Friday, 5 February 2016

Impossible Experiences, What Would You Do!?

Drinking cold cups of tea has strangely become a big part of my day to day routine these days, and it's not intentional believe me! I like to have my cup of tea in peace, when I'm working I need to concentrate solely on my work and what I'd like to do, so if I need a drink beside my laptop it's usually a cold bottle of juice. When it comes to a relaxing cup of tea, I like to sit in the armchair beside the window and watch as birds fly past, the wind slowly blowing the huge tree branches at the bottom of my garden, and listen to magpies communicate with one another.

It's nice to have that 10 minutes out of the stressful working day with a cup of tea, away from the working desk, away from the housework that needs to be done, and away from the television which I often have on for background noise. My tea isn't going cold because of the nature I watch and listen to, but more because of the daydreams I keep falling into, dreaming about things that will never happen, but dreams that take me to places I've never seen before.

A lot of you know I try my hand in competitions every now and again, so I was pleased to come across the #impossibleexpierences competition this morning. The competition ask you what experience you'd like to go on if money and practicalities were no obstacle? One of their eight suggested impossible experiences is a Big Ben challenge, where you'll get to climb Big Ben and play with time! Another suggest experience see's you becoming a Stormtrooper for the day, being filmed on a Star Wars set and even having lunch with the cast!

What would you do if you could have your very own impossible experience? I'd love to be the owner of Bernard's Watch for the day, so we could visit a theme park for the day and be able to do every single ride and attraction! The queuing for hours is a major put off for me as it takes so much time out of the day! You'll be there for 10 hours, but only be able to do a handful of rides because of the amount of people visiting the attraction! Or maybe I wouldn't need a stopwatch, maybe just the whole theme park for ourselves!?

Spud and my nephew at Legoland.
Another impossible experience I'd love to be able to experience is being able to visit heaven to see loved ones who have sadly left living life. I can just imagine visiting my nanny Lew and my grandad Joyce and having lunch with them, asking them take me on a tour of heaven and introduce me to angels of all ages! Then I'd come back down to where I live again like it was a normal trip, just like visiting the supermarket, you visit, and come back! Of course, its an impossible experience for a reason!

After sharing just two of my #ImpossibleExpierences with you, have you thought about some impossible experiences you'd like to go on yourself? Why not enter IntoTheBlue's competition for your chance to win one of three £200 gift vouchers to spend on experience days which is POSSIBLE!?

Simply head on over and visit IntoTheBlue on their Twitter page, or Facebook page and let them know your #ImpossibleExpierences!

Good luck,
Jada x

Valentines Day - For Those Taken & Single!

Valentines Day, a day which occurs annually on the 14th of February, a day celebrated by countries worldwide, a day that makes so many of us become poorer, a day that supermarkets and restaurants love, but a day that so many of us loathe!

Don't get me wrong, I am the biggest lover of love! I just love relationships and love seeing people happy in love (I tried to type that without Gemma Collins voice in my head!). I'm in love myself romantically, to my gorgeous Gareth, but there's something about Valentines day that irritates me like no other celebrated day!

I can understand why we celebrate our birthdays, Easter and Christmas once a year, however why do we have to celebrate love once a year!? Why do we not embrace our love all year round? Why on this one day of the year is it important to get whisked away on a fancy date? Why do we need to go out for dinner in a restaurant on this particular day when we can go for dinner any day of the year?

Happy to be spending my day however it goes, with no plans on the agenda whatsoever (unless you'd like me to review your hotel or restaurant for you of course ;) I'm free whenever you're!) I've decided to share with you all my ultimate Valentines Day Stress Pack <3

Maybe you need one for yourself at work when another co-worker receives a bunch of flowers, or your boss just announced to the whole office she's leaving early because she's being whisked away for the weekend, but you need to stay till usual home time! Or maybe, you'll be the friend who comes to a singletons rescue?

You'll Need:
A self seal bag, big enough for the following;
Chocolate, and lots of it!
A miniature bottle of alcohol and or hot chocolate sachet! 

Antibacterial wipes to wipe away the love germs.
Paracetamol (for the day after, when everyone's telling you about their nights!)
A hot chocolate sachet.

