Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Christmas Toy Deals For 2014

Christmas has to be the most expensiveness time of the year doesn't it? We're left feeling the pinch as early as June, and for us last minute shoppers, many of us feel the full effect in December and January with little or no funds left in our accounts.

I'm sure you all know by now, I'm from a very big family, I have Spud, five nephews, one niece, six siblings, two parents, two step-parents, brother and sister in-laws, grandparents and lot's of close friends. At least with birthday's, you spread the cost throughout the year, as not everyone's birthday is in one month, let alone one day!

I've always liked to think I shop around and get the best deals and prices for presents that I'm after, especially for Spud as I like his money to go further, even if there is just a few pounds left, that can go towards smaller presents, instead of me paying full price for one of his items, and not saving any money whatsoever.

This year, Spud wrote to Father Christmas and asked for the following five items;


1: Skylanders Trap Team PS3 Starter Set.

Spud has Skylanders Giants and Skylanders Swap Team, so he would love to complete his collection, along with lot's of the new and expensive figures brought out!

2: Disney Infinity 2.0 PS3 Starter Set.

Spud got Disney Infinity (the first edition) within a few weeks of it being released in shops thanks to a review opportunity. Spud's been a Disney fan since he was born, but as he moves away from Mickey, he still loves all his Disney films and Disney Infinity!

3. Lego Chima Mammoth Ice Blast.

This is just the bigger set that I've took from Spud's list, there is about seven Lego products on his list, and this one is the most colourful, most loudest and most appealing on Spud's letter to santa! It has about a 100 please Santa sayings around it!

4: Imaginex Jokers Laff Factory.
(It's how they spell laugh, not me!)

Spud loves all the Imaginex DC Super Hero items, and has most of the characters and Batcave already. He would love this to add to the 'dark' side of his collection! 

5: Teksta Robotic Puppy.

Everyone's been raving about the Teksta puppy, and as I sadly can't let Spud have a real puppy just yet, I wouldn't mind getting some practise in with this robot puppy!

So, as you can see, I have quite a few things that Spud is looking to get this Christmas, I've told him we may have to wait until his birthday for Disney Infinity version 2.0, however, if I can get a deal on each present, he may be able to get it for Christmas, who knows!

I don't spend my life looking at bargains, I don't have the time too, but thanks to quick and easy price comparison widgets, such as the one above from My Voucher Codes, it's very easy and straight forward to quickly pop onto the website, see what's on offer and where, and go and make an order if I wish too!

It's a lot easier than travelling from shop to shop, or even town to town, what I done one year when I couldn't find his most wanted present ANYWHERE!

Remember folkes, let's save money, not throw it away!

Violence Against Women: The Facts and How You Can Help Stop It!

It’s a scary statistic, but the World Health Organisation expects that 35 percent of women in the world will experience violence at some point in their lives and that estimate is comparable to the UK as well. The Crime Survey for England and Wales recently revealed that 30% of the adult female population, from the age of 16, has likely been subjected to some form of domestic violence.

Stock photo: copyright to Free Images.
To make the point even more salient, violence against women and girls aged 15 to 44 causes as much ill health and death as cancer.
What makes violence against women so common?
These types of cases are always complex, but violence often stems from an imbalance of power between men and women. In most places, rather than being condemned or demonised, violence against women is accepted as a normal part of life. Males grow up in cultures that make it seem socially acceptable and females are often conditioned to accept the abuse. In this, the cycle of violence is hard to break.
Trying to bring about change forces us rethink gender roles that have been in place for generations. These issues are sensitive, and are often difficult to discuss.
Bringing about change to end the violence
Change can happen, with a commitment to the following:
Providing services for women and girls - to help end violence against women, we need to have the services to help. Protection, financials and health-related are all need to help women recover form abuse
Education about proper gender relationships – there has to be a focus on improving awareness of the rights of girls and women. It begins by educating girls and boys in schools to help them understand healthy relationships
Creating national change – across nations, rights of women are often vastly different to that of men. To end the violence, we must protect the rights of women in law

Want to find out more about how you can support us in our work to violence against women? We all know that violence against women causes untold damage to individuals, families, communities and entire societies. It has to be addressed, both in the UK and abroad. At Plan UK, that is one of their many missions.

Make Your Own Christmas Decorations

Christmas is a time for giving presents, eating lots of food and getting crafty with the kids. There are so many activities involving snow men, reindeers and santas that you can turn in to great art projects. It’s possible to fill the house with yours and your kids’ home-made decorations to set the Chrismassy vibe in your house while keeping the children occupied until the time when their presents arrive. Here are a few ideas for Christmas decorations you can make at home. All you need is a few things that can easily be collected from around the house, some extra bits and pieces and arts supplies like PVA and acrylic paint and away you go.

