Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Top Garden Furnitures You Must Have to Enjoy Hot Summers!

With the rising temperatures we have been witnessing yearly since the past decade as a result of climate change and the Greenhouse Effect, the heat of summer months is becoming more and more intolerable for a vast majority of people around the planet. This condition has furthermore been worsened by the recent economic crisis, and subsequently many families who choose not to go on holiday abroad have opted for a more relaxing and budget friendly holiday, transforming their home garden into a perfect summer retreat where they can bask in the sun and take advantage of the many accessories and furniture essentials to make their garden into an enviable summer holiday experience and at the same time combat the heat.

Cheap furniture is available for under £50 at many outlets, and this includes essentials like a wooden drink trolley to help cool off the whole family while avoiding tiring trips back and forth between the kitchen and the garden. A BBQ grill is indispensable for outdoor fun with friends and neighbours, so keep a lookout on the special deals for large or moderate­ size BBQ set­ups depending on your needs. To ward off the excessive heat, parasols and garden sails of various sizes complemented with lounge chairs help make your summer garden experience more comfortable. Stand­alone parasols with solid base can be easily installed or placed to provide shade in any area of the garden, It is recommended to use high quality furnitures with resistant materials. A lot of brands provide similar products offering a large choice of luxury items like hexagonal and triangular garden sails that will help capture and deliver some of the fresh wind breeze.

Naturally, no summer holiday can be complete without a swimming pool. For the occasion, consider an inflatable swimming pool that can accommodate the whole family and your friends. With several inflatable models like a 10 ft across easily installable pool connected to the garden hose, this eliminates the hassle of built­in large swimming pools requiring constant cleaning and maintenance. Best of all, they can be packed and removed quickly and easily. The kids will also love a swing set­up where they can spend hours of enjoyment and which can be easily placed in any area of the garden.

For delightful evenings when the temperature cools and the fresh summer breeze blows, portable natural heaters like fire bowls and steel chimeneas will complement the party mood of your garden summer and keep you warm. Steel chimeneas are a good choice because they have a rain lid and are child­proof. And do not forget to liven up your summer evenings with outdoor stake lights powered by solar energy, easily popped in the ground during the day and when fully charged capable of delivering up to eight hours of light.

Jada x

Friday, 8 July 2016

Some Of The Top Ways To Renovate Your Home For Summer

When it comes to renovating your home, there’s no better time to do it than during summer. Whether you’re making big or small changes, summer is the perfect time to make a change. It’s warmer, so if you have any issues with heating, you don’t need to worry as much. Not only that, each new season is a great time to give your home a new look. You don’t have to make huge changes, of course, but simply adding a fresh coat of paint or a new accessory could make your home look brand new. If you want a bit of inspiration, the following tips can help you:

I don't regret selecting the feature wall that I did, the way the sun shines through is lovely!

Add A Feature Wall
A feature wall is a great addition to any home. The only thing you should do is make sure you don’t have too many of them. Two in one house is definitely enough, but it’s up to you where you put them. One feature wall to a room is enough. You could place yours in the living room, bedroom, kitchen - wherever you like. The idea is that this wall draws the eye before any other wall, and creates a cool focal point in the room. While some people might simply use a large accessory as a focal point, creating a feature wall can be a lot of fun and a great way to show off your personality. You can use paint, wallpaper, lots of pictures, or even a texture to create your feature wall. Whatever you prefer and feel suits the ambiance of your room best!

To get this right, you really need to make sure you pick the right wall to feature. It shouldn’t have anything distracting on it, like windows or doors. Ideally, it’ll be a completely blank wall. In the bedroom, for instance, the feature wall could be the wall right behind the bed.

Pick A New Colour Scheme
Picking a new colour scheme for summer can work really well too. It doesn’t take much effort to paint the walls, and is a simple way to change things up. Maybe you could pick a more summery colour scheme, something with brights or pastels. You could even make it more neutral, so you can create the feel you want with the help of accessories. Neutral colours never go out of fashion, and they are so easy to accessorise. You don’t want to paint your house every few months, so picking something you won’t get sick of is a good idea. You can use a colour wheel to select your new scheme if you need help choosing mixed/matched colours. Contrasting colours can be an amazing way to make your home look more fun and unique!

