Whether you planned to have children or not, I think it's safe to say once our babies were born into the big wide world, we vowed we wouldn't do things with our children that we later went on to do. One of my friends vowed her children would never have a dummy, only to give in when her firstborn was two days old, another friend vowed her children would never participate in Trick'or'Treating, claiming it was a form of begging, another vowed her child would not eat sweets or fast food - only fruit and veg as snacks, and I vowed I'd never swear in front of my child.

It seems that me and my friendship group aren't alone in our vow making though, other vows parents seem to regularly make are I will never formula feed my baby, I will never co-sleep, I will not let my toddler use the iPad, I will never let my baby eat jars of ready-made baby food, I'll never give my child snacks to keep them quiet whilst shopping, I'll never use my finger to wipe dirt off my child's face, I'll never let them have a TV in their bedroom and I'll never let my child watch TV in general.

Finding balance in your career and personal life is a practice that takes many people years to learn. Earning a living is obviously a top priority for adults - particularly those who have children and a family to support. Yet, when you become so wrapped up in making a pound that you neglect your loved ones and yourself - it’s a problem. It’s also problematic if you’re so concerned with yourself and your family, that your performance at work or ability to earn a living is minimal.

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I see a quote on Facebook the other day saying ''never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life'', and it made me realise that I need to become stricter with the work I take on, as much as doing someone a favour makes me feel good inside, it's more on the workload and something I sadly have little time for if I want that perfect work and play harder balance. 
The world is a worrying and dangerous place nowadays, so it can be hard for a parent not to worry. However, many parents worry about things that are not likely to happen, for example, parents often worry about school shootings and kidnappings. While these things do happen, they don’t happen often enough to make the top list of dangers most likely to pose a risk to your child. There are however, numerous other things that you should be concerned about as a parent.

With the times changing, there are a lot more things we should be concerned about, we need to talk to our children more openly about the big wide world around them, including the dangers of the internet - something our grandparents didn't have to worry about with our parents, because of course, the internet didn't exist back then. Read on further for some dangers we should be looking out for.
Raising a family is not easy, and neither is running a household. In fact, they are probably two of the most challenging and continual responsibilities that most people will ever face. However, located on the other side of that coin is the truth that these efforts are among the most rewarding and emotionally nourishing acts you can take part in. Any family should be able to see the truth of those words if they have their interpersonal priorities straight.

However, just like anything, running a household with a family comes with its challenges and we're often wondering how to take the best action. In order to raise a family in the best way possible, sometimes we need help, and looking for advice online can be a great help. After all, the art and science of raising a family doesn’t come with its own manual, even with great offerings like books written by those with expert experience. Sometimes, you just need to see how things play out, or sometimes you may prefer to read a post like this to give you ideas, read on further for some home-keeping ideas that may work for you.

How To Give Back To Your Parents.

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Parents are powerful role models for children. Whether it be for guidance, support, advice, or a big hug; they surely have our “backs” – so to speak. They stand firm in our corner, teach us vital life skills and comfort us in a time of need.

Life can get super hectic and busy, but we mustn’t forget to show our parents some respect and honour for all the things they have gifted us. Giving back to our parents can be as simple as a few spoken words, it doesn't have to be something big, even something small that makes them feel appreciated and loved by us goes a long way.
The way your life changes after you have a child is nothing short of amazing, it shows you a special bond that you've never had with anyone else in the world, and it also brings a new love you've never experienced before. The new life that you bring into the world needs protection, love, and care, and as a parent, you'll do your utmost best to do all those things, however, there are certain situations where you will need a little help to care for your child in the best way possible.

As a parent, when you are facing any kind of legal proceeding that includes your child/children, then the one thing that you will want to do is hire a lawyer to protect your child and their rights, as well as getting the best legal advice they have to offer, after all, they're trained for certain situations should you require their services.
I've previously spoken (written) about my views on ''blogger tags'', I'm not the biggest of fans of them, and actually, cringe at some of the ones that have gone around over the years, because sometimes too much information isn't needed (or rather welcomed) at all, however the short and sweet ones I can tolerate. I'm still waiting on a blogger tag that is 100% Disney focused, but I'm yet to jump for joy at finding one, plus I don't actually get too many tags on things - maybe because of my views...!?

The most recent photo of me - just because you've got a face to these answers!

Thankfully, the lovely Karen from Really Missing Sleep is one of those blogger friends who I can always rely on, she seems to know just what subjects to tag me in, and what subjects to avoid at all costs, even if the conversation has run dry and you're sat there cringing wondering what to say next. Unless you're ready to give up a few hours of your time for the biggest debate you've ever had with me, some things aren't worth mentioning, for example - dare I say politics!? Karen tags me in lovely, positive, friendly blogger things - The October Blog Tag being one of them, and here is my spin (answers) on the questions asked.
We all like to spend money - well the majority of us, don’t we? We love scouring the shops on the high street, finding bargains, jumping for joy when sale clothes actually fit us in the changing rooms, and then going home with a smile on our face for the rest of the day! After all, a little bit of retail therapy doesn't hurt anyone - but there are bigger ways to spend your money that might just keep a permanent smile on your face, especially when you think about your family.

So to ensure you’re doing everything you can to keep them safe, happy, and healthy, here’s a couple of the best money spending ways you can look into that will return the investment tenfold in the pursuit of a strong family dynamic.
It's safe to say being a parent is the hardest job in the world, no other job title in the world brings the responsibilities that lay with being a parent, I'm so sure about my statement, that I can guarantee even the Queen and Barak Obama agrees with me. When you're responsible for small humans, everything you do in life should be done with serious thought and consideration, because watching you and your actions - in everything you do and say, are smaller versions of you - your children.

With that being said though, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. I remember vowing to myself when I became pregnant with Spud that I would never swear around him, for I didn't want him to hear such words, I vowed I would never let him watch tv for more than one hour a day, and I vowed if he was ever to eat a Mcdonalds, it wouldn't be until he was at the very least five years old. Did I stick to any of those vows!? Heck no! Nor do I beat myself up about it too much because some things in life can't be planned entirely perfect, and parenting is something we take day by day.