fans over here in the Unique Young Mum household but just because the world is too serious and sometimes we need something to cheer us up! With the cast of Emmet, Unikitty, Wildstyle, Bad Cop/Good Cop, Benny, Batman, Lord Business/President Business, Abraham Lincoln, Green Lantern, Virtruvius and more, the movie is destined to bring at least one smile to your face!

Here's a sneak peak below, of what's coming up! I know Lego fans are on the verge of their seats here, I promise, you won't be waiting long!

The animation is something that surprises me entirely, getting bribed by puppy dog eyes and a few pleas of pleases, I treated Spud to a viewing of the movie on the first release date at the cinema's! We ended up going to see it three times in total, we've had what seemed to be an agonising wait for it's release onto DVD and BluRay but finally, the day is dawning upon us, with only hours to go, I can only hope one of the supermarkets have a copy left tomorrow after the morning school run! Otherwise, I'll be collecting a excited little boy from school, who's going to be extremely disappointed when I arrive empty handed!

I'll be reviewing the movie hopefully sometime during the first week of the school summer holidays, Spud breaks up on Friday 25th, so it will be the week commencing Monday 28th of July sometime! I could most probably review the movie now after watching it three times at the cinema's, but I'd rather re-jog my memory, and pick up on a few extra lyrics I'm unsure of!

To celebrate the launch of the most anticipated movie of the year, but in Spud's eyes the century, I'm going to be reviewing a different Lego Movie set over the next seven days starting from tomorrow, so that's one for each day next week! Spud luckily has seven sets based on the movie, otherwise I would of had to go and purchase him another set tomorrow to stop my OCD demons getting involved!

I'll give you one more sneak peak of one of the sets we've got coming up during the week long set of reviews, it's one of my favourites, can you tell why!?

If you're not a Lego fan, I understand, each to their own! I'll of course be posting about other stuff too including last minute gifts to present to the teachers!

Until tomorrow,
Jada x

P.S - Everything is awesome!!!