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Opening Up To New Experiences With My Older Age.

In a little over a week's time, I turn 27 years old, three years off of the big 30 and whilst I'm proud of the life I've led so far, I feel a tiny bit disappointed that due to fears I've not done as much as I'd maybe of liked too. Whilst I hate letting my fears take over my life, I know that I'll never be able to face them, or get rid of them, but it shouldn't stop me living life to the full should it?

Two of my biggest fears are heights and spiders, spiders without a doubt comes first, and I know it may sound stupid to many as they're tiny compared to me, but I'm terrified of them, and everything and I mean EVERYTHING I do in life, even day to day duties leaves me thinking about them! I mean even using a public toilet is cause for a panic attack if a spider is lurching around, I'd quite happily have an accident if the only other choice was going in a cubicle where a spider was living!

Living With HS - My Journey.

Recently, I've spoke about my journey with HS - full name Hidradenitis Suppurativa on the blog, and told you all how I ended up in hospital with the condition. Since then things haven't been great, I've been back to hospital twice since, in unbearable pain that left me wanting to cut my own arms off - well my arm pits at least.

Me at happier times, pre HS.
The thing is, HS isn't just painful, it's ugly, it's smelly and it's a damn right bully. It takes over your life like you'll never know, and if living with another chronic skin disease (Psoriasis) wasn't enough, Hidradenitis Suppurativa decided to visit me, and it's it's spread like a wildfire in the outback, only it's my skin.

5 Stress-Busting Foods

Too often, when we’re buried under a ton of work and personal commitments, we find ourselves binging on comfort food to feel better or de-stress. This is why the term “stress eating” was coined. We’re not literally eating stress, but more like we eat to shoo the stress away or replace stress with yummy treats. Unfortunately, we tend to choose the greasiest, most unhealthy food we can find - fast food, carbs, or junk food packed with preservatives. As a result, the euphoria is fleeting followed by a sugar crash or worse, emotional instability.

To help ease the stress without taking a hit on health, here are 5 stress-busting foods you can binge on without adverse health effects.

Style Your Bathroom With Elegance

Bathrooms are all over Instagram. Luxury bathrooms and bedrooms are all the rage online and we can never escape them. Gorgeous white porcelain and marble, stylish designer baths and Pinterest-worthy ideas but is this possible to achieve in your own home?

Image Source.

When you get creative you can definitely style anything easily and efficiently it’s all about taking inspiration and putting your own spin on it. Especially if you have
just moved in, you want everywhere to feel like home as quickly as possible! It’s not difficult to make your bathroom feel like part of your home easily, but with these few little tips, you can put your own spin on some old classics and give all your visitors a little treat when they step into your powder room!

Cake, Creativity and More Party Planning!

A new day, yet another day full of party planning! I swear everywhere I look in the house at the moment, all I see is Batman, black and yellow, oh and the dog- because he follows me everywhere!

Today I went with my sister in law as planned to put in a birthday cake order, I have a fabulous local cake baker/bakery making Spud's personalised cake topper, so all I need is a large - very large, plain undecorated cake, which aren't sold in many places! I could make one, but by the time I've purchased all the ingredients, the accessories and whatnot, it would cost me more money and time - something I just don't have at the moment, possibly because I fell in love with Pinterest and the thousands of ideas they threw at me!