Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Going Beyond The Paintbrush - More Inspiration For Your Posh Pad

Are you looking to sell your home soon? Or maybe you’re just looking for ideas to turn it into a beautiful home for your friends to drool over! Turning your house into a dream home can be easier than you think - it’s all about the details and I'm not talking about painting every room in the latest on-trend Pantone colour either! Go beyond the paintbrush and find the inspiration you’re looking for to create the ultimate posh pad without the high-end budget! Try some of these ideas to give your home the makeover you desire:

New Skirting
Over the years, skirting gets painted with that thick white sludge that deforms the grooves and shape of the mouldings. Rather than spending hours sanding it away, you can simply take off what’s there and replace it. Natural oak can look so beautiful in your room that you won’t want to paint it white! Pick a style like regency or torus to suit your tastes! You can find skirting from suppliers like George Hill Timber merchants. You may need to lift back the carpet if you have it, so it might be worth timing it with a new flooring installation as found below!

A fresh, new floor in beautiful engineered or solid hardwood can make your home look stunning. Of course, it isn’t the cheapest choice but its made to last! If you have floorboards in your house, consider hiring a sander, as this is a very messy job and not for the faint-hearted! You’ll need a protective mask and the ability to shut the door on the excess dust and yes, you may be dusting for a week after! However once it’s done, you can paint, stain, or varnish your beautiful floor any colour you like. It will look like a luxury new floor in no time.

Yes, wallpaper is back, and it’s getting bigger - the pattern that is, and there are some wonderful designs for this season! Many people are using wallpaper for an accent wall rather than paint as this creates more of an accent and can even become a focus of the room. Add a few prints or wall art of a similar style to highlight your design - these should be placed on the adjacent or opposite walls. and don’t forget to bring out the colours in your soft furnishings too!

Luxury Fittings
When it comes to selling your house, you may have the edge on competitor properties by installing luxury fittings. Things like integrated appliances, whirlpool baths, and garden hot tubs appeal to prospective buyers. If you’re creating a posh pad aesthetic, then you need the luxury fittings to go with it! No need to spend a fortune as just one or two additions can go a very long way.

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Fresh Worktops
Changing the worktops in your kitchen and bathrooms can lift the room with a fresh new look. You don’t have to extend your budget to granite, but something high gloss can be very attractive! The wood look seems to be out this season, in favour of marble effect or high gloss black worktops. These can look amazing with almost any cupboard finish!

Even though the cold is setting in soon, it’s worth at least considering your plans for the garden. A good decking space is ideal for dining and lounging but be sure to finish it with attractive railing and potted winter plants for extra colour. A gazebo is more attractive than a parasol, and it can become a permanent fixture in your garden too! A timber gazebo can be built easily at home, then just buy some climbing plants and sit back to watch them grow up and create a beautiful garden feature!

Driveway and Path
Dirty paving slabs can be very unattractive and off-putting, so if you have them, try to use a power washer to keep them clean at least once a month. Alternatively, invest in a new material to create that perfect approach to your beautiful home. Add some solar LED path lights to create that posh pad effect and don't forget a well-maintained lawn or some carefully planted shrubs can border the approach perfectly!

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Light Fittings
It’s not just outdoors that can benefit from clever lighting. Inside, you can add LED light strips to each room to create a very contemporary and attractive look. False walls with the lights behind can create a fun glow as a focal point for each room and the hallway! Use the strips along the stairs to illuminate the way, and remember - no kitchen is complete without LED spots in the kickboards! Finally, consider installing a contemporary chandelier in each room to complete your modern posh pad look for the perfect light feature!

Jada x

Reclaim Your Room After Your Baby Moves Out

When you're preparing for a baby, decorating a nursery is often one of the top tasks on the list. However, for many parents, the baby won't sleep in their nursery until they're a few months old. Many parents have their little one in a bassinet or cot by their own bed, whilst some parents even choose to co-sleep -  although it can be a controversial choice. This means that for several months, your grown-up bedroom can be taken over by the baby and when they do move out, you might feel like the room still doesn't belong to you. Giving it a makeover can help you reclaim it and make sure that the nursery is the baby zone from now on.

