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Happy New Year - 2018!

I’d just like to start this post by wishing anyone that’s reading this a happy new year, I hope 2018 is a great year for all of us! I hope you smash any resolutions you have, and I hope your dreams come true.

For me I’m happy we’re in a new year, from mid-2016 to the end of 2017, it was difficult times for me. Times I don’t wish to talk about in more detail right now, I’ve done a few post, but ideally, in a perfect world I’ll leave that chapter of my life behind me and move on.

Why's It So Hard To Accept Different?

Whilst I sit at my desk and type this post angrily, venting my anger and frustration, letting all my thoughts out on this blog, there's a serious point to this post, and if I can educate just one person, than my work here is done. If not, good riddance - my work here is still done, I didn't start this blog for anyone else and the only reason I walk this ridiculous earth is because I decided to bring an innocent child into pure evilness. 

I divorce people quicker than an engagement, no one is forced to read this post, so please do scroll on by if you think Autism doesn't exist, and get your head out of your rear on your way out of the door won't you!

If only we can have another Noah's Ark.

A New Chapter In The Unique Young Mum Household.

At the beginning of this month, a new chapter began in the Unique Young Mum household - Spud started his journey into Secondary School, something I'm not too sure either of us was ready for, but a few weeks in and things seem to be going good, fingers crossed it last. I'm sure I'm not the only parent out there who worried about their decision, choosing the right secondary school is important, the secondary school we choose for our children is going to be the school who helps them the most with their important GCSE exams, the school is going to be a place where new friendships begin and when the bigger part of the world starts becoming a reality.

My mini once stood small - this was him a few years ago, and now he's nearly as tall as his mum!
Choice wise, I'm fortunate enough to live in a large town with no end of secondary schools, actually, there's a secondary school right over the road from us, literally no further than a three minute walk down the road, however it wasn't a school that once crossed my mind, it is an academy school and receives no end of bad press, and so I had a task on my hand, considering at the time of applying for Spud's secondary school place I didn't drive, I'd never so much as started a car - turned the key in the ignition or anything, and to get him to a better school further afield, this involved a hefty and timely cost on public transport or taxis, or I had the task of learning to drive.

My Top 5 Festival Tips.

If you're heading to Reading Festival (known to us locals as Reading Rock), Leeds Festival or any other festivals this weekend or upcoming weekends you may want to read this post for some festival guidance and tips! I've lived in Reading my whole life (27 years!) and with Reading Festival, WOMAD and Rewind all within a close range, it's fair to say I've been to more than enough festivals to know how to have the best festival experience! 

From festival attire to festival parking, the local area, and all the essentials, hopefully this post will come in handy for any festival plans you have! Whether you're an experienced festival goer or a festival newbie there's something here for everyone, but the most important thing is you stay safe and have lots, and lots, and lots of fun!

Ways To Revamp Your Home On A Budget.

If you're a long time reader of Unique Young Mum, you may recall the many post I wrote whilst me and Spud lived in the flat, I wrote often about how Spud dreamed of living in a house so he could have a garden to play in, and the fact that we couldn't have a dog in our flat - as another one of Spud's dreams was to have a dog! Every year he would write to Santa, with the same top two wishes - a house and a dog.

In November 2014, Spud's dream come true when we moved into a house, or shall I say bombsite!? The flat was our home, it was decorated, furnished and loved, it was clean, tidy and liveable, the house however needed a whole set of renovations, really it needs to be taken back to the brickwork, but without the funds to do that, I've had to concentrate on room by room! Nearly three years in there's still a LOT of work to be done, but slowly we're getting there without breaking the bank either!