Wednesday 31 October 2018

Making a Living? Don't Forget About Your Life!

Finding balance in your career and personal life is a practice that takes many people years to learn. Earning a living is obviously a top priority for adults - particularly those who have children and a family to support. Yet, when you become so wrapped up in making a pound that you neglect your loved ones and yourself - it’s a problem. It’s also problematic if you’re so concerned with yourself and your family, that your performance at work or ability to earn a living is minimal.

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I see a quote on Facebook the other day saying ''never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life'', and it made me realise that I need to become stricter with the work I take on, as much as doing someone a favour makes me feel good inside, it's more on the workload and something I sadly have little time for if I want that perfect work and play harder balance. 

So What Happens When Your Life is Out of Whack?
What happens if you work too much or focus so much on your personal life that work takes a back seat? There are a lot of adverse consequences that can come from it including broken relationships, financial problems, health issues, addiction, mental health problems, and more. If you’re in a really dark place as a result of not being able to juggle the lifestyle you’ve chosen to live, it is imperative that you get help.

Whether from a free detox center, a visit to the doctor for a diagnosis and some medication, substance abuse help near Beverly Hills, talking to a therapist or getting support from loved ones - it isn’t until you’ve gotten out of that hole that you can begin to rebuild and restructure your life. It may seem impossible to find the right balance, but it can be done. Whether you’re a mum or dad that works from home, a parent who runs a virtual business, or a single individual who punches in every day at the office, juggling your career and personal needs and wants is achievable.

Signs of an Unbalanced Life
So, how do you know when you’re beyond dealing with typical stress, craziness and life? How do you know when things are out of balance? Below are some signs that the scales between professional and personal aren’t as even as they should be.

You’re Always Working
Some jobs require that you work long hours on occasion to succeed, but if you eat, sleep, and breathe your job this is a sign of an unbalanced life. If you’re sleeping in the office, living out of your car, don’t stop for lunch breaks, barely spend time with your family, take on as much overtime as you can, and get just a few hours of sleep each night, then chances are you’re doing too much in the job department.

You Never Get Anything Done
On the other side of the scale, if you’re so consumed with your personal life that you’re constantly taking time off work, doing the bare minimum when you arrive, travelling all the time, getting in trouble for your lack of performance, or are so focused on the needs of your loved ones that productivity slows way down - then the scales are tipped in favour of your personal life and your finances and career will eventually suffer.

Your Health is Failing
If you’re too wrapped up in the job or with your loved ones that you’re not taking care of yourself, this is a sign that the scales are tipped too far to one side or the other. If you’ve stopped grooming yourself, barely eat, don’t get enough sleep, stress a lot, and develop otherwise avoidable illnesses and diseases, this is a huge risk to the quality of your life.

You Have No Social Life
There’s no denying that when you become an adult and especially a parent with a family to support, your social life will change. However, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist at all. If its been years since you’ve gone out alone, with your significant other, with the family, to a social event, or just to participate in an activity you enjoy, you’re working too hard and/or too focused on the needs of others.

You Experience Frequent Mood Swings
Everyone has a bad day, but if your emotions are all over the place, this is a sign from your body that you need to find more balance. If you’re resentful or argumentative with your family, overly aggressive in the office, or just not feeling yourself on a daily basis, you need to slow down.

You need to remember that you’re only one person, you have a lot you want to accomplish in life and that requires you to work hard, to play harder. However, the problem with working too much is that you miss out on the most meaningful things in life like your family, children, and friends.

Just as when you hone in too deeply on loved ones, you risk losing everything you’ve worked so hard for career-wise. The biggest issue with not having a better work-life balance is the damage it can do to your mental and physical well-being. So, if you’ve recognised these signs in your own life, chances are it’s time to make some changes.

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