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Remove Baby Paraphernalia
The first thing you want to do is remove any baby items, you might still want to have a cuddle in bed with your little one, however, you no longer need to have a cot, mobile, changing mat or any other baby essentials! You can keep all of those items in their room because it doesn't need to be in such easy reach of your bed anymore. Start by moving any furniture if you chose to have a cot or perhaps a chest of drawers for your baby's clothes, then you can make sure you remove any odds and ends, from nightlights to soft toys.

Repaint the Walls
If you want to give your room a new look, repainting or wallpapering will help you. You can reclaim the room and make sure it's an adults-only space again - or, at least, it will be at night. This is a new stage in your life, and moving your baby to their own room might make you feel a little melancholy. Giving your room a new look can get you excited about it, instead of feeling sad! When your baby came along, you might have made the room into a more calming environment, but it's good for you to have a calming space too so that you can sleep better as we all know sleep is a thing of the pass when you become a parent! 

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Reclaim the Space
Now that you've removed the baby things, you should have more space in your room and deciding what to do with that space could be difficult. You might put your room back to how it was before your baby arrived, or perhaps you'll leave the space empty, especially if you have a small room. However, you might consider rearranging things or bringing in some new furniture to fill the space you have left. Maybe you can replace the crib with a chest of drawers or an armchair, the good thing is, you can do what you want with it now that there are no baby items taking the space up!

Open Up the Room
When you moved your baby in, you might have separated the room - curtains or even sturdy pieces of furniture can be excellent dividers to create privacy. However, when your baby is settled in their own room, you can have all the space to yourself so you might want to remove these features or move furniture against the wall. You don't have to have any dividers in the middle of the room if you don't want them anymore but on the other hand, you might decide to keep them! You could use the space as an office or something else - maybe a comforting area with your favourite books for when you need some time alone.

Treat Yourself to a New Bed
You've had plenty of sleepless nights in your current bed - in fact, it wouldn't be surprising if you associated it with waking you up every few hours! Your baby might be sleeping through the night now so you can sleep a little more peacefully, even if they still wake up, you won't wake with their every movement when they're in a different room! Treating yourself to a new bed could help you have a fresh start with better sleep, but if you don't want to replace the frame, take a look at kingsized mattresses and just get a new mattress instead. Investing in a quality one could give you years of excellent sleep and it will be better for your back and your body in general, as well as helping you to sleep more soundly.

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Refresh the Bedding
Another thing to treat yourself to is some new bedding as who knows what your current bedding has seen during those newborn stages? If you want to change your bedroom from baby-space to adult-space, new bedding is a quick, cheap and easy way to do it! A new duvet cover set and even a new duvet can make a huge difference to your bedroom, and thinking back - when was the last time you replaced it? You deserve to give your bed a new look so that you can reclaim it as yours! Although, don't hold out for never having a child in it again!

Add Frills and Accessories
When you have your baby in your room, minimal design is often best. You don't want a picture frame to fall off the wall and into their cot and you wouldn't want them accidentally grabbing something they shouldn't have! Once they've moved out, you don't need to be as careful, so you can be more liberal with fun accessories, and they don't need to be teddy bears or mobiles! Add some decoration to your room by hanging some photos or putting out potted plants, or even a mirror as there's less need to worry about whether it's baby-appropriate or not.

Baby Monitors: Keep It Simple
Now that your baby is in another room, you're going to need to keep a baby monitor with you. You may already have one, but you might be considering a new one for your bedroom now its had a makeover! Monitors now come in several different types - you can have standard audio ones or video ones, and some can also monitor your baby's breathing, temperature, and a lot more! However, for a calmer bedroom, you should consider keeping it simple, being able to watch your baby's every move and track their vitals could make you hypervigilant - unless there's a medical reason to monitor them so closely, go with the traditional baby monitor and keep it simple.

Having your bedroom back, at least partially, can feel great. Give it a makeover to make it feel like it's yours again.

Jada x

Is Your Home Ready For The Winter Chill?

