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Meet the Blogger – 20 Questions & Answers!

If you've been a reader/visitor of Unique Young Mum for a while, then you may already know bits about me from past post I've done - so you may of read the title of this post and thought not another one!? However I suppose it's always good to refresh one's memory and every one of these posts has different questions! PLUS there's also the chance that I may have some new readers/visitors who would like to know more about the blogger behind the scenes - wishful thinking ay!? 

My most recent picture - taken on the 18th of May 2018.
I wasn't nominated to do this post, and so I won't be nominating other bloggers to do this either, but if you want to copy and paste the questions to answer yourself on your own platforms, please do feel free! Just remember, the internet is a huge place and isn't safe, so never disclose something that you wouldn't like the world knowing! With that said, let the questions commence...

Tiny Changes That Can Make You Richer

Often, we think that to increase our wealth significantly we have to make substantial financial moves. However, this is not the only way to acquire more wealth. In fact, minimal changes are often the way forward and can help you increase your wealth. 

With the sixth month of the year approaching, marking us halfway through the year, many of us will soon be starting to think of the new year saving resolutions we pledged at the beginning of the year, wondering how much we'd of saved if we had actually stuck to those resolutions. However, it's never too late to turn your finances around and to start saving right this minute!

98 Days - 14 Weeks - 3 Months.

As I logged onto the Blogger platform 30 minutes ago, I was shocked to see that it had been 98 days since I last posted, a whole 98 days, which is exactly 14 weeks and a little over three months ago. Whilst many had thought I'd given up blogging, or at least Unique Young Mum, I knew that was never the case. Unique Young Mum has been here for me at my darkest, deepest hour, its been here when I couldn't talk to anyone else, or simply when I didn't want too to talk to anyone else.

Unique Young Mum started as a hobby back in August 2012, but it soon became my internet baby, helping me to transform my life. It quickly became a job, and in time, great friendships grew. Sadly I've not had much time in 2018 to speak to many blogger friends or even real life friends. Some of you may know I've had a lot going on, in January I heard something I never thought I'd hear, to say I was devastated would be an understatement, to say the least.


The lovely Karen over at Really Missing Sleep tagged me in her #MummysGuiltyPleasures post - I'll be totally honest, I usually cringe at some of these posts that require you to tag other bloggers, not because you need to tag other bloggers but because the questions asked, however guilty pleasures.... well that's just a whole different game isn't it!? Plus I kind of got a bit too commercial with Unique Young Mum, so I think this is the perfect post to let my readers have an insight into the writer behind the scenes! 

I'm sure all parents agree with me when I say we all have guilty pleasures, it may be the time we spend on Snapchat laughing at the silly filters, the fancy lunch we eat when the kids are at school, the time off we have when they're at their grandparents (or with the childminder), or even the peace and quiet when the kids are tucked up in bed! We all have them, some more than others, and all different, and that's what makes the world a beautiful place - the differences. 

My Name Is Jada, I'm 27 Years Young!

Most days I wake up, and feel as young as the age I am, and then come the times where I feel much older than I am, with the latter becoming more common since my son started secondary school in September 2017. I don't know if its the fact that I'm one of the youngest parents with a year seven pupil, or if its the fact that everyone looks older, they're at a stage in their lives where their mortgages are over 50% paid off and they're planning vowel renewals because of course, they were married years ago.

Being a young parent comes with its advantages, but it also comes with a lot of stigmas, not that I have ever given a care in the world about other people's opinions of me, I am Jada Lewendon, I am no one else, nor will I ever be a sheep in which many peers of mine have allowed themselves to be. I stand my own, I raise my own and I live my own.