Sit Like the French!

by Jada, October 30, 2015
It’s important to have a comfortable piece of furniture that you can sink into after a long, hard day at the office. If you take an interest in French style decorating, these few styles of chairs and lounges might be the perfect fit for your home. Whether you are buying just for looks or for function, these particular seats have a way of providing you with both.

As per tradition, a chaise lounge is a must-have when it comes to French inspired seating. A cushioned bottom, some soft curves; a charming French piece will provide you with all the comfort and style you need to lift even the plainest of spaces.

In the same line as a chaise lounge, a sofa chaise is similar in comfort and shape but it adds a bit of extra space for your guests to plop down on when you’re having a get together. Or if this piece is solely for looks, it will look great in a large space with high ceilings. The ornate carvings will instantly take your room to a new level of luxury.

For a space in the foyer, an upholstered, French inspired bench will give you a space to sit and don your wellingtons or a space to hold your bags near the door. You’ll never forget anything again.

Usually used for dining, Louis chairs and Maison chairs are perfect for adding extra seating to a small space. These chairs can be slim and easy to place in corners of cramped rooms. Let your guests relax in these chairs and take a load off.

Daybeds and cushioned benches are also a nice way to provide additional seating in any room. Place the daybed in your child’s room; a comfortable and smaller alternative to a guest bed. Or add the cushioned bench to your home office.

If you’ve got the space for additional seating, these French styles would look fabulous in almost any room. Place a Louis chair in the corner of your living room or a sofa chaise in the middle of it. Use a cushioned bench in your foyer or a daybed in your child’s room. Whatever the chair or the space, the French style is versatile and the epitome of elegance and chic.

Until next time,
Jada x

5 Tips To Enjoy a Weekend In The Capital.

by Jada, October 30, 2015
London is the UK's capital and it's no surprise considering how big the area is, with a vast array of attractions to visits, and beautiful scenery to see, it can be both overwhelming and pricey, for not only tourist from abroad, but also for tourist at home. I get invited to London on a regular basis to attend various blogging events, and luckily only live 25 minutes away via the fast train!

I've put this post together to hopefully help others out, I try to maximise my day in London when I do attend blogging events, so the day is not wasted, and with so much to do, there's never a problem finding places to visit! With Christmas around the corner, and thousands of us planning to visit the capital for some shopping, I hope these tips help!

Tip One: Beware of Pickpockets!
Thefts are common everywhere we go, you've got the risk of your house being burgled, your car being broken into, your bank account being robbed, or even being pickpocketed in person. To avoid being pick pocketed, keep all your valuable belongings to the front of your body, keep your hands in your pockets and carry prepaid cards with you. A wise friend once told me to always put £20 down my top, so if I ever got stuck, I was never stranded! I could get a single back home to Reading!

Tip Two: Avoid Your Car!
Even locals try to avoid driving in the capital, not only have you got congestion charges and no drive zones, but you've also got a ridiculous amount of traffic! I thought Reading was bad when Reading Football Club play at home, but I never saw anything until I saw driving on the London streets! You can get public transport passes in London, allowing you to travel on the tubes and buses, making your plans much easier!

Tip Three: Check Travel Disruptions!
If you're wise, and ditch your car in favour for public transport, check out any planned tube strikes and underground work, a tube that you need may be closed, so do check in advance so you can make the necessary changes if required! Thankfully, tube strikes aren't regular, but are chaotic when they do happen, it's never stress free for any commuter!

Tip Four: Visit Free Attractions To Keep Cost Down!
Many people are surprised when they find out how much London host for free, without spending a single penny, you can see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, visit a number of famous museums and visit some amazing parks with beautiful scenery! Make sure your camera's are charged! 

Tip Five: Book Overnight Accommodation In Advance!
Deciding to stay over in the capital one day after an event, made me learn one very valuable lesson, unless you're rich, book your accommodation in advance! Unless I wanted to stay in a hostel, which resembled a half way house, I could literally not find anywhere under £80 for a night! Check out late deals the night, or a few days before for bargain prices!

