Monday 19 October 2015

The Myths Surrounding Acne.

When I was a teengager, there was one thing myself and my peers dreaded getting, and that was spots. I recall a couple of times, I would be super excited for an under 18s event that was due to take place and just the day before, or even on the day, I'd wake up with a new friend planted somewhere on my face.

Becoming an older teenager, I became aware of acne after a friend was diagnosed with the skin condition, and it was only when I become an adult, that I found out adults can suffer from the condition too! Infact, a whopping 80% of people aged 11 to 30 are affected by Acne, with 99% of cases starting on faces.

I naively thought that Acne was all down to personal hygiene when I was younger, I thought well surely you don't get spots if you wash your face properly!? I couldn't be more wrong, in fact, according to the infographic below from Sk:n, over washing your face and skin can make the condition worse! You sure do learn something new everyday!

With new treatments around today that wasn't around when I was younger, there is much more hope for Acne sufferers more than ever. Along with better health advice than ever, there is products that can help. I suffer with psoriasis, a condition that's not curable, but treatable, and know how it feels to have a skin condition.

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