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A Post For My Stalker.

Dear stalker, as you've been stalking my Facebook, you're most probably stalking my blog too and any other area of my life you can ''access'', so this post is just for you - hello!

I'm a fully grown woman, I know how this evil, sad and depressing world works, I know that no one really is your friend, and the only person you could ever really trust is yourself, so go ahead and talk about me all you want.

2018 Christmas Gift Guide - For Chidren.

My last and final gift guide is for the children - children of all ages. When I think of Christmas the very first thing that comes into my head is my son, and the joy he has when it's Christmas. Children get excited for Christmas, they can't wait to see what's waiting to be opened by them, they can't wait to write their list to Santa, and they can't wait for the day to be here.

My children's gift guide covers items for babies, younger children and older children, from stocking fillers, small gifts and main gifts, there's bound to be something for every child in this gift guide. I hope you enjoy this guide as much as I've enjoyed working on it. As always, if you'd like to see a clearer product image please click on the photo in question to enlarge it.

2018 Christmas Gift Guide - For Teens.

Teenagers can be difficult to buy for, it's that awkward age where you don't want to buy presents that are too young, or too old - you want them to be just perfect, and loved by the recipient.

Without further ado, let's get this Teen's Gift Guide started, from tweens to teens, there's something here for them all, from stocking fillers to foodie gifts and main gifts too of course. To view the full image size, please click on the photo to enlarge.

2018 Christmas Gift Guide - For Foodies.

Christmas is the one time of the year where I don't feel guilty for indulging in more food than usual, and it's also the one of two times a year I have a three-course meal at home (Easter being the other). When thinking about Christmas, food is one of the first things that come to my mind; remembering the reason for the season, quality, family time, good food and presents.

When you mix those last two together, you get good foodie presents, and that's what this guide is all about! Gifts for the foodies, from edible to non edible foodie gifts, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed photographing and writing about them. To view the full image size, please click on the photo to enlarge.

2018 Christmas Gift Guide - For Him.

I know I'm not alone when I say I find it hard buying gifts for men, because all I've seen recently on social media is people looking for recommendations for men's gifts ideas. In a dream world, they'd most probably want the dream car, or a not even invented yet game console... I know my fiance wishes for that!

This guide features some stocking fillers and main presents, there's no particular order, and there's no particular theme, there are no dream cars, and there are no games consoles that have not even been invented yet (sorry Gareth!) they are present that caught my eye, and hopefully yours too! To view the full image size, please click on the photo to enlarge.