Until next time,
Jada x

Exploring My Dreams...

by Jada, October 30, 2015
Plucking my eyebrows with a broken mirror, (not smashed or cracked I should add, just an illuminated mirror whose lights don't work!) and staring at my hair wrapped up in a towel, I should of been happy for the night ahead, but in all honesty, I wasn't, I was and still am, getting fed up of dolling myself up for a night at the local pub, listening to songs off the jukebox and the older generation cackling.

I'd love to be dolled up for a night at a lovely restaurant, or even to watch a show at the theatre, but what I'd love most right now, is to get dolled up for a holiday abroad. I've not been abroad since I was 11, and although I know I have my honeymoon to look forward too, we've not even got our wedding date planned yet, so how long away is that going to be?

I wouldn't want to visit a party scene, instead, I'd love to visit somewhere family orientated, with beautiful scenery, delicious food and perfect tourist attractions. I'd like a place where I could relax at the hotel or apartment poolside, and top up with a tan with a cocktail in my hand. I'd love to go for evening walks after dinner, and splash my feet in the sea.

How I'd love to be getting dolled up for a holiday abroad, I can imagine Gareth and Spud playing golf in Dubai, me at a local spa getting a beautiful massage, and us all taking a slow walk to a lovely little family run restaurant. After dinner we'd pop by to the sea, and chase each other, before leaving, we'd write our names in the beautiful pure sand.

Don't get me wrong, I'm fond of my home town, I wouldn't go to great lengths of saying I love it, but I'm fond of it. I was born here, as was Spud, and we've both grown up here! We know the town well, and our family, apart from my mum, step dad and little sister all live locally. My mum made the wise choice and moved away to Cornwall three years ago, now living by the sea with beautiful British scenery.

Here in Reading though, we've got no sand or sea and we hardly ever get to see the sun! We've got one, maybe two beautiful sights to see, but the more I think about it, I wonder if they're beautiful at all!? We're fast becoming a city, we're way too big to still be a town, and slowly, but surely, I'm losing any love I had for this place, the places surrounding it and the places within it, even the pubs, which I once loved to visit once a month! 

Maybe it's not time for me to look for just a holiday, but maybe a home move too!? Who knows!

Until next time,
Jada x

Breaking The Silence, Shouting Out Loud.

by Jada, October 29, 2015
In the Victorian era up until not so long ago, it become somewhat of a taboo when it comes to talking out loud about problems that affect so many of us. We're now in the 21st century, and since that era began in 2001, the world as we know it has changed. People have recovered their voices, we're not afraid to shout out loud, protest or make some noise, we campaign and we shout, we make noise, all to get the message out - loud and clear.

I'm lucky that I have a blog, because it's a great place for me to share news about campaigns I'm passionate about, and so I'm helping Always Discreet shout out about their campaign, they want to give a voice to the 1 in 3 women in the UK who suffer in silence in regards to bladder sensitivity.

The problem is more common than we thought, if affects the lives of 3.5 million females, and the obvious isn't the only thing that can bring these females self esteems down. A new study, conducted by Always Discreet themselves, found 1 in 5 British women don't feel their age, but in fact feel younger, however when the same questions was asked to those with bladder problems, 42% said they felt older, than their actual age, 42% said they feel less attractive, and 44% said they can't remember the last time they had sex.

Always Discreet want females with adult incontinence to feel empowered, the brand has invited women affected to share their stories, of which you can hear more about in the video below, made with documentary maker Flora Berkeley, talking about adult incontinence filled with real women's stories of their own experiences. 

Practising GP and Always Discreet campaign ambassador, Dr Sarah Jarvis, comments: “Not being able to dress, travel, exercise or live the way you want can be an everyday experience for so many women. Not only that, but even though 1 in 3 women in the UK over the age of 18 experience the condition, it is still wrongly associated with old age and this misperception can leave women feeling embarrassed, alone and much older than they really are.  However, there is help at hand, such as Always Discreet, that provides women with bladder leaks with the protection and discretion they really need” 

Sarah also has some top tips for taking care of your sensitive bladder, which I've shared a few of below;

It's Good To Talk: Confide in someone close, or book an appointment with your GP, you're not alone, don't suffer in silence.

