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Competition - Win a BABY born® Soft Touch Doll.

With Christmas day being just 41 days away, I know many of us are now on the hunt for presents, and with toys being the most sought-after presents on children's list across the globe, it's only right I start off the first of a few competitions with a toy! I'm giving away a Baby born Soft Touch Doll which has an RRP of £49.99, and one lucky winner can be wrapping this up to put under their tree this Christmas. 

The all-new BABY born® Soft Touch Doll has nine lifelike functions and eleven accessories to encourage imaginative play, with the soft touch being more softer and huggable than before. With even more play value, BABY born® Soft Touch cries real tears, opens and closes his or her eyes, eats and drinks, has additional arm mobility, is fully bathable, and has controlled potty movements simply by pushing the easy to press belly button – BABY born® Soft Touch does all of this and more without the use of any batteries!

The Importance Of Interior Design During Home Improvements

The place where we live, enjoy, play, eat, make memories, dream, have parties, dinner dates, gatherings, bake-offs, and much more is our home. To ensure we're still in love with our home, it's important to make repairs and re-decorate from time to time. If we want to make our homes up to date according to social trends, and the latest interior design fashions, then we must focus on making the required improvements in our home.

I'm pretty sure no one decorates their forever home once, I mean, can you just imagine the state of the decor if a house hadn't been decorated in 20+ years? Regardless of how well it's been looked after, everything has a time, and I don't know of any wallpaper or paint that comes with a lifetime guarantee, neither fashion-wise, or quality wise. Besides, there are different times in our lives where decorations are a must, family homes - for example, are bound to experience a mini art gallery at some point due to little hands, and let's not get started on the interior design disasters of ripped wallpaper!

Parenting - How To Get Children Outside More.

Whether you planned to have children or not, I think it's safe to say once our babies were born into the big wide world, we vowed we wouldn't do things with our children that we later went on to do. One of my friends vowed her children would never have a dummy, only to give in when her firstborn was two days old, another friend vowed her children would never participate in Trick'or'Treating, claiming it was a form of begging, another vowed her child would not eat sweets or fast food - only fruit and veg as snacks, and I vowed I'd never swear in front of my child.

It seems that me and my friendship group aren't alone in our vow making though, other vows parents seem to regularly make are I will never formula feed my baby, I will never co-sleep, I will not let my toddler use the iPad, I will never let my baby eat jars of ready-made baby food, I'll never give my child snacks to keep them quiet whilst shopping, I'll never use my finger to wipe dirt off my child's face, I'll never let them have a TV in their bedroom and I'll never let my child watch TV in general.

Making a Living? Don't Forget About Your Life!

Finding balance in your career and personal life is a practice that takes many people years to learn. Earning a living is obviously a top priority for adults - particularly those who have children and a family to support. Yet, when you become so wrapped up in making a pound that you neglect your loved ones and yourself - it’s a problem. It’s also problematic if you’re so concerned with yourself and your family, that your performance at work or ability to earn a living is minimal.

Credit - Pixabay.com
I see a quote on Facebook the other day saying ''never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life'', and it made me realise that I need to become stricter with the work I take on, as much as doing someone a favour makes me feel good inside, it's more on the workload and something I sadly have little time for if I want that perfect work and play harder balance. 

The Not So Obvious Dangers That Can Hurt Your Child.

The world is a worrying and dangerous place nowadays, so it can be hard for a parent not to worry. However, many parents worry about things that are not likely to happen, for example, parents often worry about school shootings and kidnappings. While these things do happen, they don’t happen often enough to make the top list of dangers most likely to pose a risk to your child. There are however, numerous other things that you should be concerned about as a parent.

With the times changing, there are a lot more things we should be concerned about, we need to talk to our children more openly about the big wide world around them, including the dangers of the internet - something our grandparents didn't have to worry about with our parents, because of course, the internet didn't exist back then. Read on further for some dangers we should be looking out for.