Friday, 19 December 2014

Five Potential New Years Eve Plans

I say it every year around this time of year so it's only normal if I say it again this year, but where on earth has the time gone? How have we filled in nearly 12 months already? I won't lie and pretend that I've enjoyed this year, because I haven't. I lost my nanny in April, Spud had two operations and a health scare, I had 12 weeks of hospital treatment myself, and a horrid house move. That's not even including all the little bits of rubbish that's been thrown in during the months too!

There's no other way of seeing in the new year then celebrating at that very time of the new year approaching, and so, to make me feel a little bit happier about waving goodbye to 2014, I've made a list of five potential plans to celebrate new years eve!

It's very hard to get a baby sitter on New Years Eve and besides, I think it's important to see the new year in with your loved ones, for me, Spud is my number one, so I want to be with him when the very first minute of the new year arrives!

2. Surprise Visit To My Mums!

My mum moved over four hours away in March 2013 to Cornwall, I'd love to pack a bag for me and Spud and go celebrate the new year arrival with my mum, little sister and step dad!

3. Night In!

A quiet night in with me and Spud is the norm, we do it every weekend, so I need to think of ways of how to make New Years Eve different. If I go with this plan, I think I'd get some games out, some munch and try to keep him up till midnight!

4. Family Party!

Although my mum, little sister and step dad don't live local anymore, the rest of my family does including my dad, brothers and sisters and my nephews. It would be great to have us all together to welcome a new year for us all after the loss of our nanny - my dad's mother, besides, I can't remember the last time we all celebrated the New Year together as one big family!

5. Stay In and Go To Bed!

Not that I want this to be the plan at all, but if all else fails, it's an option! You never know, waking up on New Years morning with a fresh head may be what I need!

What plans do you have if any for this New Years Eve?

Jada x

How A Year Can Change Everything!

Many friends in the blogging world, and all my friends and family know me and Spud moved early last month to a new house, a house that is sadly not a home. We left our home, a paradise as such where we knew everything's place, we knew how to work the boiler, we knew how cosy and warm the flat could be, it was clean, it was decorated to our needs, it was everything I worked hard for, it was a flat but it was home.

Christmas Day last year - 2013.
Last Christmas, everything was fine, we had a lovely decorated flat, all our Christmas decorations had a place, along with the tree. My walk in wardrobe was filled to the brim of presents, with me fearing every day of Spud getting curious and opening that cupboard door! Everything was perfect, it was one of the best Christmases ever, now, fast forward 12 months and I'm sat here in our house, it's just that, a house not a home. Not for now anyway!

I feel like one of those first time buyers to be honest with you, I've left our home and have took on a mission, it's not just the case of unpacking our items and possessions, whacking some paint on the walls and settling in. When I say this house needs a lot of work, I'm talking going back to basics, back to the bare wall! In the front room alone, the walls have had to be replastered, skirting boards ripped up and new ones put down, at least three deep cleans, the old radiator being thrown and a new one installed, I've even had to replace the light fittings and this is just the front room!

No flooring could remain, upstairs and on the stairs, the carpets have been ripped up, and the mock laminate flooring in the front room also had to be ripped up, the only flooring that's still in tact at the moment is awful lino tiles in the hallway, which will remain until the beginning of 2015, and the lino in the bathroom and kitchen. I've had a new bath put in, I'm now just waiting for the bath panel to be replaced and I've even had to get the glass on my front door repaired!

I had to get the place fumigated due to cat fleas having a daily feast on Spud, I've had to call in help from as much family as I could, and I've cried, cried lots over all of this. I'm luckily getting a new kitchen sometime in the beginning of the new year, so that's one thing I don't have to worry about at the moment, however, with Christmas just around the corner and Christmas being a big thing in my family, it's fair to say I'm feeling down in the dumps!

I'm just extremely lucky to have amazing friends, family and work contacts around me who has already helped me so much already! I'm not good at DIY, home decorating etc, so to even just have someone gloss a door frame for me, it's so much appreciated!

Hopefully this will explain to you all, why I've been so quiet recently, and why I'm so looking forward to seeing the back of 2014!

Jada x

Christmas Around The World - Fun DIY Crafts For Kids!