Drink Just Enough: Don't avoid drinking in order to reduce the urge to visit the toilet, limiting your water intake makes your urine more concentrated, which boost your chances of bladder irritation, keep hydrated. 

BYE, BYE BARISTA: Caffeine, alcohol and fizzy drinks can be your new worse enemies, try limiting these drinks to help your bladder out.

Regular Relaxation: Mental relaxation can be a valuable aid, avoid worrying about problems, make dates with family, friends and loved ones, relaxation helps.

Exercise: Do your pelvic floor exercises daily, pilates, yoga, cycling, tai chi, brisk and Nordic walking are all low impact activities that will not only help, but keep you fit.

I'm shouting out about this campaign, because I am one of the 3.5 million who suffer, my family have known since I was a child, and Spud has known since he was old enough to understand, however, when Gareth came into my life, I found it extremely hard to tell him. I faced my fear, only letting it eat away at me for one day, before I realised I knew I could confide in him.

I've now decided to open up to the whole world, or more the 40,000+ visitors I get a month, and hope this post can empower one other woman to have the bravery to open up themselves. Feel good, feel yourself.

Share your story and help break the silence by visiting:

Until next time,
Jada x

Cosying up for the Winter Weather.

by Jada, October 28, 2015
The clocks have gone back and summer has officially gone - although it seemed like summer decided to turn it’s back on us a while ago! The evenings are getting darker earlier, and colder quicker, and all I want to do is cosy up on the sofa with Spud and watch a bit of telly.

Me and Spud cuddling up on the sofa watching one of our favourite Disney movies! 
There really is no better feeling than being warm and safe in your own home. But as the nights turn darker crime increases. In fact, during the winter, burglaries increase by 38% as thieves take advantage of the dark nights*.

It doesn’t have to break the bank to secure your home and even the simplest of additions can prove effective. Here are my top tips for staying safe at home this winter.

Keep your doors and windows locked
Yes, it sounds so simple and obvious but we have to admit that we’ve all at some point, sat up in bed trying to remember if we shut the bathroom window or locked the back door. All windows and doors should be fitted with at least one appropriate lock such as a mortice lock or nightlatch that meets British Standard BS3621. There are locks available for all types of windows, including wooden, aluminium and PVCu, as well as locks that are suitable for French and patio doors.

Invest in external measures
Consider installing a CCTV or an Alarm system. Not only are these great security measures in the event of a break-in, but they also act as a visual deterrent, putting off any potential attacks. 60% of burglaries attempted on homes with alarms are unsuccessful, so it makes sense to get one installed. Yale’s Easy Fit Alarm systems are simple to install and can be connected to your smartphone to receive updates if they are triggered.

Protecting personal items
What means the most to you? The emotional impact of a burglary can cause a lot of distress, let alone the financial implications. Perhaps, your laptop holds precious pictures of your family, or you have items of jewellery that have been passed down through generations. Having a home safe securely bolted to the floor or wall is an affordable option to protect smaller items in your home. Additionally, all important, personal documents should be shredded rather than binned to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft.

My engagement ring from Gareth is so precious to me!
Sheds and outbuildings
It’s important not to forget sheds and garages during the winter months. You can secure these outbuildings with weatherproof, heavy-duty padlocks to help discourage thieves. Yale recommends using anchor locks and cables in addition to padlocks to help secure individual items of high value.

Yale also has a free Crimewatcher app that lets you see the crime rates in your local area for added peace of mind. For more information on how to download the app, please click here.

*Co-operative Insurance (source).

Until next time,
Jada x

Miniature Bakes With Choc Nibbles!

by Jada, October 27, 2015
Previously, I wrote a post about childhood memories (with my grandad) and wrote about my favourite childhood treats, chocolate nibbles. When an email landed in my inbox offering me the chance to make some baking treats with Choc Nibbles, I obviously couldn't resist, and was even surprised to discover there was more to the range then what I thought!