Change Your Window Treatments
Having big, heavy curtains can be great for colder climates and even old period houses. But when summer comes, you want to be able to control the temperature of your home easier, as well as let in lots of natural light. How do you do this? With blinds! The Blinds Superstore has some great examples of different blinds you can select for your home. You can even just change to a lighter, more sheer curtain if you prefer. The great thing about blinds, though, is that you can control the amount of light you let in, and there’s always the option for more privacy.

Swap Your Accessories/Add New Ones
Swapping over your accessories or buying new accessories can add more personality to your home and give it a summer vibe. If you want things to seem really summery, you could purchase some colourful pictures and add some coloured pillows to your sofa. You could have a set of accessories you use for the colder months and a set you use for the summer months, and swap them over accordingly. Then you don’t have to spend a fortune constantly buying new accessories. The great thing about using accessories to make an impact is that they can really help to turn your house into a home.

My dad's garden, once in season it's one of the loveliest home gardens I've ever seen!

Makeover Your Garden
Having a pretty garden in the summer is a great way to bring your home up to date. People enjoy spending more time in the garden come summer, so you want to make sure yours is all ready. Whether you want to spend alone time there reading a book or invite your friends over for a BBQ, there are many things you can do. Make sure your lawn is well manicured, and get rid of as many weeds as possible. You can add more flowers if you like too, making sure to include lots of pretty colours. Bear in mind the types of flowers you include will affect the scent of your garden too - include all of the sense for the best experience! Water features make amazing garden accessories, and add a real feel of tranquility. Having a good seating area is a good idea, so you can spend time in the sun and maybe even eat dinner al fresco.

Invest In a New Bathroom/Kitchen
Investing in a new bathroom or kitchen probably won’t be cheap, but summer is a good time to do it. As you’ll have to live with your new bathroom/kitchen for some time, you don’t want to pick a theme only suited to summer. Pick something classic that will stand the test of time so that the novelty doesn’t wear off. Even if you only treat yourself to a few new appliances, or change the faucets to give a new look, you can make your home feel much better. Changing your bathroom or kitchen in summer is a good idea, as you don’t need to worry too much about heating. Not only that, you’re more likely to go out to eat, meaning you won’t need to spend as much time cooking. The more you can minimise disruption when making these changes, the better.

Use these tips when making over your home this summer and you’ll find it so much easier. You’ll be able to create a home with lots of character too!

Until next time,
Jada x

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Our Mini Holiday To Weymouth 2016.

Every year, I try to get two holidays in with Spud, reflecting on my own childhood, where I had at least two holidays myself, I want my child to have the same that I had. Now my mum lives by the coast, we're lucky we're able to save a small fortune on accommodation by visiting her in the school summer holidays for at least a week, having a Cornish holiday, and getting to visit Spud's nanny/my mum, and Spud's auntie/my little sister at the same time.

We do love our holidays in Cornwall, but we also love our breaks away at holiday sites such as Haven, so we try to go away to one of those at least once a year too. What we love about holiday sites is the entertainment and park facilities, I fondly remember me and my siblings dancing away to party songs and being called up on stage, and it's nice for Spud to do the same.

My mums area in Cornwall has beaches, but they're not the same as beaches you can get in other area's like Weymouth. My mums area seems to be very surfer based, they don't have arcades, they don't have donkey rides, punch and judy shows and much more, so it's nice to get two different holidays in and let Spud see the difference, one is based on entertainment, whilst the other see's you making your own entertainment.

Spud had an inset day on Thursday and Friday last week, so after school on Wednesday we headed off to Weymouth and spent a few days there until Sunday. We left miserable weather in Reading and was greeted by sun in Weymouth, it was lovely to get away and as it was term time we was able to enjoy a break away at a much more affordable price, the inset days really did come in handy!

