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Style Your Bathroom With Elegance

Bathrooms are all over Instagram. Luxury bathrooms and bedrooms are all the rage online and we can never escape them. Gorgeous white porcelain and marble, stylish designer baths and Pinterest-worthy ideas but is this possible to achieve in your own home?

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When you get creative you can definitely style anything easily and efficiently it’s all about taking inspiration and putting your own spin on it. Especially if you have
just moved in, you want everywhere to feel like home as quickly as possible! It’s not difficult to make your bathroom feel like part of your home easily, but with these few little tips, you can put your own spin on some old classics and give all your visitors a little treat when they step into your powder room!

Cake, Creativity and More Party Planning!

A new day, yet another day full of party planning! I swear everywhere I look in the house at the moment, all I see is Batman, black and yellow, oh and the dog- because he follows me everywhere!

Today I went with my sister in law as planned to put in a birthday cake order, I have a fabulous local cake baker/bakery making Spud's personalised cake topper, so all I need is a large - very large, plain undecorated cake, which aren't sold in many places! I could make one, but by the time I've purchased all the ingredients, the accessories and whatnot, it would cost me more money and time - something I just don't have at the moment, possibly because I fell in love with Pinterest and the thousands of ideas they threw at me!

Gearing up for Spring: Weekend Ideas

Alas, the time to open the windows has arrived! Winter’s grasp has weakened, and spring is falling upon us now. If you are beyond ready to bring some life back into your home, family, and soul, read on for some great weekend ideas that will slowly adapt you to the change of season.

Brighten the Home
Nothing speaks of springtime more than getting rid of the dreary darkness and replacing it with sunshine, sparkle, and colour. I love to look for cheap but noticeable ways to welcome spring in the home; whether it is adding a fresh coat of paint to the bedroom to lighten things up, or re-upholstering the dining room chairs for a colour pop.

5 Top Tips To Keep Children's Parties Cost Down.

In three days time, my once premature bundle of joy will be 11 years old, and along with a birthday to organise, I've also got a birthday party to organise - well the organisation side of things started as soon as I got out of hospital, it's now to host and throw the party that needs doing! Whilst Spud is still a bundle of joy, he's not the tiny baby that he was all those years ago, although he's still my baby, and with age, comes higher price tags and costlier list.

Year after year, we've celebrated Spud's birthday's in a number of ways, we've done parties at the local leisure centre, complete with two bouncy castles and soft play features, we've done the sleepover, the meals at restaurants, the bowling alley and cinema visits and all the rest in between (like once when he just wanted to visit the local bus shop just to get every single colour timetable they did!), and year after year the expense of the celebrations rise.

5 Top Tips To Keep Ice Cream Cool For The Kids

Spring has officially began in the UK, and before we know it summer will soon be here. With the warmer weather comes the freshly cut gardens, and then the paddling pools get filled, the water pistols come out, the BBQ's get lit, and the fun begins for the whole family!

For kids, there’s nothing better on a hot summer’s day than a cold frozen treat, but it’s frustrating when you feel as though the scoops of ice cream you’ve just served up have melted straight away. No one wants ice cream puddles or lollies melting in your hands, so here are a few tips on how to prevent them.