As I mentioned above, I got a surprise when I see how many varieties there was to the Choc Nibbles range, I naively only thought there was two options, the original Choc Nibbles, and the Toffee Choc Nibbles, however, there is a lot more than just these two yummy flavours! I was sent the following products to bake with, not to snack on, but to bake with, I had to remind myself so so many times, and Spud too!

The Range:

Orange Choc Nibbles
Mint Choc Nibbles
Jammie Choc Nibbles
Original Toffee Crumble
Original Choc Lick
Original Choc Nibbles
Posh Original Choc Nibbles

When it come to choosing what to make with the products, I was truly spoilt for choice, I could of made cupcakes with them, a cheesecake, muffins, brownies and much more! However, because I had Spud here helping me out with everything (I don't think he really want to help, I think he just knew it was a quicker way to enjoy the treats!) I decided to go with simple, but yummy baking makes.

We had a family meeting, which included the puppy, and we had our final decision, we was going to make chocolate truffles using both digestive biscuits and dessicated coconut, rolling them into the Original Choc Lick. For the range of Choc Nibbles themselves, we settled on mini sweet pizza's! Both small makes and bakes, but both delicious and yummy too!


Choc Nibbles Mini Sweet Pizza's:

Pizza Dough Ingredients:
225g white bread flour.
Some flour for the kitchen side or chopping board.
½ teaspoon of salt.
½ teaspoon caster sugar.
1 x 7g sachets dried yeast.
150ml (½ pint) of warm water.
1 tablespoon of olive oil.

Utensils required:
Mixing bowl
Rolling pin.
Circle cookie cutter.

Pizza Dough Method:
1: Sift the flour into a large mixing bowl, then add the caster sugar, yeast and salt into the flour, finally add the oil and water, then mix the ingredients together using your hands.

2: Mixing with your hands, make a smooth dough ball.

3: Flour your chopping board or kitchen side, make sure its clean first!

4: Knead the dough for 10 minutes until its elastic.

5: Leave the dough in a bowl, covered with cling film or a damp tea towel, until the dough has doubled in size. This usually takes over an hour.

6: Knead the dough for a further two minutes then roll into miniature pizza bases, I used a cookie cutter for this.

7: Leave the miniature bases on a cooking tray for 10 minutes for them to rise.

8: Cook in the oven for 10-12 minutes at 180° (electric oven) or gas mark 4.

9: Leave the miniature basis to cool.

Pizza Base Ingredients:
White, milk or dark chocolate, or even jam or chocolate spread!
Water - to boil, to melt the chocolate.

Pizza Toppins:
Choc Nibbles - any flavour or even a mixture!
Original Choc Lick.

Utensils required:
Glass bowl.
Cooling tray.

Decorating Method:
1: Melt the chocolate in a glass bowl, over hot water in a pan.
2: Spread the chocolate onto the pizza bases.
3: Allow to cool for 10-15 minutes on a cooling tray.
4: Once cooled add a Choc Nibble, or even a few.
5: Sprinkle with Original Choc Nibble.
6: Serve and enjoy!

Who said pizza had to be savoury? As a nation, we love sandwiches, and fill savoury bread with sweet fruit jams, and sweet spreads including chocolate spread, so although this make was a gamble, I am so glad we done it, because they tasted delicious! We've all eaten left over cold pizza, so the idea of the pizza's being cold wasn't a problem for either of us! We can't wait to make these sweet bakes again, but next time, I think we'll try jam and chocolate spread!


Choc Nibbles Truffles:

Digestive Truffles Ingredients:
Large bar of chocolate.
Small tin of condensed milk.
10 digestive biscuits, crushed in a sandwich bag - place the digestives into a sealed sandwich bag and bash with a rolling pin until they're crushed.
Original Choc Lick.

Coconut Truffles Ingredients:
Large bar of chocolate.
Small tin of condensed milk.
75g of dessicated coconut.
Original Choc Lick.

Utensils required:
Glass bowl
Bowl for Original Choc Lick.
Miniature cake/truffle cases.