When Spud was at school on Wednesday, I packed and got everything ready so it was a case of picking him up from school and setting off. As soon as we arrived in Weymouth, we went straight to Asda to stock up on some bits for the caravan, such as cereals, breakfast items, fruits, drinks etc. We try to eat lunch and dinner off site or at least out of the caravan, but luckily there's a shop on site which sells all the basics you may need, as well as there being two shops on the main road if we did want to eat lunch or dinner at the caravan.

On the Wednesday we pretty much dropped off our shopping along with our luggage to the caravan and then headed straight to the entertainment complex in time for Spud to see the character show. We ordered dinner from the Papa John's on site, watched a little bit of the show and headed off to the caravan for a good night's sleep ready for a full day on Thursday.

Spud, my dad (Spud's grandad) and my brother Paul (Spud's uncle).
On Thursday, after breakfast, showering and getting dressed, we headed into the town centre which is also where the main part of the beach is! We had a look around a few shops, visiting the toy shop first on Spud's request where he spent some of his money on some new TY Beanie Boo animals, and then we headed off to the beach.

We spent a few hours on the beach, but unfortunately it was a little breezy and the sand was being blown into our faces, but more so our eyes, something that's never welcomed! We crossed the road back into town and had some lunch, before a quick visit to the arcade, and then decided to go back to the site so we could go swimming. 

The site we was staying on (Seaview) has both an indoor and outdoor pool, and due to it being sunny but breezy outside, me, Gareth and Spud decided to go to the indoor pool, whilst other members of our family visited the outdoor pool, something I soon wished we'd done as they told us how lovely and warm the pool was, a difference to the cooler indoor pool we visited!


We then headed back to the caravan, got ready and headed to the entertainment complex where we had dinner at the mini restaurant bar. The children's entertainment soon started and as usual my little man was down on the dancefloor getting involved! The FunStars GO Live really do get the children excited, especially when they say we have games coming up and we're looking for people to come up on stage for the chance to win!

Spud soon grabbed his uncle Paul's hand and had him down on the dancefloor for a dance competition, and to no one's surprise, they was picked to go up on stage! Every year for the last five years, Spud has been picked to go on stage, so he's use to the attention being on him, and he's from a very big family so he's already got the competitiveness blood in him!

Spud and Paul (my second eldest brother), had to compete against another child and adult, Spud had to guess what sports Paul was acting out, and then Paul had to have a dance competition with the other adult, it was safe to say Paul and Spud won, leaving the stage with lots of cheers, and a certificate, badge and sticker for Spud!


It's these things that make my heart melt, Spud doesn't have much confidence, but when on holiday he leaves his worries at home. He does need his ear defenders once the children's entertainment is over and the family entertainment starts as it gets too loud for him in the complex, we've not been able to stay for any longer than 30 minutes due to the sound, but he always tries and for that, I'm the proudest mummy!

The rest of our mini holiday see us visiting Bowleave Cove, an area situated at the top of a very big hill as Spud says, featuring a established small fair catering for younger children (no teenager onward rides), a large indoor play centre, a cafe, a restaurant and an arcade - which Spud wanted to visit every day due to it housing two Animal Kaiser machines! You pop a pound into the machine, play a game and get a Animal Kaiser card, Spud has over 30 cards now, and even gave some doubles away, so you can imagine how much money went into this machine from myself and other family members with four of the five children wanting to play it!

We also got the children a wristband each which entitled them entry to the soft play house, and as many goes on the rides as they wanted, they had an hour in the soft play running around, whizzing down slides and having ball pit fights with one another! They went on all the fair rides along with the trampolines but soon got bored and wanted to go back to the Animal Kaiser machine!

Other days see us spending more time on Weymouth's sandy beach, with Spud enjoying a donkey ride for the first time! I've lost count of the amount of ice cream and ice lollies that was purchased, and if I see pizza this week, I think I'll cry because of how much of it we seemed to of consumed!


I wasn't feeling to great on the Saturday, so Gareth took Spud swimming for me when we arrived back at the caravan so I could have a nap. My dad (who we was sharing a caravan with), went off alone to Bowleaze Cove and Weymouth, reminiscing about the times and holidays he's spent their with his mum - my nan and Spud's great grandmother who we sadly lost a few years ago. Weymouth was her favourite place to visit, and through us all, the love carries on.