Leafy Table Topper
Here’s a simple idea. All you need to do is pick up a piece of green garland – usually available in budget shops – and decorate it with fair cones collected by the little ones on a specially-set foraging mission and holly leaves. This makes a great decoration for the Christmas dinner table and will cost next to nothing.

Foil Ring Chain
This is another simple one that the kid can do almost exclusively by themselves. All you need is kitchen foil and a bit of time. Cut out good size squares (at least six inches square) of the foil and then task the kids with scrunching them into link rings and linking them together. And with that you’ve got a nice room decoration to hang around the edges of the ceiling.

Scrabble Messages
‘Deck the Halls’, ‘Let It Snow’ or ‘Season’s Greeting’ – simply glue your old scrabble letters together into festive phrases to create great looking decorations to hang on the tree or around the walls of your home.

Candy Cane Vase
If you are looking for somewhere to put a festive bouquet why not secure together ring of red and white candy canes for a Christmassy flourish.

White-washed Items
Get yourself some all-surface white spray paint and you have the means to make a whole host of simple decorations. Sprayed fair cones and mortise keys look great hanging from a beautiful Christmas tree.

Twig and Lolly Stick Trees
Stick a triangle of twigs of descending length onto a lolly stick and finish with a small piece of red tinsel for tiny natural-look trees.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Decorations
Get the appropriate ribbons that match the colours of the turtles’ bandanas, add googly eyes, and wrap around green baubles and you’ve got some awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles decorations to coincide with the latest movie.

Cork Wreath
If you have saved up your wine corks throughout the year, now maybe the time to utilise them. All you need is a wire shaped into a circle and feed the corks on to the frame to create a nice minimalistic wreath. Add red details and green bits and pieces such as holly leaves to get it as festive as possible.

Do you have any ideas you can share yourself?

Until next time,
Jada x

Alternatives To Watching the Box

by  MelnicIncao 
Summer already seems like a distant memory, even though we haven’t had any real winter weather yet. Though it’s quite mild out there, evenings begin around 4.30pm when the dusk falls, and it can feel quite a long time to be cooped up indoors before it’s a reasonable time for you to go to bed.
So what do we do with our dark winter nights? Do we find solace in programmes such as The X-Factor and Strictly Come Dancing? Yes, probably, they’re both pretty entertaining, and if you have access to satellite TV, there are always some great series to get hooked on such as The Knick, but there’s only so much TV that you can watch and enjoy. We need other diversions to get us through these longer evenings.
All this, of course, assumes you have your baby or older kids in a neat, predictable routine where you’ve got a peaceful house from around seven in the evening. Assuming that’s the case, here are just a couple of ideas of how to avoid cabin fever in the winter months.
The internet opens up a myriad of different entertainment choices. For instance, have you ever played online bingo? It’s one of the easiest games on the planet and, thanks to the existence of so many different bingo sites such as Winner, Cheeky or Tidy Bingo, you can play it whenever you want. Games run on a 24 hour schedule and so there’s always one about to start. What’s more, they only cost a few pence at a time to play, unless of course, you choose to play the freebies, which cost nothing to play! As well as being a low stakes game, online bingo also gives you access to socialising with other players in the bingo chat rooms, so you needn't feel like you’re spending the evening by yourself, even when you’re home alone.
Another way to fill up those evenings is to get creative. Christmas is only just around the corner, after all, and if you just do a quick google search on home-made Christmas decorations and presents, you’ll be overwhelmed with a choice of different activities to throw yourself into. Some of them require quite a lot of skill, but there are also plenty of projects for the first-time Christmas crafter. Examples include making Christmas placemats and decorations for the tree. Something that you can get a kit for is making your own Christmas crackers – you can handwrite the jokes and pick customised gifts for the friends and family who will join you for Christmas Day.
The evenings are also a good time to do a big of batch cooking and baking – as long as you’ve got the freezer space to cope with it. Preparing meals like lasagne and moussaka take time as they’re a little bit involved and you might not have time to make these dishes during the day when the kids are under your feet. Double up the recipes and put one in the fridge and one in the freezer.
Of course, how you spend your winter evenings will depend on how much energy you have left at the end of the day, but hopefully the ideas above will help stop you from going stir crazy from watching too much TV!