Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Planning for Christmas, Top Tips for Budgeting & Saving!

With Christmas only a little over two months away (and no I am not sorry for talking about Christmas already, you'll thank me later!) I've been looking at not only present ideas, but ways to save money this Christmas!

I've not changed jobs, and my wages haven't changed much either, but I moved home, which is still costing me a fortune and I've also got extra people to buy for now, due to me and Gareth getting together, I've got Gareth himself, his parents, his brother, and his three nieces, so lots of extra people this year!

Finding the infographic below this morning from Alexander & Co (chartered accountants) on another blog has got me thinking about my spending ways during the festive Christmas period every year! As we grow older, I think we become more wiser with money, and our spending cost.

Before, I would skim over tips and advice like the following, but now I'm finding myself bookmarking links for future reference, and noting down ways in which can help me, like the tip below about panic buying - I'm a big panic buyer, and would love to take myself out of that category!

Is there any other tips you can think of when it comes to saving money at Christmas?

Until next time,
Jada x

Looking At The Bigger Picture In Your Home.

When I first moved into the house, all I was worried about was unpacking, and where everything was that I needed quite quickly. I viewed this house with my eyes closed tightly, I didn't want to see the interior or exterior, I just pictured us in a house, with a chimney, and a garden, a garden my son has always dreamed of.

It was only when I slowly started unpacking, box by box, one at a time that I started to think of the bigger picture. It was so near to Christmas, I had very little time to do anything, but I desperately needed my front room doing, there was no way, we could of had a happy Christmas with the way things were in that room particularly.

Now, after living here for nearly 11 months, I've started to think about more than the decorating, I've started to think about other home improvements and how they would not only benefit myself and Spud, but also gain extra value to our home.

We're very fortunate to have a huge back garden, and I'm not proud to admit that the back garden, along with the front garden are in dire need of a lot of work being done to them! Finding this infographic below (credit to UK Homebuyers) made me realise just how important gardens are!

A looked after garden does not only add value to your home, but it's also polite and respectful to the neighbours who do look after their gardens - like my neighbours! I think they're appreciate that I even cut my grass unlike a lot of other residents on the street!

I'm off to search for bargain plants, if they'll survive the colder months and how I even plant them, because I've never planted a plant or flower in my adult life!

Jada x

This Is Halloween, This Is Halloween...

Next month, I've been in my house a whole year. Whilst I sit here and wonder, where on earth the year has gone, I'm also sitting here with one huge smile spread across my face because for the first time, in history, me and Spud can finally answer the door to trick or treaters!

Being huge Disney fans (yep, sorry folks, it's another Disney related post!) we're planning on having a Halloween movie marathon with titles like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Into The Woods and Hocus Pocus, whilst munching on popcorn and treats ourselves, dressing up, and being on guard with the remote control to pause our movie and ready to answer the door every minute - or so we hope!

Just like every other occasion we celebrate in our household, Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without Disney involved! Just like Easter isn't Easter without Disney, and Christmas isn't Christmas without Disney! We would love one day to Halloween at Disneyland, but until we can make our dream come true, we'll continue to bring Disney to us!

Disney vampire plush.

Spud has over 30 Mickey Mouse plushes now, and every year his collection grows! I'm loving these Mickey and Minnie Mouse medium plushes, priced at £14.95 they'll make the perfect gift for children who are staying in this Halloween! Even dressed up as vampires, just how cute do they look!?

Disney Trick or Treat Bowl

Opening the door with a bag of sweets just isn't mine and Spud's style! So we're loving the idea of opening our door with this Mickey Mouse pumpkin style trick or treat bowl! Priced at just £10, the bowl can be used by trick or treaters themselves, or by people answering the door and giving out the treats!

Disney Minnie Mouse Costume
Then there's the costumes also, I was born in the year of 1990, that makes me 25, but I will forever love Disney, as you can see by the 100s of blog post that are Disney related. Although it's £50, just how beautiful is this Minnie Mouse costume below? It's Minnie's trademark with those spots, and the colours are so Halloween! This is just one of the costumes that caught my eye from the Disney kid's Halloween costumes range! I'm just gutted I'm not a little girl no more!

I could be here all day telling you about all the marvelous Disney Halloween items I've come across, but I'll leave that for another day! With just 25 days to go until Halloween is here, keep checking back regularly for more Halloween goodies on Unique Young Mum!

Until next time,

Friday, 2 October 2015

Planning A Baby!? Then Start Saving Them Pennies!

When you plan to start a family, there are a lot of things to consider, and one of the main things to consider is your financial situation. Babies turn into toddlers, who then turn into children, then its tweens to teens, until they become adults, but don't think they're financially stable when they become adults, they're still your children, and may forever need help with money.

Money sadly doesn't grow on tree's, although I did try to plant a money tree once! I remember having to wait until Christmas for a new dolly I saw on the TV, it wasn't just the dolly I wanted though, it was the pram and car seat that went with her, along with the cot and moses basket, and lets not forget her baby bath and wardrobe, and all the clothes and accessories available to buy.

Spud's nine now, and thing's only get harder as children grow in age, clothes and footware get more expensive, and gone are the days of your children being occupied with a plush teddy! They put on their list to santa games consoles and expensive games, gaming systems such as Skylanders and Disney Infinity, along with 20 characters for each game!

Here's my three tips on how to save money when planning for a baby.

Cut The Social Events:

You'll find that when you become a parent your social life will change, or die out completely! Prepare yourself for the changes soon to come and save money whilst doing so! An average night out can cost well over £100 for two people, so why not have a night in instead and save money towards the much needed baby essentials?

Use Voucher Codes!

I can't tell you how much I have saved my visiting discount code websites like this one here. I've saved money on a takeaway pizza treat, to Christmas presents and canvases, to clothes and toys because there's a whole section dedicated to baby & child products. The discounts are endless, and what's more is a penny saved, is a penny towards a pound!

Accept Hand Me Downs and Visit Charity Shops!

When I first had Spud, friends and family members would kindly offer me clothes and blankets, however I was too stubborn and proud. Now I'm older and wiser, I am happy to accept my nephews hands me down, they're always in good condition and are well known brands! In return I pass on Spud's clothes to my sister, who makes use out of them with her two boys, and then she passes them back onto my sister in law for her youngest child!

Oh and one last thing, start saving them coppers now, they may just be 1s and 2ps, but they're pennies towards a pound!

Until next time,
Jada x