Truffle Method:
1: Melt the chocolate in a glass bowl, over hot water in a pan.
2: Add the condensed milk into the melted chocolate and mix together for one minute.
3: Remove the bowl from the pan, be very careful as the bottom will be extremely hot.
4: Add the crushed digestives or dessicated coconut into the melted chocolate and mix well with a spoon.
5: Roll the mixture into truffle shaped balls using your hands.
6: Place the truffles into a bowl, and roll in Original Choc Lick.
7: Place the truffles into miniture cake/truffle cases and then place onto a plate.
8: Leave to set for an 90 minutes in the fridge.
9: Serve and enjoy!


To find out more about Choc Nibbles and to view their full range, check out the official website here.

Until next time,
Jada x

How To Throw A Successful Halloween Party!

by Jada, October 26, 2015

With Halloween less than a week away now, many of you are getting prepared to throw a perfect but spooky Halloween bash! After throwing four successful Halloween parties myself, I don't claim to be an expert, but I can give some good tips on how my spooky bashes, have been a real success!

Tip One: The Venue.

First of all, before you decide on what kind of food, decorations and fancy dress you're going to have, you need to find a venue. Finding the perfect venue can be challenging, you don't want one that's too big if you're only having 20 guest around to celebrate with you, and you don't want one thats over three hours away from where you live! Check out Venuefinder to find your perfect venue!

Tip Two: Date and Time.

You need to decide on a date and a time which you think will be best for your Halloween party. Many people think that because your party is Halloween themed, you have to have it on the 31st - incorrect! You're the host, so you choose when you want to have your party! If your party is just for children, don't plan your party too late, on the other hand if it's just for adults, you want your party to be later than 2pm!

Tip Three: The Decorations.

Anytime from the end of September, you'll start seeing supermarkets and high street stores, filling their shelves with seasonal Halloween buys. Don't buy the first decorations you see, but instead shop around. Once the season is over, many shops will reduce their Halloween ranges, which enables savvy buyers like me to stock up on bargains for next year.

Tip Four: The Food and Drink.

Unless you have a whole spare kitchen, you really want to leave the food and drink until as late as possible! I prefer to buy all the food and drink items the day before the party, this ensures items like bread and cakes remain fresh, and don't get served stale! As for drinks, check out supermarkets in the weeks leading up to Halloween for special buys on the most popular brands.

Tip Five: The Fun and Games.

 Last but not least, it's time to think of the fun and games you could potentially have at a Halloween bash. Apple bobbing is great for both adults and children, whereas murder mystery style games are best just for the adults, however a Halloween themed parcel parcel would be most enjoyed by children!


For other Halloween tips and idea's, keep an eye out on Unique Young Mum, where up until the day itself (31st October), I'll be sharing various Halloween buys and tips with you all!

Until next time,

Idea's For Halloween Hampers!

by Jada, October 23, 2015

This year, I'm planning on doing Spud a Halloween hamper to enjoy throughout the day as I attend a family member's wedding. I've done Spud themed hampers for Easter and Christmas previously, and so this will be my first Halloween themed hamper, but I've had no difficulties whatsoever in what to put inside!

Halloween Themed Teddy:

I purchased Spud a Cookie Monster teddy from Sayitwithbears to place in his Halloween hamper, however I know this will be a teddy Spud will cherish forever! Cookie Monster is a much loved and well known character from the popular children's TV show Sesame Street, and as far as monsters go, he's got to be one of the loveliest and cutest monsters around!

Halloween Themed Pyjamas:

There are many Halloween pyjamas in supermarkets nationwide including much loved characters such as the Minions and Scooby Doo. I've narrowed my search down to two sets that I love, one being Scooby Doo pyjamas from Sainsburys for £12 and the other being a Scooby Doo onesie from BHS. Both items are priced at £12 (onesie is on offer from £15), however I just can't pick what ones to get Spud! Maybe I'll just get him both!

Halloween Themed Popcorn:

When doing my weekly food shop yesterday, I come across this limited edition Grim Green Sweet Popcorn from the well loved popcorn brand Butterkist, priced at just £1, I picked up a couple of bags! One bag is for Spud's Halloween hamper, and the other is for Gareth, who will be looking after Spud for me for a few hours whilst I attend the wedding.

