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Three Things Your Holiday Accommodation Must Have!

We're midway through June, the weather is how it's suppose to be (for once!) -  sunny and hot, our windows are fully open, our children's paddling pools are filled up ready for an afternoon of play, our ears hear lawn mower after lawn mower, we're going through cold drinks, ice cubes, ice pops, and ice cream like no tomorrow, and we're seeing friends post their daily countdown until their holiday arrives.

If you've not booked your summer holiday yet, I'm pretty sure you'll have an idea by now of where you want to head off too, and exactly when and for how long - like me, which leaves us begrudging our family and friends who already have everything sorted! The thing is, I've not booked a holiday yet because they go way too fast, and I don't want any of my pre-holiday preparation to be rushed, I don't want anything deplorable - I want the best!

Five Family Friendly Places To Visit In Liverpool.

In just over 10 days time, my younger brother Jamie will be celebrating his 25th birthday, a quarter of a century old and his first birthday as a daddy! Wanting to do something more than just going to a local restaurant for a meal - because we seem to do that year after year, I wanted to do something special for Jamie's birthday so took his interest into account!

As I mentioned above, this will be Jamie's first birthday as a daddy, his beautiful son was born on the 22nd of May, so whilst we're not struggling with ideas as there is so many gifts you can buy for new dads, we wanted to take Jamie's other interest into account too and thought about things that he could do by himself, as well as things with the whole family - there is a LOT of us, and we all love celebrating together!

5 Tips On Perfecting Your DIY Tan!

In just over a week time, the official UK summer time begins, and with the summer time upon us, out comes the paddling pools, the BBQ's and as much of our bodies as we can to get a beautiful golden tan! However, we live in England, and we all know what the typical UK weather is like - it's rubbish, it's absolutely rubbish! Even if we're blessed with a little bit of a sun, you'll be sure we're more than likely not to see more than a week of it at a time! One day it could be the hottest day of the year to date, and the next day you're waking up to the glorious rain!

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So what do we do? Well a lot of us adults Brits now know a beautiful summer is something of the past, Spud loves listening to my childhood stories of how summer meant sun, and winter meant snow - something he's not really experienced like many other children his age and younger! So in true Brit style, we light up the barbies no matter the weather, we invite the family round, and we still wear our flip flops - well a little bit of rain never hurt anybody did it? We also fake tan - yes both sexes, males or females - we do it, and us Brits love it!

Review: Baby Cakes Treasures - Jade Alana Marshall Design.

You may recall a post I done a couple of months ago mentioning Spud's birthday party, and it being Batman themed!? If not, go and have a read, or you can skip that and read this post instead, a post on someone who's already been mentioned a few times on Unique Young Mum, and I have no doubt this won't be the last time! The company in question is Jade Alana Marshall, the graphic designer behind my beautiful floral layout that I had until recently (if you're new and have no idea what I'm talking about, check out my social media pages - ahem Facebook and Twitter!).

First of all, let me tell you a bit about Jade - the sole person behind Baby Cakes Treasures, Jade Alana Marshall Design, and JAM Personalised. I first came across Jade a couple of years ago whilst stalking Twitter (as us bloggers do, am I the only one who spends more time on Twitter then doing anything else!? I can't be alone surely!), seeing she had designer in her profile (and me having an interest in design - I miss the MSN group days!) I stalked her profile and found she had a website, and from there fell in love with her work. Soon enough, Jade was the person behind my first professional and beautiful layout, and the only reason it was replaced a few months ago was because blogger had changed ever so slightly and I needed something to be done about my SEO - jargon that doesn't mean a lot to many of us!

My Slimming World Journey - Week One.

A couple of weeks ago, I was sorting out my clothes ready for the warmer weather and was sad to see that I was throwing more than half of them to one side because they didn't fit me anymore, at least not comfortably anyway. I looked at the sad pile of clothes that did still fit me, then looked at the gigantic pile that didn't, and I admit - I got upset, leading me to shed tears.

It's no secret that I'm a comfort eater, resorting to food when I'm stressed, and my gosh I've had a lot going on over these last 12 months, I've had health issues that have left me extremely anxious, tired, stressed, miserable and they also stole every ounce of confidence I had left. I've had problems within my relationship with Gareth, I've had worries about Spud, I've been stressed because my house still isn't a home and I don't know when it will become one.