As much as the snow and ice are fun for the kids to play with, it does make everything so much colder! The heating goes on, the jumpers stay on, and the lights go on for longer at this time of year. We all know just how expensive it can be, so preparing our homes for a deep freeze could help us save a fortune! There are plenty of things you need to be checking before the frost sets in and hopefully by doing so, it'll help you with your winter cost!

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Check the central heating is working fine now before you need to have it on overnight and more frequently during the colder months. The last thing you want is your kids crying with coldness or you waking up freezing cold. If it’s not working, there is still time to call out a qualified engineer and get your boiler serviced. If it hasn’t had its annual safety check, don’t delay, Carbon monoxide poisoning kills and it’s essential you check with a registered gas safety engineer that your appliance is safe, especially if you have children in the house.

This may seem obvious, but now energy prices are at their highest, it’s a good idea to check this out. Window seals can loosen over the years, and doors can be drafty too! If you can feel cold air coming in, it’s worth investing in some extra trim to keep the draft out. Lots of your heat can be lost here, and can push up your energy bills until you’re in dire financial straits. Don’t forget you will still need some fresh air flow each day, so make sure the windows open freely, but don't leave them open for too long.

The more it rains, the damper your house can get. Next time there is a downpour, grab a brolly and nip outside. It's important that you check the gutters aren’t overflowing as this is the biggest cause of penetrating damp to your brickwork. Over the years, the cold and heat can cause the brickwork to crack and move a little, and if you think you’ve got lintel issues, then it’s best to have it seen by a specialist before the big freeze arrives.

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Your chimney should be swept every year if you use it, but if you’re worried it may be obstructed or blocked get it done again even if you've not long had it checked. Even a little wood burner needs a clear chimney to remain safe and the stove could be cleaned and serviced at the same time. Over the winter, you may be using this more and more, so make sure you have a good supply of wood nearby that is dry and seasoned as required for your stove.

Most homes have insulation in the roof, but is yours up to current standards? Some older houses have single skin external walls with no insulation, and if yours is like this, then it might be time to invest a little cash and get it upgraded. You may be able to use insulating panel boards on the inside to keep more of your heat in, this is quicker and cheaper to manage then other options. You should only lose a couple of inches on each wall so you'll hardly notice once you’ve repositioned the skirting board!

Have a warm and safe winter.
Jada x

Friday, 21 October 2016

Tips for Making a Kid’s Bedroom Super Comfortable!

Seeing as we’re already well into autumn, it’s a good time to think about how we can make our homes a bit more cosy. Obviously if you have a child, then it’s their bedroom that should be the most important place to focus your attention on first!

Whether it’s making sure that their desk is at an adequate height to prevent backache, or even just splashing out on a good pocket spring mattress to help your little one get a good night’s sleep, here are some great ways to ramp up the comfort factor in 2016.

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Beating the cold temperatures of winter is a priority, and it’s important to block up any unwanted draughts that can appear around windowsills and door frames.

Anybody can quickly use some polyfilla to block up any gaps, and making a fun sausage dog draught excluder can be an enjoyable craft project and keep that bedroom cosy too!

Most parents will be aware that their children tend to use their beds as a makeshift trampoline, so it’s a good idea to check and see if it’s still a suitable place to sleep. If you’re looking to get a new mattress, then some of the pocket spring mattresses at Bedstar could be a good idea as the springs counts from 800 to 4000 and can really help even the most sleep-adverse child get some quality sleep.

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It’s also important to think about how a desk and chair can be maximised for comfort when it's homework time! Although most kids tend to work from their beds, it’s important to encourage good posture so that they don’t develop that teenager’s slouch just yet!

So why not treat them to a cute and stylish kid’s desk like the ones in this article that will help ensure that they don’t get a cricked neck and hopefully focus a little better on their homework. The great thing about some of these desks is that they include plenty of extra storage for all of those toys.

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As our little ones seem to spend an increased amount of time on their digital devices, it’s a good idea to make sure that the room is adequately lit to prevent eye-strain. If your children are afraid of the dark, then make sure to get a fun night light as a way of helping them enjoy that pocket sprung mattress a little more!

Have you got any more tips on how to keep a child's bedroom comfortable? If so, please do leave me a comment below!

Jada x