Halloween Themed Book:

To keep Spud entertained throughout the day, I purchased this book from Scholastic for a mega bargain of just £2! The book comes with over 200 spooky stickers, as well as being filled to the brim with pages of fun Halloween ideas and games! There's also pages to colour in as well, so I'll add a new pack of colouring pens or pencils in too!

Halloween Themed Movie:

We're still waiting for the much anticipated release of Hocus Pocus 2 (as you all know by now, we're big Disney fans!) and as Hotel Transylvania 2 has just come to our cinema screens, it's not possible to get a DVD copy! I'm thinking of getting Spud a copy of The Nightmare Before Christmas on DVD, although we've seen the film previously, it's a title we don't own ourselves! It's on sale for only £3 at both Amazon and Tesco!

If you're planning on doing a Halloween hamper, do you have any idea's on what to put inside?

Until next time,

Halloween 2015 With Cake Angels!

by Jada, October 23, 2015

Halloween is one of the few times of the year where we deem it appropriate to eat more sweet treats than usual, and it's one of my favourite seasons of the year. This year, Halloween falls on a Saturday, and with the children off school, there's plenty of Halloween related task we can get up to, but this post is highlighting a treat that adults and children love - cake!

Cake Angels are a well known home baking company, selling a range of boxed cake sets, decorations, flavourings and candles with their products ranging from just pennies to a couple of pounds. With Halloween not far away at all, many of us are pulling out the decorations out of the attic and hunting the high street for a brand new costume, whilst some of us are thinking of the treats to serve to spooky trick or treaters, or even to our Halloween party guest!

This year, they have a great range of products available for all your home baking Halloween needs! The range can be seen photographed above, and detailed below;

2D Halloween Decorations - RRP £1.49 each - Pack Of 9
Two different packs available!
Pack one features skeleton skulls, witches, brains and zombies.
Second pack features pumpkins, eyeballs, fingers and frankensteins!

Cake Angels Halloween Sprinkles - £2.49 - 81g
Tub contains four different Halloween themed sprinkles!
Bats and Ghost.
Orange Candy Balls.
Black and Orange Sprinkles.
Green Candy Pieces.

Cake Angels Creepy Cupcake Kit - £1.49 - Makes 10 Cupcakes.
Pack contains:
Cake mix to make 10 cakes.
10 cake cases.
Icing sugar to decorate.
10 eyeball rice paper decorations.

We made a batch for our Halloween press bash, but I plan to buy another box when I do my weekly shop in the week for Spud to do on the actual 31st whilst he stays with Gareth for a few hours, as I'm attending a family wedding!

If cakes aren't up your street, but you'd like to try out the decorations, you could always buy some biscuits, icing and Cake Angels decorations to decorate some biscuits!? A cheap but fun way to celebrate Halloween!

To find out more about Cake Angels, and to view their full range, check out the website here.

Until next time,

Frightful Feature 2015!

by Jada, October 22, 2015

In a little over a week's time, our doors will be knocking, and our homes will be roasting, they'll be little ghost flying, and little angels running, they'll be pumpkins charming, and vampires lurking as Halloween creeps upon us! This is the 2015 Halloween guide for Unique Young Mum! Check out my top picks on the best costumes, accessories, props, food and more!

Jada x

Kids and grown ups love them so, but did you know witches, ghost and vampires do too!? With a large range available, Haribo are offering something for all Halloween fans this Halloween! From spooky Minions to tubs of mini Haribo classics, be sure your family, friends and Halloween guest aren't left disappointed 


Covent Garden Soup Company Scream of Pumpkin - £2.20

Hubble bubble, toil and trouble, fire burn and soup saucepan bubble! Throughout the spooky month of October, New Covent Garden Soup will release its new limited edition Scream of Pumpkin soup - the perfect potion best served before trick or treating!

Scream of Pumpkin will be available from all major retailers from 1st October.


Halloween Spider Cupcakes from Betty Crocker.