Spud and Gareth arrived back at the caravan and Spud had been treated to a Greedy the Gorilla teddy along with a dinosaur costume for Greedy! A few of my siblings and inlaws had planned to go into town for the night, as my dad said he'd look after the five children, me and Gareth did originally plan to go but due to me feeling poorly we stayed in and had a night at the caravan alone as my dad had Spud and the other four with him at one of the other caravans.

Sunday see us packing our bags and cleaning the caravan, but we wanted to make a day out of it and enjoy the lovely weather we had! We spent a bit of time at the beach, before taking a trip around the town where Spud got more items for himself, including a Skylander Light Trap which he has been after for a little while! Gareth also replaced my engagement ring after I sadly lost the stone out of it whilst Christmas shopping.

Coming home wasn't disappointing as we got to see our puppy dog Jezeppi who we'd missed so very much. Gareth's parents had him for us, so he was in very safe hands, but we still missed our pooch, after all he's a big part of the family! He loved the presents we got him, and soon didn't want to know us, instead favouring his new toys!

On Sunday evening, Spud and then Gareth started to feel poorly in the same way I did, I'm not sure if we'd picked up a bug or if it was something the three of us ate, we went from being really happy and positive knowing we'd just had a lovely mini holiday in the sunshine which seems to be a rare appearance for England nowadays, to feeling really rubbish and sorry for ourselves.

Spud couldn't attend school on Monday, but is now back to school and I'm sure telling all his friends and teachers about his holiday in Weymouth.

When Spud's older, I'd love for him to read this post (if he wants to of course!) and be happy with remembering the memories from our first holiday of 2016!

Until next time,
Jada x

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Uni's Out For Summer - But Student Discounts Remain!

University students all over the UK are celebrating the end of year with results, parties and new adventures. Whilst uni lectures are out for summer, many students are unaware that student discounts still remain as long as you have a valid student ID card!

This post is about showing students how to make the most out of their student ID card, and get the best deals and discounts around! From cheaper dinners to cheaper days out, from cheaper movie tickets to cheaper travel expenses, from cheaper fashion to cheaper entertainment, this post will hopefully help you make the most of your student discount!

Being a student sadly isn't something that comes for free, so try to ease the student debt by saving with these tips below!

Image Source: Pixabay

Step One: Search, Search and Search!
Not everyone advertises their student discount/discounts, so look around the company's website you're interested in or give them a call to see if they have deals/discounts for students!! Searching for specific search terms can also be a great help, for example doing a search for student bus pass will bring up results for discounted bus fare rates!

Step Two: Always Carry Your Student ID With You!
Being in a shop that offers student discount is great when you're a student, but it's not great when you've not got your ID card to prove it! Anyone can say they're a student to grab a discount, and of course companies aren't going to have that. Make sure you have your student ID with you wherever you go, you never know when its going to be needed!

Step Three: Subscribe, Subscribe, Subscribe!
A lot of companies offer student deals every now and again, but the only problem is, they will only let you know of these discounts if you subscribe to a service they offer. Most of the time its in terms of a newsletter, so for the sake of having a newsletter delivered to your inbox once a month, it can be worthwhile with the discount on offer!

Image Source: Pixabay

Step Four: Don't Forget To Cancel Your TV License!
If you're moving out of student accommodation and won't be using your TV license for the last three months of your license cover, then it may be worth checking the TV Licensing website to find out if you're eligible for a refund for the time remaining on their website. It's always worth remembering that the student should buy their TV Licence as early in the year as possible. In doing so, they are more likely to have three months in a row or more left on their licence at the end of the year. If this is the case, the student is more likely to be eligible for a refund.

Step Five: Make Sure YOU'RE Saving Money!
Don't be fooled by every student discount you see, sometimes they really aren't worth the hassle of showing your ID card! For example Domino's may offer you a 25% discount, and Pizza Hut a 20% discount, if you're trying to save money, naturally you may go for the higher discount (Domino's), but their meals may cost a lot more than their competitor offering less discount! 

If you have any other student summer money saving tips, please do leave a comment below!

Jada x