P.S you'll also need some bubble wrap for the miniature alcohol bottle, (pop the bubbles for added stress relief benefits!) something I don't have at home right now! Oh and maybe some pocket tissues, in case your brain can't cope anymore and you cry at the thought/sound of love!

If this is not something that's up your street, why not just pull a sickie? Or if that's not acceptable you could wear a badge to work letting people know exactly what you think of the over rated day! Or finally, why not celebrate the day alone? Buy yourself some chocolates, treat yourself to dinner, and go and watch a movie!

Until next time,
Jada x

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Tuff-Luv Cases (Alston Craig Secret Garden) Review.

Just before Christmas, I was due an upgrade on my phone contract and decided to go for the iPhone 6 in Rose Gold, I already had a iPhone 5 so thought it would be best to stick with what I know as I'm not the best with technology! What I do know though is phone screens scratch and smash, and quite easily too. You only have to take a look at my iPhone 5 repair history and see that I'd had the screen repaired a whopping six times!

With the iPhone 6, I wanted to have it protected right from the get go, so I left it in its box and carried on using the iPhone 5 until I found the perfect case. That was when I discovered Tuff-Luv Cases, a UK based designer and manufacturer of stylish cases designer to offer Luv and Tuff protection to your favourite electronic devices, who very kindly let me pick out a case to review.

It didn't take me long to find a case I liked, in fact I found more than enough, but knew I sadly had to whittle my choices down to one. I ended up picking the case I loved the most, and one that stood out to me right from the beginning - the Alston Craig phone case (described as ladies vintage genuine leather purse/case cover for Apple iPhone 6/6s) in Brown (Secret Garden).

I didn't go for personalisation on the case, however, personalisation is included in the price.

When the case arrived, it was easy to see from the packaging alone that this was a luxury product, and not something you pick up from your local market stall! The packaging is a sturdy box, which has two sides to it, you simply pull them away from one another to gain full access to the case.

Opening up the case, which couldn't be easier as you unclip a small magnetic button, you'll find a beautiful secret garden floral print. You'll also find three card slots, along with a wallet style section behind these to put notes, a pen holder in the middle with a Alston Craig stamp, and a soft gel plastic housing to keep your phone in place.

You'll also find a care leaflet telling you how to look after your case, a screen protector and a screen cleaner. The screen protector doesn't cover your screen from damage entirely, so it's best not to rely on this, however it does its best to protect from scratches, dust and smears.

Inserting my phone into the housing was very easy, I simply lined it up, and pushed downwards until all four sides were fully protected. It feels a lot more secure and protected than any other phone case I've had in the past, and after using it for over two weeks now, it hasn't become loose at all!

The card slots also gain praise from me, unlike other phone cases, these slots are slanted, so its extremely easy to pull your cards out. Saving much time and embarrassment at the till when you're paying for something, there is no hassle, and no faffing about!
I do love this case, but one thing I would change is having the phone's back camera protected too, after dropping my iPhone 5 once, I somehow managed to break the camera too, so I've not been able to use the camera on that for a while, and would hate for the same to happen with my iPhone 6.

Once closed the case is a perfect fit for the hand, and isn't too bulky at all considering the padded protection it has. For £59.99, it may seem expensive to buy, but it will last up to a lifetime! Once you add up the cost of all the cheap £10-£15 phone cases you've been through, it's well worth the investment. 

Jada x

Valentines Day Instagram Competition!

Love is in the air, every time I look around..... From local newspapers to magazines, radio shows and adverts on the TV, from the local corner shop to the massive supermarket shop, Valentines Day is everywhere!

So it's only right that I treat my lovely readers to a competition isn't it!? If you head over to my Instagram account @UniqueYoungMum you will find the picture below (or you can just click here) where you will find out how to enter the competition!

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The Bundle Includes:

Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles.
Artificle Rose Petals.
Two Crackers in a Box.
Yankee Candle (small candle) in Cherry Vanilla.

Good luck to anyone who enters the competition! Don't forget to check back regular for more competitions!

Until next time,
Jada x