Millions of excited children wake up on Christmas Day to see what goodies Santa has bought them. Yet, different regions around the world have their own unique traditions. Did you know that in German children leave Wellington boots outside of their door for Santa to fill up with gifts? Or that Slovakians fling a bread dough mixture at the ceiling as a way to work out if they will have a successful crop season the following year? Craft projects provide a fun and interactive way to teach little ones about Christmas traditions and customs. From light up Christmas globes to pretty tree toppers, we reveal three simple craft projects that you can make with your child at home.

Light Up Globes

Image via Flickr by JD Hancock

Light up any space in the home with a gorgeous paper mache globe. This inexpensive craft project will educate kids about different geographical locations while also helping to unleash their creative skills. This craft project does take several days to complete, and it is a little messy, but the results are well worth it in the long run.

To create these pretty ornaments at home you will need a balloon, paper mache paste, a shallow container, newspaper cut into 1" strips, a plastic cup, a wooden skewer, tissue paper, a disposable tablecloth, paints, and some Christmas lights. You can buy most items from a craft store, but check out; it is an excellent place to order high quality Christmas lights.

Protect your workspace with the disposable tablecloth then place the plastic cup on the plate. Inflate the balloon and position the tail of the balloon inside of the cup so that it acts as a holder. Dip the newspaper strips in the glue and lay them over the balloon one by one but leave a small circle around the tail of the balloon so that you can later use it as an opening. Repeat until the entire balloon is covered in newspaper, and then place it in a warm room to dry overnight. Repeat the process the next day with the newspaper strips and leave it to dry overnight again.

Have your children dip strips of newspaper in green or blue paint and then place them on the balloon as if mimicking countries and oceans. You can have an atlas to hand so that your children can see the location of different landmasses; you can also name the different countries and explain their Christmas traditions during this step.

Let the paper mache globe dry overnight again and then give your child a bamboo skewer to let them pierce the balloon by the tail and then poke holes in different major cities around the globe. Insert the Christmas lights through the opening in the bottom of the balloon and voilĂ , your light up globe is complete!

Christmas Passport

Image via Flickr by hjl
A simple craft project that will help to improve your child's geography knowledge is the Christmas passport. There is no right or wrong with this project but you will want to encourage your child to create a small scrapbook full of maps, stamps, paintings, and drawings. You can print off outlines of countries, flags, and fun facts, and lay out all the required craft materials such as a miniature scrapbook, paints, paintbrushes, and glue. You can also add to this scrapbook throughout the year as a way for your children to document their worldly adventures.

Christmas Tree Toppers

Christmas simply isn't complete without a Christmas tree topper, and what better way to have one than to make it at home with your children? A super stylish, classic, and no-mess design is the cone­shaped topper. Help your child to roll some thin card into a cone shape and then allow them to decorate the cone with glitter glue, paints, ribbons, sequins, and any other craft bits and bobs you have in the home.

So there you have it, three fun crafts that will be a joy to make during the festive season.

Happy holidays!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

One Of The Joys Of Working From Home

A lot of people presume I don't work, they presume I am a 'benefit bum' and that I stay at home all day watching TV shows such as Jeremy Kyle. I am however self employed, I work from home, I don't even watch TV a lot and I am lucky enough to be able to miss Jeremy Kyle. It's just I don't wear a uniform, and I don't have to leave my house to work, well unless there are events of course.

Working from home means I don't have to leave Spud with a random child minder that I don't know, or even a child minder that I do know, I don't believe in after school club's, they go to school for long enough, why keep them there for any longer!? As mentioned before in some previous post, I have traits of attachment parenting, I hate being away from Spud and if truth be told I am even debating on whether or not to even keep him in school! I'd love to home educate him!

I hate it that he's away from me for so long, he wake's up, has his breakfast, watches 20 minutes of TV then it's time to get dressed and go to school. I pick him up at 3pm, we come home, he plays with his toys, watches a little bit of TV, if the weather is good we will go to the park or to visit a family member, then it's dinner time, then bath time, then bed time, I feel like he's not mine during the week! 

Trips to the fair without booking time off work!
Working from home is a real bonus, especially during times of the year like now - Christmas, there's no traffic I have to battle through to get to work each morning and there's no over cramped buses or trains full of last minute Christmas shoppers taking up all the spaces and making the journey difficult. 

Then there's also the fact that I don't have to worry about moving away from our hometown to follow work if it should ever relocate, because my work would only relocate if I relocate, and that could be anywhere in the world. I could walk into an estate agents in St. Albans tomorrow if I wanted too, or I could move to be near my mum in Cornwall, I chose where I work, and when I work, so it's completely acceptable for myself and my attachment issues!

Jada x