Why not treat your trick or treaters with a beautiful homemade Betty Crocker spider cupcake? Making these cupcakes isn't as hard as they may look! Find the full recipe and method at Betty Crocker.


Debbie & Andrew's Sausages

If you're throwing a Halloween bash then cook up nothing more then these Debbie & Andrew's sausages for your guest! We got to sample some and they're the most delicious sausages we've ever tasted! Serve them in a bun, and leave condiments for your guest and no one will be left ghoulish after these!



A big part of Halloween is all about the treats, and when it comes to treats, chocolate has got to be one of the best treats around! As always, Cadburys have a massive range of Halloween goodies to please us all this Halloween, including Cadbury Screme Eggs and Cadbury Spiders,  


Sylvanian Families Halloween Set - £12.99
The Sylvanian Families are much loved worldwide, and this year, why not get your hands on a collectable figure set which includes 10 pieces (two figures; Baby Creme Chocolate and Ambrose Walnut, a slide and more!). Suitable for ages three years plus.

Lego Trick or Treat Set (40122) - £17.99
The Lego Trick or Treat set includes two minifigures (a skeleton and female) with assorted accessories, and a buildable house entrance scene including an opening door, and tombstone! It also includes assorted elements such as pumpkins, a spider, and sickly green plants! Suitable for ages seven years plus. 

Playmobil Knights Castle LED Ghost (6042) - £6.99
With multi-coloured LED, this illuminated Playmobil Knights Ghost is the perfect pocket money Halloween treat this year! There's a ghost in the house but there's no need to be scared, this one is made from the well loved brand Playmobil, and is suitable for ages 4-10 years.

Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine Playset - £19.99
Scooby Doo and the crime solving gang, love their spooky adventures, but they're never without their Scooby Doo Mystery Machine! This playset is a replica of the iconic vehicle from the hit show, and now your child can help the mystery crew as they head off to solve mysteries in your home! The Mystery Machine opens up to create a large playset!

Bubblegum Balloons - Halloween Range.

Bubblegum Balloons are not just any old balloons, but the most special and unique balloons around! From mini eyeball balloons, to large pumpkin filed balloons and balloons that spell out BOO, decorate your home for any Halloween guest this Halloween with marvelous balloons of all shapes and sizes from Bubblegum Balloons!


Yankee Candle never cease to fail us, with this years range better than ever, your home will be smelling lovely whilst looking spooky with the fabulous Yankee Candle range!

Witches Brew Wax Tart // £1.49
Candy Corn Wax Tart // £1.49
Pumpkin Wax Burner // £9.99
Skull, Pumpkin and Monster Votive Holders // £6.99
Witches Brew Medium Jar // £18.99
Candy Corn Medium Jar // £18.99

All available plus more from Yankee Candle.


Scooby Doo Onesie - BHS - £15.00

This onesie is a two in one buy, it can be used as a costume for Trick'or'Treating, or even to attend a Halloween party, and it can also be used as a nightime garment - because after all, it is a onesie! Available in selected sizes, in selected stores and online from BHS.


Peacocks Jack o Lantern/Pumpkin Costume // £12.00
Spud has wanted to be a Jack 'o' Lantern for Halloween 2015, since Halloween 2014, so when we see a pumpkin costume in Peacocks for just £12, we just had to get it! We use to have a Peacocks in our home town but sadly it closed a few years ago, however, we can still buy online, and so can you!

Halloween Claw Loot Bag // £3.50
For the price, it's not the biggest of loot bags, but it's sure stronger than the party style bags that have been seen in stores recently! I'd rather spend my money on something that's going to last a little while longer, and I can see this bag lasting for years!

Both available at selected Peacocks stores and online at Peacocks.


Smiffy are like the Heinz Ketchup of all things party, whether you're looking for for machines to make your Halloween bash more spookier, or looking for the perfect costume and props, Smiffy's has it all! Check out their wide range sold online at Smiffys.

Severed Gory Hand // £7.49
24 Piece Graveyard Collection Set // £36.99
Zombie Snow Fright Costume // £38.99
Saw Jigsaw Costume // £42.99